Posted by Turkey Hill Team on December 13th, 2010

The subject of ice cream in songs came up here at the Dairy the other day, which reminded us of this blog entry posted last year. It’s a fun one, so we decided to repost it. Enjoy!

We all know the words. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Well, we know that much, at least. The song was actually recorded in 1929 by a group called “Waring’s Pennsylvanians.” As the name implies, the band was from Pennsylvania (the founder and leader attended Penn State) and included as many as 12 members.

In the video below (this is a real treat for ice cream fans), you can hear the ode to ice cream in its entirety. The “frog-voiced drummer,” so called in this article on the band, became popular after this song was released and was known to play melodies on his teeth!

For those who want to sing along, the complete lyrics can be found here.

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  1. leecarr says:

    this was so good, thanks for giving us this bit of info. we need all that we can get regarding ice cream.

  2. Harl Delos says:

    I’m surprised that your newest post isn’t in keeping with the advent season. A nice clip went up on the channel 8 website this morning of Pete Mundean and Ernie Pinckney discussing your Egg Nog, and Ginger Snap flavors.

    I never thought of splitting a sqround of ice cream with a machete as if it was a watermelon, but it certainly is a useful tip. It would help me get less ice cream on my beard, trying to lick the bottom of the box. (A half-gallon is a single-serving container, isn’t it?)

  3. Janet Braun says:

    I have not received 2011 calendar yet – are you still sending them? My office would not be the same without it.

    Thank you,


  4. Marcy says:

    This is a repeat of the history, I scream Song.

  5. Peggy M says:

    I remember this from last year and the song is cute. Thanks for reminding us. After out shopping with the crowds, it’s wonderful to come home and sit down with a bowl of TH ice cream.

  6. Norma says:

    I remember seeing Fred Warring and the Pennsylvanians singing on TV. That was quite a while ago.

  7. jonibee says:

    My father use to sing this song..he added his own line of lyric..I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream..rah rah rah..*how do you like your oysters? Raw..raw …raw..

  8. Jacqueline Seewald says:

    Good song. Now I’m trying to think of other songs that have ice cream in the lyrics. Guess I’ll google it!

  9. Anita says:

    My grandmother loved singing this song.

  10. Jean Marie says:

    Love that song!!!!!

  11. carol triano says:

    Thanks for the info, great picture also. Even though it is 19 degrees here today, I am still having a bowl of Turkey Hill Ice Cream for dessert!!

  12. i remember singing that we had so much fun

  13. Cheryl says:

    Fun bit if ice cream info!!!!!

  14. Maryann Striff says:

    This is wonderful, makes you remember how calm and serene things used to be!

  15. Clement says:

    I enjoyed the article about the song. It is very interesting trivia to know that it was associated with Penn State. I think Joe Paterno may have been coaching even back then. Go PSU!

  16. Dave says:

    Thanks. Had never heard the entire song or history behind it before.

  17. Harriet G. says:


  18. Carol J Hess says:

    My grandchildren ande my daughter and I enjoyed this song very much. This is the first time I have heard the whole song but we always sing the short version of it.
    I haven’t recieved a calender lately either. Do you still send them and if so, would you send me one. You have my address on record. Our favorite ice cream is Turkey Hill.

  19. Judi says:

    And now we know. Thank you. I either didn’t see it last year or maybe I just don’t remember it, but I’m glad to learn it now.

  20. Amber G says:

    I would scream so loudly for ice cream!

  21. John says:

    I scream for Turkey Hill ice cream and a calendar with coupons!

  22. Whitney says:

    Every Sunday after dinner (which we then ate ate noon after church) the whole family would pile into the family car and drive to the best dairy in the areas icecream shop. Just before we got there we had to drive up a long (to a child) hill. The hill was just long enough for us to sing this song at the top of our voices finishing as we drove into the parking lot. This was in the forties. Thank you for taking me back to “the good old days”. (not that I ever forgot that song.

  23. Lois Sidelnick says:

    I live alone so the only one screaming for ice cream is me and I satisfy my longing with good old Turkey Hill, although it is not as old as the song. Never heard the whole song before thanksj

  24. Joel Reeves says:

    Go nittany lions!!!

