Posted by Turkey Hill Team on June 10th, 2009

June is National Dairy Month. Like National Ice Cream Month (July), which gives you the freedom to eat as much ice cream as you want and call it “celebrating,” National Dairy Month means you get to indulge in all your favorite dairy products without worrying about what people might think. The good news is, that includes ice cream, which really means you get to eat lots of ice cream in June AND July!

To celebrate National Dairy Month, the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association built a giant ice cream sundae on the steps of Pennsylvania’s Capitol yesterday. Like last year, the Dairy Association asked Turkey Hill to donate the 90 gallons of vanilla ice cream that was used to make the sundae and we happily obliged.

Below are a few photos of the action. Enjoy!

The Turkey Hill Giant Cow was on hand to help draw some attention. She’s good at that.


Members of the sundae-making team built the giant sundae from 30 three-gallon containers of Turkey Hill ice cream. It wasn’t easy to get that ice cream out in one piece. Good thing it was a hot day! (Actually, is that a good thing for a giant ice cream sundae?)


A giant ball of cherries was created to adorn the top of the sundae.


Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Wolff and the Pennsylvania Dairy Princesses placed the cherries on the sundae before it was topped with all sorts of other goodies.


Secretary Wolff and the team give the sundae its finishing touches. The sundae was topped with 10 gallons of chocolate fudge, 10 gallons of strawberries and 30 pounds of chopped pecans. Afterwards, the crowd lined up for a taste. Each person got a nice-sized bowl of ice cream and there was still plenty left over for seconds!

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  1. Thomas says:

    I could eat that whole Sundae in one day—-errrrr—-I mean one year

  2. Delia says:

    That is pretty impressive. I especially like the ball of cherries that’s reminiscent of the ball drop at Times Square.

  3. Susan C says:

    oh my! ice cream overload-and heaven! wish I was there…….10 gallons of chocolate fudge…. oh my!

  4. Maria C.Martinez says:

    I think that’s the coolest, very creative the folks down there sure know how to have fun….mmmm

  5. Bruce says:

    Ten gallons of Turky hill only. I could eat that all by my self, in a week or two, and have room for seconds.

  6. Bonnie Traher says:

    What a terrible thing to have to suffer thru-eating ice cream. Yeah right-yummy. Any excuse to eat any flavor of Turkey Hill ice cream.

  7. Linda Leffler says:

    What an amazing looking sundae, wish I could have been there. I think right now I will have to go a make myself a sundae. You people at TH are the greatest. Linda

  8. Jacqueline Seewald says:

    Now that’s a sundae! Think I’ll incorporate it into my next novel!

    All the best,

    Jacqueline Seewald
    THE DROWNING POOL, Five Star/Gale–check it out on Amazon or request it at your local library!

  9. Donna says:

    That certainly would suit me!

  10. Yvonne says:

    Wow! Yummmmmmmmy! Sounds delectable. Wish I could have been there for at least a bite.

  11. Craig Kurtz says:

    I loved the ball of cherries, looked good, no great!!! Only live an hour from Harrisburg, wish I had been there and of course you can not miss the Turkey Hill Cow.

  12. caroline says:

    Now you are really talking Turkey (Hill). That is something the elected officials dig into and work together on instead of party politics. That is a win-win party for both parties. It reminds me of my teen years going to Jahn’s in Queens NY for their “Kitchen sink” Sundae where eight of us teens would dig in and rarely be able to finish.

  13. Lorraine says:

    What a sight!!!

  14. Margaret M says:

    Wish I lived closer because that had to be really something to see and then to be able to eat it….wow, those lucky people.
    You gave me an idea for out next birthday party. Not quite as big but I think the kids would love to make a giant sundae, Turkey Hill ice cream of course. Thanks for a wonderful idea.

  15. Norma says:

    “Life is just a ball of cherries!” or

    Let’s see that baby come down on New Year’s Eve in Times Square!

  16. Robert Way says:

    90 gallons of ice cream….
    90 gallons of Turkey Hill Ice Cream….
    90 gallons of Turkey Hill Ice Cream with 10 gallons of hot fudge……
    90 gallons of Turkey Hill Ice Cream with 10 gallons of hot fudge AND 10 gallons of strawberries…..
    90 gallons of Turkey Hill Ice Cream with 10 gallons of hot fudge AND 10 gallons of strawberries and 30 pounds of chopped pecans and the ball of cherries
    Can anyone sing along Heaven, I’m in heaven….

