Ultimate Flavor Tournament 2013 (Round One): The Thrilling 32

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on March 4th, 2013

And so it begins. Everyone has a favorite Turkey Hill Ice Cream flavor – some of us have five or six favorites – but only one flavor is truly worthy of being called The Fan Favorite.

Identifying that flavor is the goal of our annual Ultimate Flavor Tournament. Each Monday, we’ll feature a different series of one-on-one match-ups, all voted on by you in the polls on the right-hand sidebar of this blog.

We’ll start with 32 flavors, each facing off against another flavor. The flavor that wins its match-up after one week of voting will advance to the next round. Based on your votes, we’ll keep narrowing down the field until just two flavors remain. The winner of that final brawl will be named the Ultimate Flavor Tournament champion.

Past tournament champs include Vanilla Bean (2008), Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (2009), Light Recipe Moose Tracks (2010), Orange Cream Swirl (2011), and Eagles Touchdown Sundae (2012). Once a flavor wins the tournament it’s retired from future tournaments, which means each year promises a new winner.

Of course, there will also be prizes. At the end of the tournament, we’ll choose four comments at random to receive a one-month supply of Turkey Hill Ice Cream, so feel free to leave a comment on this entry and other entries over the course of the four-week tournament.

May the best flavor win!

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673 Responses to “Ultimate Flavor Tournament 2013 (Round One): The Thrilling 32”

  1. Jenni Lobaugh says:

    We love Turkey Hill ice cream. But why wouldn’t we! Our family owns and operates a dairy farm so ice cream is one of the great foods that keep us milking cows everyday. Everyone knows that good ice cream starts with milk! And yes, I think my husband would eat all 32 flavors!

  2. Barb Fishel says:

    A day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine.
    I think ultimate winner will be Whoopie Pie! Still missing it and still craving it!

  3. Deb Fry says:

    Our family loves Turkey Hill Ice Cream. There is always at least two or three flavors or more in our freezer. We hope that Whoppie Pie becomes a regular flavor as it is our family favorite.

  4. Norma says:

    March Madness is here again, Turkey Hill style. Go, team, go!

  5. Michelle J. Barbour says:

    We miss Cherry Choco Chip!!! We also love the mint Choco chip, but wish the cherry would come back!

  6. Patricia Lysinger says:

    I hope the winner is the Limited edition Coconut Cream Pie is the winner.

  7. Yvonne Learn says:

    The only thing better than a steaming cup of good coffee is a serving of Turkey Hill’s All Natural Coffee!

  8. Patti Sherman says:

    Right now I have Butter Pecan, Vanilla and Coffee in my Freezer. Yummy Turkey Hill.

  9. mary ann herrmann says:

    …too many of my favorites to list. but right now it’s
    “mint chocolate chip” with those oh-so delicate shavings of
    chips. yum-o!!

  10. Elsie Nicolette says:

    I am still trying to find your Baklava frozen yogurt…none of the stores around here seem to carry it. Looking forward to four weeks of ice cream fun!

  11. Pam says:

    Mint Choco Chip is my all time fave!

  12. Clarence says:

    Bring on licorice

  13. Denise Wilson says:

    So much better than regular March Madness!

  14. Alexa says:

    Last week I had waffles and Turkey Hill All Natural
    Butter Almond & Chocolate ice cream for breakfast every morning.

  15. MC says:


  16. carolyn says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is magical in my house> It vanishes into thin air-all the time!

  17. enid portnoy says:

    Don’t need to wait for Spring;it comes with eating Turkey Hill anytime!

  18. Jeff says:

    Chocolate Malt Chip. The best TH Ice Cream ever !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Bobi says:

    This is my favorite kind of March madness 🙂

  20. barbara says:

    any flavor of Turkey Hill is wonderful=but my favorite of all is plain old chocolate!

  21. Victoria says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream 🙂
    my ultimate go to favorite ~ Chocolate Marshmallow!
    love love love it…

  22. Susan J says:

    They are all so good — it’s hard to pick a favorite.

  23. Mary says:

    Can’t believe Double Dunker is getting beat! My all time favorite.

  24. Nancy N says:

    Let the fun begin! It’s hard to choose between some of these. They are all so good. Good luck everyone. 🙂

  25. Judi in rural NY says:

    It really is hard to choose!

  26. Gail says:

    I love Turkey Hill!

  27. light recipe moose tracks is my favorite with caramel sauce

  28. jconley says:

    Finally, a chance to vote for something you LIKE, rather that choosing the least tolerable!

  29. Stefanie says:

    I love Turkey Hill and am voting, and hope my favorite Cookies N Cream wins!

  30. Robin Ames says:

    I’m waiting for a Dallas Cowboy flavor… just sayin’… 🙂

  31. charleen caulk says:

    Easy – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

  32. Lou says:

    Turkey Hill Black Cherry is always in my freezer.

  33. gianna says:

    I voted 🙂

  34. Sarah says:

    Gotta admit that I have not eaten some of these flavors but I voted for the ones I would most like to try in the match-ups.

  35. Edie says:

    I absolutly love the Greek Yogurt with Baklava. Please make it available more often.

  36. Sarah says:

    I looked at each result after I voted and noticed that each flavor that had peanut butter in it was leading.

  37. maryann says:

    Love banana split.

  38. Bob says:

    Philadelphia Style Vanilla has to be the best vanilla ice cream on the planet.

  39. Karen says:

    The only chocolate I liked as a child was chocolate ice cream. Your All Natural Chocolate is the best. I eat it whenever I feel the need for ice cream and chocolate.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Over every other flavor, I will always choose VANILLA.

  41. beverly says:

    i love turkey hill ice cream .

  42. beverly says:

    i love turkey hill ice cream .
    peanaut butter and chocolate is one of my favorites.

  43. sue says:

    love turkey hill ice cream–just tried your all natural vanilla and chocolate for the first time…delish!!

  44. Karen says:

    My votes are cast! I love this time of year at Turkey Hill.

  45. Ann King says:

    anything with peanut butter and chocolate in it has to be good. Too bad peanut butter ripple is up against fudge ripple, they are both so good it is hard to choose. However peanut butter ripple is my very favorite so my vote goes there.

  46. Ken says:

    Definitely, the All Natural Vanilla !

  47. Jim in SOMD says:

    I just saw last week that aromas can put you in the mood for AMORE’ and that Pumpkin pie was voted the top aroma. Put 2 and 2 together and Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie should be the odds on favorite to be the ice cream most likely to put you in the mood.

  48. Ruth says:

    Nothing beats mint choco chip!

  49. Sandy says:

    YUMMY! I love most flavors, but I must say my fav’s usually have some mint and or chocolate in it.

  50. Donna says:

    I know why Turkey Hill holds these polls. It makes you want to run to the store and personally try them again to make sure you choose the right one. LOL

  51. joan kaplan says:

    Although a previous winner, I love the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup!

  52. esther says:

    Raspberry for sure

  53. Gloria says:

    I like to mix flavors in my bowl of ice cream. My choices are constantly facing off with each other. That’s because I am constantly having a difficult time deciding which “one” flavor to choose. I enjoy them all.

  54. John says:

    They are all good, But orange cream , strawberry cream , and raspberry are my favorites

  55. Tina Ingham says:

    My favorite is and always has been Peanut Butter Ripple. But, for limited edition flavors I love the Fried Ice Cream, but, they never sell it around here anymore.

  56. donna joyce says:

    Your ice cream tournament is just as exciting as the NCAA tourney!! Bring it ON!

  57. CHRISTINE says:


  58. Fran says:

    I hope you put some of the limited editions in the race. The Box of Chocolates is incredible. My 15 year old son and friends said it was the best ice cream they ever had!

  59. Betty says:

    My all-time favorite ice cream is still butter pecan, followed closely by coffee! Every flavor that you have it great, but for me personally those two are still my “old standbys”. Thankfully, every flavor it someone’s special one and that’s what makes Turkey Hill so great! Bring on the Ice Cream! A morale lifter, a solution to a bad day, just the all-round cure-all!

  60. Amy P says:

    The Ultimate Flavor Tournament – such a fun time!!

  61. JoAnn Szewczyk says:

    Even though I’m a Yankees fan, Phillies Graham Slam is my absolute favorite!!! My husband and I love Turkey Hill ice cream!

  62. Juliette says:

    Turkey Hill is the Best! We especially love Strawberries n’Cream, Butter Pecan, and Orange Cream Swirl.

  63. Marion says:

    I too think Whoopie Pie is excellent. Sadly, I do not care for the Baklava. I don’t care for the cinnamon taste in my ice cream.

  64. Marie says:

    I just voted. It is very very difficult to pick just one flavor
    as my absolute favorite. Love sooo many of them. We love butter pecan though. Might have a very slight edge.

  65. millie b says:

    this is fun dont care if my turkey hill win

  66. Lois Sidelnick says:

    Istill say butter pecan should be in the winning list. Nofancy names, just good old fashioned butter pecan, the best.

  67. Cathy Bradford says:

    I think Vanilla Bean would be my all-time favorite!

  68. Justin Orkin says:

    Double Dunker better win.

  69. LindaR says:

    Things to do today:
    eat ice cream
    vote in ice cream poll
    take a nap

  70. Heather Bruinsma says:

    I love Double Dunker!

  71. Klee says:

    Peanut Butter Pie frozen yogurt is my absolute favorite! Some stores don’t carry that flavor, but Giant does 🙂 Unbelievably delicious! Runner-up: Bhaklava – yummmmm!

  72. John Ferenz says:

    Nothing says Lancaster County PA better than eating some Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  73. Tiffany McS says:

    I just voted… I want to taste them all now!

  74. leecarr says:

    and the race begins,
    good lookin’ starters

  75. Barb says:

    So many choices but all great flavors!

  76. Ellen says:

    WOW My votes were 11 right out of 16 not bad. So many great flavors it was hard to choose.

  77. Debbie says:

    My favorite happens to be the Honey Granola which was discontinued. However, I do love Skinny Minty, and Fried Ice cream.

  78. marie grim says:

    this is the best kind of march madness. yummy

  79. Emily says:

    I think that this is so interesting! I hope Lady Liberty ice cream wins! It is my absolute favorite!!!

  80. Emilia says:

    I am very good at voting for the losers!

  81. Jean Sagarese says:

    current favor in our house is Rocky Road

  82. Harriet G. says:

    I voted. Many of my choices are currently in the lead. Some matches are very close.

  83. sarah oswald says:

    peanut butter rules!!!!!! i would love to see a peanut butter flavored ice cream with peanut butter swirls and peanut butter cookie pieces with peanuts. peanut butter overkill!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!

  84. Susan Sedia says:

    This makes me want ice cream now!

  85. Caroline of Manalapan says:

    I hope my favorite since I want to cut back on my cholesterol and hard to find wins- That’s the Orange Grove Sherbet

  86. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    It’s still early. Some flavors are running away in the voting. But we have a long way to go. I wouldn’t mind sampling some of the winning flavors as we go along. It’s the best way to refresh my memory.

  87. Linda S. says:

    I too, am like Mary above. She says that she is distressed that one of her favorites, Double Dunker, is not in the lead! Can’t understand it! Neither can I!!! BUT, one thing I AM very happy about with Double Dunker ~ it has been made a regular flavor, nit just a special edition anymore! It was always so difficult to locate in the stores around where I live. Now, they carry it ALL the time! YEAH! (I DO enjoy other flavors too!)

  88. EmilyFalcon says:

    I’m still rooting for Double Dunker! If I could, I would hunker down with a tub of it every night. Unfortunately they stopped carrying it at my local grocery stores. 🙁

  89. Jen Morales says:

    My forever all time favorite…Peanut butter Ripple!

  90. alicelynne says:

    The race is on!!

  91. E.Hummel says:

    My husband and I always have Turkey Hill in freezer all year long.

  92. Donna says:

    Whoopie Pie is my favorite,most delicious ice cream.Hope it becomes a regular flavor.

  93. Donna Bock says:

    Love so many flavors…hard to pick….never got a chance to try Egg Nog…always next year!

  94. M. Bevacqua says:

    Nothing tastes as good as Turkey Hill natural ice cream. It’s really difficult to pick a favorite.

  95. Rosie Kereczman says:

    I have yet to buy any Turkey Hill Product and be unsatisfied with the product. Their ice cream cakes are the best cakes in any store’s freezer. Their unique way of making a cake without that cookie crust is their best selling feature. And seasonal varities of ice creams makes entertaining ever so easy if you do a lot of improvising like I do. Hope you last forever…..

  96. Belinda Morton says:

    Yuk. .. licorice, yuk.

  97. allen says:

    Lady Liberty is an awesome flavor for my family.
    We always have to purchase two because one is not enough.

  98. Steve says:

    I am so excited. This gives me reason to try more flavors and vote for my favorites. Unfortunately, my favorite flavor did not win last year. This year it will.