  25. Jen Reeves says:

    I would gladly scream for blitzburgh crunch!!

  26. Donna says:

    Thanks for the memories. Fred Waring had a factory near Plumville, where I lived as a child. They made the Waring blenders there. Just more trivia for you.

  27. I thought the drummer’s voice was Popeye.

  28. Ann says:

    Love the song, my kids and I used to sing it all of the time. I think when they come for a visit I will start it and see if their memory is as good as mine! I am also anxiously awaiting my 2011 TH calendar. I keep mine right next to my computer, so I always have TH ice cream on my mind. Enjoy this blessed holiday season.

  29. I just love history and this song with the video was just what I am talking about a great piece of history. Thanks

  30. alicelynne says:

    Great story…and i will scream if someone eats MY ice cream!!

  31. Caroline of Manalapan says:

    I think we still have one Fred Waring’s LPs from the 50’s with all our good stuff. Are we getting a 2011 calendar this year since I don’t want a void in my kitchen

  32. Bernadette says:

    i would have never imagined that it was really a song. I thought it was somthing kids just said and it caught on!!!! Had Turkey Hill tonight, even thought it is one of the coldest nights so far.

  33. Da says:

    Love this song, thanks.

  34. jean says:

    long ago the neighborhood kids and I sang this tune on the way to get an ice cream cone…hopefully a double dip….now my doctor screams…i have to eat ice cream responsibly,cause i’m a ice cream lovvvee the egg nog ice cream…can’t wait til Christmas to enjoy a cup

  35. Debi York says:

    This was such fun! I went to the articles on the band and did some reading, and even a bit of remembering. “Dry Bones” I recall as well as, of course, the ICE CREAM song. Also found “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. What a lovely finish to this walk down memory lane this holiday season.

  36. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    I didn’t realize the song was that old nor that those words were part of an entire song. Thank you for doing the research and educating us. Now today we have Turkey Hill to scream about.

  37. Barry Kanig says:

    The video brought me back to my kid days!

  38. DonnaWebb says:

    Have been singing this for over 50 yrs., but never knew the whole song or that it actually was a song. I love ice cream. It is my favorite food and never met a flavor that I didn’t love. Have had the egg nog , thought I died and went to heaven. Turkey Hill is the best!

  39. Chris Thompson says:

    I , until now, never knew the whole song. Now, my 7 and 5 yr old daughters are singing it more than Christmas carols….Ahhhh….Tis the season….Thank you…

  40. Dan says:

    funny song

  41. Krista says:

    It wouldn’t be Christmastime without a little Turkey Hill Egg Nog ice cream!

  42. Gisele Phipps says:

    Wow, there’s a blast from the past. Oooo Krista has a great idea! I need to buy some Turkey Hill Eggnog Ice Cream today. A little Turkey Hill Eggnog Ice Cream by the fire — who needs dinner? Life’s short — eat the Turkey Hill first!

  43. bonnie witte says:

    This was a cute job down memory lane about original song about love of ice cream!

  44. Megan says:

    I didn’t realize it was an entire song either! I enjoyed the youtube video too with the old pictures. Thanks for taking us down memory lane!! 😀

  45. Linda says:

    I always wondered if there was more to that song than the few lines I knew. Thanks for sharing!
    (I’d also like to say how much I miss getting the TH calendar–as someone no longer living in Lancaster, it was a little bit of home I could hang in my home).

  46. Claude Marada says:

    Thats great. Did they realy have Eskimo Pies back then?

  47. Donna says:

    My household is always screaming for ice cream. Love you r flavors!

  48. Mrs Kvale says:

    We enjoy ice cream. Yummy!!

  49. Elizabeth H., MA says:

    I never knew this was an actual song. I’ve learned something new today. Thanks and happy holidys!

  50. Patty F says:

    My children loved the Ice Cream Song! Thanks

  51. Karen V. says:

    I loved hearing the song in its entirety. My father-in-law, who died last year at the age of 99, used to sing it to my children when they were growing up. I remember him singing the 3rd verse with “Boola, Boola, Sasparoola” when serv ed ice cream during his last months while on oxygen and legally blind.
    What wonderful memories the song brings, especially when combined with your delicious flavors!

