Posted by Turkey Hill Team on July 1st, 2009

Let the party begin! I’d first like to welcome all of our new readers. You regulars might notice some new names popping up in the comments this month. As always, I’m sure we’ll make them feel like a part of the Ice Cream Journal family.

July 1 marks the beginning of National Ice Cream Month, a month-long celebration of ice cream that was decreed by President Ronald Reagan back in 1984 (he also designated the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day). We at Turkey Hill like National Ice Cream Month because we make ice cream for a living, but also because it gives us a chance to do some fun stuff here on the Ice Cream Journal.

Like I said in an entry last week, in July we’ll be posting a new entry every day (including weekends). Monday’s will feature ice cream trivia (with a prize awarded to one of the people who get all the answers right) and we’ll give away TWO free containers of Turkey Hill ice cream to one commenter chosen at random from EACH entry. So keep those comments coming…we love to read them.

But enough about all of that, let’s start celebrating! I suggest a Turkey Hill ice cream cake to pay homage to this special month. Or just a big bowl of your favorite flavor. Either way, it’s a fitting tribute to the best time of the year. If anyone wants to share ideas for how they’re going to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, let us know with a comment!

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  1. bill says:

    ice cream month now that is my kind of celebration.

  2. Melissa T says:

    We do not have Turkey Hill ice cream cakes here in Rhode Island….We have tons of the ice cream and it is so good! The peanut butter chocolate is a fav in this house!
    Great Job Turkey Hill!

  3. Marlene says:

    Ice Cream is one of the few foods that deserves to be celbrated everyday! (Come to think of it, ice cream IS celebrated everyday in my house!)

  4. charlesdenhardt says:

    love your ice cream and all your selections

  5. charlesdenhardt says:

    i love your ice cream and selections

  6. Bernie Cunniffe says:

    Love that ice cream!

  7. Mary says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is my favorite!! Every type is GREAT. I love the idea of an ice cream month!!!

  8. Mary R says:

    We love ice cream in our house, in fact there is usually at least three flavors to choose from. So I guess that ice cream month is every month here in Delaware.

  9. Joe B says:

    Ice cream is a great treat our family loves, my oldest son loves your chocolate, especaially in a cone.

  10. Barbara A says:

    We love ice cream so much at our house it is the FOURTH MEAL of the day!

  11. susann says:

    we love ice creame month but wait a second its its always ice cream month in our house ! summer or winter we eat it every day !!

  12. debbie f. says:

    Today I will celebrate Nat’l Icecream Month by making a Margarita Pie: 1 quart of Turkey hill vanilla icecream, 1 graham cracker crust pie shell, 1 cup frozen limeade, (1) lime, 3 T. tequila (opt) or (mandatory :). )

    Mix 1 quart of vanilla icecream in a large glass bowl with 1 cup of frozen limeade, grated lime skin shavings and opt. tequila (do not use more as it will not freeze.) Place in pie shell. and freeze for 1 hour. cut into pie pieces and serve. cool, refreshing and delicious! Celebrate national icecream month!

  13. Erik Walter says:

    Happy ice cream month. I look forward to eating lots of ice cream in July.

  14. Kim Mignella says:

    My 4 year old daughter doesn’t quite fully understand Independence Day, but she can sure understand that July is National Ice Cream month.

  15. Julie Zimmerman says:

    You’ve got to love a month devoted to ice cream! I love your moose tracks ice cream, it is simply the best!

  16. Vickie says:

    We’re loving the new Dynamic Duos
    ice cream. Goes quick in our house.

  17. Johannah B says:

    Like I seriously needed any more reason to eat Ice Cream!! Happy Ice Cream Month everyone!!

  18. bill says:

    my turkey hill ice cream is a daily ritual 365 days a year.

  19. Becca says:

    We are SO glad to be from Lancaster, PA!!! We have a tub of mint chocolate chip and one of chocolate marshmallow in the freezer at all times-they don’t last long in this house with all of their creamy, soft goodness-YUM!!!

    For the 4th of July we are doing the good old fashioned build your own ice cream sundae. We got some red, white and blue sprinkles to be festive and then we have all of the other gooey good toppings too-the kids just LOVE this and can’t wait until this weekend!

  20. Cyndee says:

    We’re gonna eat Turkey Hill for breakfast everyday this month!

  21. Kathleen Hritz says:

    Our special treat for my family is ice cream. We celebrate our family being together and healthy with this special treat! My grandchildren esp. likes any flavor with something in it, that is their surprise in the ice cream.

  22. Sandy says:

    Yeah! Turkey Hill was on sale at my local grocery store. I stocked up on Tin Roof Sundae!

  23. Sharon Suman says:

    We have passed on the legacy of ice cream so well to our sons, that they have been able to include our Grandchildren in the tradition.

  24. Turkey Hill Team says:

    We’re so happy to see so many new readers here on the Ice Cream Journal. We hope you decide to come back often! It’s also nice to see so many people who are as excited about National Ice Cream Month as we are.

  25. Debi Page says:

    Impatiently waiting for Peaches & Cream Ice Cream to appear in my local grocery store!!

  26. Becky says:

    I think July is my new favorite month… a perfect excuse to eat ice cream every day!

  27. Lori Lesieur says:

    I love ice cream and wish I had some right now!! Have to stop at the store after work!

  28. Becky says:

    I think July is my new favorite month… a perfect excuse to eat ice cream every day!!!

  29. Becky says:

    I think July is my new favorite month… a perfect excuse to eat ice cream every day.

  30. richard says:

    ice cream monthjust what my kids need. they already think everyday should be ice cream day now. they just love turkey hill ice cream.

  31. Ginny W says:

    My husband is an ice creamaholic. He eats it EVERY single day. And even though you have some of the greatest flavors and combinations, vanilla is his favorite. 🙂

  32. Anne says:

    I was very disappointed the Tops supermarket chain recently stopped carrying Turkey Hill products, as they are so much better than our other local choices. We especially love the Black Raspberry flavor. I’m shopping more at other supermarkets who carry your brand.

  33. Charlotte Raines says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream.I like almost anything with chocolate and A few of the dueto flavors.My husband loves the Black cherry.

  34. kellsiee manning says:

    I love all the Turkey Hill consumer relations people.

  35. Kathryn Boselli says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the only brand we will every eat. It is the most superior brand of ice cream made. Peanut Butter is the favorite.

  36. Kathryn Boselli says:

    Turkey Hill is by far the most superior ice cream made. It is the only brand we buy and eat. Peanut Butter is the favorite!

  37. Raye N says:

    I’ve always loved Turkey Hill ice cream. How nice that my birth month is also National Ice Cream Month. As if I needed a reson to indulge. Enjoy all!

  38. Joan says:

    I’ll be celebrating my Birthday and the fourth of July as well as National Ice Cream Month so there will be plenty of Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks Ice Cream in my house (amoung all the other delicious flavors).

  39. Sue M. says:

    I am sooooo hungry for some strawberry ice cream right now!

  40. Anne says:

    I was disappointed Tops supermarkets stopped carrying your brand. We’re shopping more at other stores,and especially enjoy Black Raspberry ice cream flavor.

  41. Debbie P says:

    Oh how you put a smile on everyones face…Ice Cream in July…what a combo the forth of july and ice cream,you dont have to be a kid anymore to enjoy these two favorites. happy 4th everyone.

  42. janet says:

    Love the frozen yogurt, ice cream you can justify on a diet

  43. Chrysa says:

    Hooray for Ice Cream Month! Bring on the trivia!

  44. Stew says:

    Fresh strawberries from our garden patch (or the local farmers market) are PERFECT additions to a cup of vanilla ice cream. Raspberries are coming soon!

  45. Chip says:

    Happy Ice Cream Month! Love the Phillies Grand Slam ice cream, even down here in NATS country (DC & VA). Mmm, and great for breakfast too.

  46. Carol Triano says:

    We are going to celebrate National Ice Cream month by enjoying a bowl of ice cream every evening for the month of July. I think I will spice it up a bit by having a different topping each night !!!

  47. Michele says:

    We saw you at Kennywood. Free samples and coupons-what a way to get to a girl’s heart. We love your Mint Chocolate Chip

  48. cathy r says:

    My husband loves the new “Dynamic Duo” PB Explosion. He couldn’t believe it is light ice cream. Thanks!!!

  49. Jennifer says:

    I grew up enjoying Turkey Hill ice cream and it truly is the best stuff. It is the perfect creamy goodness to eat to enjoy National Ice Cream Month…what a great national celebration! Woo-hoo for us!

  50. Traci says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the best. We’ve tried everything else, but nothing comes close!!

  51. Evon says:

    I love ice cream. When I discovered Turkey Hill I had to have it all the time. It tastes so good.

  52. kris says:

    Here it is, 9 am and I am drooling over pictures of ice cream. Sheesh!

  53. Tony Ponish says:

    July without ice cream is like a day without sunshine. That just isn’t right. California might look for “happy cows”, but Turkey Hill find the best cows. Its a favorite in our house.

  54. Mike M says:

    I bring Party Cake ice cream anytime we visit friends. They always laugh at me, until they taste it, then they love it too!! Make more!!!!

  55. Marie Gush says:


  56. Amy H. says:

    Celebrate in style-serve your ice cream in a martini glass! You can even dip the lip of the glass in chocolate first! Time to party!

  57. Michelle Wright says:

    Wheeewhooooo, National Ice Cream Month. My family celebrates summer with a scoop of our favorite Turkey Hill flavors every night. Our favorites are peanut butter mania, banana split, and chocolate pretzel.

  58. Tracey says:

    I think the only proper way to celebrate Ice Cream Month is to have Turkey Hill ice cream every day!


  59. nancy says:

    i scream ,you scream we all scream for Turkey Hill ice cream!

  60. Lexi says:

    Here we will be celebrating with a lot of duetto!

  61. Amy Good says:

    Love Banana Split ice cream and Mint with Cookies and Black Raspberry and…the list could go on and on. Party Cake ice cream rocks too!