  99. Cameron says:

    Double Dunker is the single greatest ice cream flavor of all time. Cast your vote for Double Dunker! Do you like cookies and cream? Double Dunker has you covered. Do you like Cookie Dough? Double Dunker has you covered. But did Turkey Hill stop by combining two of Americas favorites? NO!! Did they just mix Cookie Dough and Chocolate Cookie swill into a plain old vanilla media? NO!! They harmonized the flavors with a subtle not at all over powering mocha ice cream. Not just coffee ice cream.. that was MOCHA!. Before you vote you owe it to yourself to find some double dunker.

  100. Jackie says:

    I had an easier time voting and quick versus the amount of time I spend in frozen food ice cream isle trying to decide which half gallon I should buy this week. Nobody wants to shop with me anymore since I take sooooo long to decide.

  101. ann carter says:

    I love so many of the flavors. They are all good. I especially enjoy fudge ripple and the sherbets. But it is hard to not love just simple vanilla. Then again, the Philadelphia style chocolate is right up there in the top winners too. So many flavors, so little time…..

  102. Karin says:

    Wow! There are some new flavors on here that I have yet to try! My Dad is a Turkey Hill addict and I look forward to finding some of these and sharing with him on his next visit. Gotta stock up my freezer now!

  103. Sarah says:

    Free ice cream for a month!! 😀 Awesome!!!
    I love mixing Mint Chocolate Chip with Cookies N Cream together to make a milk shake! 🙂 It’s similar in taste to the Lady Liberty but smoother and little more subtle. I have that several times a week! At least when I’m not sick, like I am now. 🙁 The worst thing about having a cold is not being able to eat ice cream since it makes it worse. Sometimes I have it anyway when I’m getting better but not really better enough to have ice cream. It’s just too good!!
    I only ever like to eat Turkey Hill Ice Cream! Every other store brand is just a disappointment now because it isn’t as good!

  104. Marian Smith says:

    Turkey Hill… absolutely the best on the market…. it is on my grocery list every week, and usually the first item on the list. Thank you for a fine product.
    Marian Smith

  105. edward says:


  106. Susan says:

    I’m lovin the 2 for $5 store sale days. I drive by in a crazed state awaiting the arrival of the “Sale Sign” At that price I say why not try them all!

  107. Jessica says:

    Our family loves Banana Split and Strawberry!! We hope one of them wins. Turkey Hill Ice Cream is so popular in our household that the kids do chores for money so they can buy their own!

  108. Dave says:

    This years winner will be from the Vanilla Conference. I have picked the winner correctly (in the first week 3 years in a row). This years winner will be Cookies and Cream!!!

  109. Bill S says:

    Best ice cream on the planet. So happy that it can be found down south. Bring back Muddy Sneakers.

  110. Dave says:

    I hit the button too soon, I wanted to say no matter which flavor wins…all fans of Turkey Hill Ice Cream are Winners!!

  111. Lucky Hopkins says:

    It seems there are a couple of flavors listed here that I haven’t seen, but would love to try. I’m going to have to look harder next time I’m at the store instead of just searching out the old favorites.

  112. Shirley says:

    I love the vanilla peanut butter. I actually eat it right out of the carton its so good. I get excited when my stores has that flavor and its on sale.

  113. Heather Martin says:

    After going through making my choices for Round 1 I feel like I need to buy all of them so I can have a taste testing just to confirm my votes 🙂 Turkey Hill has the best ice cream, every time I’ve bought it it’s been delicious. I really love the Natural Flavors!

  114. anthony pedalino says:

    Philadelphi style vanilla. There is nothing I ever add to this, just out of the package. I just want to enjoy it as is!

  115. Sara Englard says:

    My family absolutely loves Extreme Cookies and Creme and is very, very upset when the supermarket is out of it and I can’t buy it.

  116. Dan S says:

    How can the Limited Edition Deep Dark Chocolate be losing to chunky peanut butter? Weird… now… maybe if you mixed the 2 of them…? A dark chocolate PB cup? What I would like to see are more “natural” flavors… get rid of all the additives and preservatives and just have good, wholesome ice cream… When did TH change it’s formula?

  117. Shirley says:

    Black cherry is the best. The cherries are so big, and the ice cream is so very creamy

  118. Maureen says:

    If I could only pick ONE flavor (which is nearly impossible) I would have to say Chocolate Peanut Butter.

  119. Elaine says:

    limited edition coconut cream pie is the best!!!!!

  120. Dana Guard says:

    I have grown to like ALL the flavors as my three children all like different flavors. The top three are Choc. Peanut Butter, Mint Choc. Chip, and Party Cake. It is always a party at my house when we are makeing Turkey Hill ice cream sundaes or Shakes!

  121. Mark Shull says:

    Yankee Pinstripe Brownie Blast is the best, just like the Yankees!

  122. Valerie R says:

    Your Pittsburgh Steelers limited edition flavor will ALWAYS be my favorite. It is completely delicious!

  123. Danielle C. says:

    Turkey Hill is to die for!! But I was disapointed that the Pittsburgh Steelers limited edition wasnt a choice in the running because its my absolute fav!! (And im a Packers fan lol)

  124. Bill says:

    Love all your flavored Ice Cream. I am a 3 quarts a week eater.

  125. Rosie F. says:

    Off all the food in the world, I love Ice Cream the best and all of Turkey Hill’s flavors are fabulous!!

  126. Vicki Bower says:

    I would love to vote for the ones with nuts, but since I have nut allergies, I wouldn’t know if they were delicious or not. I love fruit ice creams!!!

  127. Lisa U says:

    Turkey Hill All-Natural Ice Cream is hands-down THE best ice cream on the market!! My favorite is the vanilla, with chocolate a close second . . . pure, unadulterated ice cream.

  128. kat says:

    I LOVE (and voted for) the Phillies Gram Slam AND I’m a yankees fan… thats how amazing it is!

  129. Kathleen Walsh says:

    My all time favorite has always been vanilla!

  130. Evalynn says:

    My all time favorite is Coconut Almond Fudge. It wasn’t in the running. It should be. It is wonderful. I almost have to have it every day. That’s some ice cream!!!

  131. Wow! Found out that I was in the lower percentile with all my favorite flavors! Well…I do walk to the beat of a different drummer much like many of the great flavors I chose!! 🙂 Turkey Hill remains the best – hands down!!! I am proud to live in the home of Turkey Hill!

  132. Kathy B says:

    I never ever have less than 3 containers of ice cream in the freezer – Turkey Hill, of course. My all-time favorite is the Limited Edition Salty Caramel – I am hoping you make that available ALL THE TIME! I do enjoy the Salted Caramel, too. Can you tell I like caramel?

  133. Trish Shannon says:

    I love Turkey Hill Limited Edition Coconut cream pie Ice cream….When it comes out, I buy enough to last me the entire year! LOVVEEEEE IT!

  134. Danielle says:

    I voted for the flavors but yet I love ALL Turkey Hill’s ice cream especially Party Cake, Coconut Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Ripple and Fried Ice Cream!

  135. Judy H says:

    Oh , the chocolate peanut butter sounds realy yummy~~

    Keep up the good work.

    ~Judy in MI~~ 🙂

  136. Baifeili says:

    There is a special place on my palate reserved exclusively for Turkey Hill ice cream.
    Unfortunately I’ve yet to locate a retailer in the Baltimore area who carries most TH product — especially the “limited edition” flavors, or even the majority of flavors listed in the Ultimate Flavor Tournament!
    TH definitely needs a wider network of retailers…

  137. Carol says:

    Double Dunker is awesome. Yum 😛

  138. janie says:

    As a PA native – I’m a die hard Turkey Hill fan. LOVE LOVE LOVE so many flavors, but Mint cookies – – cream fro yo holds a special place in my heart!

  139. Lara says:

    So many great flavors to choose from! What will you think of next?!

  140. Gail Watson says:

    I love Turkey Hill and so glad it is finally here in KY!! It was always my favorite 25 yrs ago in NJ but moved here and no Turkey Hill. So many favorite flavors but I have to tell you the Box Of Chocolates is awesome!! Also, love Mint Chocolate chip with those smooth chocolate shavings is my family’s fave 🙂

  141. CommonCents says:

    Hands down, Bronx Bomber is the winner. No other flavor is even close!!!

  142. CommonCents says:

    And I hate the Yankees, go Rays and Pirates!!!

  143. Carrie says:

    Double Dunker is my all time favorite! I am missing an old favorite though…it had tiny malt balls in it, but I don’t remember the name…it was a favorite of mine in college!

  144. Eric says:

    My wife and I love Extreme Cookies and Cream!

  145. Man says:

    Yankees™ Bronx Bombers Sundae is the best, the fact I’m a New Yorker makes this slightly skewed but still summer is all about ice cream and baseball.

  146. Kaye says:

    After voting on the different flavors, I found some new ones I definitely need to try. It seems like I usually buy my faves instead of trying something new. I need to work on this ice cream phobia problem!

  147. Pam says:

    I keep hoping you will make a light mocha ice cream with bits of chocolate in it.

  148. Jen says:

    How come Black Raspberry didn’t even make it in the top 32? Best ice cream flavor for fruit and creme ever. Of course the rest of Turkey Hill rocks too, so I’m not too upset.

  149. Kevin Maurer says:

    The Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie is sooooo delicious and fresh! I only wish that it was available year round. You’ve got to try it!

  150. Vicky Mcarthur says:

    I hope banana split wins ! It’s to die for !

  151. Michelle says:

    Any time I am in a bad mood or need a little pick-me-up, I know I can turn to Turkey Hill ice cream to brighten my day. It doesn’t matter what flavor I pick, because they all taste so good and are guaranteed to cheer up anyone!

  152. Stacey says:

    Any ice cream that has peanut butter in it….has my vote!!

  153. Linda Johnston says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream (almost all of the flavors). I love all flavors that have peanut butter, nuts or chocolate. I love when add this flavors are added to together

  154. Darcie says:

    What is wrong with you people, choosing Tin Roof over Salted Caramel? Salted Caramel ROCKS!!

  155. Avery C. Lee says:

    Bring back Pineapple Up-sidedown Cake.
    It THE best flavor you ever had!

  156. Mike says:

    Anyone who is voting for Dutch Chocolate over Double Dunker has obviously never tried the amazing DD! It’s very hard to find in my area, but I stock up when I can.

  157. judylee says:

    Love turkey hill ice cream! Yummy! : )

  158. Shawn Hussey says:

    Turkey Hill’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a tremendously tasty ice cream. I think it is a strong contender to win the tournament. It is a flavor that deserves serious consideration for the championship. It should win it all one of these years.

  159. Cathy Hein says:

    Turkey Hill makes the best ice cream in the world! My utimate favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, but a close second is Southern Lemon Pie.

  160. christine says:

    Love letting Tin Roof Sundae melt a little and mixing it up to make chocolate ice cream!

  161. Bernie says:

    Limited Edition Chunky Peanut Butter is the hands-down winner in our house. We shop multiple stores to stock up!

  162. Debby says:

    Chocolate Marshmallow is our favorite, and the closest ShopRite doesn’t usually stock it. So I make a special trip to the ShopRite on the other side of town to stock up!

  163. Debby says:

    Chocolate Marshmallow is our favorite, and the closest ShopRite doesn’t usually stock it. So I make a special trip to the ShopRite on the other side of town to stock up!!!

  164. William says:

    Go Flavors!!!

  165. steve says:

    What fun!

  166. Kaitlin says:

    Mint Chocolate chip is the go getter

  167. Chris C. says:

    I really miss Pecan Pie, though I would like to try black licorice ice cream. Turkey Hill makes everything better.

  168. Linda Barnett says:

    I think the reason that the Frozen Greek Yogurt isn’t polling higher is that not enough people have tried it – it’s excellent! And I’d try black licorice ice cream, too.

  169. Kathy Borrell says:

    NO way to Black Licorice ice cream-YUCK!!!

  170. Dean T. says:

    What, no Black Raspberry this year as a contender? That’s my favorite!

  171. linda says:

    right now with the weather like it is today, any flavor of ice cream seems good to me. Not tomorrow might be another story

  172. D. Douglas says:

    Very disappointed in the discontinuation of Light Espresso Chip!

  173. Christy says:

    The light receipe Extreme Cookies and Cream is by far the best ice cream ever!!!!!! Thanks for adding it to the March madness!

  174. J Canavan says:

    There should be seedings in each bracket. I’d put double cookies and cream as a top seed for shizzle.

  175. S Wimmer says:

    Oh an ice cream flavor tournament….you are brilliant!! So many choices how will I choose? I’ll keep you posted!

  176. nicole kaplan says:

    love the baseball flavors, nothing like the yankees bronx bomber at a yankees game

  177. lynn saunders says:

    At Turkey Hill we gobble out way through the best flavors!!!

  178. Angie says:

    It’s time for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup to win again !