  52. Ellen H says:

    Loved learning about this ice cream song. I recall my grandfather, Alexander,singing just the “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” back in the 50’s.

  53. Charity says:

    That was great!

  54. Mary G. says:

    I never knew this before! Listening to Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians is a Christmas tradition in our house. There’s nothing that makes the atmosphere more Christmas-y than the Pennsylvanians caroling on the record player!

  55. Jenn Harkins says:

    This was very interesting….WE ARE….PENN STATE!!!! 🙂

  56. Stefanie says:

    What a great song, and so fun. I love Turkey Hill!

  57. Kelly says:

    You truly learn something new every day. I had no idea there was an actual full length song.

  58. Amanda Dietrick says:

    Wah Wah Wah, LOL! Thanks for the good laugh this morning, I especially enjoyed the part of the song that sounds like someone playing their fingers on their cheeks! Keep up the good work with your dairy products too, I still think Turkey Hill is the best around!

  59. Ellen says:

    This brings back memories of my childhood. I have also taught my son, who loves ice cream almost as much as I do!

  60. carolyn k says:

    My grandmother and great aunts had a huge Blaupunkt radio in their apartment which also played records I loved that crackling sound, We used to think it was such a great time to dance arouind with them. Being a Pennsylvanian now I appreciate it even more!!

  61. Sara says:

    It reminds me of the Far Side comic about “failed marketing” showing a truck with the slogan “I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!”

  62. Kathy says:

    How fun to hear the whole song. I can’t count the number of times my brother, sisters and I used to chant “I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream!”

  63. Sara says:

    In reply to Ellen teaching her son the song. Does your son also insist on the Screaming part?
    Currently my three year old insists on rockin’ \around\ the christmas tree. We have to pull the tree out from the wall so he can have a good \rockin’ radius\

  64. Dee says:

    we all scream for ice cream….yum

  65. Justin says:

    What a reminder of childhood.

  66. Meredyth says:

    I remember singing this song growing up, and will naturally teach it to my kids too. I never knew the history! thanks Turkey Hill.

  67. Brianna says:

    The record shows “foxtrot” on it — I can’t imagine trying to dance to that, I’d be giggling too much. LOL

  68. Barbara says:

    I have sang the chorus for years I never knew it was recorded by professional musicians. The lyrics are interesting. I guess you are never too old to learn something new, which I have today Thanks for sharing the history of that song.

  69. Darnell says:

    This was GREAT!!! I never knew that it was a song, what a wonderful history lession. I enjoyed it so much I played 3 times. Thank you, I loved it.

  70. Jared T says:

    I couldn’t help but sing along to that tune haha.

  71. Ann says:

    My father used to sing that song to me!

  72. Never knew that those famous lines were actually part of a song!

  73. Luke says:

    Thank you for reporting this, it refreshed my memory on it all!

  74. Joan says:

    You folks are just great at finding those bits of lost “history” involving one of our most treasured treats-ice cream. Keep up the good work!

  75. Kathy says:

    I come from a big ice cream eating family. Doesn’t matter how much you eat, there is always room for ice cream. 😉 And “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” was part of it. Never knew there was an entire song!

  76. Meg says:

    What a great way to get the 12 days of ice cream started off! I happened to be navigating to this website and using the link for the video at my grandparents, and when my great grandma (who stays their during winter months because she lives on a rural farm where it gets very snowy) heard the music she perked up and told me to turn it up. She watched the video too and we had a talk about how ice cream would be a great morning snack, and then she asked me how i found the video and i mentioned Turkey Hill website blog! She perked up even more and said she had thought they went out of business because my grandma, who does her grocery shopping for her weekly, stopping bringing home turkey hill ice cream, which my great grandma had put on the list. Apparently my grandma had been telling my great grandma that they no longer carried that ice cream brand, but she was onyl saying this because she ahd been buying the generic grocery store brand because ti was always on sale and cheaper. Well my Great Grandma had a little chat with my grandma about how she would spend all her savingsif she had to to eat delicious ice cream for the rest of her time here on earth. she then handed me money and told me to go to the store and get her some turkey hill, but i said, “Its my treat!”

