March prize: A set of four fun ice cream dishes!

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on March 4th, 2014

Today’s blog entry serves two fun purposes, both of which are related to prizes. The first is to remind you to vote for your favorite flavors in the first round of the Ultimate Flavor Tournament (see the polls on the right). While you’re at it, don’t forget to leave a comment here on the blog, because we’re going to choose one comment at the end of the five-week tournament to win a ONE YEAR supply of Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

The second purpose of today’s blog entry is to show off our March blog prize. As many of our loyal readers know, we’re a sucker for fun ice cream dishes, and this month’s prize definitely fits that fun category.

This set of four ceramic ice cream dishes (that’s them above) come in four colors and include a matching set of waffle cone spoons. See, we told you they were fun! According to the reviews on Amazon, the dishes are actually bigger than they look in the picture, which means you’ll have to add an extra scoop or two of ice cream to fill them up. Although something tells us most people won’t mind that chore!

We’ll choose one comment from all the comments left on the blog in March to win these ice cream dishes. We’ll also throw in a few containers of free Turkey Hill Ice Cream to help you fill them up. Good luck!

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769 Responses to “March prize: A set of four fun ice cream dishes!”

  1. Betty says:

    voted love them all

  2. Libby Perrigan says:

    Love those ice cream dishes

  3. Kim Durham says:

    Voted…was hard to choose though, they’re all great!

  4. Terry says:

    So neat I love them.

  5. Amy P says:

    Love the dishes – would make eating Turkey Hill Ice Cream even more fun!

  6. Eric From says:

    Great another reason to eat Turkey Hill ice cream-need those dishes πŸ™‚

  7. Vennie M. says:

    I love this giveaway! The cone shaped dishes are great and really think the spoons are great fun!

  8. Ang : ) says:

    You guys always find such great prizes! Love these cone dishes. Looks like if I win…I’ll be having ice cream all the time! Keep up the wonderful work : )

  9. Kathy says:

    Really could use those dishes to replace my favorite Turkey Hill ice cream bowl I broke yesterday!

  10. Linda Savitz says:

    I need them to eat my “Turkey Hill”!!! YUMMY!!!

  11. michelle kunkel says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

  12. Dee says:

    Very cool!

  13. Carol J. Cottone says:

    Very unique and fun way to serve “Turkey Hill” ice cream for dessert!

  14. debbie says:


  15. Sandy Carpenter says:

    So many yummy flavors – hard to choose – the hardest decision was between limited edition whoopie pie and limited edition pumpkin pie – they are both on my top 5 list of favorites! Ice cream dishes are absolutely adorable!

  16. Helen says:

    These dishes look good enough to eat!

  17. Linda T says:

    BEYOND CUTE!!! You folks are always thinking of innovative ice creams and goodies—nice. Keep up the great work!

  18. Elaine Garfield says:

    these will make a wonderful addition to my ice cream fests

  19. MaryBeth Eisenhauer says:

    I voted in the ultimate flavor tournament. Hoping that Peanut Butter Ripple wins, but it isn’t looking too good by the votes.

  20. Marianne Plenge says:

    How cool is this! My grandchildren would love them! Then to think how much of the ice cream they would get – they would be thrilled! What a specially neat idea! PLEASE LET ME WIN THIS!!!!

  21. Arlene Bolte says:

    Looks like a “cool” way to serve a “cool” dessert. Well, you can eat it anytime, but dessert is always special!

  22. maryann says:

    One of these days, I’m going to win

  23. Marg says:

    I scream, you scream.
    But I scream louder for these cute dishes!

  24. MC says:

    I voted! Go Turkey Hill and the cute Sundae Cones.

  25. Karen J. Chin-Mancini says:

    I would Love to win these. I haven’t won anything in a very long time!

  26. IO says:

    Although my favorite ice cream dish is the ice cream container, these ice cream dishes are so adorable, that I could change my ways.

  27. Beth M says:

    Love these dishes…so adorable…my grandkids would love using them when they come to Mimi’s house!! (and I would use them when they are not around..hehehehe)

  28. Jennifer Barr says:

    They look awesome!!

  29. Dawnie Pannozza says:

    Those are THEE coolest ice cream dishes & spoons that I’ve ever seen!

  30. Diane G says:

    These cup are bigger than they look. Good,they will match my bigger then average love of ice cream.

  31. Pam says:

    What fun the dishes and spoons would be with our grandchildren!

