Who wants a slice (or scoop) of Coconut Cream Pie?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on November 16th, 2012

As we enter the cold, winter months, a little reminder of tropics might not be such a bad thing, right? That’s part of the inspiration beyond this month’s Limited Edition flavor, Coconut Cream Pie. Of course, the other part of the inspiration is that it’s a delicious ice cream flavor no matter what time of year you enjoy it!

The flavor, which has made an appearance in our Limited Edition lineup in the past, is made with coconut cream pie pieces swirled throughout coconut ice cream. Some of you may already see it at your local grocery store, while other might have to wait until last month’s Limited Edition flavor (Pumpkin Pie) is gone before your grocer stocks this new flavor.

So the question is, who will be giving this flavor a try?

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64 Responses to “Who wants a slice (or scoop) of Coconut Cream Pie?”

  1. Patti Sherman says:

    Sounds Yummy..will look for this!

  2. Elaine says:

    I also like single-note flavors (if you will) — can Turkey Hill make just coconut or just toasted coconut (w/o the pie pieces)? I think that would be nice also.

  3. Sandy says:

    WOW I love coconut, I hope we get it here in Corry,Pa. these people don’t like to try new things.

  4. Debbie F. says:

    Thanks for bringing this flavor back…..it’s awesome

  5. Lou says:

    Looks good. Hope they have it in Brooklyn nyd

  6. Marie says:

    Sounds delicious. I will probably never see it. Don’t even see the pumpkin. Because of the storms that hit the east coast and loss of power our grocery store did not have power and foods in the freezers were lost. Both sound delicious though!!!

  7. Amy P says:

    sounds good. one scoop of coconut cream pie and a scoop of dutch chocolate, some pecans and I would almost have a German chocolate sundae

  8. MC says:

    I’ll buy some for my mother in law! She’ll love me!!

  9. Mary D says:

    Sounds really good. Will check to see if it’s in the local grocery store, Wegman’s.

  10. Ann King says:

    That sounds like just what we need on a cold day, thinking of a nice warm place. I know I have tried this one before and it was great. I did not see it in the freezer case yet but the pumpkin pie is still there. I tried that also and it was also great. There are so many good flavors and I do my best to try them all.

  11. Robin Ames says:

    I would definitely try this one… yummmm!

  12. Elsie Nicolette says:

    I am not a coconut fan or having “pie” pieces added to any flavor but because I trust Turkey Hill’s taste, I would be willing to try it.

  13. Heather Bruinsma says:

    I’m not sure if I would be a fan of this one. Maybe if it had some chocolate in it, but it definitely would be good for coconut fans.

  14. Sally says:

    I’m not a fan of coconut cream pie, but I like coconut, so I’d probably try it.

  15. Jean Carrozzi says:

    Sounds so delicious as I love coconut cream pie. Can’t wait to try this flavor.

  16. LindaR says:

    Of course I’ll give it a try….I love anything coconut!
    I think Pina colata ice cream, would be a great combo of coconut & pineapple.
    Ernie, put that suggestion in for a new flavor….PLEASE!

  17. Vicki Spokes says:

    I tried this but was not too crazy about the pie pieces. The coconut ice cream would have been better on it’s own. I also like the Pina Colada idea.

  18. Alexa says:

    I will definitely try that one

  19. Jim in SOMD says:

    Cocnut reminds me of the years I lived in Hawaii. Where in the winter it might get down to 58 degrees at night, so you would need a blanket. The high temperature during those months would be in the low 70’s. However, if the tradewinds ided down, then it would feel much warmer than that. Now that the temperatures are dipping down, I kind of miss that. Bring on the coconut cream pie ice cream.

  20. Margarita Giambrone says:

    I love Trukey Hill Ice Cream and cant wait to try the Turkey Hill Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream!!

  21. gianna says:

    MMMMM!!! I can just taste it now!

  22. Sandra says:

    I love coconut. This should be delicious I will look for it.

  23. ANN says:

    Since I absolutely love coconut cream pie, I will be checking with my local Turkey Hill store to find out when they will have this flavor! Another great idea by everyone at Turkey Hill!

  24. Lou says:

    I Love coconut, Can’t wait to try this flaver.

  25. Judi in rural NY says:

    Oh, my granddaughter Ayla would really love it!

  26. Jean Marie says:

    looks delicious!

  27. Andrea says:

    I’m anxious to try the TH Coconut Cream Pie flavor. Often we’re disappointed since unable to find the Limited Edition flavors.

  28. Ellen says:

    Sorry but I’m not a coconut cream pie fan. It looks yummy though.

  29. millie b says:

    mmmm sounds so good love to try it

  30. Carol B. says:

    If I see it… I’ll pick it up. I always try different flavors..Yum!