  179. Corey says:

    Rocky Road is my thing,I would do anything for a one month supply of it!

  180. vanessa says:

    Great…now I gotta go buy some icecream lol

  181. Celeste says:

    I absolutely love ” Box of Chocolates ” but I have never had a Turkey Hill flavor that I didn’t like. Wish I could find more of the ” Limited Editions, though. It’s not just about the flavors, it’s the creaminess and texture of the product. There is NEVER an artificial or unpleasant aftertaste. In my family, we all prefer our own box. So… every week, its 3 boxes. Thank you for such a wonderful variety.

  182. Sheila Thomas says:

    Tin Roof Sundae now and forever.. but your Vanilla Bean icecream makes wonderful ice cream sandwiches between my home made Oatmeal Chocolate cookies.

  183. Ginny says:

    Sure wish we could have a tasting party to try some we’ve never had before!

  184. D Holland says:

    T Hill has FAR, FAR too many flavors. To such an extent, that often, the basics are out of stock and the shelves teem with the rather unusual flavor titles. The basics, in my opinion, are the light vanilla bean, the regular chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. When this happens, I buy the store brand or Bryers, etc, instead.


  185. Donna says:

    coconut cream pie is my ultimate fav flavor, now if you could just add some dark chocolate pieces in there it would be heaven

  186. Eric Bell says:

    No fair! Light Recipe Extreme Cookies and Cream vs. Light Recipe Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks in the first round? Those are my 2 go-to flavors! And now one has to lose. I am a sad man right now. Hope you’re happy.

  187. barb says:

    My husband is crazy for Turkey Hill. I limit him to light so he can have a bigger portion. He doesn’t only ask for a sundae, he asks for a mondae,tuesdae, wednesdae, thursdae. You get the picture, asks for one every day. I only wish I was kidding, but I am not. It is a standing joke with our whole family.They ask if Bill had his special ice cream treat yet(depending on what day it is).The bavarian expresso works just fine with whipped cream and everyone must have a cherry on top.Thanks for your wonderful ice cream and Bill thanks you for all of the light flavors.

  188. AMANDA says:


  189. Nancy Schools says:

    Your all natural chocolate is absolutely delicious. I usually want all kinds of add-ins but this one is great just the way it is.

  190. Kira says:

    I want to try the eagle touchdown sundae!

  191. mindy k says:

    Never met a Turkey Hill ice cream flavor I didn’t like.. BUUUUTTTTTT, the Blitzburgh is the BEST !!!


  192. Lynn Dobriko says:

    I’ll take vanilla any day.

  193. Karen Cohn says:

    Oh, so many flavors to pick….My favorite is Coconut Cream Pie!

  194. Rita Green says:

    Junior mint is the best!!! It is like a movie trip in my mouth!! Yummers!

  195. Mark says:

    My kids go through 4-5 containers of Dutch Chocolate a month.

  196. Susan says:

    My first taste of Turkey Hill was Red Raspberry sherbet. It tasted just like the Good Humor Raspberry one stick ice cream I use to get as a child. I wish it was still available.

  197. Susan says:

    I love that Turkey Hill provides low fat (light) alternatives to their best flavors. Like choclate chip cookie dough.

  198. sherry says:

    i ive in lima ohio and love turkey hill ice cream, but can’t find it in the stores. lived in pa and had it all the time please let me know where to buy it here. thanks sherry

  199. MJ says:

    GoGoGo….. Coconut Cream Pie :>))) My absolute favorite! I would love this flavor to be available allll yearrr longgggg!!!

  200. Desiree Moyers says:

    There are always at least 6 flavors of ice-cream in our freezers. It’s part of our daily routine! But I wish you didn’t put Coconut Cream Pie against Fried Ice-Cream. They’re both my fav’s!

  201. Judy Pietro says:

    Yummmmm, salted caramel anything is great, but ice cream? Decadent yet down to earth, delicious, yet decidely dreamy…

  202. Joyce says:

    My husband and I love Lady Liberty. I haven’t eaten any other flavor since I first tasted it. Now my whole family loves it. Can’t get enough of it!

  203. Deb Ragno says:

    Turkey Hill makes the very best ice cream. We love it.

  204. Gail Becker says:

    Limited Edition Coconut Creme Pie is my favorite!

  205. Linda Hastings says:

    So much torture having to choose!

  206. Brielle Arch says:

    It really is hard to choose between all the flavors, but my favorite has to be chocolate chip cookie dough!

  207. Judy says:

    How is it possible that Orange Cream Swirl could win such a contest? Does no one else remember St. Joseph’s Baby Aspirin???

  208. Judy says:

    I was eating so much Turkey Hill ice cream that my husband and I instituted a new rule: ice cream cannot be eaten on a weekday. Weekends, however, include Sunday nights and of course any night when I don’t have to go to work the next day. So it works out to be about 1 gallon per week. 🙂

  209. anita kapkan says:

    coffie i love the tast i put walnuts in the coffie even fruit it is a great mix adds to the tast also i even put the coffie ice cream in my coffie its great

  210. Tianna L says:

    Well jeez, except for the Yankees and the chocolate round I’m on the loosing side of everything. I thought for sure peeps would prefer egg nog over pumpkin and dbl choc over chunky peanut butter! Really! Salted carameled chunky peanuts is one thing but chucky peanut butter ice cream over dbl chocolate maybe they could combine them you now 2 taste, that taste Great together! or even side by side. Well let me take my bl chocolate self over to the corner and mope. I hope a chocolate makes it into the top 5. In the USA unfortunately vanilla rules!

  211. Tc says:

    Turkey hill is THE only ice cream eaten in our home. The good thing is that everyone has different favorites so there is always a great selection in our freezer. Looking at the voting I realized that I need to try out some of those great favors…especially the limited editions. Thanks Turkey Hill for making a truly delicious treat for my family to enjoy!

  212. Bridget Merker says:

    Love, love Turkey Hill Ice Cream! The bes flavor has got to be chocolate and peanut butter! Nothing like it!

  213. Doug Pope says:

    Orange Cream Swirl forever! I had completely forgotten about St Joseph’s aspirin… How I loved them!

  214. Michele Persak says:

    My son bought your double dunker ice cream and my husband and I tried it. We both liked it very much. Keep up the good work.

  215. Gail W says:

    Cookies and Cream is always my favorite!

  216. Teresa Motz says:

    I LOVE my ice cream with nuts and fudge. Tin Roof Sundae, you have my vote!

  217. Sharon kisner says:

    We love the chocolate peanut butter ice cream and have a bowl every night…….our nighltly ritual! YUM!

  218. Lisa says:

    Went to the Turkey Hill Experience. Great thing for the family to do! Tried my first Whoopie Pie Ice Cream. Very yummy. Wish I could get it back home!!!! May have to make a extra special trip to PA just to get it.

  219. T Stoltzfus says:

    Try raspberry cookies & cream

  220. Rachael says:

    I hope the winner is the Limited edition Coconut Cream Pie!!!

  221. Barb says:

    MMmmm, Turkey HIll Ice Cream. I have a container of Double Dunker in my freezer now. Yum yum!

  222. Darlene Kubilis says:

    Each time I fall in LOVE with My Favorite Turkey Hill Flavor…..out comes another awesome flavor combination! I Love eating the PomBlueberry Chocolate Truffle Yogurt when it is available. Give a girl chocolate and you have a happy camper! Although I will try anything new! My husband loves every flavor I bring home! There have been plenty of new Turkey Hill treats for both of us. Keep up the fantastic work! We Love it! 🙂

  223. Barb says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters, THIS is terrific March Madness!

  224. MIKE BELL says:

    All of the flavors are wonderful. The thing I loved most about Turkey Hill is the smooth creaminess of the ice cream. It also brings back wonderful memories of summer vacations in Lancaster County. So, even though I can’t get to Lancaster County, I can always go to the market and Turkey Hill Ice Cream and Lancaster County home with me.

  225. Michelle says:

    Love this contest, I always get introduced to a new flavor that is delightful!

  226. donna drew says:

    LOVE Turkey Hill Ice Cream. It is my one allowed “cheat” on my diet

  227. Michelle says:

    Love this contest! All the flavors are winners, so hard to choose.

  228. Jan Warner says:

    Never knew there were so many different flavors..They all sound so great!

  229. sue hulme says:

    love the contest each year!

  230. Lee McBride says:

    I loved your Death by Chocolate; would love to see a return…

  231. James Monyak says:

    I love your chocolate and eat it everyday for a month or a year!

  232. Peter Swift says:

    I used to be a very boring ice cream fanatic. I loved ice cream, but I always went with Vanilla. That all changed with Turkey Hill’s Philadelphia style Vanilla. I tried it, and it instantly became my favorite ice cream. However, it was the gateway to a world of new flavors. After sticking with the vanilla for months, my grocery store ran out! But rather than switching brands, I decided Cherry Vanilla (all natural) at least had vanilla in the name….

    ..And here we are months later and I have tried and loved all of the all natural flavors…..even the opposite end of the spectrum – chocolate!!

    Good work, Turkey Hill – you have broadened my horizons.

  233. Jerry Barbour says:

    Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream. And the All Natural Salted caramel we sampled at the Farm Show was FANTASTIC!

  234. Lauren G says:

    I like plain vanilla

  235. Harry says:

    I was a Bryers Ice Cream only fan.

    Tried the Philadelphia Style Vanilla and began the switch
    But the new All Natural TH is just as good and I have a new
    brand favorite

  236. Steve Masters says:

    My favorite flavor is Blitzburg Crunch, even though I am a Cleveland Browns fan!!

    It is the only item with Steelers colors that I will allow in my house!! Haha


  237. Nancy N says:


  238. Jeff S. says:

    While all the Turkey Hill Flavors are delicious, Snicker Doodle is the best. The cinnamon cookie flavor is perfect for the holiday season!

  239. Latasha Orr says:

    We’re Steeler Fans in our household so Blitzburg Crunch it is… STEELER NATION FOREVER!!!!!!!

  240. Sarah Smith says:

    Our family loves Turkey Hill Ice Cream. You will not find our freezer without Turkey Hill ice cream in it. Each family member has their favorite flavors……so no way our family could settle on one favorite. But I can say I don’t believe we have came across a flavor w haven’t liked.

  241. wendy lee klenetsky says:

    DEEP DARK CHOCOLATE seems to be the answer to a CHOCOHOLIC’S prayer. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………..

  242. Angelina Falcon says:

    I love Turkey Hill!!

  243. brandy says:

    I love ice cream i think whoopie pie should win that ice cream i so yummy

  244. Donna McCauley says:

    My favorite is Black Raspberry.

  245. Chris says:

    Love banana split and Coconut Cream Pie

  246. Being diabetic, I only get a very small portion ( Lucky Daughter gets the rest)really enjoy tasting each flavor 1 a week.Contest fun!

  247. Sue Ortiz says:

    It’s never too cold outside for Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  248. Tom Martin says:

    Come on DEEP DARK CHOCOLATE lovers…let’s get the votes out!!!

  249. Myra Forman says:

    Philadelphia flavors in the black box are absolutely scrumptous and outdo all other brands. The vanilla takes the prize for me.

  250. BARBARA TRIPP says:

    Just discovered your Coconut Creme ice cream several weeks ago and cannot get enough of this flavor! Every time I go past the ice cream freezer in the store, I grab some Coconut Creme containers, sometimes finding 10 or more cartons of it in my freezer. My second all-time favorite is Vanilla Bean. This one cannot be beaten!!

  251. Rich Kelly says:

    Love the Pretzels in ice cream

  252. Michele says:

    Why can’t Coconut Cream Pie or German Chocolate Cake be permanent???!!

  253. Marika Chronister says:

    Two all-time favorites in our household went head-to-head in Round One: Yankee Pinstripe Brownie Blast and Phillies Graham Slam. If my husband voted, he just cancelled out mine 🙂

  254. stan mirel says:

    Hi; My favorite is the All-American combination of vanilla and chocolate in my dish every night and sometimes when I hold the dish in the palm of my hand, the heat softens the ice cream and I swirl them together till it’s as smooth as it can be and so cold it must be eaten slowly…….pretty good on a fresh toasted waffle also. Stan Mirel

  255. katie miget says:

    Love the chocolate peanut butter cup the best!

  256. christina ridge says:

    Love your ice cream!!!!!

  257. stan mirel says:

    Hi; My wife drives me crazy with her desire for chocolate-marshmallow in a heaping dish, and while she’s eating it she won’t stop to talk. Stan M.

  258. Diane Dinozo says:

    We love Phillies Graham Slam Ice Cream!

  259. Robin G says:

    I really look forward to the monthly special flavors.

  260. mary k says:

    I don’t understand what rum raisin ice cream is supposed to taste like. i guess I’m not old enough. Raisin ice cream? Rum ice cream? Yuck! Rum raisin ice cream?? Eeeewww?