  32. Terressa Ferguson Zook says:

    Thank you for the chance to win such an adorable prize. I can’t hardly wait to try your ice cream as well.

  33. Renee Neuberger says:

    I really like the bright colors and the waffle cone look is really quite nice. The added spoon rest really make this an adorable set. These would be so fun to use for ice cream socials that I like to do with my grandchildren during the summer. We would have great time using these.

  34. raymond b says:

    CHERRY VANILLA and EGG NOG. My favorites. Turkey HILL outshines all the competitors

  35. Jeffrey says:

    Perfect for my grandchildren!

  36. Ruth Weaver says:

    Love them! Perfect for our family of four!!!

  37. TawndaM says:

    πŸ˜‰ simply adorable! Voted yesterday

  38. Yummy…… Nothing else to say

  39. gianna says:

    Would leave them on the counter as an artistic display, since I’ve been known to eat directly from the carton! πŸ˜‰ But perfect for company and my father! I would eat from them also…too cute!

  40. Ivy Farinella says:

    We love all your ice cream flavors and we would enjoy eating out of these fun, fabulous ice cream dishes with matching spoons. A bit of fantasy always makes for fun.

  41. Dody says:

    how pretty! these would be great for a family tv night, with lots of yummy turkey hill!

  42. My wife and I live in Winchester, NH. We really enjoy your ice cream and all the asorted flavors. Too bad you couldn’t make a garlic and vanilla flavor.

  43. Lyn Wallace says:

    SO CUTE!! Look like summer!

  44. Carolyn says:

    Turkey Hill I the only ice cream I eat, and I would love to eat it in these fun dishes. I voted!!!!

  45. William Metz says:

    Just what we could use. The voting is hard because I like everyone.

  46. Ken says:

    Would love those ice cream dishes to serve my Turkey Hill ice cream to my family. I know my grandson would love them.

  47. millie says:

    well my birthday was march 2 would have love to win them

  48. Lou B says:

    I would have a lot of fun serving my guests in these dishes. They would also look great on my counter when not in use.

  49. Jean Sagarese says:

    Just voted and these would be wonderful for the whole family to enjoy their Turkey Hill Ice Cream

  50. Love your ice cream – it’s the best!!

  51. Mike says:

    Looks so yummy, I may eat the dishes

  52. sarah brushaber says:

    Voted!! Thanks so much for the chance to win~

  53. Wendy says:

    I have the Turkey Hill ice cream ready for the dishes!

  54. Lois says:

    I would have not trouble filling each of those ice cream holders with my favorite flavors of Turkey Hill.

  55. Jean says:

    Love these so cute to compliment your ice cream with.

  56. Richie says:

    March 1st was my Birthday and I had a dream
    That I had a Dish of Turkey Hill Ice Cream.
    A Limited Edition of Key Lime Pie
    To be no more so I started to cry.
    So make my month a Happy One
    To win the Contest would be fun.

  57. Love the ice cream dishes!!!

  58. Sabrina P says:

    these are cute

  59. Nancy N. says:

    These dishes are really cute. In fact they almost look good enough to eat! The really nice thing is you can have your ice cream in a cone and not eat the extra calories. πŸ™‚

  60. Irene Melfi says:

    We are Turkey Hill addicts…so it would be a nice addition to the cupboard.

  61. Jean Carrozzi says:

    Those dishes would make my nightly Turkey Hill Ice Cream even better.

  62. Diana Beatty says:

    Oh my these Ice-Cream holders with the spoons are just to cute for words who wouldn’t like to serve ice-cream in them and show them off to friends and family. As much as most love ice-cream these would make it even more enjoyable.

  63. Lydia says:

    I could buy four different flavors to fill the cones up.

  64. Jan Michael says:

    Dishes are really cute!!! Love your ice cream!!!!!! it’s the best!

  65. sandra says:

    Those are so cute, would love to have. ty for the sweep, good luck everyone.

  66. Sara says:

    These are great!!

  67. Nora says:

    Oh wow! My grand kids are always asking to have their ice cream in waffle cones. How cool it would be to serve them their ice cream in their very own “waffle cone”! They would say I’m the best Nana ever!!

  68. Donna says:

    So adorable! Brings back all kinds of wonderful ice cream memories. Summer afternoons and barbecues.

  69. Michele B says:

    Love them ! Voted!