  31. Lois Sidelnick says:

    You do not need ;pie pieces in ice cream. coconut is wonderful without the pie pieces. don’t ruin a good flavor with additions of pie or cake pieces. nuts would be delicious. still like my butter pecan the best

  32. Joann Walton says:

    wow great ice cream who needs pie!!

  33. enid portnoy says:

    Anyone who wants to basque in the shade of a coconit tree whose shade and warmth is reflected in the smothest, creamiest whiff of deelicious ice cream , outside of the monkey dessert paradise of a South Sea island vacation treat. In short, that’s me!

  34. Barb LaMonaca says:

    I tried the Coconut Cream Pie flavor last week and it is fabulous!! It’s very creamy, and you get the wonderful sensation of having a fresh piece of coconut cream pie and delicious ice cream all at once! I’m definitely going to buy some more!!

  35. Kathleen says:

    Coconut and pumpkin are two of my favorite flavors. You have to love it! Haven’t seen it in NY though! Guess I had better visit PA.

  36. Mary says:

    I wish my daughter was at home. If I buy it, I don’t have anyone to share it with, as my husband does not like coconut.

  37. Harriet G says:

    Sounds delicious. It would be great if it came in a light variety.

  38. Nancy N says:

    Sounds delicious! The TH Coconut Almond Fudge is one of our favorites and better yet it is the “light” ice cream!

  39. Regina says:

    Maybe I’ll buy this one as a freezer back up dessert for Thanksgiving in case the relatives forget to bring the pies.

  40. Barb says:

    Can’t wait to give it a try!!

  41. Sarah says:

    I love coconut so this sounds yummy. One of my favorites it TH Coconut Almond Fudge light ice cream.

  42. marie says:

    i do. i do. yummy!

  43. Pam says:

    Sorry, I’m sure it must be good to those who like coconut, but that is not me.

  44. joan kaplan says:

    Coconut cream pie is my favorite and can’t wait to buy this ice cream from Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  45. Juliette says:

    Love Coconut so I would try it! Turkey Hill is never wrong!

  46. Patricia Lysinger says:

    I definitely will be trying this flavor. I love Coconut Cream and I love trying new flavors. Thanks for bringing them to us.

  47. Donna Joyce says:

    I love both desserts so I will definitely give this “All in One” treat a try….once I find it:)

  48. Marion says:

    Sounds good, but is probably high calorie, high fat. I wouldn’t mind trying it, though!

  49. Ron says:

    Sounds Good! I’ll be watching out for it

  50. Karen says:

    I do! I do!

  51. Quint says:

    I’ll take the slice it would be more tha a scoup.My question is when can I get it? as of yesterday I have not foud it in Virginia Beach, Va.

  52. Karen says:

    Sounds delicious. How about a light coconut with no mix ins? It never hurts to ask.

  53. Pat H. says:

    I never had this flavor but would love to try it here in Philadelphia, PA. Coconut Cream sounds interesting and tasty…Any coupons?

  54. Peggy says:

    yes! I really like coconut and definitely would buy this flavor .Ialso would love every day of the year the strawberry and half vanilla ,buy the neopotian just for these 2 flavors ,not crazy about chocolate .Been a Turkey Hill ice cream gal for the past 4-5 yrs .miss your calenders 😉 anyway ,thank you for all the past calenders and coupons ,sincerly Peggy Dardas Happy Thanksgiving Day to all

  55. Peggy says:

    yes! definitely would buy ..

  56. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    I love Coconut Cream Pies. If the ice cream tastes anything like the pie I know I’ll enjoy it. Maybe I can have both for dessert one evening.

  57. CHRISTINE says:


  58. Betty says:

    do not like coconut but like ice cream

  59. Linda S. says:

    I love coconut but have never tired coconut ice cream! Guess it is about time, don’t you think? My niece’s husband has been a BIG fan of coconut ice cream (other brands ~ Boo!) for YEARS! In fact, he just LOVES anything coconut, so I’m sure when we find this in the stores, he will be the first in the family to give it a try! I’ll have to follow his lead!

  60. leecarr says:

    decisions, decisions, can I have both together???

  61. sue says:

    sorry no coconut fan here–i’ll pick up anothe flavor instead–eggnog comes to mind!!

  62. JOAN M says:

    you out did your self

  63. Jan says:

    I was so excited when I saw the Coconut Cream Pie ice cream I could not stop talking about it to my Mother. When she told me they were on sale of course I went back for a second carton. I love this ice cream and have been on the look out all year. I discovered it last year and fell in love my first taste. All I can say is Thank You. Thank You, Thank You for bring this flavor back. Please never dicontinue.

  64. Peggy says:

    I just tried some Coconut Cream Pie ice cream. It had a wonderful flavor ice frozen hard, but I like mine a little softer. Unfortunately it loses that coconut pizzaz as it softens.

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