  261. Michael Campion says:

    Chocolate Marshmallow is the best!

  262. Lori says:

    I tried the Phillies Grand Slam Ice Cream at the Turkey Hill Experience and it was incredible. I’m still looking for the Light Bavarian Espresso to try it, but can’t find it at any local stores.

  263. Emma says:

    All the flavors I’ve tried are excellent, and I’ve tried lots!

  264. Maria says:

    Chocolate Marshmello wins hands/spoons down! I lived in AZ for 16 months and I traveled back to NJ 9 times, and each time I would go back to AZ I would take four containers packed in dry ice. The TSA new my luggage! Lol

  265. Emma says:

    I still prefer Turkey Hill over several other big brands <3

  266. Sharon says:

    I absolutely love Turkey Hill ice cream, by far my favorite is Stuffed Jr Mint, it’s creamy and minty. I just love the cold jr mints mixed in, mmmmm. So good. Jr mint was always a movie favorite . Thumbs up turkey hill for this cool creation!!!!

  267. kayse says:

    It always makes me smile when I see the TH trucks on the road. Makes me ready for summer.

  268. Rita Geesaman says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is THE best!!

  269. Matt Smith says:

    Double Dunker is the BEST!!

  270. Jessica says:

    I can’t believe how many flavors I’ve never even heard of – so many new ones to try, but cookie dough is going to be a tough favorite to beat!

  271. Betty says:

    Flavor tournement….it doesnt really matter which one wins….ICE CREAM is always a winner!!!

  272. Carolyn says:

    how do you vote in the tournament?

  273. Audrey Ohl says:

    Turkey Hill Natural Vanilla is by far the best vanilla ice cream anywhere.

  274. Angie says:

    Strawberries N Cream is the best one around, no other brand can compare.
    Turkey Hill is my favorite

  275. Michael L. says:

    My favorite is Blitzburgh ice cream! The taste is unreal!!! Hope this stays on the shelf permanently because it is always the dessert of choice after our family meals! Thank you!

  276. Angie says:

    Strawberries N Cream no other brand can compare. Turkey Hill is the best

  277. Melissa says:

    Yes, I can’t believe Duouble Dunker is being beat either. Love the Mocha flavor.

  278. Christa says:

    Using Turkey Hill Yankees Ice cream is a great “subtle” way for our family baseball team rivalry. Half like Boston and the other half Yankees. Great way to stick it in their face.

  279. Jackie Keel says:

    Our whole family helped choose our favorites. We always look forward to this every year. My favorite is the Cookies & Cream. Here’s hoping the Phillies ice cream beats out the Yankees or wins as the favorite this year and we would have 2 Philly teams winning the tournament back to back years 🙂

  280. Jo Ann McKay says:

    I love Butter Pecan and Strawberry

  281. mary mcmenamy says:

    we adore cookie and cream so creamy

  282. David says:

    Man, Turkey Hill ice cream is soooo good! The Blitzburgh Crunch is my favorite – it is sooo good! Thanks for making it!

  283. Turkey Hill’s limited edition flavors are terrific. I don’t think I’ve had one that I didn’t like. But the PomBlueberry last summer was excellent! A real treat. Pls. continue to offer limited editions to your frozen yogurt — since that is what I buy.

  284. Carol Y says:

    Voted! Hope my favorites win!

  285. Karen Dunn says:

    Im on a butter pecan kick now, but my taste for ice cream changes as the wind blows! One thing i can say is I always have ice cream in the house and Turkey Hill is the best!

  286. Kimberly says:

    Voted hope my favorite one wins!!!

  287. leslie says:

    Living in Philly not a lot of ways to get our Steelers fix….Thank goodness for Steelers Blitzburgh Crunch!!!!!! Even my Eagle’s loving husband has to admit it’s the best ice cream out there! Thanks Turkey Hill

  288. Carrie Doron says:

    Turkey Hill brightens my world. No lie I eat ice cream every day…usually twice a day…and Turkey Hill is my first pick! Ice cream is the best food in the world in my opinion and the solution to every bad day or celebration! A world without ice cream would be a sad cruel world! Although I am partial to chocolate ice cream…I am always up for trying a new flavor of any kind! 🙂

  289. Lindy says:

    My sentiments exactly! Except trade in “Turkey Hill Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” for chocolate. Without that, life would be meaningless. -Lindy

  290. Ron Troy says:

    We absolutely love Turkey Hill’s All Natural Chocolate Ice Cream. Amazing texture and great flavor; we easily prefer it to far more expensive ‘premium’ ice creams formerly sold by the pint.

  291. Kris says:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough hands down the winner. It has killed my diet every week since I discovered it.

  292. Love the contest, but LOVE the ice cream more! 🙂

  293. Mike says:

    All are tasty winners in the Ultimate Flavor Tournament!

  294. Phyllis says:

    My family loves Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!!! My personal favorite is the Skinny Minty! Thanks for great products!

  295. Diane says:

    I love ice cream it is yummy for the tummy. Think about it ice cream almost always brings back memories of a good time and it can be used for a good bribe also:)

  296. Maryanne Corsini says:

    Double Dunker…can’t get enough!

  297. Millie Loffredo says:

    I think Cherry Vanilla is the best. It is the creamiest, most delicious and rates NO 1 in my books. It brings back memories of my childhood days.

  298. Rose says:

    Do you still make Vanilla/Mango doubled? I can’t find it anywhere in my area and I miss it.

  299. Karen says:

    Orange swirl sounds nice as well as anything that has the fruit flavors in it. I also like the chocolate fudges,etc.

  300. Tammy Little says:

    I still vote for my tried and true favorite, the 2011 winner. Orange Swirl, and my second favorite, being a Steelers fan, and the fact that it’s good, is Pittsburgh Steelers Blitzburg Crunch. Should be illegal.

  301. Diane K says:

    Anything with chocolate in it wins for me every time.

  302. Kelly says:

    I absolutely LOVE Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean ice cream…YUMMM!!

  303. holly in pa says:

    Can’t wait to see the winning flavor, but since they are all great you really can’t lose

  304. cher turner says:

    Your ice cream is the best. I would eat any favorite, its hard to pick a winner.

  305. Ann says:

    We love your ice cream! And the flavor choices are outstanding!

  306. Sandy Keich says:

    I can never decide which flavor to buy when choosing ice cream and Turkey Hill is the only ice cream allowed in my home. I’m waiting for peanut butter and mardhmallow to join forces one day in the flavor lineup. Mmmmmmmm.

  307. Nancy Solomon says:

    What could be more deliciously satisfying than a flavor that tastes like its name.

  308. Debra Campbell says:

    I wish you would put the Tasty-cake flavors in bigger containers.

  309. Tina Drescher says:

    Turkey Hill has the best ice cream around! If I win I am treating my mom she is on a budget but she can not resist your ice cream and she always makes sure there is monry for her ice cream lol Thanks keep up the great work 🙂

  310. Carol Huha says:

    This will be one tough competition. All the flavors are GREAT and there’s soooo many to chose from.

  311. Penny B says:

    Limited Edition Ice Creams are amoung some of my favorites and it was very difficult in the voting process to choose one over the other. Honestly though, my childhood was based on the summer dream of White House Cherry Ice Cream made by Highs Diary Stores and now that they are gone in my area the closest Cherry Vanilla ice cream that I have found is yours. Thanks for making ice cream still a special treat for me, it is one of the precious memories shared by my family.

  312. Turkey Hill TurkeyHill Strawberriesand Cream has got to be the best icecream Large chunks of Strawberrie with creamy Vanilla is AWESOME!!!!!! The best Part of it all???? ITS MADE IN THE USA.

  313. Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving anymore without Turkey Hill Limited Edition Pumpkie Pie. Its got to be the best I have ever had!!!!

  314. Icecreamer says:

    Each of the previous winners are one of my favorites. Does Turkey Hill know me, or can they not go wrong when choosing a crowd pleaser?!

  315. Judd says:

    love Dutch Chocolate the best!

  316. tammy l says:

    i just wanted to share i have never been soo happy with ice cream untill i ate turkey hills vanilla ice cream from that moment tasting the creamy smooth flavor ice cream we ve (my family) havent atten any other brand once you ve tried it you WANT more , ive exspanded my taste buds and went for more flavors , added it to make my own ice cream sandwitches , had friends and family ask hey what kind of ice cream is this , i even wrote turkey hill and asked for coupons they sent them to me i handed them out sooo others could and would try what i so love to eat nowadays ..and it has worked ,PLEASE TURKEY HILL keep up the great tasty ice cream i love them soo much and you ve turned me into a hge ice cream eatter ….love it thank you for giving my taste buds something to look forward to

  317. Julia says:

    I just love the light version Moose tracks…..Better than Ben & Jerry’s!!!

  318. Chris says:

    Coconut Cream Pie is hands down the best ice cream ever from anybody

  319. Pat Johndro says:

    I’m excited to try the Chunky Peanut Butter……….

  320. Paula says:

    Ice cream is my favorite treat, and Turkey Hill tops the list of delicious ice cream. Reading the many
    flavors mentioned in the survey and in comments, I notice that we don’t get many of them in the
    New York City area. Turkey Hill mint chocolate chip is the best.

  321. Paula says:

    Espresso Chip is my second Turkey Hill favorite. I read more replies and noticed you discontinued
    Light Espresso Chip. PLEASE do not discontinue the Espresso Chip.

  322. Alan says:

    The is better than March Madness. We can enjoy Turkey Hill Ice cream and frozen yogurt all year. best of all there are no losers

  323. Matt says:

    This is awesome. Whoever came up with this is a man or woman after my own heart. What a great idea!

  324. Tina Baroni says:

    Turkey Hill is the best ice cream in town! My favorite is Vanilla Bean!

  325. Jon Arasin says:

    The great thing about all this voting for ice cream, is that it makes me really hungry for ice cream. Well played, Turkey Hill, well played lol.

  326. Shirley says:

    The Orange Creme Swirl is my absolute favorite. Have to have it several times a week.

  327. Reet says:

    Any flavor you make that’s creamy is Dreamy!!! You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you open your freezer and don’t see that pretty container of any flavor Turkey Hill in there…

  328. Ruth bullock says:

    I love Butter Pecan. It is so good and the nuts seems to melt in your mouth. My husband loves it and have to buy a cartoon a week and it dont last long around the house. A good bowl of Butter Pecan Ice Cream after dinner and before bed is delicious.

  329. Linda says:

    Fudge Ripple is a classic, no peanut butter required.

  330. Ruth bullock says:

    I love Butter Pecan. My husband loves it too and we have to keep it around the house. One cartoon does not go far. The almonds seems to melt in your mouth. A good and delicious bowl of Butter Pecan Ice Cream after dinner and before bed makes a good desert.

  331. Kathleen says:

    Decisions, decisions…All Natural Coffee, Double Dunker, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Deep Dark Chocolate

  332. David Blank says:

    We love Ice Cream, even those in my family who are lactose intolerant.

    It is my favorite dessert of summer snack.

    Turkey Hill always has some of the best flavor mixes and choices.

  333. Tammy says:

    I think Turkey Hill ice cream is truly the best ice cream. I love the Moose Tracks. Other brands try to imitate the great taste of Turkey Hill Moose Tracks, but they dont even come close. Turkey Hill ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  334. Denise Wilson says:

    Wow most of my choices are in the minority!

  335. Phyllis Umbarger says:

    My favorite Turkey Hill Ice Cream is Chocolate. I love your ice cream. But Chocolate just sends me over the moon. I could eat it until I pop. I have loved ice cream since I was very young. There were 9 in our family so when we got a 1/2 gal. of ice cream mom would divide it into 9 equal parts (very small amounts). When I tried my first Turkey Hill Ice Cream it took me back to my childhood. Enjoying every spoonful I tasted. Creamy, full of flavor the best ice cream EVER. Please don’t change a thing. Someday I want to visit where it is made. LOVE, LOVE TURKEY HILL ICE CREAM.

  336. Margaret Zorsky says:

    I like salty rather than sweet, so the peanut/peanut butter are my favorit! But I also like the expresso chip and coffee…. Oh, I can go on……..

  337. Uncle Matt says:

    Double Dunker is the kids’ favorite, but anything with peanut butter wins for me.

  338. Cindy Haskell says:

    Sigh….so many choices…Rum Raisin, Banana Split..Tin Roof Sundae..Cherry Vanilla….TH you are the best!!! Thank you for creating fantastic ice cream flavors!!

  339. Erin says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the best!! My family loves it. In fact we have three different flavors in our freezer right now!! Light EXtreme Cookies N Cream, Light Cookie Dough, and Touchdown Sundae!! All super yummy and a great value too!

  340. REGGIE MCGEE says:

    Here in Ohio we can’t get all the good flavors we need—-but we love your ice cream.

  341. Zak says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, ‘I find Turkey Hill Ice Cream udderly delicious!’

  342. Charlie Magocs says:

    Love the Tin Roof !!!!!

