Posted by Turkey Hill Team on July 7th, 2009

A little while ago I posted a photo of ube ice cream here on the Ice Cream Journal. Many of you said it looked like blueberry ice cream, to which I would have to agree. To satisfy your blueberry cravings, I discovered this delicious looking photo of blueberry cheesecake ice cream below. The only thing missing from this treat is a third scoop and my hand!

TRIVIA WINNER – There’s still time to enter yesterday’s trivia contest. We’ll accept answers until Thursday and choose the winner on Friday.

COMMENT WINNERS – Each day in July we’re choosing one comment from each entry to receive two free containers of Turkey Hill ice cream. Our last four winners are Maureen from Westville, NJ; Patty from Baden, PA; Eva from Bethlehem, PA; and Lori from Red Hill, PA. Keep the comments coming!

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  1. Cyndee says:

    I’d rather have chocolate in my ice cream than fruit; but this is a pretty color.

  2. debbie F. says:

    woesn’t love Blueberry cheesecake ice cream….yum-yum

  3. Lauren says:

    Mmmm, it looks like black raspberry…

  4. Mary Anne says:

    Yum-blueberry cheesecake is one of my favorites. But if I had to name all of my favorites, there would be quite a long list!

  5. Norma says:

    Um Um oh so good !!!!

  6. Jason Lichtfus says:

    Since blueberries are a fruit and fruit is good for you, then add another scoop for your health :)

  7. Faith Beebe says:

    All aboard for the Red White and BLUE!

  8. Genevieve says:

    I know it’s not Turkey Hill, but the creamery by my house makes Strawberry Cheescake and it is absolutely TO DIE FOR!!! I would love to try blueberry though – looks so refreshing!

  9. Barbara A says:

    WOW, looks yummy!

  10. Lori says:

    I remember picking blueberries as a kid. I never tried it as ice cream but it sounds good.

  11. Pati says:

    I agree with Cyndee, give me chocolate!

  12. Tim says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.
    Drooling now. Must find this flavor…

  13. eunice says:

    looks delicious! but then, is there any ice cream that isn’t?!? :-)

  14. Chris from mich says:

    MMMM, blueberries are brain food so we are def doing a good thing :-)

  15. Karen says:

    As much as I love blueberries and cheesecake, I’m not sure about them in ice cream.

  16. Evan Thomas says:

    Blueberries are my favorite healthy treat and cheesecake is my favorite notsohealthy treat so that ice cream sounds just perfect.

  17. Cathy says:

    I’m not SURE if I’d like blueberry ice cream, but that photo sure makes it look tempting!!

  18. Janet says:

    Mmm sounds great!

  19. Justin says:

    Now imagine that cone with some marshmallow topping….

  20. Darcy F. says:

    Yah, and replace that wafer cup it’s so sadly sitting in with a graham cracker crust cone, THEN it would be intact!

  21. Thomas says:

    Been eating fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries from my “back 40s” on Vanilla ice cream for the past week and a half now—mmmmmmmm good

  22. Mike says:

    Blueberry ice cream is awesome. Fresh and cool on a hot summer day. Now all we need is the hot summer day!

  23. Grace says:

    Man, those questions were hard…

  24. Delia says:

    Yum, but I can’t tell that cheesecake is part of the ice cream!

  25. susie c says:

    It looks a little too good… Gota go check my freezer…

  26. Kris B says:

    Blueberry cheesecake looks yummy but it needs a much better looking and tasting waffle cone to really bring out the flavor.

  27. Lisa says:

    That looks absolutely delicious! My mouth is watering. Love, cheesecake!

  28. Kim M says:

    Blueberry cheesecake icecream – two of my favorite things in one…. yyyuuuuummmyyyy … awesome anytime! you guys rock with flavors… the flavor of the month -graham cracker ice cream was the coolest – who would of thunk it!!! :-)

  29. Lisa says:

    Cheesecake ice cream, yum! With Blueberries? Not a flavor I enjoy. Though the image is beautiful!