  62. Debbie says:

    OMG Ice Cream I could eat Turkey Hill for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, even in the winter. Even my dog Deuce loves to have a leave a little for him so he can lick it clean.
    Thanks Turkey Hill

  63. Lexi says:

    I love ice cream!

  64. Jaime says:

    We love Turkey Hill ice cream at our house!! Peanut Butter Chocolate is our fave!

  65. Brenda says:

    Someone just told me there are other brands of Ice Cream out there… I never knew!! “Turkey Hill, my one and only”!

  66. Evan Thomas says:

    I’ve got a pint of Minty Moosetrack Stuff’d I’ve been waiting to dive into and I think this might be just the right occasion 😉

  67. Andrea says:

    Hello! I love the chocolate peanut butter Turkey Hill ice cream. I ate some last night (straight out of the container)!!!

  68. Iris Green says:

    My husband is ice cream super fan. He like to try new one always. Can not wait to tell him what I found through this journal.

  69. Eliza says:

    An ice cream party would be a great way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.

  70. Mary says:

    Hooray for Ice Cream Month! Around here that’s every month tho 🙂

  71. Michele Koslowski says:

    I love ice cream loaded with nuts, candy, chocalate chips, peanut butter, you name it I love it all, and now that I see Turkey Hill’s advertisements for Stuff’d I am so anxious to try all the flavors!!!

  72. Dennis says:

    My favorite is “Black Cherry”. Every month.

  73. Trish says:

    Only 1 month to celebrate ice cream? I think every month should be ice cream month! Yum!

  74. ange says:

    my kids and i and of course my husband all have our own favorite ice creams! we have a freezer downstairs just for turkey hill ice cream! there’s yogurt to party ice cream to classic coffee!
    we have sundaes all the time and milkshakes are a blast!
    thanks Turkey Hill for making the best ice cream ever!

  75. Brian K says:

    Absolutely LOVE all Flavors These guys rock.

  76. Sharon says:

    July is ice cream month??? Every month is ice cream month for me, every DAY is ice cream day. Yes, it is true I eat ice cream EVERY DAY and there are too many Turkey Hill favorite flavors to even begin to list them. (Okay, but Fried Ice Cream might just be at the top of the list!)

  77. Donna says:

    I know that June was “Southern Lemon Pie” flavor of the month. Well, it finally arrived at our local market……on June 29th! So I stocked up. Filled the freezer to capacity with our favorite Turkey Hill flavor. P.S. They’re all MY favorites!

  78. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    July is the perfect month for celebrating ice cream. It is mid-summer, vacation time for most people, pleasant weather for the most part, and finds mostly everyone in a good mood. This combined with Turkey Hill ice cream makes for the best of times.

  79. Susan says:

    I scream. You scream. WE ALL SCREAM FOR TURKEY HILL.

  80. Eva Mack says:

    I’m ready to party/eat ice cream!

  81. Amy Snook says:

    Any ice cream with chocolate in it is my favorite. How about making peanut butter flavored ice cream with a swirl of fudge through it–PB Fudge Swirl! I’d buy tons of that!

  82. Dawn B. says:

    Oh yes, my toothless son would love to have ice cream daily (well he does right now but it would help the budget greatly), lol!! Enjoy your summer 🙂

  83. Jenny says:

    My eyes grow wide with excitement every time I look in the freezer and see Moose Tracks. Yeah!

  84. Tara Burgess says:

    Free Ice Cream – that’s a great way to celebrate Ice Cream month. It’s the only thing better than ice cream itself.

    Go Ronald Regan with celebrating ice cream all together!

  85. Tara Burgess says:

    Free Ice Cream – that’s a great way to celebrate Ice Cream month. It’s the only thing better than ice cream itself.

    Go Ronald Regan – with celebrating ice cream all together. GO Turkey Hill for celebrating ice cream since they opened.

  86. David says:

    Happy National Ice Cream Month! 🙂

  87. KIM says:


  88. Randy says:

    “ICE CREAM MONTH”!!…who needs an excuse?!..with delicious “Turkey Hill” its ice cream every day of the year!!

  89. julie pratt says:

    i love turkey hill ice cream all year long but a month dedicated to ice cream is awesome!

  90. Pattie says:

    I love your fat free ice cream. Turkey Hill has so many different flavors for the fat free. My husband is now eating
    fat free Turkey Hill and said that it is the best ice cream that he tasted.

  91. Catzdaug says:

    Hi Everyone, Turkey Hill has been our family favorite since our son was born can’t get enough of this creamy goodness.

  92. Judy Avallone says:

    I deserve some free ice cream in July because its my birthday month.

  93. Carla Shaffer says:

    How wonderful to have another “excuse” to eat ice cream. We are going to celebrate on the 6th with an ice cream
    cake for my granddaughters 8th birthday.
    I love your ice cream. I love chocolate peanut butter cup!!! I also love cookies and cream. Keep the ice cream coming.

  94. Catzdaug says:

    What is everyone’s favorite turkey hill ice cream? Mine is peanut butter chocolate.

  95. moeb says:

    For years we enjoyed our trips to family in PA because it was there in Lancaster we got our first taste of the wonders of Turkey Hill … now we are lucky enough to have Turkey Hill available in CT and am always telling folks about how very good it is …. As good as it tastes :: I know some free ice cream would taste even better !!!!

  96. Amy says:

    July is sure to be an ice cream month in my house – especially with the holiday and birthdays! Yum!

  97. Grace says:

    YUUUUMMMM~ 🙂 Another reason to love July.

  98. jacqueline baldwin says:

    Turkey Hill is the best tastiest ice cream ever!!!

  99. Grace says:

    YUMM Love it!

  100. Dayna says:

    My family and I love ice cream. We eat it everyday. I’d have to say my favorite flavor of Turkey Hill is Moose Tracks.

  101. Jackie says:

    I became hooked when I rented a house a couple of doors down from a Turkey Hill market!

  102. Kim says:

    Chocolate ice cream…how can I say no to that?

    Happy National Ice Cream Month!

  103. Connie says:

    Turkey Hill is my family’s favorite! We really like the “coconut pie.”

  104. Barb says:

    We love Turkey Hill ice cream. There is always at least 3 different flavors in our freezer and this week there was a big sale at our local grocery store. Turkey Hill was on sale for $1.99 and I used my calendar coupons on three of them bringing the price down to 99 cents. How much better could that be. I love the Sherbet, my husband loves coffee, and my son loves chocolate peanut butter.

  105. Jennifer says:

    Of course I am glad there is a designated month and day for ice cream but I don’t see why it can’t also be celebrated all year round. It is in my house. I would love to see a flavor with coconut chocolate and almonds and a flavor that has brownie, chocolate ice cream, coconut, caramel and pecans.

  106. brian says:

    Love ice cream month. Ice cream is the greatest treat ever invented. Turkey hill is the greatest ice cream.

  107. julie says:

    We’ll have to celebrate National Ice Cream month by eating extra Turkey Hill ice cream!

  108. Liz says:

    Your popcorn ice cream is the best!!

  109. ursula says:

    had my first Turkey Hill ice cream while I was in college in Delaware….. still enjoying it up here in NY –

  110. Babs says:

    Happy Ice Cream Month! We celebrate in our house all year long. The Duettos are my new personal favorite, but there is always some Vanilla and Black Cherry on hand. We also love to try your new flavors. It doesn’t get any better than Turkey Hill:)

  111. Marjorie says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream has been my favorite brand for years.

  112. jane conrad says:

    Vanilla Fudge Ripple is my absolute favorite! It is creamily delicious!

  113. Michele says:

    Happy Ice Cream month! I am a 4th grade tacher and on the last day of school ( June 24th) I told my class that we would celebrate Ice Cream month a little early in the classroom. I had the students vote on their favorite Turkeyhill Ice cream and tho top 5 choices made it to the classroom for our last day party. I also gave them this website to come and check out! Mint Chocolate Chip was the most favorite in our class… I wish every day can be an ice cream day 🙂 Thanks for all the great flavors!

  114. Ira says:

    We just tried your Southern Lemon pie and it was such a hit, that it has join our family. Which means we all out to finds Who can introduce it to our desserts recipes. It is so refreshing and filled with tast. Perfect for the summer.
    Love the Limited Editions.
    Ice cream month just great.

  115. Melodie says:

    Just had the junior mint special edition! It’s the best I’ve ever had!

  116. joseph says:

    have tried other brands over the years
    but turkey hill is still the best.

  117. Leslie says:

    MMMM! Ice Cream Month is every month in our house! Our faves include Coffee and Graham Slam! Go Phils!

  118. Tanya says:

    I believe I have been celebrating National Ice Cream month all year! My deep freezer is full of ice cream, including Turkey Hill. It’s a regular staple in my house, much like bread, milk and butter.

  119. Pam says:

    Thank goodness for President Reagan’s decree! Turkey Hill is our favorite, of course! Black Raspberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Columbian Coffee, and pretty much anything chocolate and/or peanut butter is are favorites in our house! We always have at least 3 or 4 flavors on hand at a time!

  120. Vren says:

    There is no better way to celebrate Ice Cream Month than with a heaping bowl of Turkey Hill!

  121. rita says:

    I hate writing comments on a blog, but I had to write this one. Ice cream is a favorite always and free ice cream is even better. Lets all enjoy ice cream month guilt free. Remember ice cream is a form of dairy.

  122. Muthu says:

    Didn’t realize this month is the ice cream month. Hurray! Very appropriate with the summer weather we are seeing now. My kids are going to love hearing about this fact.

  123. Jill Landers says:

    Yay! I love Turkey Hill ice cream! I’m so proud to live in Central PA in the land of Turkey Hill!

  124. Lori says:

    I can’t wait to visit Pa again. There are so many flavors I need to try.

  125. Mel says:

    Shouldn’t every month celebrate Ice Cream, especially Turkey Hill? We haven’t found a flavor that we haven’t loved! Way to go Turkey Hill!

  126. Jean Bowen says:

    Your icecream is by far, THE BEST icecream I have ever had. I tell everyone that I know how good it is. It’s creamy, good flavored, all around yummy! I just wish there were more flavors to chose from! Keep up the good work!