  343. My family loves Turkey Hill ice cream and novelties and they are always a special treat for us any time of year. I always look forward to surprising my two children with Turkey Hill products for desert!

  344. michelle says:

    icecream is a great treat anytime of day. We always have several flavors in the freezer. Love that there are so many different choices.

  345. Gloria says:

    Tournament is a fun idea. Anything chocolate for me!

  346. Gregg says:

    DOUBLE DUNKER!!!! I don’t think there’s a better flavor out there… ANYWHERE!!! Haven’t tried it yet?? You better before you vote cause you WILL vote for DOUBLE DUNKER!!

  347. Amanda says:

    Cannot wait to see the Chunky Peanut Butter again! Nothing excites me…well and my pregnancy cravings, more than Turkey Hill ice cream! 🙂 It is a daily tradition and a months worth of ice cream sure would be nice!

  348. Susan Woodward says:

    Just moved to east coast and couldn’t wait to try Turkey Hill. Pumpkin Pie? Mmmmmmmmmmm heaven on earth!!!! Chunky Peanut Butter is very close second. My husband lives for his Chocolate Marshmellow…. OMG, I want some right now !!!!

  349. Betsy says:

    I think some of the voters may not have tried all the kinds of ice cream listed in contest so hard to judge. I’ve not seen all these around my area. Hmmmm, black licorice, not for me but I feel sure my husband would love it.

  350. Jennifer Masker says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream. My favorite is Mint chocolate chip. Its the best flavor by far.

  351. Amy says:

    We always have at least 4 kinds of Turkey Hill ice cream in our freezer The kids love Phillies Graham Slam, but who can resist the All Natural Salted Caramel? Yum 🙂

  352. Dianne Simmons says:

    Even though I’m a chocoholic and normally buy only chocolate flavors of Turkey Hill, I do love the Southern Lemon Pie and stock up on that when it’s availble.

  353. Olivia says:

    My family’s favorite is Vanilla Bean. Love the taste of Turkey Hill and also love the price point when it goes on sale!

  354. Andrea Brode says:

    icecream rules!!!

  355. Porter Trice says:

    Yankees pinstripe blast is going all the way!

  356. Dan DeNovio says:

    My goal is to try all the flavors of The Turkey Hill line up!

  357. Diane says:

    Go cherry vanilla!

  358. I love Ice Cream… MOST kinds, but for some strange reason, I am DRAWN TO VANILLA BEAN! What can I say…I guess simplicity has it’s merit! GO TURKEY HILL!

  359. chastity says:

    would so love some free ice cream!!!!

  360. Samuel Idler says:

    Light Recipe Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks is winning. I hope it goes deep into the tournament.

  361. Loretta Valdes says:

    My very first and top choice is your Peppermint Ice Cream that you made several years ago. Our Giant Grocery Store didn’t put it out on time but we were able to finally buy 10 containers before they were gone. We were lucky as we froze them and enjoyed them for a long time on special occasions.

    Hope you plan on selling that flavor again soon.

  362. Linda says:

    My all-time favorite: LADY LIBERTY!

  363. Marisa says:

    We love ALL your flavors! Thanks for such high quality deliciousness!

  364. Alyce says:

    Love Turkey Hill ice cream, hard to choose a favorite flavor but moose tracks, chocolate nutty moose tracks, OMG, they are always the basics and then I add others to the mix. But always at least 3 flavors in my freezer. The flavor, creaminess, the selection of flavors. . .unbeatable. Supreme Ice Cream. . . that’s my Turkey Hill

  365. Gaye Cavanaugh says:

    There has never been a Turkey Hill ice cream flavor I haven’t liked! Look forward to the new ones out every year.

  366. Millie Loffredo says:

    Our very favorite is Black Cherry. All Turkey Hill Ice Cream is so creamy and delicious. We like all the flavors with fruit in it, and if we can’t get Black Cherry, well then Vanilla Bean is a second choice.

  367. Larri says:

    Best flavor ever: Limited edition Box of Chocolates! Wasn’t sure when I bought it, but even my wife loves it (and she’s not a huge chocolate fan)

  368. DLP says:

    BLITZBURGH CRUNCH!!!! yea Steelers!!

  369. george wettig says:

    chunky peanut butter is the best I have had in a month. this is a great choice.

  370. Virginia says:

    Most people like a GOOD vanilla flavor, but adding things like nuts and chocolate is what makes Moose tracks the BEST! And offering it in the lighter variety alows those of us who want healthier snacks to enjoy Turkey Hill. I wouls say my second all time fave is the limited edition of Blueberry Pomegranite with Choc.chips. Made in the frozen yougurt mode, it too offers a healthier choice.

  371. Claudine says:

    I love, love, love Mint Cookies N Cream Frozen Yogurt. It tastes like ice cream, rich and creamy.

  372. Courtney says:

    So many of the flavors going head to head are my favorites. Can’t I vote for them all?

  373. MaryLou says:

    I love the seasonal selections. And I always look for the unusual flavors that the others don’t make!

  374. aaron says:

    I love the phillies double header! salty gram goodness YUM.
    There used to be another phillies themed ice cream that had popcorn in it, anyone renember what it was called?

  375. Laurie T. says:

    Extreme Cookies and Cream and Cookie dough are the favorites in our house!

  376. Lori Weller says:

    My favorite flavor is Black Cherry.There is so much fruit included.

  377. Susan Z says:

    Coconut Cream pie is a winner!!

  378. Sue Long says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip has always been my favorite … and then I discovered Double Stuffed Cookies & Cream.

  379. Aggie Zimmerman says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is my favorite especially the Philadelphia Style but that is becoming hard to find. My favorite is vanilla with peanut butter shavings. It never lasts in my house. It is addictive

  380. Jason says:

    Q: How do you make a dinosaur float?
    A: Put a scoop of ice cream in a glass of root beer and add one dinosaur!

  381. Allison Jian says:

    The very best birthday cake ice cream out there is Turkey Hill, hands down! I tell everyone that it is not only the best Turkey Hill ice cream, it is the very best ice cream flavor out of any brand and any flavor!

  382. Susanna Greer says:

    My husband grew up in Lancaster, and between the 2 of us, there is always at least 1 half gallon of Turkey Hill in our freezer. I haven’t had the priveledge of seeing Snyder’s PA Dutch Pretzel yet, but I am now on the lookout for it!

  383. Elise M says:

    Mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavor!

  384. Allison Jian says:

    Turkey Hill Birthday cake ice cream is the best out of any brand and any ice cream! It’s also the original!

  385. Tish says:

    Love Rum Raisin! Just wish my local stores would stock it more regularly 🙁

  386. Shifra says:

    I grew up in a household where ice cream is considered a staple food item. We were often served ice cream and Cheerios for breakfast (sometimes rasins and or walnuts were addento the mix) because as my mother says what’s the difference between that and having sugar cereal and milk. Actually she often told us it was healthier.

  387. Dave says:

    The best is philadelphia style mint chocolate chip!! They need to bring back the Philadelphia style flavors!

  388. AME says:

    I like how fresh Turkey Hill tastes – especially the Yankes Pinstripes Brownie Blast.

  389. Penny says:

    Turkey hill is our favorite ice cream. And with a Turkey Hill right down the street, pull in and pick up some cookies and cream or chocolate marshmallow and make the day a little sweeter!

  390. Helen Lord says:

    My family loves ice cream; it’s almost mandatory Sunday night desert. I miss some of the older fruit flavors that you used to have: Peaches and cream (which I think you still make, but it never shows up in our stores) and Raspberry and Cream which was the only raspberry ice cream I ever liked (most are too sweet). Your fruit ice creams always tasted like the fruit was freshly picked! What ever happened to the rhubarb one? That was a wonderful spring-time treat.

  391. Jason says:

    Limited Edition Coconut Cream Pie is my new favorite! Beating my old favorite – All Natural Cherry Vanilla.

  392. Heather says:

    I never tasted a Turkey Hill ice cream product I didn’t like. I only buy yours, even when others are on sale. 🙂

  393. nancy says:

    my favorite ice cream is really hard to find. once in a while Turkey hill makes it and i stock up. i vote to bring back butter brickle ice cream

  394. Denise says:

    My four choices for the finals are:

    Tin Roof
    Double Dunkler
    Stuff’d Strawberry Cheesecake
    Coconut Cream Pie

  395. chris jenkins says:

    love,love turkey hill ice cream.I eat it at least 4 times a week.Keep the new flavores coming.always like trying something new.How about a choclate covered strawberry in vanilla bean. yum yum

  396. Sharon Lewis says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip is my ultimate favorite! I converted from another brand to Turkey Hill and can’t see myself ever going back! I love the flavor….my kids are addicted to the Vanilla.

  397. Faye says:

    Where is the junior mint and box of chocolates???2 of my favorites….

  398. LMHutch says:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough is super awesome!!! Yum Yum!

  399. Tony Ciucci says:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Moose Tracks are both winners…

  400. Julie says:

    Come on Deep Dark Chocolate! Our family’s favorite. We love Turkey Hill ice cream.

  401. Helen Payne says:

    When I treat myself to my favorite flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream, my feet just don’t touch the ground!

  402. Tina Weigle says:

    We love Turkey Hill ice cream. My husbands favorite is Chocolate Marshmallow and mine is Blitzburgh Crunch. Our 3 year old daughter likes any kind.

  403. Paula White says:

    Our family is very loyal to the Turkey Hill brand. No other ice cream tastes better! It is a little embarrassing for someone to open the freezer in our garage – there is a lot of Turkey Hill ice cream inside!
    Thanks so much. Keep making your wonderful products!

  404. Ruth says:

    Our family is Turkey Hill all the way. My husband could eat a whole container of Turkey Hill Ice cream in one sitting, if I let him. I have to buy at least four a week. My daughter is as bad as my husband. I have to tell them to leave my container alone so I can enjoy a bowl of ice cream. They eat all the flavors. I love butter almond and chocolate, butter pecan,and I guess anyone with nuts in it..GO TURKEY HILL

  405. Levon says:

    My family loves mostly all the turkey hill flavors, we usually can agree on tin roof sundae at the supermarket. My son would choose chocolate chip cookie dough, my fiance would choose mexican fried ice cream, and I would choose the chocolate covered pretzel, it was so good I sent you guys a letter telling how good it was and the company sent me coupons and a turkey hill calendar. Thats why we only buy turkey hill ice cream from our local supermarkets.

  406. john hoskins says:

    i love phillies graham slam its the best you guys at turkey hill come up with the best flavors thanks

  407. Richard Olday says:

    Chocolate Marshmallow is a favorite of mine. This tastes like the ice cream I ate as a child with lots of Marshmallow & no nuts. Some companies try to fool us with a marshmallow flavored ice cream, but this is not what we desire. Please don’t ever change your recipe!

  408. Laura Bielefeldt says:

    Some members of my family can finally eat ice cream again! We love the new natural ice cream and all the new flavors… It is nice to have the whole family eat Turkey Hill ice cream together again. Thank you from one very happy family!

  409. kathy heffner says:

    I’ve asked before, now I’m asking again…PLEASE include Orange-Pineapple Ice Cream as a feature flavor and if it goes over good, make it a regular available flavor. THANKS

  410. Laura says:

    My family and my brother’s and sister’s family all eat Turkey Hill. I like your lite ice cream and my husband likes your vanilla and choc. My sons like your Yankee ice cream. We always try your new flavors. Anything with chocolate usually works for me.

  411. stephanie says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream cause it has flavors that are like from my home town. Philadelphia vanilla, the chocolate is fantastic, peanut butter twirl or Chocolate peanut butter cup. It’s amazing how Turkey Hill can make the ice cream that it taste like Banana Split, or birthday cake. I do not eat any other icecream then Turkey Hill. Keep up the great work.

  412. Kristen says:

    I would vote my pants off for the Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt, the Southern Lemon Pie yogurt, or the Greek Baklava yogurt. Those are my absolute favorites! Oh well…maybe they’ll be in next year’s batch!

  413. Amanda says:

    I love Light Extreme Cookies ‘n Cream and Light Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks. It was very hard to pick

  414. Ronnie G says:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, is almost impossible to beat as an ice cream taste treat!

  415. La Donna says:

    My husband I have a new favorite. The All-Natural Salted Caramel is the best. When we got the postcard with the coupon in the mail, we went out looking for it before it was even on the shelves! Now it is out. It was worth the wait!

  416. Tom says:

    I’m cuckoo for coconut.

  417. Gerry says:

    I usually eat the light or sugar free flavors. Would love a bacon and maple syrup ice cream! It probably won’t be light or sugar free, but I would splurge to try it!

  418. dee tompkins says:

    I don’t like peanut butter so any of the peanut butter flavors I will not eat. Give me coffee, orange grove, coconut cream, fried ice cream, New York Yankees flavor, black cherry any time over peanut flavored anything.