  30. MD says:

    YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want some now…

  31. Meg Scannell says:

    Ok these photos are seriously torture! I am not restricting my blog reading until I am in the comforts of my own home when I can go raid the freezer and get myself a bowl of ice cream…or two. Because if I log onto the computer at lunch or during one of my breaks at work, I am unable to focus for the rest of the day because I am craving and dreaming of ice cream and we don’t have a freezer at work where I can stock it :(

  32. i scream says:

    Note to future readers…

    licking your computer screen is dangerous, damaging, and certainly frowned upon. unable to resist the tantalizing photo of ice cream, I touched my tongue to the screen only to receive a small electric shock. AND apparently the moisture from my saliva has trapped all the dust particles onto my computer screen, leaving a darkly stained center that is sticky! I guess I will just never learn.

    hungry and disappointed at home

  33. i scream says:

    Whoever writes this blog probably has the best job in the world. Getting to write about something so enjoyable, learning interesting facts, reading compliments and testimonies to the wonders of ice cream.

    Actually, scratch that…the taste testers for new Turkey Hill ice cream flavors have the best job in the world. I would trade my college degree for that job!

  34. Yolanda says:

    Been watching Food Network all day, so I think this yummy ice cream deserves to be served at my next sunday dinner, scooped next to homemade pound cake, or butter cake, and a piece of mint to catch the eye. YUM!

  35. Mrs says:

    I’m always impressed when people can scoop out ice cream and put them in an ice cream cone and make the scoops look so good. I know it tastes the same, but I would say that Ice Cream Scooping is a talent.

  36. Pat says:

    MM MM Good, it looks delicious! :)

  37. Joe says:

    I love blueberries, but I’m not crazy about fruity ice creams. But it does look good.

  38. Tina says:

    Mint choc chip! Mint choc chip!
    I hear it every day from my son!
    One of my favorites too

  39. Terri says:

    I am in LOVE with Southern Lemon Pie and top it with blueberries as a special treat. Pairing it with blueberry ice cream would be stupendous!

  40. bill says:

    there is not a flavor i have tried that i dont like.

  41. Karen Justin Rachel says:

    Looks and sounds delicious.

  42. Karen Justin Rachel says:

    I just read the ube ice cream entry and I’d greatly prefer to try the ice cream above.

  43. Karen Justin Rachel says:

    It’s looks great but Turkey Hill Light Vanilla Bean is tops in my book.

  44. Dana Krug says:

    My son and husband just fought over the last spoonful of vanilla and chocolate. They love it!

  45. Linda F says:

    The ice cream looks yummy but Blueberry Cheescake doesn’t sound appealing to me.

  46. CherylS22 says:

    This ice cream cone looks great! I’d probably like strawberry cheesecake better, though.

  47. Stefanie Schmidt says:

    This ice cream looks so good, the perfect treat after a long work day. It makes me want to lick the screen only for a taste!

  48. Gerry says:

    Our cats like ice cream too.

  49. Janet says:

    So when does this flavor of ice cream come to my supermarket???? What a great combination – cheesecake & blueberries!

  50. Joyce says:

    I’m still enjoying the Southern Lemon Pie. Good thing I had bought multiples. It is truly yummy!

  51. Diane Bitzer says:

    Will try as soon as it shows up in the stores. Did anyone see the Turkey Hill commercial on TV with the children? How cute.

  52. Mary says:

    I keep getting here before the new page for today gets put up. Guess the early bird doesn’t get the ice cream ;)

  53. cayennemom says:

    Death by Chocolate was my absolute favorite Turkey Hill flavor but this looks GOOD too!

  54. Fran says:

    Ahhh..Four out of 5 questions right…That’s okay eat ice-cream to make it all better! LOL!

  55. E. Hummel says:

    Blueberry is one of my favorite fruits and in ice cream I believe it would be tasting great!!!!WTG turkey hill.

  56. Bruce says:

    Boy, does that look delicious!

  57. adrian says:

    I bet that’s delicious!

  58. Craig Kurtz says:

    Wow, My wife and I just picked fresh blueberries from my In-Laws home in Pittsburgh over the 4th of July. Blueberry Ice Cream is the best and of course what did we do. We put them in with some TH Vanilla Ice cream and had a wonderful 4th of July Celebration!!

  59. alicelynne says:

    Looks delicious..it’s time to pick blueberries!!

  60. Denise says:

    I’ve had strawberry cheesecake ice cream but never blueberry!

  61. Greg says:

    That looks delicious, need to find some like that. :)

  62. Marie says:

    Yes, the blueberries are everywhere! Now if only I ate them… But ya gotta love purple food! There are sadly very few!