  127. MIKE HEUERMAN says:

    My mom is from central Pa and we love Turkey Hill tea. However, living in SC we have lots of opportunity to eat Ice Cream and we love it.

  128. Jo Ann says:

    Every month should be ice cream month! With a special month just for Chocolate Cherry Cordial!!!!

  129. Cathy says:

    Happy Ice Cream month!!!

  130. Donna says:

    Peanut butter cup ice cream rocks:)

  131. Linda Goodnight-Halverson says:

    Ice cream soothes the soul and lights up the young and old when you meantion,”You want to go for ice cream or make a dish of your favorite at home”

  132. Lenette Beasley says:

    love the photo for the month of July in the Turkey Hill Calendar

  133. Jeffrey says:

    I agree with many others. Every day should be Turkey Hill ice cream day!

  134. gianna says:

    every month is (Turkey Hill) ice cream month in my house!

  135. Kathy Gee says:

    I’ll be honest, we have tried many other ice creams over the years but we always came back to Turkey Hill. Now Turkey Hill ice cream is a permanent staple in our hosuehold year round. My only regrets is that our local grocery stores do not carry a better selection of your ice cream. I keep requesting and will continue so we can keep eating your wonderful creations. Keep up the great job!

  136. Colleen says:

    Ice Cream is the best comfort food all around! Nothing makes you happier than a cold, creamy bowl of Turkey Hill. We will all be in the best moods for July!Thanks Turkey Hill for doing this.

  137. Bea says:

    Turkey Hill is my “FAVORITE” ice cream. Hardly ever buy anything else. Soooo creamy & delicious!! A request…Please, please, please, make Pistachio ice cream without nuts in it. We do have the ice cream cakes in N.J. Yeah!

  138. Carina says:

    YAY ice cream month

  139. Awilda says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream! I usually buy the black carton because it’s all natural. I haven’t tried your ice cream cake yet but maybe I will get lucky and someone will take my hints to get it for me on my birthday, July 8. Today I will celebrate by digging into my vanilla bean carton with fresh berries from my parents garden.

  140. Donna McManus says:

    I Love Turkey Hill

  141. Julie says:

    Your ice cream cake can turn any day into a great day! I read a comment from Melissa T. Melissa – take your 2 favorite Turkey Hill flavors and layer them into a a springform pan. Top with your favorite toppings and whipped cream. Freeze for several hours. Run a hot knife around the edge to help loosen edge. Serve your home made Turkey Hill cake in style!

  142. NSH says:

    Only one month for ice cream? It should be a year-long celebration.

  143. corban says:

    Turkey Hill IC has always been the best in our house now and growing up.

  144. D in NY says:

    Columbian Coffee is my favourite flavor. And my Mom (who is 88years young) loves Banana Split. Our second best is Black Raspberry….. yum-yum

  145. Igor says:

    Where can you go to find out all the names of the retired Turkey Hill ice cream flavors?

  146. amy says:

    Dear Turkey Hill,
    Thanks for the excuse to eat ice cream 31 days in a row!


  147. Brittany says:

    Happy National Ice Cream month everybody!!
    Thanks for letting us subscribers know about this month Turkey Hill! When friends come over this month I’ll make sure to buy all our favorites so we can enjoy the celebration together! You guys are the best.. u keep surprising me with the delicious flavors you concoct! Honestly I can’t really say that I have a favorite! They’re all wonderful!

  148. Carlton says:

    I’m not surprised that President Reagan chose to celebrate ice cream over jelly beans for a month!

  149. BOB says:


  150. michelle says:

    Hooray for National Ice Cream Month!! This just makes me want to make a huge banana split for the whole family to share.

  151. Anne King says:

    We do not need Ice Cream month; every night aftr dinner we have ice cream.
    My husband has low carb and I love Black Cherry regular. But, will try your flavor of the month. Luckily we have a Turkey Hill 5 min away; now they’re running a special. Do see the truck there very often. Thank you!

  152. Tom N says:

    I always look forward to July as it is both my birthday month as well as National Ice Cream month!

    We love Turkey Hill Ice Cream in our house!

  153. Kari says:

    I can’t wait to celebrate ice cream month. As if I needed an excuse to eat ice cream.

  154. Rachel R. says:

    I love ice cream – and love Turkey Hill ice cream! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the fun stuff you have planned for the blog this month.

    All of those all-caps titles are a bit overwhelming in my feed reader, though; is there any possibility of switching to mixed-case?

  155. Tina Ingham says:

    I’ve been looking for the summer limited edition of the Peach icecream, but, I haven’t been able to find it around here. I’m going to keep looking.

  156. KC says:

    We love your ice cream whether it’s ice cream month or not!!

  157. Amanda says:

    Your peanut butter chocolate ice cream is PERFECTION!!!!

  158. Jenn Elton says:

    Hooray! I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream =)

  159. bo says:

    i am an ice cream lover. i eat it almost every night anyway, but for national ice cream month i plan to try a new flavor every night for the whole month of july. sounds yummy. i can’t wait!!!!!

  160. Rosaria says:

    Thank you Thank You
    The one thing I don’t mind paying for, mountains and mountains of Turkey Hill ice cream…

  161. Jeanette says:

    Whopeee! Free Ice cream! Turkey Hill ice cream is rich, creamy and great tasting. It is my favorite ice cream.

  162. Donn says:

    I understand that Egg Nog is suppose to be a Holiday treat, but I wish there you had the flavor available for more then just november,december because I can never find it at my regular store(Pathmark) since 2006. I ask, but they say their out.ALWAYS!!!

  163. Clifford says:

    I like the lemon pie limited edition.

  164. Alayna says:

    Back in 1994, just after having my daughter, I discovered your Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream. Best find ever!!

  165. Joanne Hack says:

    Thank you Turkey Hill. We can always count on you to help us celebrate National Ice Cream Month!!

  166. Nicole says:

    I wish my local Turkey Hill sold the ice cream cakes. I would love to try them.

  167. Fran says:

    I’m pregnant and I’ve been craving ice cream badly!!! Plus, it’s getting hot in SoCal now.

  168. Nicole says:

    I wish my local Turkey Hills sold the ice cream cakes. I would love to try them.

  169. Sandi S. says:

    Ice Cream Month – what better excuse to indulge in my absolute favorite ice cream – Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter!! And it MUST be Turkey Hill – no other brand even comes close!!!!

  170. Marcie Ortmann says:

    Absolutely LOVE your ice cream! You have so many interesting flavors. It’s the perfect addition to summer!

  171. GARY says:

    Shameless post for free ice-cream. Please send the Giant Cows!


  172. Sandi J says:

    I love your ice cream but the only place to purchase it is at Giant Eagle.
    Am always disappointed for they do not carry a wide variety of the flavors I know are available and would certainly like to try new ones. Black Rasberry is my very favorite

  173. Kathy says:

    We LOOOVVEEE Turkey Hill’s salute to the Phillies–Graham Slam ice cream, Yummy taste of summer!!

  174. Harry Freeman-Jones says:

    Reading this has sent me to the freezer for a dish of your Raspberry Truffle and I haven’t had lunch yet! I usually keep a couple of flavors of Turkey Hill at any one time to satisfy whatever my craving of the day is. Last night it was Moose Tracks. I think I’ll be combining flavors in my dish frequently in celebration of the month!

  175. Grace says:


  176. Adrian says:

    Hooray for Turkey Hill and National Ice Cream Month!

  177. anne w says:

    July 1st is here… this should be a national holiday!!! This is my official start to the summer… ice cream month!!!!!!!

  178. Valerie Z says:

    I LOVE Turkey Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. richie c says:

    how come the yankees ice cream doesn’t come with pinstripes?

  180. cindy says:

    There is nothing better than a bowl of Turkey Hill ice cream! YUMMM

  181. Becky says:

    Duetto Gelati is some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had! How about pomegranate? Or blackberry? Yum!

  182. Ann says:

    We eat ice cream every night!

  183. Fancy Pants Nance says:

    Happy National Ice Cream Month!
    Love all the varieties that Turkey Hill makes. LOVE IT!

  184. Deb F says:

    Is there any other ice cream? Especially love The Phillies Graham Slam.

  185. Tony D says:

    I scream…. U scream… we all scream for Ice Cream… when it’s Turkey Hill!!

  186. Jacqueline Greenfield says:

    Turkey Hill Duetto Soft Vanilla and Cherry is extaordinary. I cannot believe I ate the whole thing so fast.

  187. JimBro says:

    I’m in the midst of celebrating Regional Ice Cream Century, but this is fun, too!

  188. Sharon says:

    What is your record for number of comments posted in one day? It seems like you will be setting records this month! Last time I complained that I hadn’t been able to get my favorite flavor for quite some time. Today I was able to get that, Chocolate peanut butter cup, and the flavor my son has pestered me for, Phillies Graham Slam. I felt like I had hit a grand slam when I came out of the store with both of the flavors we’ve been looking for.

  189. Mickey says:

    There is nothing better than ice cream on a hot summer day. Before Turkey Hill was available in New England, I remember eating it while traveling thrugh Penn.

  190. Diane F. says:

    My youngest DS is a big fan of Skinny Minty but my oldest loves to change it up! Thanks Turkey Hill!

  191. Ken Siegrist says:

    When we are hand turning ice cream, we believe one good turn deserves another. My all time favorite ice cream is peppermint stick crushed and swirled through vanilla ice cream! Wonderful good!

  192. joan lennon says:

    Great, its ice cream month.So lets take a seat at the table an gobble up some Turkey Hill ice cream.

  193. Jen says:

    My husband and I stopped eating desserts in preparation for our trip to Cape Cod and ice cream every day on our summer vacation!

  194. Helen York says:

    I just got back from a month back-packing around Europe.I loved the fresh bread, and exotic cuisines. But I really missed good old American ice cream like Turkey Hill.

  195. debbie F. says:

    Love the Dynamic Duos and the Peanut Butter Brownie… now I’m in search of Peaches and Cream and Double Dunker

  196. Kathy says:

    I LOVE Turkey Hill ice cream and used to eat it for breakfast when I was a teenager!! (Can’t do that anymore..) My favorite flavor was a special flavor you had about 10 years ago. It was peanut butter pie. PB ice cream w/choc and PB Pie chunks in it. It was out of this world!!