  70. priscilla says:

    Those dishes are the cutest. My grandson would love eating their ice cream out of them.

  71. cheryl says:


  72. Vicki Spokes says:

    I love the unique shape, way cuter than a bowl!

  73. Candace Strain says:

    Any way you dish it any flavor you choose, Turkey Hill is the only one I will eat!

  74. Christopher says:

    We have a sister with a Family of four, We will be sending these to her, if We win. Sharing the Joy ~ of Turkey Hill Ice Cream ~.

  75. Lori says:

    These ice dishes very life like. Love waffle cones with my favorite ice cream.

    Fudge vanilla with hot fudge

  76. LISA MERRY says:


  77. Josh says:

    That does looks good enough to eat..

  78. Donna McCauley says:

    my freezer is sad when I run out of ice cream.Im sad too.I would love these dishes so cute!

  79. Barb says:

    Love the bowls! Can’t wait for the next round of the ice cream tournament!!

  80. Debbie says:

    Love these! Just needs Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream with a few garnishes and I have the perfect dessert presentation!

  81. LISA MERRY says:

    headed to store for some butter pecan! yum!

  82. Diane VanDenburgh says:

    I think the spoons are the cutest!

  83. Can’t wait to share my favorite flavors of turkey hill in those awesome ice cream dishes!

  84. Rose says:

    I scream, you scream, we All Scream for Icecream YUMMO! πŸ™‚

  85. Ann Chapin says:

    How come I can never find Deep Dark Chocolate when it is supposed to be out? It is my favorite flavor. I want to put it between two peanut butter cookies to make an ice cream sandwich.

  86. Lisa Jeffers says:

    Very creative! My granddaughters would love these. Along with your great ice cream flavors!

  87. Lisa Jeffers says:

    Very creative!! My granddaughters would love these, along with your great tasting ice cream flavors!

  88. Valerie Behlmer says:

    My birthday is this month on 3/19. What a great birthday present these waffle cone ice cream dishes would be to me. Here’s hoping. Thanks for the great ice cream.

  89. Bill D says:

    GREAT Dishes. Would go great with all flavors of Turkey Hill Ice Cream

  90. Jean Bedell says:

    I love Turkey Hill. It gives me so many flavors to choose from and the ice cream is so creamy and true to taste. The only thing I miss is the peach/raspberry frozen yogurt. I hope you bring it back.

  91. Priscilla wallace says:

    Ice cream is my life!! So Turkey Hill is my answer to a more perfect life!! Those disheswill be used on a daily basis!,,yum!

  92. Rose Marie Wilson says:

    These are so cute! I love the matching spoons. It would be fun to serve ice cream to friends in these!

  93. joan kaplan says:

    Love these ice cream dishes. Just enough to serve my four grandchildren who love Turkey Hill Ice Cream all flavors!

  94. LINDA F says:

    the bigger the better to eat TURKEY HILL ice cream.

  95. Pauline says:

    My husband grew up in Harrisburg on Turkey Hill. As soon as they sold it where we live now he was thrilled. Our kids live in NC and yes, Turkey Hill is sold there. It is the grand kids favorite ice cream! They each get to choose their favorite favors.

  96. Mary says:

    I am waffling about what flavor TH should go in each dish!

  97. Joan Trautwein says:

    I’d love to own those adorable dishes for my TH ice cream any flavor.

  98. Michele aka Goat Girl says:

    I voted today too! Please let me win a year of your yummy ice cream! πŸ™‚

  99. Carol says:

    I’m waffling on this one… πŸ˜‰ lol

  100. Anita says:

    These dishes would just make eating Turkey Hill a more pleasing experience. Nice to know they are for sale on Amazon for those of us who lose. You make every bit of our associationg with Turkey Hill a pleasure. A wee bit of fun in a busy day. Thank you

  101. cheryl williams says:

    Love all ice cream. Ice cream is my favorite dessert.

  102. marie grim says:

    those are just perfect for turkey hill ice cream

  103. enid portnoy says:

    What’s deelish
    That fits In a dish?
    What is real and not just a dream?
    Scoops of Turkey Hill ice cream.

  104. Ice cream for four or all for me

  105. barbara beauchamp says:

    what a beautiful way to make an already beautiful and delicious ice cream more flavorful but in these adorable cone dishes

  106. esther says:

    Would be nice to eat out of these cuties

  107. Kim Kilonsky says:

    Turkey hill would taste great served in an old shoe,but it wouldn’t hurt to serve it in these sweet bowls!