  63. Kate says:

    So, the question is…. does Turkey Hill have blueberry (mmmmmm) ice cream or are they going to make some soon?

  64. Arlene Gajewski says:

    As soon as I opened my e-mail and saw the blueberry cheesecake ice cream cone, I wanted to put my tongue on the screen and take a lick. Boy it sure looks good and refreshing.

  65. Christine Overs says:

    I would love to try the blueberry cheese cake ice cream it sounds so fresh and summery and you could work of the calories by going and picking fresh blueberries for the topping or better yet would make a great ice cream pie ingredient.

  66. Amber S. says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a blueberry ice cream, but it looks yummy! I’ll have to keep my eye out for it!

  67. Carol says:

    It sounds yummy but I love the new flavor Southern Peach Pie! What a great Turkey Hill makes it a permanent flavor!

  68. lucy and laddie says:

    I like this flavor plus strawberry cheesecake is de lish as well. But my all time favorite is pumpkin. And I agree with Cyndee it is a pretty color.

  69. Brooke says:

    I don’t care for most blueberry things, but that ice cream looks delicious!!!

  70. NSH says:

    That looks really tasty. Blueberries are in season, too. Maybe a blueberry sundae with blueberry ice cream, lemon curd, and fresh blueberries is in order. Yum!

  71. Ann S. says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm…knowing how much my kids and I like blueberries, not to mention ice cream, I’m afraid one 1/2 gallon of this would not be enough!

  72. Betty says:

    mmmmm, that looks good enough to have for breakfast with my coffee! Dairy, fruit, covers two of the food groups!!

  73. Linda Barnes says:

    Looks so delicious, I think TH should call it “YUMberry!”

    By the way —– Do “The Smurfs” know about this!?!??

  74. Nancy says:

    The blueberry cheesecake ice cream looks soooooooooooooo yummy!

  75. Carol Triano says:

    That is a real tease, I will be thinking of that flavor all day at work today !!!!!!

  76. caroline says:

    My hubby would love that. He is a blueberry eater and loves it with sour cream. For it in TH ice cream he might even make the bed for me.

  77. Dan says:

    This sounds great and I’m sure the kids would love it.

  78. Joe B says:

    Can you get free refills on the ice cream cone>>

  79. Jeff says:

    I love Blueberry Cheesecake, I bet it would be really good as an ice cream!

  80. JOHN says:


  81. mina says:

    look DELICIOUS!!!!!!

  82. Sarah says:

    Now there’s a flavor I’ve never tried yet. I wish TH was making Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream. I’d run to the store right now to pick up a carton.

  83. Ken says:

    I love your ice cream!

  84. Nick Downs says:

    I love the look of the ice cream. How perfect with strawberry and vanilla!

  85. Maureen Lozito says:

    Cheesecake ice cream with blueberries sounds great can’t wait to try some.

  86. Robert B. Jenkins says:

    I may be at the tail end of this trivia contest but I’m in the front of the line for ice cream!

  87. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And you can certainly save your breath for this one. Just go out and enjoy your favorite Turkey Hill flavor. Why talk about it when you can go out and enjoy it.

  88. brenda says:

    Hi Turkey Hill,
    I know it was Blueberry Ice cream, but it can be black cherries ice cream too. I never thought it will be blueberries cheescake ice cake ice cream. Where can I buy it. I love anything that has blueberries in it. Turkey hill, you have teh best ice cream, sherbert and teas

  89. Donna says:

    I just love the look of the blueberry cheesecake icecream. Yummy still looking for the rum raisin flavor though

  90. Donna says:

    how do I enter the trivia contest?

  91. Donna says:

    I just picked over six pounds of blueberries yesterday they would go good with the blueberry icecream

  92. Tom Dinder says:

    I love blueberries & cheesecake.A perfect combination for me.Keep the great combinations coming,Turkey Hill.

  93. Fergie says:

    Can’t wait to try it! Looks so good!

  94. Sandy says:

    Oh wow! Blueberry Cheeese cake ice cream – how about a little chocolate syrup on top!

  95. Stephanie says:

    I go to Penn State and blueberry cheesecake was the special flavor of the week a few months ago. It was delicious, but a flavor of the week/month dont normally last. I really miss it. I hope that Turkey Hill decides to make it always.

  96. LIsa Merlin says:

    Oh, this is pure torture! (serves me right for viewing email while at work) – gotta wait til I get home to get my hands on some Turkey Hill ice cream!!!