  197. Patricia Grinstead says:

    I was afraid to try your ice cream because of the name -TURKEY- but then it went on sale and I tried it. It is the Best; better than Breyer’s and the other store brands. The flavor and texture are excellent. Now I buy it when its not on sale, because its the best choice. Thanks Turkey Hill !!

  198. Barbara says:

    We absolutely love the richness of Turkey Hill ice cream and the delicious flavors. Yummy, Yummy!! I’m a vanilla person, but break from the norm when I find a Turkey Hill flavor to try, and most of the time I’m hooked. I’m hooked on Peanut Butter Cup now. Thank you Turkey Hill.

  199. Barbara says:

    Ice cream month…..YEAH!! Now we can have dessert BEFORE dinner to celebrate! Hurray

  200. Amy says:

    I absolutely love that you have come out with yogurt, now i don’t have to feel as guilty enjoying a summer treat…

  201. Leanne says:

    Mmmm. I must agree with the last blogger. The chocolate peanut butter is just so yummy! I’ll be celebrating the month by eating it every day!

  202. ELSIE says:

    Free Ice Cream? How great is that! Thanks for this chance.

  203. Lucinda DeBord says:

    We always have Turkey Hill Ice Cream in our freezer. When our friends from Pittsburgh come to visit they make sure they don’t leave without having their favorite ice cream…Turkey Hill.

  204. Diane Hayes says:

    Both my husband and I love your Van/Choc
    It reminds us of the good old days
    when Ice Cream was soooooooooo good!
    There is no comparison – your the BEST:)

  205. Patty says:

    I’m hoping that by entering I’ll perhaps win some Duetto….I’m totally addicted to the Root Beer “Ice” and Vanilla Ice Cream combo…can’t get enough!

  206. donna s says:

    This is now my favorite month!! I’ll be celebrating ice cream month every day!!

  207. Doris says:

    I believe it was Will Rogers who said “I’ve never met a Turkey Hill Ice Cream I didn’t like.” Same here.

  208. JoRo says:

    Graham slam is the best ice cream EVER!

  209. Nina M says:

    I read Debbie F’s post about making Margarita Pie with Turkey Hill ice cream and was intrigued by the possibilities it inspired. I love limeade but never thought of mixing frozen concentrate with ice cream to get a lime-flavored treat. Thanks for the recipe Debbie! I can’t wait to try it — and even better would be to make it with some FREE Turkey Hill ice cream!

  210. Sue says:

    I love the cherry/vanilla duetto !! Wish my stores carried more of a variety, the southern lemon pie ice cream sounds delicious !

  211. Sharon says:

    YUM, an excuse to eat ice cream everyday, you bet we will be celebrating, Shoprite is helping by putting ou favorite Turkey Hill on sale,you can bet I will stock up

  212. jen says:

    i think it’s time to dust off the ice cream maker and try perfecting the perfect ice cream again.

  213. Lydia says:

    I love any reason to eat more ice cream!

  214. Doris says:

    When I went to the blog comments, the first place the mouse stopped at was from a Doris. I agree with her comments. I never tasted an ice cream I didn’t like (especially Turkey Hill and especially during the summer months)!!

  215. Alyce Goodstein says:

    Love Turkey Hill & what could be better than a month of ice cream eating?? NOTHING!!! You rock Turkey Hill!

  216. Kathy K. says:

    I use to eat ice cream all the time, but for some reason I haven’t had it in quite some time. Guess this is a good a reason as any to try some Turkey Hill!!

  217. Lorrie says:

    What a great idea for celebrating National Ice Cream Month — free ice cream! Yum!

  218. David Rushton says:

    We just got some Turkey Hill Ice cream at Giant Eagle. Yippee!!

  219. David Rushton says:

    I did not know it was Ice Cream month. Glad to hear it. We will celebrate with Turkey Hill very frequently!

  220. HeatherB says:

    Our family loves ice cream – we will certainly enjoy a month of celebrating such a great treat!

  221. Dan says:

    Here in New England we have a lot of ice cream brands to choose from but none of them compare to Turkey Hill! Keep up the good work!!

  222. Erin K says:

    Gotta love Ice Cream Month!!

  223. boofyloo says:


  224. Mrs K says:

    Every month is Ice Cream Month in our household!

  225. Karen says:

    We’ll celebrate by eating tons of ice cream – Turkey Hill of course!

  226. Ellen says:

    I’ll be scouring local supermarkets for any remaining “Southern Lemon Pie!” It’s my daughter’s favorite and I want to buy it all up before it’s gone!

  227. Turkey Hill Team says:

    Wow! The comments just keep on coming. Thanks again to all of our new readers for sounding off here on the Ice Cream Journal. It’s going to be a fun month!

  228. Bob Mayer says:

    Just reading through the comments in this Ice Cream Journal makes me want to gobble, gobble, up some more delicious Turkey Hill!

  229. Tim says:

    Nothing makes me happier than to see Turkey Hill ice cream go on sale at my local Giant Eagle grocery. Then comes the hard part: deciding which flavors to buy!

  230. tina s says:

    We never have enough ice cream at our house!

  231. Brooke says:

    I will be celebrating by eating a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream every evening as a way to wind down! 🙂

  232. Annie Schavelin says:

    Yum! I love ice cream! <3

  233. christina says:

    We love ice cream at our house!

  234. NANCY says:

    I have 4 sons, and the Turkey Hill disappears at my house, as fast as I buy it! My sons love the duets.

  235. Kyle Y says:

    I scream for free ice cream!!

  236. Nickolette says:

    Love the Turkey Hill ice cream cake!!!

  237. Paul says:

    Love ice cream, even when I have to buy it, but free is better!

  238. Suezzy says:

    My newest flavor to try is Banana Split. Wow, is this flavor refreshing and delicious!! Thank you T.H. for the best quality product at a great price.

  239. Judy says:

    I have the Light recipe Chocolate Moose Tracks in my freezer now. Yummy!

  240. Paul says:

    Free ice cream!

  241. Meg says:

    who screams? we all scream! for turkey hill ice cream!

    yay lol

  242. niki says:

    I love turkey hill’s ice cream! I havent had a chance to try the ice cream cake yet but if its anything like the ice cream im sure ill love it! Happy national icecream month!

  243. Cara Malone says:

    The hottest moth of the year – July!!! Our girls have “ice cream parties” on our deck at least once a week (usually 2 or 3 times) and invite our neighbors who include grandma, aunt, uncle and cousin! Any reason for ice cream – they can think of it!

  244. Gisele Phipps says:

    I would to celebrate National Ice Cream month by trying each flavor of Turkey Hill I can find locally!

  245. Carol says:

    Another reason to love July!! Not only am I on vacation, but it is National Ice Cream Month!!! The Turkey Hill disappears in my house as fast as I buy it!!! Tonight it is strawberry!!

  246. Jan says:

    A day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine and Turkey Hill shines brightest! I have some Extreme Cookies and Cream in the freezer and I hear it calling my name … gotta run!

  247. mary S says:

    We’ll celebrate here with party cake!

  248. Justin H says:

    July has 31 days, right? I’ll be celebrating national ice cream month by eating ice cream 31 consecutive days.

  249. Alaina says:

    Turkey Hill, you are such a gift to the world.

  250. Melissa says:

    Happpy Ice Cream Month!!!

  251. Marybeth says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the best ever! We buy four containers a week and it never lasts! We could definitely enjoy winning some free ice cream; maybe it would last more than a week (but probably not!).

  252. Richard Kalfus says:

    I hope My Family wins. We don’t care which Turkey Hill flavor because as we all know it is “ALL GOOD”!

  253. Deb H says:

    It’s so sad when I get to the bottom of a Turkey Hill carton!

  254. Bob J says:

    My favorite flavor is Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream. It should be available year around!

    Bob J

  255. Christian Schmid says:

    Turkey Hill has been a member of our family for years. Great Products made by Great people. Keep up the good work!!!

  256. Barbara says:

    Ohh, my husband and I have a bowl of ice cream every night. A whole month of of celebration…we’re in!

  257. Billie says:

    Our family has Turkey hill ice cream almost everynight after dinner. Thank you for National Ice Cream Month. My daughter is in heaven.

  258. Beth Z says:

    Every month could be Ice Cream Month as far as I am concerned!

  259. Dan says:

    Hooray for ice cream month…

  260. Millie says:

    Every week we look for Turkey Hill ice cream sales. We both eat some every night before bed (what a nightcap!).

  261. June P says:

    Ode to ice cream!
    Yeah summer!

  262. bob says:

    T.H. is in the House! Ice Cream Month? Hallelujah.

  263. Linda Leffler says:

    No need for a special month to enjoy Turkey Hill ice cream. Whenever I have a bowl it is a special time. Linda

  264. Delia says:

    Wow, there are a lot of comments, but yay for ice cream!

  265. ProfS says:

    We really enjoyed the PB Explosion Dynamic Duo. How cool!

  266. Lisa says:

    Step away from the ice cream!

  267. josie rovnan says:

    I love your ice cream and the thought of some EVERY day is awesome! Keep the flavors coming…

  268. John says:

    Tell those Amish cows to keep churning out more milk for Turkey Hill ice cream!

  269. Marie Bruno says:

    A day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine

  270. toshisuzuki says:

    happy national ice cream month!

  271. Bonnie says:

    WOOHOO!! Ice cream month! How much better can life get?? LOL

  272. Wendy says:

    What could be better than a month dedicated to ice cream?

  273. paula says:

    The best flavor ever is Chocolate but once in awhile I’ll try something new.

  274. Evelyn says:

    I love the Butter Pecan and my husband loves the Vanilla Yummy

  275. Shelly says:

    Ice cream should be part of every meal!

  276. Patti Bright says:

    I think a month long celebration of ice cream is amazing. My family absolutely loves Turkey Hills Chocolate chip mint because the chocolate is so fine, we do not like the big chips some companies use. Turkey Hill ice cream is amazing 🙂

  277. Bette Belle says:

    Any day is a happy day when eating your fabulous ice cream. My favorite? The light flavors – any one of them!