  17. Emilia says:

    There’s tons of fun no matter where the Turkey Hill cow shows up. Every year we love to see the cow (and her helpers) at the College of New Jersey for the Special Olympics. We will be there this weekend looking for those fantastic samples. We work a booth every year and during breaks visit the cow! Great fun.

  18. Christine says:


  19. Sheila says:

    Oh, I wish I had been there for the giant sundae!

  20. Heather says:

    Finally – a sundae that is my ideal portion size – none of this “half cup serving size” for me!!!

  21. Charlie says:

    At last,something of value getting done at our state capitol.

  22. barbara kendall says:

    I wish I could have been there as a ‘quality control agent!! Barbara

  23. Dani says:

    Wish I had known about this! I sure would have come out to get me a taste of the giant ice cream sundae! 🙂 Ah well… I will content myself to celebrate with my own portion-sized sundae with TH Vanilla Bean. 😉

  24. Carol says:

    Come to Maryland next time!!Yummy!

  25. Carol Triano says:

    I live near Latrobe, PA which is the banana split capital of the world. Just had pics in the paper of the banana split being built over the weekend. I know it was made with Turkey Hill !!!!!!

  26. h. tina says:

    when are you coming to orwigsburg ?

  27. bill says:

    now that is my idea of good eating

  28. Loretta says:

    Super-dilly-disious! If there is such a word.

  29. linda says:

    Reminds me of when I had a youth group. One team building activity we would do (on a smaller scale, of course) was to build or sculpt something out of ice cream. It was always hilarious and always delicious.

  30. brenda says:

    Hi Turkey Hill Fans, Yes when did this take place and I wish I knew before hand, so I could have gone to DC to get some of the very best ice cream. All of theat ice cream look soooooo good. I’a going to buy some Turkey Hill ice cream today.

  31. BETTY says:

    thats some sundae

  32. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    Maybe next year they can have this event in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. At least it would be closer to my home. I wouldn’t mind attending and helping to finish up the Turkey Hill sundae.

  33. Paula F. says:

    Now that’s the way I’d like to build my sundaes…in a kiddee pool!!!

  34. sandy c says:

    i guess that would just about fill me up, ha ha! i am celebrating dairy and ice cream months and of course FLAG Day (my mothers birthday ) with an ice cream sundae cake, my mother will be 83 on Flag day and she sure enjoys TURKEY HILL ice cream. this will be a real surprise for her.



  36. Ellen says:

    Sure would be nice if the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association traveled further south next year. The sundae looks mmmmmmmm good. Most of us wish we lived closer to Harrisburg, PA.

  37. Nancy N says:

    Would have loved to have been there. We used to make Sundaes in (clean) rain gutters lined with plastic. They were long but not high and lots of people could eat at one time! Oh the fun of being a -that was a long time ago 🙂

  38. Pat says:

    Looks like it was great fun! Wish I could have been there! 🙂

  39. Frank says:

    I like giant cows.

  40. alicelynne says:

    Looks delicious!!! I should have been there!!

    LOVE the new Peanut Butter Brownie!!

  41. Marion says:

    Ha! There wouldn’t have been any left-overs if I had been there!!

  42. jean says:

    well, next year you can build it on my front door steps. With my ice cream loving family, it wouldn’t last very long.

  43. Sarah says:

    As Rachel Ray would say, “YUM-O.”

  44. peg says:

    WOW!! Now that is a sundae. Get closer to where I live and I’m sure to attend.

  45. lee carr says:

    this is a very wonderful moment. I hope everyone who had a spoonful of this sundae enjoyed it for me too

  46. Robbin L. Netz says:

    Think I’ll try a slightly smaller version in my back yard at our next picnic/bar-b-que!

  47. Carol J Hess says:

    What a terrible time to read this article when right now I am on a diet to lose 25 pounds for a lung operation. I will have to make up for it after I get those new lungs. I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream and their Iced Tea too.

  48. marie says:

    That sundae looks yummy. Wish I had been there but I’ll have a Turkey Hill ice cream cake on Father’s Day for my husband and dad to enjoy.