  108. Kim says:

    I have no problem adding another scoop of ice cream. These would go great with my oreo milkshake glasses. I would love to add these for my Turkey Hill ice cream!

  109. ges says:

    Kewl cups!!!

  110. Marge Healy says:

    These are terrific- so very cute.

  111. Lila says:

    I can just see the winning Ice Cream filling these fun dishes for a year. That would be a great party.

  112. Harriet G. says:

    Great prize! They would be perfect for us since there are four of us living in the house. I voted for my favorites.

  113. Jackie says:

    Our family loves your ice cream! A year’s supply would be wonderful. Love the cute cups!

  114. Larry Prahst says:

    I had to put a lock on the fridge to protect my lite Moose Tracks!

  115. Tina says:

    Love these!

  116. Amber S. says:


  117. Sharon says:

    If I increase the zoom to 200% then those way 2 cute cone shaped bowls would be big enough for my portion of Turkey Hill! Yum!

  118. jay says:

    The fab 4

  119. jean says:

    Love the dishes.

  120. Ellen says:

    Voted, very cute ice cream dishes.

  121. Sharon says:

    What fun dishes to eat from!

  122. Yvonne Learn says:

    What a unique gift this would make for an ice cream lover! Beautiful!

  123. Phyllis J Alexander says:

    I eat my turkey hill ice cream every night. These dishes would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Guy Ewart says:

    Only ice cream my wife and I eat.

  125. Mary Lou says:

    Love the ice cream dishes! I will be eating my Peanut Butter Ripple mixed with Chocolate in them!!!!

  126. Mary Lou says:

    Oh can’t wait to eat my Peanut Butter Ripple mixed with Chocolate Ice Cream in those cute dishes!!!

  127. REGGIE MCGEE says:

    Love to win these!!!

  128. Joan says:

    The ice cream dishes are certainly cute, but who needs a special dish to eat Turkey Hill ice cream? Especially butter pecan.

  129. Pamela says:

    Yummy looking ice cream dishes!

  130. debbie says:

    I eat Turkey Hill ice cream every day, and it would taste so good in the dishes love to have them

  131. Beverly Lewis says:

    turkey hill ice cream is good. cannot beat all the delicious flavors. would love to win these ice cream dishes and spoons. hope you will consider selling them to the contestants are not lucky enough to win them. PLEASE!!!

  132. Norma Jean says:

    I love COFFEE ice cream and I’m please to say that I can still find the Turkey Hill brand in one of my local grocery stores. Just wish a new twist would be COFFEE with a DARK CHOCOLATE bits or swirl.

  133. Lindsay says:

    Awww, these dishes are so cute!!

  134. love turkey hill ice cream. hope I win the dishes and spoons. it would be great if you sold the dishes to those who are not lucky enough to win them. PLEASE!!!

  135. Jeryl M. says:

    Four family members. Four ice cream dishes. Perfect together.

  136. Caroline of Manalapan says:

    Our favorite type of cone. I think you have a winner here with so far over 130 responses.

  137. Donna says:

    These ice cream dishes make it even more enjoyable to eat your favorite Turkey Hill ice cream. We love the All Natural salted caramel in our family as well as All Natural Vanilla Bean. Classic, and yet just as enjoyable.

  138. Eileen says:

    Those lovely Ice Cream sets have a revered place waiting for them on a shelf next to my freezer that contains Turkey Hill Ice Cream! The only way to go!

  139. Terry says:

    Go, Go, Go !!!
    All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip !

  140. Jose says:

    I could use these ice cream dishes. They will keep my from getting yelled at to stop eating right out of the container!

  141. William says:

    Chocolate rules!

  142. Angela Scott says:

    These dishes are cute. I would love to win them

  143. bpaine says:

    sadly, there are some flavors not released in teh Boston area (your baseball team flavors,for instance), so I can’t vote with confidence on those. Shockingly, I’ve actually tried most of the others, though! Cruel to pit Whoopie Pie against Pumpkin Pie – those two were damn good!

  144. Phyllis says:

    I voted now for the terrific prize. YAY, I sreamed & you screamed.. We All Sream for ICE CREAM!

  145. Frances Drgan says:

    Voting in your Ultimate Flavor Tournament makes me want to run to the store to buy one of each! All great flavors!