  279. Carol says:

    I’m ready to celebrate National Ice Cream Month – lets have ice cream every day!!

  280. Donna H. says:

    Every month is ice cream month for me!! Right now I am greatly enjoying Dynamic Duos Caramel Cone Chaos…..I love it!

  281. Linda Garrity says:

    My children and I went to Turkey Hill to get the sample of Turkey Hill Ice Cream cake, it was awesome. So sorry my husband had to work and couldn’t enjoy it too.

  282. lee carr says:

    it’s national ice cream month,
    I am so hap-hap-pee
    it’s national ice cream month,
    and I am drooling.

    the photo of the colorful cones have me singing for ice cream

  283. Sarah says:

    Even though I am a huge Cubs fan I can’t resist the Phillies Grand Slam ice cream!

  284. Rachel says:

    I didn’t know July was ice cream month. For me, it’s every month!

  285. hatice says:

    I didn’t even know there was such thing as ice cream month. Lucky for me, I ate TurkeyHill (c) Bronx Boambers Sundae today with a chance to win tickets to a Yankees Home Game 🙂

  286. kim says:

    I love ice cream, who would have thought! Eat desert first, could die and would hate to waste it ….

  287. Lisa says:

    Happy National Ice Cream Month!


  288. kim says:

    Just thinking about it … I wish I had stopped and picked some up on the way home – now I’m SOL and no food either …. 🙁

  289. Connie says:

    Everyone in our family loves Turkey Hill, from my 8 year old twin granddaughters to my 98 year old mother-in-law.

  290. Marjorie says:

    My parents always knew how to start off a new year right. They buy tons of ice cream, lots of toppings and sundae dishes, so all the kids could celebrate the new year right! I’m thinking it would be a good kick off for ice cream month too.

  291. Cheryl says:

    I don’t think a month is long enough! I think 2010 should be the Year of the Ice Cream!! We could celebrate everyday! Of course, eating Turkey Hill is a celebration in itself! Yum!!

  292. JF says:

    I hope I win some free ice cream.

  293. nan lara says:

    yeah..i want to win

  294. nata says:

    I love Ice cream and If I win it oh thats so cool

  295. monique c. says:

    I would love to win some great tasteing ice cream!!

  296. Carol says:

    This holiday weekend we will be having Turkey Hill ice cream….all four of us have a favorite flavor, mine being Party Cake and my husband’s being Vanilla Fudge Twirl. The kids like Choc. Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream. Yum.

  297. Jen O says:

    My favorite ice cream! Thanks.

  298. Jenn JM says:

    Wow, a bonafide ice cream month! I’ve always celebrated eating ice cream (now what about the other 11 months?!)

  299. Marilyn Adams says:

    One time in the South, my family was visiting and went into an ice cream store and the little boy ahead of our brother, when ask what flavor, said
    “It don’t matter, they are all good”
    that slogan stuck with us to this day with Turkey Hill ice cream…they are all good….

  300. Deb says:

    When my kids were younger, we used to have sundae Sunday where everyone could make their own sundae with whatever toppings they liked. Actually, that sounds like a tradition we should bring back, even though they are almost all grown up!

  301. Jacqueline Greenfield says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is sooooo delicious. I want more, more, and more! I’m happy because there is always Turkey Hill Ice Cream in my freezer.

  302. Mel N says:

    Yum yum! I just ate a delicious bowl of Peanut Butter Ripple and Graham Slam together. Delicious!

  303. Leona says:

    I could eat ice cream everyday

  304. Carol Mather says:

    The only thing I can do is figure out how many flavors –should be one each day–I’d like to try if I don’t enjoy them already. I can’t buy one every day, but once Ice Cream month is officially over, then I have a plan of new flavors to try.

  305. Donna says:

    Ice Cream is my all time favorite, rarely is there a day that goes by that I don’t eat it. Turkey Hill Ice Cream is ALWAYS in my freezer. I don’t think there’s any flavor that I don’t like. I epically love tin roof sunday & anything with peanut butter in it & your Duos. Thank you for making such GOOD ice cream.

  306. Leah Gluchoff says:

    Just tried the new Strawberry Cheesecake light-YUM! Added fresh strawberries and fat free whipped cream and sprinkled some crumbled graham crackers on it-cooler and more delectable than actual cheesecake-and no guilt!

  307. Danielle says:

    just had some yummy vanilla bean. Classic.

  308. Pat says:

    Moose Tracks here I come!!!!!! 🙂

  309. Juliette M says:

    Many years ago, Iowned an ice cream store. We worked so hard But, Turkey Hill is better and without the work! I don’t need ice-cream month to eat ice- cream especially Turkey Hill! I have it every other day for desert.

  310. Joanne Houston says:

    We love every flavor we try – Yummy

  311. Antoinette Lopez says:

    Who said ice cream wasn’t a breakfast food???

  312. Marge R says:

    Happy Ice Cream Month to you too! I just tried dynamic duos last night for the 1st time – FABULOUS!

  313. Amanda Giamarino says:

    My all time favorite Ice Cream is Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Happy Ice Cream month!!!!

  314. Allison says:

    turkey hill ice cream cake rules!! And turkey hill soft serve cones at hershey park, pa?!?! out of this world!!

  315. DeAnna says:

    ice cream and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly – YUM!!

  316. diane says:

    I would love to win free ice cream!!

  317. brian says:

    icecream is the best ting for summer and not winter becuse it is to cold go ice cream

  318. Sharon says:

    We have a freezer full of Turkey Hill Ice Cream–yummy! I am waiting for German Chocolate Cake to reappear in October–it is a family favorite.

  319. Ashley G says:

    I would Love some Free Ice Cream! My family loves ice cream & home made sundaes!

  320. Kerry says:

    I used to love this one flavor, can’t remember the name of it now. Something like Party Cake maybe? It was soooo good!

  321. Cindy Gerhart says:

    I’m still mourning the loss of Death By Chocolate – the best flavor ever!

  322. Gerry says:

    I prefer frozen yogurt. Will that be part of Ice Cream Month too?

  323. Michelle says:

    Happy National Ice Cream Month! I Heart Ice Cream!

  324. Joanne says:

    Bring back the Coconut Ice Cream!

  325. JOANNE says:

    National Ice Cream Month is now my favorite holiday!

  326. Phyllis Montenegro says:

    I have eaten Turkey Hill Ice Cream since i have been 20 years old.. I loved the ice cream so much that i only buy turkey hill. The smooth Turkey hill is good also. I will encourage people to buy turkey hill.

  327. Nancy N says:

    I think July will be my favorite month! Nothing better than TH ice cream.

  328. Barb Brader says:

    I am totally convinced there is NO ice cream like TURKEY HILL…it is the greatest….whether you pick a basic like chocolate (add raspberries and whipped topping) or a fancy flavor (anyone is just great)…..it is the BESTEST ice cream in town!!!!

  329. Pat K. says:

    we love Turkey Hill ice cream. It’s the best! Our favorites are Butter Pecan and Moose Tracks. I want to win.

  330. Margaret says:

    Happy Ice Cream Month!!!!

  331. John O'Brien says:

    I am eating philadelphia vanilla bean rihgt now

  332. Debbie S. says:

    Happy National Ice Cream month to all!
    We started July off with Double Dunker. My son wants to know why you have to make this one a limited edition?

  333. wendy says:

    Yay for Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  334. Stefanie Schmidt says:

    I would love to win a prize this month, I love Turkey Hill. Tonight I made some ice cream sandwiches with my favorite rocky road and snickerdoodles.

  335. Lynette says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is the best. I love to try the featured flavors.

  336. Lisa Bowen says:

    I’m so happy because Turkey Hill ice cream cakes have arrived in my area just in time for 4th of July picnics!

  337. Keli says:

    I just got done a huge bowl of rocky road mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough. yummm 🙂

  338. Carl says:

    My kids and I LOVE Graham Slam!!! It’s our favorite!! I have to stock up toward the end of baseball season to try to make it last as long as I can!! I don’t want three kids under 6 sad because we ran out!! LOL!!!

    Thank you for making yummy flavors!

  339. Tammy says:

    Peanut Butter Twirl is my absolute favorite Turkey Hill ice cream.

  340. stephanie R says:


  341. Marcie Ortmann says:

    Happy Ice Cream Month!!

  342. Anne G says:

    Graham Slam all the way, baby!!!! The very best of so many great creams. Turkey Hill is a terrific product – Thanks and keep it coming! 🙂

  343. Kate says:

    Great month, great ice cream, great company – thanks TH!

  344. Angela says:

    Absolutly love Dueto. The Vanila & lemon ice is Sooooo good. Thanks for tempting my taste buds.

  345. Linda F says:

    We love Ice Cream and eat it all year round.

  346. Maria G. says:

    I love this idea of National Ice Cream Month & what’s even better is the ice cream from Turkey Hill, way to go!!

  347. Lori says:

    Did someone say free ice cream? I am there with my four other family ice cream lovers! THanks!

  348. WENDY KAUFFMAN says:


  349. cindy risko says:

    I have not found one flavor of turkey hill ice cream that i have not enjoyed yet. I love them all and look forward to more flavors. Keep up the good work

  350. Clyde says:

    I sometimes have ice cream for supper. Also breakfast. I would love some free ice cream to celebrate Ice Cream Month. With nuts, please.

  351. SueN says:

    Did someone say free ice cream — and my favorite brand, too? Guess I have to try to win some to save myself some money.

  352. SueN says:

    Did someone say free ice cream?…and my favorite brand, too? Guess I have to try to win some to save myself some money — great stimulus package!

  353. JERRY C says:


  354. mel says:

    I love cookie dough ice cream summer, winter, fall, spring doesn’t matter. my friends think I’m weird because I love to order coffee and ice cream in the winter.

  355. Leah Margolin says:

    Oh my gosh! How did you guys know that my three favorite words are
    Free Ice Cream?

