Posted by Turkey Hill Team on June 6th, 2008

The signs are all around us: flowers are in bloom, crickets are in song, and the Turkey Hill Giant Cows are on the move. All are signs that it’s time for the summer interns to join the Turkey Hill marketing team in bringing the tastes of Turkey Hill to events near you, our loyal customers.

This year the marketing interns (that’s a photo of them below) will chronicle their journeys all over the Turkey Hill area in a series of guest blog entries right here on the Ice Cream Journal.

The group consists of Alyssa, a senior at Bloomsburg University who loves Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and is majoring in Business Management; Olivia a sophomore at Penn State Altoona who thinks that Mint Chocolate Chip is “to die for;” and Rene (pronounced reh-nee), a junior marketing major at York College who had his favorite ice cream flavor, Mint Chocolate Chip, stolen by Olivia, so he included the fact that he likes his with “jimmies” (sprinkles for those of you not from eastern PA) and a drizzling of hot fudge.

So look forward to blog posts from Alyssa, Olivia, and Rene, as they report on their adventures following the Giant Cow, sampling ice cream, and learning all about marketing at Turkey Hill Dairy. They look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully meeting you at a Turkey Hill sampling event this summer!

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  1. Stefanie Schmidt says:

    I can’t wait to hear from the interns and what a fantastic job! I am sure they will get lots of great information and ice cream! Congrats on working for such a great company like Turkey Hill!

  2. Susan C says:

    what a great summer job! have fun guys-can you sample all the different ice creams?

  3. alicelynne says:

    I’m jealous!!

  4. Lois S says:

    Call me if you can’t make one of your trips. I am great at tasing Turkey Hill ice cream, all flavors

  5. KEN N. says:


  6. Mary Pemberton says:

    I wish I could have had a summer job like that when I was their age. That would have been a lot more fun than sitting in an office, typing.

  7. Lorraine says:

    Good Luck to the interns. Sounds like a fun job.

  8. Beth Katz says:

    I agree with Olivia and Rene that Mint Chocolate Chip is the best. Have fun with your internships.

  9. brenda says:

    Good Morning to all,
    Everyone you got to buy Hill Turkey Southern Lemon Pie Ice Cream…I brought at the Giant in Largo, Maryland, It was so good.. I could not stop eating it.But I will say..that I add a teaspoon fresh lemon juice to my ice cream and freeze it again for the flavor. I love true lemon pie.

  10. brenda says:

    I for got to say hello to the sumer interms. You have a very good job at Turkey Hill ice cream. Please let us know everything do at turkey hill.

  11. Dani says:

    Wow… wish every internship came with such great perks!!! 🙂 Best of luck to Olivia, Alyssa, and Rene! Looking forward to hearing about your wonderful journeys! 🙂

  12. Bonnie Traher says:

    You go Alyssa. I have 3 sons that are alumni from Bloomsburg. Hope to see you a an event. Anything Turkey Hill that has chocolate in it is ok by me.

  13. Heidi says:

    Question for the interns: What are your college majors and future aspirations? You are so lucky to be spending your summer at TH!
    Note for everyone else: You all MUST try Nutty Neapolitan!!! It is really really good!!! I went looking for Moose Tracks and there was none, so I came home with Nutty Neapolitan and the last Fried Ice Cream. Life is good!

  14. Heidi says:

    Sorry, I guess I had a blonde moment. I reread the TH blog post and saw that you did already mention the majors of the interns. Forgive me!

  15. Charlie says:

    To all the young gals and guys ,have fun and enjoy the summer.

  16. linda lambeck says:


  17. Pat says:

    Great summer job! Need anymor interns? I am older but I have a lot of experience eating Turkey Hill :).
    Good Luck Interns, I look forward to reading their blog.

  18. Adrian says:

    Congrats guys and have fun! Wish I would have had an internship like that.

  19. peg says:

    You girls and guy will have to let me know what a day is like in your internship. I’m am really jealous. I can’t leave ice cream in the freezer for any lengh of time. I have to eat it. Have fun. PEG

  20. Ann says:

    Best of luck to you folks! I am willing to trade places with anyone or all of you with a second’s notice. Enjoy your summer! Ann

  21. Jeanne says:

    Wishing you three a delicious summer-hope that you will be stopping in at the Ice Screamer’s convention in Lancaster this June. Keep cool!!!

  22. Peg Cramer says:

    Welcome, new interns! I’ll be waiting for your reports on your activities. Enjoy the experience and keep those Turkey Hill standards high.

  23. Maryann says:

    Good luck young interns and have fun eating Turkey Hill. What an internship, sounds like a great job to me. Enjoy and make memories!

  24. Turkey Hill Team says:

    Thank you all for your best wishes this summer! We love reading the comments and are all looking forward to spending our summer working in the marketing department at Turkey Hill. There are many perks like sampling ice cream but we still work hard out at events and are learning a lot here in the office. As the summer continues we will be sure to update everyone on our events. Thanks again for all of your support, we hope to see you out there! – The Interns

  25. Heidi says:

    I need to correct myself one more time…the problem with my memory isn’t from having blonde moments. It’s more likely brain freeze from eating so much ice cream!!

  26. Kelly D says:

    WoW what an internship, how much fun it should be, hot weather, cool ice cream, Good luck to all three, hope you don’t gain much weight, lol

  27. lee carr says:

    sounds like a great job for the interns, tasting turkey hill and learning how to market and item that is so good it seems to market itself.
    good luck and have fun.

  28. mary frey says:

    they should come up with a logo for turkeyhill ice cream

  29. Catherine Schehr says:

    Glad to see young people interested in learning how things are done and helping to create new ideas. Always a welcome addition.

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