Ask Ernie: "How long will ice cream last in my freezer?"

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on April 26th, 2007

Ernie is back to answer another question. This one comes to us from Bob R., in Haines City, Florida.

“My clubhouse has bought some novelty ice cream that we plan to sell in our clubhouse. How long can we store this ice cream at 0 degrees in our new upright freezer before it will develop freezer burn or go bad?”

ernieheadshot3.jpgErnie’s Answer: Wow, in my house ice cream usually only lasts a couple hours. For the average person storing ice cream in a refrigerator/freezer, it should stay fresh and tasty for at least a month if unopened and stored at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Once we warm it up to dip (6 to 8 degrees) and then refreeze for a later day, no doubt by the third time you will be noticing changes in texture which cannot be undone.Most home freezers have automatic defrost cycles which can cause ice cream to melt slightly and re-freeze. This, as we discussed earlier on the Ice Cream Journal, can cause heat shock and limit ice cream’s overall life span.

But if you have access to a deep freeze (like Bob does) and you’re using it for long-term storage (not taking the ice cream in and out of the freezer), it should last much longer, eventually approaching the sell-by/use-by date stamped on the bottom of the container. But remember, this date is only a general guideline and not all deep freezes are the same.

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6 Responses to “Ask Ernie: "How long will ice cream last in my freezer?"”

  1. Ice Cream Man says:

    Yeah we usually keep three or four containers of ice cream in our freezer but they only last a week or two. By the way, your new extreme cookies and cream light flavor is AWESOME!

  2. Adrian says:

    I couldn’t keep Turkey Hill ice cream more than a couple of weeks- it’s just too good.

  3. james storms says:

    hello from up state ny love your products so much but some i just cannnot get in my i started the great turkey hill hunt out of state did not have to go far i hit paydirt at matamoras pa turkey hill store man did i buy there was some great buys and what a selection the ice tea which i was really looking for had every flavor i could not get in my area.your products are the best.i will be making more road trips and telling more people in my area that loves turkey hill that the gold is not far away and the ride is short and beautiful. thanks again there still a great american product still alive and well

  4. Turkey Hill Team says:

    Glad you finally found us, James! We’re expanding westward and into more corners of New England, so hopefully you’ll soon be able to find us at your local corner store.

  5. Pam Rode says:

    How long? Not more than a week, especially the Philadelphia Style
    Vanilla, to which we add Grapenut cereal. A New England favorite.
    When I can’t make our own, I like to
    have Turkey Hill in my Freezer !!

  6. Misty Fairchild says:

    Hey, I am down south in Texas. I have never seen your product here. How far would I have to go to find your stuff?

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