    If this ice cream offer really takes off, July might just become my favorite month!

  356. Fran says:

    Love Moose Tracks!

  357. Nichole B says:

    Absolutely L-O-V-E raspberry chocolate chunk! It is the ultimate fav in our house and is to die for!

  358. Cynthia McGrew says:

    I LOVE YOUR ICE CREAM!! I can never leave the store without stocking up for the week! Ice cream every night is a great tradition

  359. Kevin J. says:

    German Chocolate in October! Just in time for my birthday! Yay, free ice cream! How about a chocolate covered butter pecan? Just a suggestion. Keep them coming and bring back Death by Chocolate!

  360. Peg says:

    Only thing better than ROCKY ROAD is free ROCKY ROAD.

  361. Susan K. Lapp says:

    And What A Party It Will Be With Turkey Hill Ice Cream! 🙂

  362. mary anne kazlauskas says:

    from the farms of lancaster county, from the rolling green hills of pennsylvania, i hear a voice, it is calling “time for ice cream”. each time i react by eating a dish of sweet, creamy, delicious turkey hill ice cream. can you imagine how often that voice will call during national ice cream month. oh joy !

  363. D. Peace says:

    From the Colonial Capitol – Williamsburg, VA – Happy 4th of July – Let Freedom and Ice Cream Ring!

  364. June says:

    My brother brought home a carton of Banana Split ice cream the other day, and being the first real hot day here, I tried some. All I can say is WOW, what a wonderful taste explosion .It is a flavor I would never even have considered to buy for myself. Now I am inspired to try other flavors I have overlooked as well. Thanks Turkey Hill!

  365. barbara kendall says:

    I tried the Southern Lemon Pie and I am in Heaven!! I love the dynamic duo’s a;so! Barbara

  366. Alice says:

    WOO HOO! Ice cream month!! But seriously, I don’t need that to eat Turkey Hill ice cream. Every month is ice cream month for our family. Especially Chocolate chip mint…from who? Why Turkey Hill of course!

  367. Mary says:

    No one does Cherry Ice Cream better than Turkey Hill. Yummmmmmmmy!!!!!!

  368. Tricia Smith says:

    I Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream !!!!! Yum 🙂

  369. Darcy F. says:

    And people have the nerve to slam Reagan as a president…he OBVIOUSLY had his priorities in order while in office…maybe TH ought to honor him with his own flavor (unfortunatley the general publilc wouldn’t get the connection though),,,well, it’s a thought!

  370. Will says:

    Why not proclaim an ice cream year – and eat ice cream EVERY day.

  371. Mary says:

    I love summer and I LOVE ice cream!

  372. Bob J says:

    Better yet, why not an ice cream decade.

  373. Jacqueline Seewald says:

    Wow! I never saw so many comments before! This is a tribute to the lure of free ice cream. Guess we all like to receive gifts, especially edible ones.

    My birthday is July 24th. To celebrate, I’ll buy a Turkey Hill ice cream cake.
    When my children were young, we always served ice cream cake on their birthdays. Now they have their own children and the tradition continues. It’s not a birthday celebration in our family unless you serve an ice cream cake!

    Jacqueline Seewald
    author of THE DROWNING POOL, check it out on Amazon, B&N online, or request it at your local library

  374. cayennemom says:

    We are having an ice cream lunch at work to celebrate. The office is buying the ice cream and everybody contributes a topping!

  375. Susan C says:

    Happy National Ice Cream Month-Dutch Chocolate all the way!

  376. Carol Fisher says:

    We have to eat a lot of Turkey Hill this summer as our freezer is well stocked & we are moving to Dillsburg, PA from NJ. I’m hoping we can do a tour of your factory.

  377. Yvonne Learn says:

    What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than an ice cream cake? We will also have one at a celebration of our granddaughter’s graduation in a few weeks.

  378. Joan says:

    I’m glad July is National Ice Cream Month but I have ice cream day just about everyday of the year. I especially love Cookies ‘n Cream.

  379. jeannine leonard says:

    In honor of this special month of celebrating ice cream our family is going to start by each of us getting our own container of our favorite flavor. We love turkey hill! Let the trivia begin!

  380. Daniela Sepulveda says:

    Our first night of Ice Cream Month we celbrated by having a sliver of choc chip cookie cake with a SCOOP of Skinny Minty and sprinkles of course. Let’s see what tonight brings!

  381. PatG says:

    With every day like a Turkey Hill ice cream celebration in my home, I will be sure to have an extra scoop each night this month in honor of National Ice Cream Month!

  382. IceCreamFiend says:

    TH ice cream is too wonderful to celebrate just one month out of the year! I celebrate for all 12 months!

  383. Jodie says:

    Oh yes, Ice Cream month is celebrated everyday in our house!! Especially since it’s so hot here in the south!!

  384. Carol says:


  385. jody b. says:

    the whole family enjoys turkey hill ice cream and ice cream cakes almost everyday of the year, now we have an even better reason to buy more!

  386. patti says:

    I love ice cream so much that I don’t miss a day from eating it. Every holiday ice cream is the main dessert in my house, and I make it into a decorative ice cream cake or on Christmas, a beautiful christmas tree.
    I have eaten ice cream since I was 8 years old, which is over 40 years, every day, and I am not fat, just happy.

  387. Debbie Briggs says:

    What a great President Reagan was! Turkey Hill icecream is one of my favorites!

  388. Christine Overs says:

    Turkey Hill is the sweet treat I enjoy

  389. Peggy says:

    Love, Love, Love,
    Yes, I must be talking Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  390. Catherine says:

    I don’t need an excuse to have an ice cream treat but I’ll use National Ice Cream Month and Day as special reasons to indulge!!

  391. Craig Kurtz says:

    All Politics aside, at least 1 president is with it and loves the smooth cool delicious taste of Ice Cream and go one step further for the best Ice Cream, “Turkey Hill” Hail to the Chief!!!

  392. Donna McManus says:

    I Love Turkey Hill Ice cream

  393. Chanda says:

    Now that is a WISE person who dedicates a whole month of celebration to ICE CREAM!

  394. CONNIE says:

    ice cream has been my favorit dessert for over 55 years. TH has the best flavors, and ideas like duettos. hope i win some

  395. Susan Stowell says:

    Our family has appreciated your free samples at the Farm Show in Hbg. Your company is very generous. We really like the Turkey Hill ice cream cake flavor.

  396. Shannon says:

    Lets celebrate our Freedom!

  397. Fran says:

    Ice cream for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee….Yummy

  398. Pamela says:

    Cheesecake in my ice cream-YES!

  399. Ginny Miller says:

    Boy, a real reason to be able to eat ice cream every day without the guilt.. National Ice Cream Month. Thanks RR. I can never get enough of the peanut butter & chocolate laden “Eagles Touchdown” flavor. In my opinion it is the best one you have developed. I also love the strawberry, peach, vanilla,etc., etc., etc.! I guess being 68, I should be able to eat anything I desire w/o the guilt, huh? Hope we win some…Thanks, Turkey Hill, the VERY best icecream on the market!!!

  400. Cindra says:

    Turkey Hills chocolate icecream in a Jelly roll cake is the best Icecream cake ever. My kids alway have we make them one for their birthdays or any special occasion, we use different icecream depending on the type of cake.

  401. JenHelloKitty says:

    July is the perfect time of year for ice cream. Wait…I take that back…anytime is the perfect time for ice cream. My first job was as an ice cream cake decorator in high school. From then on I was hooked!

  402. Kathy says:

    Yeah! A whole month dedicated to those of us who love ice cream. Thanks TH for making the best ice cream around.

  403. Babs says:

    Last night we had Turkey Hill Vanilla over warm Grilled Pineapple-Absolute Heaven!

  404. dabruner says:

    Let’s us celebrate National Ice Cream Month plus support our troops. For they are there to keep us free and protect us. Thank you TH! All your products are the best!

  405. Alaina says:

    Turkey Hill is the best ice cream out there! Especially love the Mint Cookies ‘n Cream frozen yogurt – yummy!

  406. Lucy Tarangelo says:

    Yeah! a whole month of butter pecan, Turkey Hill of course

  407. Dennis C. Smith says:

    I’m lucky enough to enjoy “TURKEY HILL” ice cream almost every day of the week!!

  408. Julie says:

    Love all the TH light ice cream. A day without ice cream is a day without sunshine.

  409. Julie says:

    My favorite is light cookies and cream.

  410. Deb says:

    Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to try ALL of the flavors–I wonder which one will turn out to be my favorite. I always enjoy the Southern Lemon Pie when you have it available and the Birthday Cake. Maybe you could do something with strawberry and rhubarb. Cheers!

  411. Christine says:

    I didn’t receive this email on the 1st. I hope all my emails don’t come a day late!
    I finally saw the ice cream cakes in my supermarket! Guess what we are having for our July 4th picnic? 🙂

  412. lori says:

    you know with all this rain we have been having here in Mass, it certainly does not feel like summer, yet having icecram every day really helps to make it feel like summer!!!

  413. Donna says:

    We are so grateful that you at Turkey Hill make the light version of so many flavors of ice cream. Thank you

  414. Diane Z says:

    I’m going to try some new ice cream flavors this month. I always buy my favorites, but who knows, there may be some out there that I haven’t yet tried that will become my new favorite. Each time I buy, it will be something I haven’t tried yet. It should be fun.

  415. Lin says:

    TH has the best flavors of ice cream. We keep our freezer full of it and run out often. Yum.

  416. Bill Rich says:

    Love your ice cream…!!!
    There are so many thousands of diabetics in the U S A…..Why not have more flavors available for us….We would be so grateful……..Bill Rich

  417. Diane Z says:

    I plan to try new ice cream flavors this month. Each time I buy ice cream, I usually buy my usual favorites but maybe there are some flavors out there that I haven’t tried yet that could become my new favorites. Should be fun.

  418. Joe B says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream not only make summer a great time, but winter too. Enjoyed in the winter time makes me remember summer time and all the fun I had with my kids enjoying your ice cream. Thanks for the memories!

  419. Janet Holly says:

    I,too, usually only buy my favorite flavors. I have decided I am going to try new flavors this month.