  77. Courtney Branch says:

    I grew up in the West Indies and I heard that song growing. Then I came to the US and it’s only now that I know ” I scream, You scream Ice Cream was a true song. Incredible. Never too old to learn.

  78. Meema says:

    Now I think that all the radio stations that play christmas music should add this one to their holiday play lists. There are just so many good holida flavors of ice cream that enhance all the christmas parties and remind everyone of the season. Ice cream is very popular around this time of year and reminds me of eating christmas cookies and ice cream on christmas eve before I went to bed and Santa came. In a weird way I associate ice cream with Christmas (and July 4th too, but we are a long ways away from that). Anyways, I want to hear more of this song!

  79. Joanne says:

    You are the best…you make it feel warm with the fun of that song!!!!!!

  80. This song brings back memories!!

  81. Karen says:

    Unfortunately, my five year old was nearby when I turned this on. He’s now running around yelling ‘I Scream for Ice Cream.’

  82. Chuck E. Brown says:

    You just don’t hear teeth-playing like that anymore!

  83. Eve zee says:

    I love my Turkey Hill even when it is 45
    below. What a great way to start the
    Christmas season. Enjoy! ! !

  84. Heather says:

    Loved this blog! I never knew there was a full song, and that the band who sang it was from PA! I also loved reading everyones comments, especially the ones who have special memories of it! Now I want some ice cream!

  85. Scott says:

    Doesn’t get any better than that!!

  86. Stef says:

    That was great! I had never heard all of the lyrics or the history of the song. Thanks for sharing!

  87. Lynn says:

    I loved this song from my childhood back in the 60’s! I hope someday I will be blessed with grandchildren so I can teach this song to them, as I did with my own children. Everyone loves ice cream, just like the holiday song says “From 1 to 92!”. Turkey Hill is the best ice cream ever, chocolate, black raspberry & cookie dough being my favorites!

  88. Susan says:

    Go Penn State!!! Great for more than just football.

  89. adrienne ks says:

    How fun! I think I should make up my own personal ice cream song…

  90. Arvella says:

    I’m screaming now for some Turkey Hill Ice Cream! Off to the freezer I go. That was great.

  91. Lorrie says:

    Love hearing these old time tunes! But now I want to have ice cream!…..
    Ice cream for breakfast!
    Ice cream for lunch!
    Ice cream for dinner!
    Ice cream for brunch! (ok I was just trying to rhyme is all)

    but sometimes….not always, just once in a great while – having ice cream for dinner – would be pretty cool!

  92. Harvey says:

    I had no idea where this song came from!

  93. Marilyn says:

    That was fun to listen to and learn about! Thanks!

  94. Monica F. says:

    What a fun & yummy history lesson!

  95. antoinette w says:

    Cool-Beans we all scream for turkey hill ice cream.

  96. Cindy Haskell says:

    I always wondered about the lyrics for that song, Thank you Turkey Hill for sharing…it was spectacular! I remember my grandmother singing that song.

  97. Patricia says:

    Good song that brings back summer memories

  98. Scott says:

    Free Ice Cream – oh how I love thee
    Free Ice Crea-eem, so divine
    Rocky Road or plain vanilla
    Can not wait until it’s mine!

  99. Sr. Bernadette Okulicz,FSSJ says:

    Oh yes, thanks for the memories with this song! Don’t we all have many happy memories of ice cream throughout our lives? My favorite flavors and favorite types of ice cream have changed through the years but one thing is for sure “anytime is a good time for GOOD ice cream”.

  100. Donna Jo says:

    I never knew there was a real song, we sing I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream….. now…. I KNOW the history and have the lyrics.

  101. Beatriz Nazario says:

    My first time blogging, so let it be about one of my favorite things in life–ICE CREAM:)

  102. The song needs to be updated without the scratches from the record. great song it makes you want to go get an Eskimo pie

  103. marion says:

    It was fun just looking at the old record label as well as enjoying the funny song.

