Beat This Caption: Is that ice cream a weapon or the bait?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on September 24th, 2012

It’s time once again for you to put on your thinking caps and come up with a caption for this month’s photo. Below is the pic, along with our attempt at a caption. Leave a comment with your witty, serious or sentimental caption. We’ll choose our favorite caption, plus another caption at random, to each win some free Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Good luck!

“If they had known sharks loved ice cream so much, ‘Jaws’ would have been a much different movie.”

Thanks to Serena Blackwell for providing this month’s photo. Our caption winner last month was Roxie, who said this about the adorable baby sleeping in her mother’s arms: “I love my Mommy and my ice cream. I will never let them go!” Jeryl was the winner of our randomly selected caption. Both will receive some free Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Congrats!

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79 Responses to “Beat This Caption: Is that ice cream a weapon or the bait?”

  1. mary ann herrmann says:

    …oooh!! soft serve. my favorite. give it to me.
    give it to me, NOW!!

  2. Mary says:

    Just give up the Turkey Hill and nobody gets hurt!

  3. Cyndee says:

    Yum! Shark steak battered in ice cream! My favorite ballpark treat.

  4. MC says:

    Here’s one for the team!

  5. jeannine leonard says:

    i would liket to have that ice cream cone to make my daughter run the bases faster in her softball games.

  6. James G Wright 3rd says:

    I’m going to cream you

  7. Roby says:

    Player With Ice Cream: Here, Sharky boy! Come get the yummy treat!

    Sharks Player: Who, me?

  8. JOAN M says:


  9. Daphne Turner says:

    Can’t help but bat 1.000 with Turkey Hill on our team!

  10. joan kaplan says:

    That is a whale of a soft serve pitch!

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  12. leecarr says:

    “give it to me hard, but I love it soft”

  13. Cindy Youtzy says:

    Who wouldn’t enjoy getting hit with that much Turkey Hill ice cream???

  14. Karen Hamel says:

    I sure hope this gets him off the field so we can play ball!

  15. Justin Orkin says:

    I can’t find my glove. Just throw it right in my mouth, okay?

  16. Justin Orkin says:

    Go long, go long!

  17. Leonore Abercrombie says:

    Gum scented ice cream…oh…I thought you said chum scented…sorry

  18. Mary D says:

    You are so sweet to give up the ice cream so easily to me………sheesh, I thought you were going to use it as a weapon of shark destruction. I like Turkey Hill. All mine!!!

  19. Sue Cotela says:

    I’ll need 2 more of those ice cream cones to quench my taste buds, bud.

  20. Jean Marie says:

    Give me back my ice cream or I will tear you from limb to limb!

  21. T.J. says:

    I never thought Turkey Hill ice cream could create a feeding frenzy with sharks.

  22. Paul Fiumara says:

    You can have this great white ice cream if you promise not to bite!

  23. Ellen says:

    Give me that ice cream cone, I need a snack when I make it to base.

  24. Lois Sidelnick says:

    Don’t come any closer,Your Jaws are not getting this home run.

  25. Caroline of Manalapan says:

    Its either the cone or you who will be my next meal

  26. Marie says:

    It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine. I’ll get one for you after I eat this one. Possibly I’ll get two and then we can eat together!!! Is that OK????

  27. Heather Bruinsma says:

    STRIKE three, you’re OUT……now gimme that ice cream!

  28. gloria says:

    This is people ice cream -NOT a white seal

  29. Helen Picone says:

    The sacrifices I make for the team!

  30. Jeff Stover says:

    Don’t waste Turkey Hill ice cream on a shark even if he is dressed in a baseball uniform.

  31. kenny says:

    “Stealing an ice cream cone is alot more satisfying than stealing a base !”

  32. millie b says:

    strick 3you are out no! you can’t have my ice cream go back to the ocean

  33. Linda Vest says:

    No you cannot have the ice cream, your diet does not allow it.