  420. Jenn says:

    I voted for my favorite mix in, but really how can you pick only one!!!???!! Thanks for great ice cream!

  421. Diana Amadeo says:

    Yells for

    Lap up
    Lemonade Ice Cream


  422. Peggy says:

    Hooray for National Ice Cream Month!!!

  423. Randy L says:

    What’s not to love about Turkey Hill!

  424. Katrina says:

    I love TH ice cream. Its my favorite brand. Growing up it was the special ice cream because it was not available where we lived. Could only get it when we visited my grandparents in PA.

  425. Karen says:

    In order to celebrate national ice cream month I’m going to eat ice cream every single day. Oops I forgot I already do that. 🙂

  426. christie says:

    What would we do without ice cream. It is the perfect feel good food. Hurray for Turkey Hill for putting a smile on our faces.

  427. Marilyn says:

    Celebrate the 4th of July with Turkey Hill Ice Cream! It’s a real bang!!

  428. Karen says:

    National Ice Cream Day is the day before my birthday. Being born in National Ice Cream Month always meant ice cream has always been part of my celebrations. When I was a kid at camp my dad would see everyone had ice cream on my birthday. Now that I am a great-grandmother I like vanilla ice cream topped with creme-de-minthe. When I was 17 I had peppermint ice cream with hot fudge on top. But that was in Williamsburg, VA.

  429. Jen says:

    So July is special to my family because it’s my son’s and my birthday! We always bring TH to his school for his birthday party instead of the tradional cupcakes and we always bring toppings for sundaes and cones, we stick to the basics though (no nut policy). Both the kids and the teachers love it!
    I must say I’m a purist and i like my flavors plain, but the boys (DH and son) like anything and everyhting. Bring it!

  430. Kim E says:

    Nutty Moosetracks Rock!!! What better way to end the day than with a scoop of my favorite flavor.

  431. Caradith says:

    I just bought 4 containers of Turkey Hill Ice Cream last night to celebrate Ice Cream Month. I am 6 weeks away from having my second child and daddy is having huge cravings, so I have to have ice cream with him!

  432. cindy says:

    Since July is Ice Cream month, everyone has the right to eat Turkey Hil EVERY day this month –

  433. Maria C.Martinez says:

    My family & I love T.H.it’s the greatest!:)

  434. Nancy says:

    What a better way to celebrate the month of July with Ice Cream Month, especially if it’s Turkey Hill Ice Cream – my favorite!

  435. Margie says:

    I eat ice cream everyday whether it’s free or not.! I don’t think TH ice cream could can get any better!

  436. Matt Grasso says:

    Turkey Hill is the BESTEST EVER!

  437. robert frey says:

    Turkey hill its more than ice cream its a life style

  438. Grace says:


  439. ELSIE says:

    July is also the month my son was born 21 years ago today! A perfect way to celebrate – with ice cream month! Thanks for this chance.

  440. Tricia Ostermann says:

    I’ve celebrated so far by having Turkey Hill Dutch Chocolate milkshakes. Tonight it will be a celebration of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup! Can’t wait…

  441. Bev says:

    Another day of rain in NH…..I just invited some neighbors in for an old fashion ice cream party..Thank goodness for Turkey Hill!

  442. Ellen says:

    Happy that National Ice Cream Month is finally here. Don’t need a special month to indulge in that yummy, creamy concoction but it sure helps. My husband loves ice cream but he’s diabetic. So he’s discovered Klondike (sorry TH) Slim a Bear no sugar added as a treat for himself. Our son and I love TH ice cream and I’m eagerly awaiting Peaches ‘n Cream arrival at our local grocers. MMMMMMM ice cream all of July, just can’t beat that.

  443. Sandy says:

    Having an ice cream month is fun – but I don’t need that as an excuse to eat it. Ice Cream is on my daily menu every day of the year!

  444. Charles Hoover says:

    Love your Ice Cream and your site, but don’t understand the need for a 20 digit security code to make a comment.

  445. h. tina says:

    you don’t need a national ice cream month at my house, we eat ice cream all the time. mint chocolate chip, etc. we love turkey hill ice cream.

  446. caroline says:

    Ernie, this blog thing you started a couple of years back is a giant success. I remember under 50 blogs making it easy to read them all and my chances of winning 2 coupons was 50 to 1. At this moment there are close to 500 which is too much to read and I have a better chance of winning the lottery than 2 coupons for free TH. Those ice cream cones in the picture are mouth watering but from past blogs I would like to know if it is real TH or colored plaster of paris

  447. michelle mcfarland says:

    My kids love the chocolate marshmellow and I love orange cream and mint chocolate chip. Thanks turkey hill your ice cream is great

  448. Sarah says:

    One month is not enough to celebrate ice cream. I think it should be named the national dessert!

  449. brenda says:

    Hi Turkey Hill new and old fans. I am so happy to see so many new fans here. You are going to love here. I been a turkey hill fans so long…Turkey hills ice cream is the only ice cream eaten in our house. I am also happy that Ex-President Regean made July Nation Ice Cream Month. I am going to the store to buy my Turkey Hill ice cream for 4 of July now. Please have a safe and happy 4 of July. Don’t don’t get our Ladies and Men over sea, who is fighting for us.

  450. Nicole says:

    The Chocolate Marshmallow is the best flavor. It’s so creamy. Who needs a candy bar after a bowl of that.

  451. Sarah says:

    I just read Debbie F’s recipe for margarita pie. It sound delicious but I would make it with a pretzel crust so you get some of that traditional salty flavor in every bite.

  452. Sara Reilly says:

    Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream…Happy July!!!!

  453. Lisa Brubaker says:

    I love all the flavors of Turkey Hill. I have my favorites, but love the icecream!! My son,(age 3) picks out the baseball icecream consistantly. It doesn’t matter what the team my be, he just loves the way it is presented and always begs for more baseball icecream:)

  454. CyBubs says:

    Me and my wife love your ice cream. You stand by your products and keep your customers satisfied.

  455. Sylvia says:

    Really like the flavor and varieties of Turkey Hill. Wish we had been able to purchase it sooner in our area. Would really like one of the cows sitting in the front yard on my birthday!!

  456. amy says:

    I love turkey hill, the kids go crazy when they see it in the freezer

  457. l.r. says:

    ice cream is the one food I can never give up even when dieting. love, love, love the choc. peanut butter cup. all of your light flavors are great. keep up the good work

  458. Mary says:

    What better food to celebrate than ice cream? Maybe it should be its own food group–so one would be required to include it in their diet every day!

  459. Maria K. says:

    My favorite flavor is Turkey Hill Coffee! Unfortunately, it was sold out yesterday at our local shoprite, where it was on sale for $1.88, love that price, so I got my next two favorite, all natural Philly Vanilla Bean and Strawberries and Cream! Please keep these flavors coming…

  460. Jennifer Chow says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip is the best!

  461. nicholas says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream

  462. PAMELA SEYMOUR says:

    what better way to end the day is with a big bowl of TURKEYHILL icecream.

  463. Debbie says:

    When I first tried turkey hill icecream the vanilla with the mango etc that tastes like creamcicles I was hooked I even suggested a brand and you made it. I loved the lemon merang pie it is delicious. But it is hard for me to buy turkey hill unless it is on sell. I have a big freezer and when it is on sell I buy 6 1/2 gallons. Thanks for being such great icecream.

  464. Norma says:

    I’m so glad that July has 31 days! For me every month is Ice Cream Month and I celebrate with my faithful friend, Turkey Hill every day.

  465. Steph says:

    I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ICE CREAM!!!! Junior Mint and the lemon and vanilla duette are my family’s favorites!

  466. Russ says:

    It’s my birth month,I enjoy Turkey Hill Ice Cream.Remenber the SERVICE MEN this 4 of JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  467. Paula F. says:

    I started partying on the stroke of midnight on the 1st!

  468. CHRISTINE says:

    I remember always eating ice cream in the summer when school was out. It was always a big treat.
    These days all year is a special treat time for me with TURKEY HILL ice cream. Although summer seems to be the perfect time to have the freezer full of TURKEY HILL ice cream.

  469. mh says:

    I’m all about this holiday 🙂

  470. Frank says:

    I just enjoyed a half gallon in celebration of our fave month!

  471. Anne says:

    Turkey Hill is one of the best ice creams around. Please try to make flavors without sugar using agave or stevia as a sweetener for people with diabetes and cancer. Hooray for National Ice Cream month.

  472. Charlie says:

    So Reagan was indeed a great president!!!

  473. Leslie says:

    Turkey Hill is the best! When it’s on sale in the grocery store we REALLY stock up!!
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough..mmmmmmmmmmm

  474. TeeCee says:

    Always did like Reagan, one of the best Presidents we ever had.
    TH is the BEST! 🙂

    Please ship more Graham Slam to South Jersey! We can’t get any because the stores are always out! 🙁
    No Phillies Phanatic ice cream, either! 🙁

  475. Sue says:

    One more reason to love Reagan! Turkey Hill ChocoMint Chip is the best ice cream EVER….year ’round!

  476. Marci Morin says:

    Turkey Hill is my favorite.

  477. Miss Paula says:

    I live in CA but visit PA and Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream! It’s the best!

  478. stephanie says:

    i wish they had a turkey hill market in warminster , pa

  479. Winifred Morris says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice cream. Espescialy
    Party Cake.

  480. SUE BRODERICK says:


  481. karen says:

    We love Turkey Hill & plan on celebrating National Ice Cream month enjoying all our favorite flavors. Can’t wait to pick up some hot fudge & whipped cream for our 4th of July Turkey Hill sundaes.

  482. yvonne says:

    i love ice cream. i’m dieting, but i move my food choices around so i can have ice cream. 😉

  483. Robbin L. Netz says:

    How about trying a different Turkey Hill flavor EVERY day for a month!

  484. Cheryl S says:

    Yeah for the month of July!!!!!!

  485. Lisa says:

    I love ice cream! I always look forward to the summer months to eat it. Ice cream always taste best during the hot days of the year. Even for my birthday, I always ask for an ice cream cake! (My birthday was on June 28 & I got my ice cream cake!)