  104. Mary says:

    Wouldn’t you know…a memorable song about a great product sung by a group from good old PA!

  105. We all scream ICE CREAM. Turkey Hill is the best. I live in richmond Va and when I go to Pennsylvania we allways stop at the store in Bird and Hand to get Turkey Hill ice cream.Bat B


  107. Greg Menton says:

    The Ginger Snap ice cream is excellent !

  108. C J Smith says:

    Great to find out the history of a song that my father used to sing to us on that rare occasion we got to go get ice cream on a hot summer day. As one of seven children, those occasions were not very often. I’m now a grandmother and I sing it to my grandkids. I love it that I can now get Turkey Hill ice cream here in Indiana. And, thank you for generously supporting our state fair and giving us those sample cups that we all enjoyed!

  109. LA Archer says:

    I LOVE Turkey Hill ice cream and its hard to find in my area. Everytime I head down state I always get some!!!

  110. Lynda Hile says:

    Gee and I thought my friends and I when we were real young had made that song up. Darn good to find out it just makes ice cream all the better.

  111. charlotte Sharp says:

    I loved that song never realized it wasmdone by Fred Waring. I live in Pa. and buy Frozen Yougert all the time.

  112. Janet Kolb says:

    This is my first time blogging. I come from a family that likes the “ditties” – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM. I enjoy ice cream floats (especially with root beer)and love egg nog — sometimes its only available during the holidays and I try to stock up and savor it slowly…. sometimes it doesn’t work, but I keep trying.

  113. Sandra C. Farmer says:

    Yes, egg nog is the best….. but I wish that they would make it half vanilla and the other egg nog in the container. It really is tasty with the two ice creams mixed. At least my family thinks so. We always serve it after Christmas dinner. Like the song says we all scream for that ice cream at Christmas. We are going to try the new flavor of gingerbread. Sometimes are grocery store has the offer to buy one get one free. Great buy for senor citizens like us.

  114. Patty says:

    I can see why a song was written about ice cream. It makes everyone happy, especially if it’s Turkey Hill.

  115. Betty says:


  116. Msrshall says:

    Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream! Enjoyed listening to this song and learning of it’s origins. Nice to listen to while swinging on the pouch swing I won from Turkey Hill a few years ago!

  117. Pat says:



  118. Wanda Heise says:

    I’ve always known the saying, never knew it originated in PA! But I do remember the Turkey Hill ice cream truck stopping for delivery at our house. When we could afford it, we got some!!!! It was wonderful back then and still is–even if the boxes are a bit smaller. 🙂

  119. shirley truxell says:

    I first became of Turkey Hill icecream when I visited my brother up in Lancaster Pa and then they finally carried it in Pittsburgh have been a fan ever since.


  120. Bob says:

    Love the ice cream,cute song.

  121. Ruth says:

    Wow, so neat to hear a song from so long ago. Never realized it had so many verses! Funny I should listen to it now. Just before heading out the door to purchase some Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Received our local paper this morning and saw Turkey Hill Ice Cream on sale at our neighborhood store. Always keep several flavors in the freezer for ourselves or whenever friends stop in.

  122. Today is the first day I ever blogged.I remember my parents saying “I scream, You scream, we all scream for Ice cream.” I never heard the song, but the phrase was so much a part of my life growing up. And I remember Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians also. They were very popular. Ice cream has been a BIG part of my life ever since I can remember–(a little too big!).

  123. AmyBeth says:

    Let’s have a Turkey Hill ice cream song contest?!

  124. Jim in SOMD says:

    One of the best songs ever written because everyone learns it and sings it many times during their lives.

  125. […] are here: Home / Culture / Ice-cream racismIce-cream racism July 18, 2014 by Joanne Leave a Comment You scream. I scream. We all scream for ice cream. And […]

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  127. Bob Shuttleworth says:

    “I scream, you scream” was recorded by Harry Reser and his Syncopators on Dec23, 1927. maybe not the first recording but a popular one at the time.

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