  97. Karol says:

    yeah, i agree, the blueberry looks good… but i’d try to dive through the scren if it were strawberry cheesecake..

  98. Karol says:

    blueberry looks good…….strawberry would be harder tp resist

  99. jen says:

    I love the Strawberry Cheesecake so much I can’t wait to try the Blueberry Cheesecake. My mouth is watering for it already!

  100. Jen says:

    I will have to put this on my grocery list!

  101. Pat P. says:

    I just tried the Strawberry Venice Ice
    with Banana Soft Serve Duetto. If God made anything better, He kept it for Himself.

  102. Dalton A. says:

    That looks tempting even after I just ate two bowls of it. I found it funny that it was posted just yesterday. One of my favorites!

  103. helen g b says:

    This looka great but my favorite is TIN ROOF SUNDAE!!!!!

  104. Karen says:

    That looks so good I’m going to the store as soon as I finish this.

  105. Andilu says:

    Makes me want to make a blueberry cheesecake to go with it! :)

  106. Robert B. Jenkins says:

    I bought some today and know I’ll enjoy it at least as much as I do the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup I usually buy.

  107. Fred says:

    I love fruit based ice cream in the summer! It is so refreshing.

  108. Robbin L. Netz says:

    My husband LOVES anything with blueberries or bluberry flavored. He eats blueberry pie with vanilla Turkey Hill with blueberry pancake syrup poured all over it, topped with fresh blueberries when they are avaialable. He would go crazy for that cone.

  109. Chanda says:

    Turkey Hill can do me NO HARM!

  110. Susan C says:

    looks yummy

  111. Jacqueline Seewald says:

    What a delicious flavor! I could go for some right now.

    Jacqueline Seewald
    author of The Drowning Pool,
    Five Star/Gale

  112. Catherine Schehr says:

    Cheesecake and bluebery pie are my favorite deserets.so what a great combination to enjoy both at once.

  113. Paula F. says:

    yeh,baby! blueberries…cheesecake…what’s not to like?

  114. IceCreamFiend says:

    I like to mix blueberry ice cream and strawberry ice cream. What a delicious summertime treat!

  115. Jane says:

    But does your tongue look blue after licking this treat?

  116. Russ Voorhees says:

    That looks so good! I’ll have to go get some icecream now.

  117. Carol says:

    My husband and youngest son would love this flavor!! They could put blueberries on anything!!!

  118. Nancy says:

    I liked this photo so much, I printed it on glossy paper and will attach it to my refridge with a Turkey Hill Magnet!!!

  119. Cheryl S says:

    I had to stop and go get a scoop of Turkey Hill ice cream after seeing that picture–yumyum

  120. Sheryl says:

    how can we get all your flavors in our area????? that would be fantastic!!!!

  121. Kathy says:

    Please bring back the Duetto match game, pretty please?

  122. Cinda F says:

    I love blueberries and matter of fact I just bought 6 more pints for a toal of 7 pints in our house now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this an actual flavor of Turkey Hill as I have never seen it? Would love to find it and try it as Turkey Hill is the brand of icecream I always keep stocked.

  123. Rolande D says:

    I am a blueerry lover on anything..Now if I can get the creamcheese bluebery ice cream I`ll be in heaven and singing

    ” C`est si Bon.” Turkey Hill Blueberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream.MMMMMMMMMMMMMM-
    MMMMMM Good!!!!!!!!

  124. Rolande D says:

    Almost every sweet item I make there has to have blueberries, as a matter of fact I eat Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean and Mix Bluberries in it and it turns into a smooth blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream…Now won`t have to do that I`ll just get your blueberry cheese cake ice cream…….m-m-m-m-c`est si bon….

  125. Ann R. says:

    I bet that would be delicious served in Keebler mini Graham cracker pie shells.

  126. GES says:

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for “booberry”!!!

  127. Fred C says:

    It looks SCRUMPCIOUS !!

  128. Lois says:

    Just give me the blueberry ice cream minus the cheesecake part of it. Why ruin a good thing by adding cheesecake to the delicious ice cream. Still my favorite is anything with peanut butter, and TH has several kinds.

  129. Edith Watkins says:

    This looks so yummy. Too bad its almost midnight… too late for a
    Turkey Hill ice cream run!