  419. Traci says:

    Our family LOVES Turkey Hill Ice Cream. It’s the only brand we buy!!!!

  420. Kris says:

    Very hard to pick a favorite! Salted caramel is awesome though! Party Cake is a favorite as well as Coffee, Choc. PB Cup, and Touchdown Sundae!!

  421. Carol Mock says:

    Turkey Hill is the best ice cream! We love the Natural flavors.

  422. Kathy says:

    I only buy the Turkey Hill Natural because I don’t want foreign additives in my ice cream. It’s not carried in all stores that stock Turkey Hill and, those that do, have only vanilla and chocolate.

    Last week, I felt like I had won the lottery, I found four of the salted caramel all lined up in the store’s freezer. Could they have been delivered by mistake? I don’t know, but I bought all four.

  423. Jean Sagarese says:

    Love them all but Rocky Road has been the fav lately

  424. Carol K. says:

    We love Turkey Hill Ice Cream…it’s so rich and delicious!!! Coconut Almond Fudge is my absolute favorite – not only is it addictively scrumptious, but it is a Light Ice Cream; which makes me not feel one ounce of guilt for indulging my Turkey Hill Ice Cream obsession! YUMMMMY!!!

  425. Doobies Bar says:

    SERIOUSLY!?! Yankees are beating the Phillies Graham Slam?? This can’t be possible, as the Graham Slam is the most AWESOME ice cream on the planet! During the playoffs, we only serve the Graham Slam. When the Phils won the World Series last, we served up 10 gallons of it!

  426. Marcie says:

    My votes are cast but I think they are all winners

  427. Greatest ice cream-just can’t get enough-so many wonderful new flavors. But by far Chunky Peanutbutter or anything with peanutbutter. Sooooo Creamy. Keep up the good work.

  428. Jay Tice says:

    Fudge ripple–one of my favorites.

  429. Melissa says:

    We love Turkey Hill ice cream and even went to the Turkey Hill experience this past year! Our favorite favors are vanilla, cherry vanilla and anything with coconut.

  430. christina v says:

    This is so much fun! I voted on the flavors!

  431. Steve Boltersdorf Sr. says:

    Ice cream eating in the winter ?…..you betcha !!….especially ANYTHING made by Turkey Hill and having peanut butter as one of it’s ingredients….at least in MY opinion……

  432. Annette says:

    How about more No Sugar Added flavors, and a voting catagory for them too.

  433. Jayne says:

    Absolute favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. Like heaven in a bowl.

  434. Steve Boltersdorf Sr. says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream….my way of “chillin’ in front of the TV and a good movie…..oh yes !!….wonder if Turkey Hill would consider a peanut butter coffee flavor ?…..think that would go far ??…..hmmm……I do….or a dark chocolate pecan twirl ?…..either would work-in MY book….

  435. Barbara Bolam says:

    I have yet to meet a Turkey Hill Ice Cream that I don’t like. Always the best ice cream out there.

  436. Steve Boltersdorf Sr. says:

    I agree with Annette…more “no sugar added” ice creams would be awesome !…..Being a diabetic -this would help out somewhat !….also……I love the diet iced tea you make—till I found out it has Aspartame in it….any way of changing the sweetener to Splenda ??……

  437. Ann says:

    I love Turkey Hill and ROCKY ROAD will always be my favorite!!!

  438. Teddi Silver says:

    The best way to have a hot fudge sundae is with coffee ice cream. Wish Turkey Hill would come out with this combo.

  439. Coleen says:

    My favorite is the Lady Liberty Mint.

  440. andrea salvesen says:

    I love coconut almond fudge light ice cream.

  441. Aysya Warren says:

    Butter Pecan will always be my absolute favorite Turkey Hill ice cream. I remember at one point Turkey Hill sold Premium Philadelphia Caramel Pecan swirl ice cream but now I can’t find it. Such a shame because it was gooooooood!

  442. john says:

    Bring on Baseball!

    Phillies Graham Slam

    Go Phils!

  443. Kelly says:

    Really hard to choose the best flavor–luv ’em all! Luv to try new ones! Keep ’em comin’!

  444. linda says:

    i LOVE the all natural coffee ice cream even though most others have more interesting favorites…the natural ice cream is smooth & authentic.

  445. RebeccaH says:

    My favorite is Whoopie Pie. Sure hope it becomes a regular in your yummy lineup of flavors!

  446. Carol S. says:

    Love any of the flavors with peanut butter or black raspberry!

  447. Gregory Belding says:

    There is always room for Ice Cream and its got to be Turkey Hill. For it is always good and love Butter Pecan.

  448. Aysya Warren says:

    “EWWW Ice Cream”! NOOO sane person in history EVER said.

  449. Cindy Hibbert says:

    Ice cream is a way of life! A good way!

  450. Ellen says:

    Coffee ice cream has always been my favorite. Add a little chocolate and I am in heaven. But when watching calories I like the chocolate yogurt.

  451. Mandy Flanagan says:

    Just wondering – for those who chose Dutch Chocolate over the Double Dunker… have you TRIED the Double Dunker? It’s FANTASTIC!!! #1 in my book 🙂

  452. Karen Vadnais says:

    Limited edition coconut cream pie is the bomb, love it, love it. I also really want that cow ice cream bowl.

  453. NANCY GEYER says:

    My very favorite is pistachio almond. I have it almost every day. I love coconut but if I have the coconut cream pie I pick out the pie pieces as I don’t like the soft mealy dough as would prefer either plain coconut or coconut with pecans. Your coconut fudge is good but the fudge was overwhelming making it a bit difficult to enjoy the creaminess of the ice cream.

  454. my favorite ice cream is the coconut cream pie i wish you could keep that out forever it has such good taste and a lot of pie shells in it so keep it forever

  455. Amy VanDerPoel says:

    My favorite flavor, which I have many is the Whoopie pie, followed by the Godiva chocolate. So yummy.

  456. Angie Huckleby says:

    My favorite is your no added sugar chocolate ice cream. I do wish you had more no added sugar choices. I’ve had gastric bypass and cannot not eat your regular ice cream or yogurt. Thank you!

  457. Lisa says:

    Gotta go with all your wonderful Peanut Free flavors! Turkey Hill is the best!! Thank you for your labeling practices!

  458. Bev Harrison says:

    gotta have my bedtime snack of ice cream…even in this cold weather

  459. Tammy says:

    I wish the Chunky Peanut Butter wasn’t just a limited edition flavor. I have to really stock up when I see it in the store so I’ll have enough to last. And it’s never enough.

  460. anne-marie roitburd says:

    We always have some box of Turkey Hill in the fridge.Everybody in the house have a favorite:Cookie’n cream,Dutch Chocolate,Butter pecan,Chocolate marshmallow,you know,maybe we need a bigger fridge for satisfy all!

  461. Bill says:

    Anything Peanut Butter!! Also Phillies better beat Yankees!!

  462. Zhane says:

    S’mores Ice Cream! Make It A Reality!

  463. Colleen A. says:

    It’s the perfect combo.

  464. Laura Anderson says:

    Our entire family gathers around my mother-in-law’s supper table every Wednesday night. And dessert ALWAYS includes Turkey Hill ice cream. This has been our habit for the past 15+ years. And we hope to keep on for another 15! Gran is 86. :~)

  465. STANLEY STARR says:

    Here in Queens, NY we can’t get all the flavors in the local Walbaums, which is very depressing. Our family favorites over the years have been Tin Roof Sundae, Moose Tracks and the ultimate of ultimates– the one and only Rocky Road. I was introduced to Moose Tracks about 10 years ago by a friend in Philly. She explained the flavor and I was hooked.
    Keep up the great work.

  466. Marlo says:

    Turkey Hill makes great ice cream. Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are my favorites.

  467. peter says:

    I love Tukey Hill ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! Coffee!!!!! yummmmmmmmm!!!!!

  468. its going to be a ROCKY ROAD to the top

  469. joan carr says:

    Love peach ice cream

  470. PAVLINA says:


  471. Fran says:

    MMMMMMMMMM…Coconut Cream Pie

  472. Nancy Pipolo says:

    Turkey Hill is the best. It is the only ice cream my son will eat. I have bought other brands and he will not even entertain them. The #1 ice cream in our home!!!!!

  473. Kathleen says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the light flavors – don’t feel as guilty taking several scoops of your utterly delicious flavors.

  474. George says:

    Go Tin Roof, long time classic with surprises in every bite. Yankee fans are stuffing the ballot box, vote Phillies Graham Slam for taste!

  475. Travis Johns says:

    My favorite flavor by far is your Cotton Candy!!! You have the best cotton candy ice cream on the market. Adding the chocolate chips was genius and the flavor of the cream is just so rich and delicious! If this were put into stores, I probably would go through a carton of it every week. I’ll probably end up starting a ice cream shoppe, that will run all year long, at some point just to have access to it. Thanks for making it!

  476. Debi Affrunti says:

    Limited Edition Chunky Peanut Butter SO GOOD

  477. Heidi says:

    Phillies graham slam is the best!

  478. Sande Gompf says:

    Turkey Hill mint chocolate chip is the BEST flavor of all. I couldn’t go a day without a bowl of this delicious ice cream.

  479. Kandyce Dorsey says:

    I think everyone in my family loves Turkey Hill ice cream and their tea! Whenever we have out of state guests, they specifically ask for certain turkey hill products/flavors.

  480. Marybeth M says:

    They are all so good, it is too hard to choose just one!

  481. Marybeth M says:

    They are all so good it is too hard to choose just one!

  482. Jon says:

    Turkey hill rocks! It is a favorite in house and we love the to look forward to new limited editions.

  483. Linda Poplees says:

    Turkey Hill has a great variety of flavors. I have a hard time picking a favorite because they are all delicious. Great even on a blizzardy day!!

  484. Stephanie says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream! Cookie Dough is my favorite for sure!!

  485. maureen says:

    Deep Dark Chocolate is the BEST! Chocolate is good for you, so eat up!

  486. Dolores Bucella says:

    Next to being on a mountain top in Bavaria is eating light Bavarian Espresso! Odel-O-Lio Oh!

  487. Karisa Stump says:

    Wonder if Chip Kelly has had last yr’s Champion? Go EAGLES!

  488. Elizabeth says:

    I love all these flavors, but mint chocolate chip has to be my absolute favorite. Turkey Hill puts in little choco chips unlike other ice cream brands that put large choco chips. This ice cream on an oreo cone and some choco syrup is to die for. It also goes well over a warm brownie.

  489. Kylie says:

    Love Turkey Hill ice cream!

  490. Lisa says:

    Turkey hill has the best ice cream. For me it’s a toss up between double dunker and natural coffee

  491. Krystal says:

    Mmmm… Great… Now I really want ice cream! 🙂

  492. Linda says:

    Butter Pecan is the BEST!!!

  493. JODY says:


  494. Ellen says:

    I LOVE Turkey Hill ice cream! At any given moment (if only my husband would approve) I could eat a whole carton of chocolate peanut butter!!

  495. Kelly S says:

    I made my votes. There are too many that I want to eat. I’m going to try the new Chunky Peanut Butter. I wish it had peanut butter ice cream though.

  496. Cheryl says:

    i love your icecream and teas 🙂

  497. Christine says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip is heavenly. Chocolate shavings in a minty, creamy cloud….And Orange Creme Swirl takes me back 50 years to the days of the “dreamsicle”. Thanks for the memories!!!

  498. NJ says:

    So many flavors….

  499. NJ says:

    So mant flavors…

  500. NJ says:

    I need to go and get some ice cream now.

  501. Amy says:

    I wish you would bring back the TastyKakes flavor again it was the best limited edition ever

  502. Michelle says:

    We will always love Turkey Hill! Favourite flavour is the All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip 😀

  503. Darlene Nelson says:

    Disappointed that my favorite flavor, Colombian Coffee, isn’t even in the lineup. Voted for all the coffee and chocolate based flavors I saw.

  504. alla says:

    With 4 kids ar home the choice of our ice cream brand is easy – Turkey Hill. The flavor choice is not that easy, thats why we always have several type – right now its vanila bean and chocolate nutty moose tracks, just finished yankees bronx bombers sundae, i guess this week it was the kids favorite.

  505. Laci M. says:

    How exciting! I’ll be back each week for sure. I’m a big chocolate fan tho.

  506. Beth says:

    My favorite is anything which goes with hot fudge sauce! I love the special limited edition flavors, although they’re hard to find around Boston – oh my, Box of Chocolates….

  507. Donna Kirton says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream flavors are oh so edgy and current, but also Old School and nostalgic.

    My favorite hands down is Cookies and Cream.

    Bravo Turkey Hill, Bravo!!

  508. Marion says:

    The greatest tasting ice cream around..and not just one flavor , all flavors..