  49. Debbie L says:

    You can never have too much Turkey Hill ice cream!

  50. […] the opening remarks, volunteers created the giant sundae using 90 gallons of Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream. The mountain of ice cream was covered with 10 gallons of chocolate fudge, 10 gallons of […]

  51. Lois says:

    Didn’t see this advertised in our local paper, Lancaster New Era. I would have been there, close from Elizabethtown. I wll still eat Turkey Hill in my own sundaes. Love it.

  52. Mary says:

    It looks like the sundae we make for our students at the end of the year. What a wonderful mess!

  53. Patrick says:

    Didn’t look too much like a Sundae, I must be watching too much Food Network!!!

  54. Maureen Powers says:

    Where’s the whip cream???

  55. Diane says:

    Sorry I missed that!! The kiddie pool beats the old “Kitchen sink” ice cream dish that we used to order at Jahn’s in Paramus NJ – which is gone for a long time – but the memories live on!!

  56. Deborah says:

    That is one giant sundae, now did it make it in the Guiness Book of World Records?

  57. Martha Lee says:

    I would have loved a bowl of that sundae. Turkey Hill ice cream is the best, and I was very delighted when visiting my brother in Georgia and finding it in the store freezer. YeeHaa

  58. Kath O says:

    Looks like a fun time building and then eating that mega-sundae!

  59. Janet Beamenderfer says:

    Looks yummy!

  60. marty schaivone says:

    I produce running races here in CT and would love to “build a sundae- this Sunday!” after a race. The runners would love it! How can I get Turkey Hill involved???

  61. Erin says:

    There ought to be Turkey Hill sponsored events in each state each year. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be in PA, but most of us are happy to indulge in Turkey Hill’s fabulous ice cream.

  62. Arina Polyakov says:

    I wish something like this was held here in Philadelphia.

  63. Kathy W says:

    I think the pool sundae is a great idea for a summer office party. The sundae could be set up in a tented area at the end of the main food table.

  64. Carolyn says:

    Just get me a straw to suck up all the melted “goop” at the bottom, that would be the ultimate milkshake!

  65. Arlene Miccio says:

    When I was pregnant with my oldest son, ice cream was about all that I could eat because of morning (more like 24 hour) sickness. Any flavor was good. ha. Well, our family dentist advised us that Dale has the hardest enamel in his teeth that he has ever seen. So the ice cream sure tasted good and was good for my son, too.

  66. Melody says:

    I wish that I lived close to that massive sundae- yum!

  67. Nana says:

    If only it was calorie free!

  68. Annie Salvatore says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the best, I wish I were there for the event. Stand away, here I come.

  69. Denise Hardy says:

    On June 13, Turkey Hill was on hand at the annual Soap Box Derby in Fredericksburg, VA, handing out free cups of ice-cream. I’m sure many feel as I do – that was a very nice gesture and very much appreciated!

  70. Sharon F. says:

    Add happiness to your day. Eat Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

  71. Marg says:

    These are amazing and fun events: Why not come to my location (Wilkes-barre/Scranton, PA) about 2 hours from Lancster, PA? We could use the spirit and lift in this area. Fat free/light are my favorites (usually Vanilla).

  72. […] curious to see what a giant ice cream sundae on the Capitol steps looks like, check out our entry from last year’s event or just take a gander at the picture at the top of this entry. As always, Turkey Hill is proud to […]

  73. […] curious to see what a giant ice cream sundae on the Capitol steps looks like, check out our entry from last year’s event or just take a gander at the picture at the top of this entry. As always, Turkey Hill is proud to […]

  74. Ginny Miller says:

    Just think of all the softened ice cream with the melted goodies at the bottom. I can just taste it now! It reminds me of when I get home from the grocery store on a hot day & I just have to taste the TH before I put it away in the garage freezer. Sometimes I taste more than I had planned on.

  75. […] curious to see what a giant ice cream sundae on the Capitol steps looks like, check out our entry from last year’s event or just take a gander at the picture at the top of this entry. As always, Turkey Hill is proud to […]

  76. […] curious to see what a giant ice cream sundae on the Capitol steps looks like, check out our entry from last year’s event or just take a gander at the picture at the top of this entry. As always, Turkey Hill is proud to […]

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