  34. Juliette says:

    Turkey Hill will be the Bait! Boy will they take it!

  35. michelle says:


  36. michelle says:

    just give up the cone and everything will be o.k.

  37. Amber S. says:

    No, you can’t have it! It’s mine – all mine!

  38. Harriet G says:

    “Let me have it”.

  39. carol y says:

    Go ahead … take a bite … I dare you! I’d like to see you get a shark size brain freeze!!!

  40. Georgina Puente says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream So Much…I gave up my fins and my Ocean up to come here to get it..mmmmmmmmm Turkey Hill….If I had lips, I’d smack em’

  41. Elise says:

    “What big teeth I have- to eat the ice cream with!”

  42. Barb says:

    Back off or I’ll hit you with my cone!!

  43. marie grim says: me some peanuts and crackerjacks..but all i want is my ice cream it’s root root root for the home team…..

  44. Andrea says:

    No strike out since the “bat” broke hitting the Shark in the mouth. Lucky hit since it was TH!

  45. Patricia Lysinger says:

    No one gets my ice cream cone. Not even a shark.

  46. EmilyFalcon says:

    If you thought sports mascots were crazy to begin with, wait till you see how BALListic they go for some good ice cream!

  47. Cindy Jo says:

    NO!!! I’m not sharing and you can’t make me !

  48. kirk says:

    ” Cool it! I feel caught in between you two and squeezed- like a half-eaten fish sandwich! “

  49. CHRISTINE says:


  50. Lisa S. says:


  51. Marion says:

    Please, just let me enjoy my “last meal”!

  52. Jason says:

    Go Go Gadget Ice Cream!

  53. Chris says:

    Wait how do i know that’s Turkey Hill Ice Cream! If it is it’s Shark Attack time!!!

  54. Jason says:

    Looks like we’ll need a bigger cone

  55. Kevin says:

    Local hero uses Turkeyhill soft serve to sooth the savage land shark.

  56. Ann King says:

    Gimmee that, it’s mine.

  57. Pauline says:

    “Swing batter,swing batter, swing that swirl right here!”

  58. Jan says:

    ummm dinner and desert in one bite

  59. Scott says:

    …and so ended Turkey Hill’s attempt to tap into the great white shark demograph with its new chum flavored soft serve!

  60. Tom M says:

    You steal home while I distract Sharky with this ice cream cone.

  61. Bill16901 says:

    It’s Mine. No! It’s Mine!

  62. Todd W. says:

    ” No, no. You don’t understand. I’m not your typical land shark!”

  63. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    Boy in red: “It’s my cone and I’ll never give it up even to you Sharkey!!”

  64. Chuck Bennett says:


  65. Karen says:

    I just love man a la mode.

  66. Lydia says:

    I ran all the way home for Turkey Hill Ice Cream

  67. Wayd says:

    ” Ice cream is always a hit! And, ice cream makes me happy! So hit me – not once, but twice! “

  68. Jim in SOMD says:

    When that shark bites with his teeth, dear
    Vanilla billows, they begin to spread
    Fancy white ice cream cones though has Macheath, dear
    So there’s rarely, never one trace of it.
    The song Mac the Knife kept playing in my head when saw this picture.

  69. Roxie says:

    I love having ice cream in a cone on the run. But, I love having ice cream on a plate at home, even more!

  70. Marion says:

    Dude! Don’t make me use this!

  71. H Joy Neuhaus says:

    Stay back or I’ll drop it!

  72. H Joy Neuhaus says:

    Batter, “Batter” UP.

  73. Lynn Chamberlain says:

    Batter up!

  74. Leo says:

    Maybe the new tuna flavored ice cream wasn’t a good idea.

  75. Nancy Quinn says:

    Sorry, been out of commission for awhile, but never too ill to swallow Ice Cream My caption for that picture.

    “If that’s Turkey Hill, “that’s definitely a HOME RUN!”

    Love that iced tea

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