  486. Donna Chinn says:

    Tomorrow is the fourth of July I remember it as a special holiday Dad would let us have all the ice cream and soda that we wanted it was a big treat as it was the one of the only times we got to have ice cream.

  487. Nancy N says:

    Amy H has the right idea – dip that martini glass in chocolate fudge and then fill with your favorite TH! Yum! Yum! 🙂

  488. sandy c says:

    i started july 1 off with TH ice cream and will do so everyday this month, on the 4th covered with strawberries and blueberries on vanilla. on the 19th, my birthday it will be a ice cream cake i make with TH ice cream because i can’t get an ice cream cake here in Corry,pa. i agree about the reagen choice ,he was great and also his choice.

  489. Meg Scannell says:

    This month has finally arrived. December has Christmas gifts, October is filled with candy for Halloween, my boyfriend makes Valentine’s day special in February, March I get to celebrate my Irish roots and eat green food, April has the fun of getting to play practical jokes, January you get to bring in the new year with the best parties, in May I graduated and got lotttts of money, and I celebrate my birthday in June, but July is still my most favorite month. Because all my friends and family know that every get together, event or function must include ice cream in order for me to attend. While it may sound like an odd and large request, those that love me and want to spend time with me know that they must honor ice cream month and stock their freezers with ice cream for me!! Oh let the fun begin!

  490. Awilda says:

    Last night I celebrated with vanilla bean ice cream with a topping of blackberries. Tonight I will serve it with a blackberry reduction I made.

  491. SHIRLEY says:


  492. Pam says:

    I love ice cream…can’t get enough!!

  493. Sindy says:

    July is my favorite month. I love having an excuse to have ice cream every day!

    My husband and I are trying to new flavors as part of our little celebration and it is nice to experience new flavors together.

  494. karen says:

    mmmmm chocolate peanut butter cup

  495. robyn says:

    there is always room for ice-cream!!

  496. arnold s young says:

    I think all the flavors are awesome, black raspberry is also awesome.Keep up the great work and discovery of new flavors

  497. arnold s young says:

    All the flavors are awesome, but one of my favorites is just old Strawberry.Also you make a awesome black raspberry yogurt.Keep on discovering new flavors

  498. Emilia says:

    It’s July and we are at the beach. My son just had some Rocky Road and my daughter had some Graham Slam. I had a little of both. The Turkey Hill won’t last long!

  499. Fran says:

    Just saw a commercial last night while watching a show….Turkey Hill (featured vanilla bean) on sale at Shop-Rite…$1.99! Stock up

  500. Tom Dinder says:

    Was wondering if a “Independence Day” special edition ice cream should be made.With Strawberries,Blueberries & vanilla ice cream.Actually sounds pretty good.I’d definately buy it.”Happy 4th” to everyone associated with the military,past & present,including my Dad & best friend’s Dad.

  501. dee says:

    Yummy, yummy – Turkey Hill is Cool in my Tummy

  502. Jackie Ford says:

    Party! I am so excited about National Ica Cream Month; beign the ice cream lover that I am. I am even more excited for a chance to win some free ice cream. Let the games begin!

  503. Susan says:

    What is more AMERICAN then Turkey Hill Ice Cream. True goodness made in the USA.

  504. Lorraine says:

    What a perfect month to try all those wonderful flavors. An Ice Cream Party? Now that sounds like fun.

  505. Susan says:

    Couldn’t have a party without the Turkey Hill.

  506. Russ Voorhees says:

    Wow – a whole month to celebrate my favorite treat! Turkey Hill keep coming up with those delicious flavors!

  507. Tina says:

    We scream for ice cream. My son loves mint choc chip and we eat/celebrate at least 2 containers per week all year long!!!

  508. Michelle says:

    I love your icecream.. how about a PB and J flavor ( Blk Raspberry Ice cream and Peanut Butter Sauce)… love this combo..

  509. MJ says:

    my favorite is Phillies Graham Slam, but I really haven’t tried one I haven’t liked!!!

  510. louise says:

    delighful peach ice cream. How nice!!!

  511. Maureen Bordzuk says:

    To celebrate ice cream month, Shop Rite has Turkey Hill on sale. Wish I had a bigger freezer to stoe all my favorites.

  512. PAMELA SEYMOUR says:

    ice cream ice cream we all scream for Turkey Hill ice cream

  513. Christine Overs says:

    I have a strong need for more ice cream

  514. Ann R. says:

    Let the party begin, indeed, and don’t miss the new Popcorn Flavor! Excellent!!!

  515. Larry Friedman says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip rules!!!

  516. Patti says:

    I intend to celebrate National Ice Cream Month by having ice cream every day of July!!! 🙂 Most definitely Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!

  517. Ginny says:

    So…what flavor is that ice cream that is pictured on today’s Journal page? It looks wonderful!!

  518. PAMELA SEYMOUR says:


  519. Michele says:

    Still trying to find Moose Tracks in our area. Knowing it is your best seller – we want to try it!

  520. Jack says:

    Up here in Maine, we have had rain. Thank goodness Shaws supermarkets has Turkey Hill!

  521. Jill Gresens says:

    Every month is ice cream month for me but yeah for July!!! Turkey Hill is the best. Happy Birthday America!!

  522. Karen says:


  523. mike says:

    Happy Independence Day !

  524. Pat B. says:

    July is a good month to celebrate my love of Turkey Hill ice cream, actually any month wil do. Right now I am hooked on Mint Moose Tracks, having trouble finding it please produce more.

  525. Sharon F. says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the best. I could eat it
    all day.

  526. Brenda Taylor says:

    Being a mom of 7 we have to be creative with desserts that aren’t too pricey. Turkey Hill ice cream is always on our list. It’s impossible to get bored with so many options. Thank you Turkey Hill !!

  527. Pat says:

    Cold ice cream hot fireworks…..a great combination

  528. Mitzi Hunter says:

    Boy! I made homemade strawberry ice cream yesterday and all I could think about was how much I wished it was Turkey Hill Strawberry!!

  529. Justy Bleacher says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is so good, especially in the heat of summer. It was on sale last week, so we stocked up on several flavors!

  530. lucy and laddie says:

    All we can say is” ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM(Turkey Hill that is)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  531. katie boltz says:

    All flavors of ice cream are great but the best kind of ice cream is free ice cream! Thanks for the fun of the give aways as well as your great products.

  532. Rich the Duke says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream… a big scoop a day keeps the blues away !!!

  533. Susan Teller says:

    Just one month is not enough to celebrate ice cream deliciousness–every monhth is ice cream month in my house–and Turkey Hill is the Best!!

  534. Robert Palermo, Jr. says:

    If The Gipper created National Ice Cream
    Day, then was there ever a Jelly Bean Flavor in his honor? GOD BLESS AMERICA!!


  535. Lois says:

    Thanks Pres. Reagan, should have been proclaimed long before that. I will celebrate every day, not only in July but all year.

  536. Nancy Legacki says:

    Graham Slam Ice Cream is what we eat while we watch those Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Champions hitting their Grand Slams! That Ball is outta hereeeeeeeee!

  537. Allie says:

    I won’t pick a favorite! There are too many tasty flavors to lock onto one!!!

  538. Ann says:

    I just love reading all of these comments. Especially the ones that tell me what flavor of ice cream they enjoy. If there is one listed that I haven’t tried yet, I check my local store and see if they have it. If they do, I of course buy it and race home to taste it. So far I haven’t found any that I don’t like!

  539. karen says:

    What is the next new flavor?

  540. dee says:

    Yummy, yummy – Turkey Hill is good for my Tummy!

  541. janet checkeye says:

    I love icecream and july. Family reunions, delious food and ice cream for dessert.

  542. Krista says:

    Yeah ice cream!!! I think that ice cream is one of the best inventions ever and turkey hill is da bomb! too bad July has only 31 days:(

  543. Patricia Palmer says:

    Just discovered yourTurkey Hill All natural recipe ice cream at the Joplin Dillon’s store. I love ice cream, but prefer the all natural without the thickeners added natural or not. Will buy it as long as it is available.
    I tried the vanilla and chocolate and they are both great. Do you have more flavors in the natural recipe?

  544. Dara Woolley says:

    gotta love turkey hill..favorite flavor cookies and cream…happy ice cream month…yum!!

  545. Faith says:

    I’m gonna celebrate with Turkey Hill Ice Cream EVERYDAY in July!

  546. Faith says:

    And on the 30th, MY Birthday, perhaps a Turkey Hill Ice Cream Cake is in my future.

  547. WENDY KAUFFMAN says:

    I love ice cream everyday and anyday. It makes me SMILE.

  548. WENDY KAUFFMAN says:

    omg.. Turkey Hill ice cream is sooooooo good. I bought 4 different kinds of it today because it was on sale, I’m so bad!

  549. Mary Beth says:

    I decided I needed to go on a diet recently. How can I live without ice cream in the middle of summer (or any time for that matter)? I discovered the Light recipe ice creams fit my diet plan perfectly. They are lower in fat and calories (most are). And none of them taste like “diet” food. For the lowest in fat & calories I picked up Vanilla(100cal & 2Gm fat). It is Dee-lish! I add a little chocolate syrup (no fat)and a banana (a good for you fruit) to stay in my healthy lifestyle. Mmmmm!

  550. Robert J. Palermo, Jr. says:

    With National Ice Cream Month closing, an idea to create for Ice Cream lovers was a 20-year old memory I earned from my 1st job–an Ice Cream Hoagie. The people I worked for were from Italy & they were like my 2nd family. Here is
    how you would make an Ice Cream Hoagie:

    Take a hoagie roll, add 3 scoops of your
    favorite ice cream–mix/match flavors-, a swirl of chocolate syrup, top it off with whipped cream, and some cherries on top. Bite in it and mmm, how tasty.

    Someday, bakeries will make hoagie rolls
    meant for danity sandwiches like P&J on
    Cinnamon Raisin bagel slices. If that
    can happen, then so could this. ENJOY!

    Robert J. Palermo, Jr.

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