  509. Aileen says:

    All Natural Strawberries and Cream and Cherry Vanilla are tied it seems. Turkey Hill does make the best strawberry flavors I’ve ever had, so it got my vote. Not easy to choose between them, though.

  510. Paul Oliveri says:

    Well, that was fun. Thanks, Turkey Hill!

  511. Renee says:

    Whoa! I learned about a couple of All Natural flavors that aren’t stocked in my local grocers. Looks like I need to make a special request!

  512. karen says:

    Nothing beats Turkey Hill ice cream. Everyone in myfamily has a favorite!

  513. karen says:

    Everyone in my family has a favorite. Nothing beats your ice cream!

  514. Janice Romanowski says:

    Love Turkey Hill Orange Swirl!! Do not buy one at a time…. usually 4 at a time!! Love it!!

  515. Mary says:

    I love good old strawberry

  516. Cathy Taylor says:

    This is going to require some serious thought–and hands on research. mmmmmmmmmmm

  517. Lillie Cansler says:

    I would love to have a scoop of ALL your ice creams- new,old, testing…. and give them all a taste test!!

  518. Kathleen tulevski says:

    We love chocolate All Natural. It is awesome to be able to recognize and PRONOUNCE all of the ingredients! Cocoa cream and sugar. Ice cream as it should be! 🙂

  519. Sonia says:

    Lady Liberty Mint is THE best and my husband loves Tin Roof so we buy our own quarts. Love Turkey Hill Ice cream.

  520. Shannon says:

    I’m very basic with flavors and always love the Vanilla Bean (it’s so versatile to make sundaes and floats and add sprinkles to – GOTTA’ have sprinkles!) but one of the limited editions I enjoyed a lot was PomBlueberry Chocolate Truffle frozen yogurt. Butter Pecan’s a winner too.

  521. AMY says:

    Mint choclate chips daughters boy friend fell in love with it like me

  522. Debi says:

    Hated to see Double Dunker matched up against Dutch Chocolate
    in this contest, as both are family favorites here. The all-time favorites are limited edition “Box of Chocolates” for my
    daughter and “Southern Lemon Pie” for me. Thank you, Turkey Hill, for your great ice cream and awesome flavors!

  523. Andrea Kaminski says:

    I drove 3 hours to find a store that had Apple Dumpling in stock. Bought the 4 they had…and drove back home at 3am. Hey..this pregnant women wanted her ice cream! Haha Atleast most TH are open 24 hours 🙂

  524. Kathleen says:

    My favorite flavor is the light recipe, no sugar added Moose Tracks. My brain tells me I am being good to choose a light recipe, but it tastes so good that I can pretend I’m cheating on my diet!

  525. Debbie says:

    I lived on the east coast (Long Island) and always had Turkey Hill ice cream for my family. We moved to IL and was so disappointed to learn it wasn’t sold in any of the grocery stores where I had moved. Years later and some research I found a Krugers about 45 minutes from where I now live in IL that carries Turkey Hill. So now I make the drive and stock up on my favorites every couple of weeks. It’s worth the drive. My favorite is Chocolate Marshmellow and Whoopie Pie and my family all have their favorites.

  526. christine aiello says:

    baseball and ice-cream… SUMMER!!!

  527. Stephen Liebman says:

    Cookies n’ Cream and Moose Tracks are hands down two of my favorites. I am a confessed chocohaulic and both these flavors quench my obsession.

  528. Christine Matthews says:

    Shhh. Don’t tell others about Double Dunker. It’s the best kept secret as one of your best flavors. It has actually caused a family rift because that’s what most of my family wants but the boring people want vanilla. We love the different flavors combined into one delicious ice cream.

  529. Lynn M. says:

    Chocolate peanut butter cup may have already won, but I think it should win again! It’s pretty amazing. 🙂

  530. Samantha says:

    We have never found a brand the even compares to Turkey Hill, it’s the best out there! Our all time favorite is the classic cookies & cream!!! Mmmmm soooo yummy!

  531. Connie Hayes says:

    I Absolutely Loved the Limited Edition Whoopie Pie. I tried it when visiting your Turkey Hill Experience. Would love to see that flavor all the time!!! Please?!!atywod

  532. Linda Soper says:

    OMG! Are my eyes playing tricks on me or do I see limited edition Butter Almond coming???? Oh happy day happy day in our Turkey Hill Household! Can’t wait!!!

  533. Debbie L says:

    there are no losers

  534. Marie Laboranti says:

    Ahhh Vanilla Bean, the perfect addiction to any piece of pie!

  535. Marie Laboranti says:

    Ahhh, Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean ice cream, the perfect addition to any piece of pie!

  536. Turkey hill ice cream is the best!

  537. c walker says:

    DOUBLE DUNKER…don’t ever get rid of it!!! Best flavor I have tried so far.

  538. Christine Chan says:

    I love turkey hill ice cream! It could be -20 degrees out, or I could be freezing in my house, but I will still eat ice cream!!

  539. Madaline Furst says:

    I love coffee, so coffee ice cream is at the top of my list. Of course, I also love hazelnute in my coffee, so hazelnut coffee flavor would be a BIG hit!

  540. mark m says:

    Black cherry the best just like when i was a kid!

  541. Corey G says:

    Always have Turkey Hill Ice Cream in the freezer and although everyone has their favorites, we haven’t tried one yet we don’t like. The kids are always telling me we’re out of ice cream.

  542. BriAnna Glenn says:

    I absolutely am in l-o-v-e with Double Dunker ice cream! I’m insane over Turkey Hill period really. If I could marry Double Dunker ice cream and have little mini-ice cream babies I would. And in a non-creepy way I would totally eat them. Okay.. wait maybe that is creepy! Lol, but no really. Seriously, my favorite ice cream ever!

  543. Bob Best says:

    If you’re a New Englander, you are already a dedicated fan of the “Coffee Cabinet”. Now I would like to get the rest of the country “hooked” on this delicious treat. The, first ingredient is a must. Turkey Hill Columbian Coffee Ice cream, two scoops, 3 ounces of coffee syrup and 12 ounces of 1% milk. Blend to desired consistency. If you are from New England, you “bot your blenda’ from Brenda. Enjoy.

    P.S. One thing I’ve learned about the Columbian Coffee ice cream, When you see only two or three in the store freezer, buy at least two. They go off the shelf fast here in New England……Sincerely ….Bob Best

  544. Cheryl says:

    I am a GREAT fan of the Southern Lemon Pie ice cream. Turkey Hill is the only maker of lemon ice cream (not lemon sherbert, thank you!) that sells in my area. I always buy as many quarts as my freezer has room for when I can (woman does not live by ice cream alone, after all) because it disappears from my local stores all too soon.

  545. arlene says:

    There always has to be at least one flavor in my freezer at all times!

  546. Marisa says:

    Turkey Hill is the only brand of ice cream I buy for my family and eat. We just love all natural vanilla and all natural chocolate. I make homemade ice cream cakes for each of 3 kids birthdays with Turkey Hill!

  547. Mary Ruth says:

    How about a chocolate peanut butter flavor with chunks of gooey brownies?

  548. The granola sounds VERY healthy and Turkey Hill is AWESOME!

  549. Lizz says:

    I love picking through flavors! I even found one I hadn’t seen in the store and now I have to go shopping to find it! So excited 🙂

  550. Olivia says:

    AAAHHHHH Black Cherry.

  551. Bob Sutton says:

    Any ice cream with caramel in it is for me, always looking for that, I have so many favorites it would take me forever to list them. My wife likes any kind of ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate, also butter pecan and mint chocolate chip.

  552. Mary Doty says:

    WHOOPIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHOOPIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHOOPIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  553. Edward Menold says:

    Chocolate Chip is the best

  554. cindy schwabenbauer says:

    Double Dunker has added to my weight gain! chocolate, coffee, cookie dough, crunch…all in one…yum

  555. Sheryl says:

    My goodness. MY FAMILY are Ice Cream fanatics. We are a fmily of 3 MEts fans and on Yankees fan(Dad). When I go tot he supermarket to buy Ice cream and look in the case. My 2 year old ONLY WANTS YANKEES ice cream. I cannot leave the store without buying turkey hill.

  556. Jamie says:

    Turkey Hill makes the best ice cream by far. I love Strawberries and Cream!

  557. Sue says:

    Turkey Hill is the ONLY brand of ice cream we buy! Its the best! I just wish I could get our local stores to carry a bigger selection! I told the frozen food dept manager to get rid of all the other brands they carry & just carry Turkey HIll,,, problem solved!

  558. Erica Sweetman says:

    My family loves Turkey Hill ice cream!

  559. Kris H. says:

    So many flavors, so little time! And such hard choices, sometimes. I want the whole ice cream section in the store to be filled with Turkey Hill so I can try them all, all the time. 🙂

  560. Paula Bickelman says:

    Can’t wait for Deep Dark Chocolate in August! LOVE Turkey Hill, light is the best.

  561. B says:

    Tin Roof Sundae is my “go to” flavor!!! My husband’s is Chocolate Marshmallow. Love Turkey Hill and we now have a Turkey Hill store less than a mile from home!

  562. Jean Harris says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream even though it is hard to find here where I live in NC. I like fudge ripple the most, but have not had any in 5 years, beacause it is not available in our stores. Would love to see the variety expand to have more flavors in the store that I go to 10 miles away.

  563. maryann Stahler says:

    I love all your products and any Ice Cream with Peanut butter, and your Tea is to die for!!!!!!

  564. maryann Stahler says:

    I love all your Ice Cream but anything with peanut butter is great and I also love your Ice Teas

  565. kim says:

    This is great and I’m so glad the voting is no longer exclusively on facebook.

  566. Jorgee Johnson says:

    Anything fruit is great!! Turkey Hill’s customer service is the best!!!!

  567. Holly says:

    My husband’s favorite is cookies n’ cream. My favorite is cookie dough. There’s always one of those in our freezer.

  568. Cat Johnson says:

    I like to place a scoop of Turkey Hill Coffee Ice Cream in my coffee! ‘Nuke for a minute and it’s the best frappe ever. If I’m having a really bad day, an added shot of Irish whiskey doesn’t hurt, either ;p

  569. Nancy says:

    Nothing better than TH ice cream…every night!

  570. Terri says:

    In my family we all love Turkey Hill Ice Cream as well as Turkey Hill Iced Teas! My husband loves all the flavors it doesn’t matter which one I buy. As for me I love the plain old vanilla! There is always room in our freezer for Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  571. Linda says:

    Oh my goodness! I love all the flavors! But, my favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, then plain ole Chocolate and on down the line. We always have at least one in our freezer at all times.

  572. rose buns says:

    My over-the-top favorite is cocoanut creme pie! OMG!!!

  573. Sharyn Duff says:

    I enjoy Turkey Hill ice cream and buy it when my grandchildren come to visit. I am hoping we can visit the Turkey Hill farm sometime. My grandson is an Eagles fan, but lives in Va Beach, Va.

  574. Shelley Matt says:

    My three kids and I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream- although we all have different favorite flavors. My favorite is Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates.

  575. John says:

    I’m starting a write-in campaign for Blitzburgh Crunch!

  576. Michael says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is by far the tasties on the market.

  577. mg yummy says:

    I still think the best is the EAGLES touchdown ice cream!

  578. mg yummy says:

    I still think the EAGLES touchdown ice cream is the best you have!

  579. Diane says:

    Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream. My favorites so far are the Fried Ice Cream and the newest: Baklava flavor Frozen Greek Yogurt! Yummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  580. Tiffany says:

    Love ice cream! Anything with peanut butter is on my list of faves.

  581. Phyllis says:

    Cherry Vanilla, Tin roof sundae, and Peanut butter ripple, are my favorites, but I haven’t met a Turkey Hill that I wouldn’t eat.

  582. Jim says:

    Wow, looks like most of you disagree with my 1st round picks… you’re wrong I tells ya, ALL WRONG!!!

  583. CS Wright says:

    Love the variety available in the light and no-sugar added versions. We are constantly amazed that we are eating a more healthy version of a dish that we both love so much! Keep up the great job of satisfying our sweet tooth, but keeping us on track with healthier choices!

  584. MarciaRPH says:

    Blitzburgh Crunch is my FOOTBALL fave but all time fave has got to be Peanut Butter Ripple…chunks and chunks of peanut butter. Can’t wait to try the CRUNCHY peanut butter ripple…

  585. Cartwright says:

    Blitzburgh Crunch is awesome! Reminds me of a scooter crunch bar. Hope to some day see a Penquins or Pirates flavor. Would love to see a Toasted Almond Fudge ice cream like Isaly’s used to make!

  586. Melissa Nichols says:

    You offer the best quality and the best flavors:) The only brand we enjoy!

  587. Chrissy says:

    I would have first said chocolate peanut butter cup, but I see it has won, and I know why. But another great one is Choco Mint chip – the dark chocolate are shavings, not but chunks, so they melt nicely in your mouth with the minty ice cream. Tastes fresh.