  130. Tom says:

    It’s melting on my tongue!

  131. Karol says:

    the blueberry sounds relly good… but I’d have trouble resisting it if it were strawberry cheesecake !!!

  132. Marcy says:


  133. Amy Good says:

    Hmmm…I can almost taste it! This looks delightful!

  134. Christine McKnight says:

    You scream, we scream, I scream because I’m out of your ice cream.

  135. dee says:

    A scoop of Turkey Hill a Day – keeps the blahs away!

  136. Ann Pedrick says:

    Everyday is a “Sundae” with ice cream!

  137. Linda Leffler says:

    I love the pictures TH posts, they keep me trying different flavors. I will have some TH ice cream with blueberries and whipped cream for dessert this evening. Linda

  138. Kathy F says:

    I really don’t care for blueberries, but I think I’ll just have to try Blueberry Cheesecake to see if it can make me a convert!

  139. Susan Ciotta says:

    Purple always was my favorite color. Now my taste buds can’t wait to see what purple tastes like with the Turkey Hill Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream!!

  140. h. tina says:

    i love blueberries, so i can’t wait to try this. i love the peach ice cream, it’s so summery.

  141. Arlene Cole says:

    This flavor looks so delicious.Cant wait to try it.

  142. CMC says:

    Make it Cherry Cheesecake and I’m all over it!

  143. Janet says:

    Blueberry ice cream on a blue berry pie, scrumptious

  144. Keith says:

    I can’t wait to see the Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream in my grocery store. It sounds yummy!!

  145. Peggy says:

    I Love Turkey Hill

  146. Debbie L says:

    My favorite pie is blueberry.
    My favorite cake is cheesecake.
    My favorite ice cream is Turkey Hill.
    Oh my gosh!!!

  147. Mary says:

    My son is the cheesecake lover in our family. He would love this flavor and the cone(we sometimes save ours for him.) He will be moving out of state at the end of the month. I hope there is great ice cream in Kansas!

  148. Dorothy says:

    Blueberry Cheescake….I think I have died and gone to heaven!!! Now only if it was no sugar added……

  149. Jennifer says:

    This couldn’t look any better! Yum!

  150. Marion says:

    I usually don’t do blue unless it’s in my baked oatmeal.

  151. Faith says:

    God that looks Good!

  152. Ann says:

    I wish I had some blueberry ice cream right now!

  153. Bessie Chaisson says:

    Oh, that looks DIVINE!!!

  154. Flo says:

    THIS flavor I KNOW I’ll love!!!

  155. Faith says:

    Does trying to lick the screen, make me crazy?

  156. lee carr says:

    blueberry cheesecake, now this is something that I could just lick up.
    I hope I find some soon.

  157. Faith says:

    I need Turkey Hill Ice Cream NOW! I’ll just hang a sign “Out for Ice Cream”.

  158. Chanda says:

    Anything made by Turkey Hill’s name on it is good.

  159. dee says:

    Turkey Hill – I can’t get my fill!

  160. FrankPietrangelo says:

    A great tasteing Ice Cream – Butter Pecan my favorite – from a great Pennsylvania company.

  161. FrankPietrangelo says:

    A great tasteing Ice Cream (Butter Pecan my favorite) from a great Pennsylvania Company.

  162. Prudence Young says:

    Sounds good and looks delish but caramel is my favorite. Vanilla with caramel sauce.

  163. Prudence Young says:

    Looks and sounds good but Vanilla with caramel sauce will always be my favorite!

  164. Brian Salvado says:

    I want some!

  165. Carol J Hess says:

    I love blueberries and I love cheese cake so I just know they would be great together. I will have to go to my favorite grocery store tomorrow and pick some up since they carry Turkey Hill Ice Cream cheaper than I can get it at Turkey Hill and I have a Turkey Hill store 1/2 block from my home. Also, why do you not carry diet iced tea in all the good flavors that the regular iced tea comes in? PLEASE, I beg you, do something about it and make my day.

  166. db meyers says:

    the old mantra lives…”we all scream for ice cream!”

  167. Kate says:

    The next best thing is blueberry pie and Turkey Hill Vanilla ice cream…..mmmmmm

  168. meme says:

    Love the tv commercial when the kids name Turkey Hill!

  169. Esther says:

    My favorite ice cream is black raspberry – mmm so good!

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