  588. Cindi Muriceak says:

    Phillies Graham Slam started my love of the graham cracker ice cream. I had been a die-hard Chocolate Peanut Butter fan until that came along. Well I guess two delicious ice creams are better than one!!

  589. Stacey Marshall says:

    Turkey hill is a favorite not only in our house but also in our church community. My name is Stacey Marshall

  590. Christine says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream. You need to do the 2 for $5 more often.

  591. Kitty Everard says:

    I’ve written to you several time about favorite flavors. I know Pumpkin Pie is limited, but it has to be one of the very best you have come out with. Keep up the good work.

  592. Howard Helbert says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!!!

  593. Johnny says:

    There’s nothing like a big bowlful of Turkey Hill Banana Split Ice Cream anytime of the year.

  594. Peggy Thoman says:

    Just cast my vote. In my opinion they are all winners. Have yet to try the whoopie pie flavor. Always sold out at my store. Keep up the good work!

  595. Deb says:

    March Madness would not be complete without Turkey Hill tourney. Let’s go Tin Roof Sundae

  596. Mariea says:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream takes me back to my childhood and no one does it better than Turkey Hill!!!

  597. Mariea says:

    Please please please bring back the peppermint flavor this holiday season…..it just wasn’t the same without it!! It is my all-time favorite!!

  598. Virginia Pannell says:

    Lets go Dutch Chocolate!

  599. G. Johnson says:

    I love the Light Recipe Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks.
    It only has 5 grams of fat & you would never know it is a light ice cream. Just don”t confuse it with the light nutty moose tracks – it is not chocolate!

  600. jay says:

    Go Dutch Pretzel!

  601. Becky R says:

    Absolutely love TH ice cream! It’s always in our freezer! Haven’t heard of every one of the flavors in this round but I voted for most of the match ups anyway. I just voted for what I think I would like most 🙂 Definitely love anything that has peanut butter and chocolate <3

  602. Natural ice cream is so important to me; it not only tastes good but contains only ingredients which I can read as naturally occurring and free of additives. Turkey Hill Salted Caramel and Coffee are two of my favorites!

  603. Turkey Hill salted caramel vanilla is one of the best new flavors to come along – the best!

  604. Teresa Fleming says:

    My favorite is the Light Recipe Moose Tracks. It’s so decadent that I don’t feel deprived.
    Thank you Turkey Hill

  605. Jordan says:

    Fuzzy like a peach!

  606. robin fitzgerald says:

    I have always loved turkey hill ice cream even when i lived in pennsylvania !!! I do miss the Butter Brickle flavor you all had and wish you would bring it back . I love many other flavors like the mint chocolate chip. that is also a weekly favorite in my house.I do mean EVERY WEEK LIKE CLOCK WORK to ffed 6 people in my nouse !! Thank you for all that you do !!!!

  607. Debbie says:

    We love Turkey Hill ice cream in our house. My own personal favorites are Rocky Road and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. I do remember the Butter Brickle being FABULOUS, but haven’t seen that one in a long time! My husband LOVES your Butter Almond, and we would love to see that as a solo flavor. We buy it all the time in your Nutty Neopolitan and recently in your Chocolate and Butter Almond duet. I love the sound of your new limited edition Peanut Butter delight, so I am sure we will be trying that very soon!

  608. Sharon says:

    If only we could sample as we vote! haha

  609. love moose tracks, light.it’s my favorite. now if they made it w/ coffee icream. YUM!

  610. love moose tracks. now if was made w/ coffe ice cream. YUM!

  611. Jim says:

    Moose Tracks are great….your cherry vanilla rocks. ..And butter almond is the ultimate….

  612. Laura says:


  613. Jody Wight says:

    Love most of the flavors…but wish there were more of the orange creamsicle type like there used to be…

  614. Nancy says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream. I would love the Chocolate Butter
    Almond but the stores in my area do not carry too many diferent flavors.

  615. Lorriana says:

    I fell in love with the special edition dark chocolate OMG it was amazing. I wish they would do an entire dark chocolate line such as with salted nuts (walnuts or pecans) salt goes so well with dark chocolate.

  616. Madelyn says:

    I love Bavarian Espresso! Bavarian cream-flavored light ice cream swirled with mocha fudge and espresso chunks. ALL OF THE PLEASURE AND NONE OF THE GUILT!! Lower fat content and such an amazing creamy ice cream! My FAVORITE!!! A great way to end my day!!

  617. Ellen says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Anything with peanut butter is a favorite of mine. My mom is sad because she can’t get Turkey Hill ice cream in Florida.

  618. Justin Orkin says:

    Oh man, it’s so hard to pick one out of all of them.

  619. Irene says:

    I am totally addicted to Mint Chocolate Chip – plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the frozen yogurt – less calories. The problem is that I can’t stop eating it. When it’s on sale, I go nuts and buy as many as I can. I love this stuff. Send me coupons!!!! Please. Man, I wish I had some now. Mmmmmmmmm.

  620. Colleen Gilbert says:

    You had me at Chunky Peanut Butter! There is nothing better than ice cream unless it is peanut butter flavored.

  621. Frank says:

    I have so many favorite flavors. No day is complete without a dish of one of them. But Rum Raisin is the Best of the Best! Here’s to Rum Raisin as the 2013 Champion!

  622. Carol says:

    I have never tasted anything creamier and tastier than Turkey Hill Ice Cream. My favorite is Dutch Chocolate. It has the perfect chocolatey taste.

  623. Debbie Lehman says:

    Ever since I tried the limited edition Coconut Cream Pie, I have scoured our local stores to find more….to no avail. I expanded my search to a larger radius but everyone is sold out.
    I really don’t know how I can go back to other flavors. Like a long lost love, I will pine for this ice cream until we meet again.

  624. susan renicker says:

    my favorite (even though LOVE all turkey hill ice-cream)
    is limited edition pumpkin pie ice cream!!!!

  625. James Thompson says:

    PLEASE Make the Limited Edition Flavor,
    a Regular flavor that’s availible year round!
    #Best Ice Cream EVER

  626. Kathy says:

    Turkey Hill is the best tasting ice cream. So happy my local grocer has started to carry our favorite brand. Now we need to decide our favorite flaver, let the challenge begin 🙂

  627. Daria Rydzaj Chasse says:

    the best Mint Chocolate Chip EVER!!!! Best Peanut Butter Ripple too. Never know what to choose — Usually get both.

  628. Mary says:

    I only buy Turkey Hill ice cream and my favorite is BLACK CHERRY

  629. wanda gawronski says:

    you have such a high quality product with so many wonderful an natural flavors it is hard to choose. But if i had to pick one it would be moose tracks for sure!

  630. Deena M says:

    Turkey Hill is by far our favorite ice cream (even better than the local ice cream shop). The mint chocolate chip is one of our many, many, many favorites.
    We voted!!

  631. Jeff says:

    So many tough choices, but all delicious.

  632. Mary says:

    I love all Turkey Hill choices.

  633. Dudeisrht says:

    Got to vote for Double Dunker because it is available all year as a main backup to Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie the best, but alas are time together was so short.

  634. Kathy Conti says:

    Wish you still did the limited edition pineapple coconut that was to die for..now I have to settle for black cherry and peach.

  635. Rob says:

    They are all great !!! Need more coupons !!!!

  636. Mary says:

    Quality ice cream and fun flavors

  637. Karen Arnold says:

    Oh Peanut Butter Ripple and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup are so addicting..We take a scoop or 2 of each in a bowl every night. When I know we are out I have to take a trip to the grocery store just for these 2 things..When they are on sale I stock up and keep at least 4 to 6 carton’s in the downstairs freezer.

  638. christine m says:

    I am in love with all the Turkey Hill flavors.

  639. Steve Bugnacki says:

    Hands down Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. A close second is the limited Double Cookie/ Dough one with Chocolate Chip and an ‘Oreo’ like cookie pieces in it.

  640. karolyn simpson says:

    every flavor is unique and “the best”.don’t forget to vote

  641. Roseann Sillasen says:

    No Sugar Added Moose Tracks. Our freezer is a home to Turkey Hill.

  642. Roseann Sillasen says:

    Our freezer is a home to Turkey Hill. No Sugar Added Moose Tracks is our top choice.

  643. mario says:

    Turkey Hill icecream taste way too…GOOD!!!! 😉

  644. Jean says:

    My most favorite ice cream is coffee and Turkey Hill has the BEST all natural coffee I have ever had. I love all of the all natural flavors because they simply taste wonderful. I also love that there are not any words I can’t pronounce in the ingredient list….just all natural ingredients, plain and simple! Thank you!

  645. Brian says:

    My most favorite ice cream is chocolate and Turkey Hill has the BEST all natural chocolate I have ever had. It’s great that you use only a couple simple ingredients and no additives! Great Job!!!

  646. Mrs. Toya Johnson says:

    My family use to buy Breyers no we are a part of the Turkey Hill family we LOVE your Ice Cream. I’m glad we made the change for the better.

  647. Denise says:

    I think I’ll have to keep taste tasting to find the very best!

  648. Cardbar says:

    This could be the year Chocolate chip cookie dough goes all the way!!

  649. Steve says:

    My all- time favorite flavor is Fried Ice Cream. I anxiously await it’s arrival at the grocery store every April, and am saddened when I realize I have eaten my last carton until the next year. I can’t get enough of it!

  650. Brett Simmons says:

    I moved from Lancaster County to California and I’ve managed to find a grocery store here that carries Turkey Hill products!

  651. Ginny Klambara says:

    Turkey Hill has the most exciting, inviting delicious Ice Cream. The variety of flavors is unbelievable. Always a pleasure to see what the new flavor is. It’s so hard to choose. Can’t wait to see what flavor comes next. Pretty cool also how the ice cream is named after our teams. Phillies Graham Slam, and Eagles Touch Down Sundae. Thanks for the treat!

  652. Linda says:

    My to die for flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. When my son was little we would have a bowl and we would share peanut butter bites it was such fun and he would get so excited when I would say here comes a peanut butter bite. He is now 28 and this is one of the happy memories we share.

  653. Al Branch says:

    Coconut Cream Pie is awesome–you should make it a regular flavor instead of limited edition

  654. Calshondra Williams says:

    I think the best ice-cream in the Turkey Hill lineup is Vanilla Bean and Orange Cream Swirl.

  655. melodie says:

    I love the all natural salted caramel! I think this is the best flavor I’ve tried in a long time.

  656. Mary K. Wilson says:

    Love Skinny Minty flavor. Would love see you’s come out with a Chocolate Coconut Almond and a Mocha Chip or a Mocha Fudge Chip.

  657. Amber S. says:

    I love voting in these tournaments – so much fun!

  658. Joe Natiello says:

    So thankful baseball season is back. Not because I’m much of a fan but because with it comes Pinstripe Brownie Blast. Hate to see it get knocked out in the Sweet 16. I understand you may not like the Yankees but vote for Pinstripe Brownie Blast because it’s the best ice cream baseball season or not.

  659. Lori says:

    Pumpkin pie is the best

  660. Lisa S says:

    Looking forward to watching the tournament and enjoying Turkey Hill

  661. Tanda says:

    My family loves every flavor. I can never go wrong with Turkey Hill!

  662. Betty says:

    any ice cream, love them all

  663. Varian Herbert says:

    Vanilla Bean (All Natural)

  664. Wendy says:

    Love Love Love Turkey Hill Ice cream!!!!!

  665. Beth says:

    Turkey Hill has some fabulous flavors, but it is sad to say my favorite Deep Dark Chocolate did not make it to the end. I would love to have it available year round. It is just simply the best dark chocolate ice cream I have had. Wonderful way to let us tell you our faves!

  666. Shannon says:

    I wish I could have voted for “Box of Chocolates”. Saw it at the grocery store today and had to try it! I love Turkey Hill and I love Gertrude Hawk, so it seemed like a no brainer. It was instantly my new favorite flavor!!! Sheer genius.

  667. Jennifer says:

    I glad to see Tin Roof Sunday is still in the run. It is my favorite.

  668. William Cullum says:

    My husband has stopped people at the freezer section and insisted they try Philadelphia style Vanilla in the black carton. He is very loyal fan and he has a friend who he speaks to on the phone each night . Their first conversation is did you get your Turkey Hill yet tonight.

    He is complaining about your carton change and believes the recipe has changed as well. He said it does not melt the same and the vanilla specks are not as plentyful. Texture is not the same as black carton Turkey Hill. He is very dissapointed and his friend agrees that things are not the same.

    Virginia Cullum

  669. Irene says:

    Your smooth churned vanilla is luscious. I would love to have a hint of coconut in this flavor. It would be so delicious.

  670. Bill says:

    since turkey hill has decided to kill the PHILADELPHIA STYLE ice cream line..I WILL NO LONGER BUY THEIR ICE CREAM, what idiot decided to kill that product line????


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