  146. Lori says:

    Yummm, my favorite colors to use with my favorite Ice Cream, Turkey Hill! Pick me please! πŸ™‚

  147. viki ley says:

    My kids would love those dishes. It would definately solve the problem when I am told we are out of cones. It’s a brillant idea…Never ending washable cones. Problem solved. Ty turkey hill.

  148. Sue Merewitz says:

    Very nice ice cream dishes. What better way to enjoy all of the Turkey Hill flavors. My grandkids would love them!

  149. Donna Straugh says:

    WOW!!!!!!! they are really cute and would be even cuter filled with Turkey Hill ice cream.

  150. Miranda says:

    Winning these would give me even more ambition to have a turkey hill ice cream party with all my friends!

  151. Christina Kalix says:

    Thank you Turkey Hill for another great contest!

  152. LindaR says:

    It’s said you eat first with your eyes. When serving ice cream this would be a great way to start. Looks yummy even without the ice cream.

  153. Lisa says:

    Those are just adorable! I know my children would LOVE them. I voted, btw. πŸ™‚

  154. Robin Ames says:

    Cute, but TINY!

  155. John L. says:

    Perfect dishes to serve this year’s winner in – Whoopie Pie!!! πŸ˜€

  156. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    The dishes look like they will hold just the right amount of ice cream. As always another unique prize.

  157. CAT =^..^= says:

    I adore the colors in the ice cream dishes! Perfect to fill up with some yummy Turkey Hill ice cream. All Natural Salted Caramel please πŸ™‚

  158. john says:

    alsome looks great have but have toget ice cream now

  159. Love the exquisite ice cream dishes. We always have 4 half gallons of Turkey Hill ice cream on hand at one time. We would love to win these dishes as they are so realistic and would be so wonderful as we love to entertain as well as we would use them ourselves as love to have ice cream every day for dessert. Nothing but Turkey Hill will do at our house as it is the best ice cream you can buy! The choice of flavors is stunning as the dishes you can win!!! It is a win, win, win situation that we would love to win!!! You always win with Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  160. Faye Beebe says:

    Oh My GOD, they are PERFECT!

  161. Stefanie says:

    What a great prize, I’d love to win and vote for Cookies N Cream!

  162. Susan Gallup says:

    granddaughters will love them

  163. Liz Stark says:

    I voted! And wow, those ice cream dish sets would be the most fun way to enjoy ice cream! Ice cream is my favorite treat, and I know my family would love those ice cream dishes too.

  164. Dorothy says:

    YAY!!! This is the ice cream sensation from my childhood. THANK YOU! These ice creams are soooo creamy. My husband loves them too.

  165. Sharon Smith says:

    would love to win these

  166. JoAnn Gallagher says:

    My family has tried all types of ice cream. They always go back to Turkey Hill. The flavors are always good and creamy. We love all the contests. Our favorite was: Color the cow. We had many hours of enjoyment coloring the cow. Thank you Turkey Hill for making my family have a lot of enjoyment in life.

  167. We buy Turkey Hill all the time. Cute ice cream dishes!

  168. Ida Beek says:

    My votes are already in and I would love to serve the winning ice cream in these adorable dishes.

  169. Mary S says:

    Those ice cream dishes would be great when I am baby-sitting my nieces. Both of them love Turkey Hill ice cream. The little one loves Vanilla, and the older one loves Mint Chocolate Chip. Now me, I love anything Chocolate.

  170. Myra Malvo says:

    I would love to try the new ice cream bowls and spoons with one the winning flavors or my favorite flavor Rum Raisin.

  171. Christine Gaiser says:

    In MY home these beautiful ice cream dishes would be filled with all our favorite flavors: with Pistachio Almond we’ll fill the green dish; Strawberries & Cream in the red dish; in the purple dish we’ll put our scoops of Black Cherry, and finally the blue dish will be filled with Party Cake!!! A feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!!

  172. Wm Snyder says:


  173. roberta soldo says:

    I don’t care what ice cream is on sale, you will never find another ice cream in my freezer. I’m so addicted to this brand. It’s THE BEST.

  174. nancy says:

    love the all natural ice cream! the best ever!!

  175. Andrea says:

    My grandkids would love these dishes. They would be requesting ice cream constantly. Don’t blame them since TH is SO delicious. We love all the flavors so it is difficult to vote for a favorite.

  176. Heather Bruinsma says:

    These are wonderful!

  177. Marie says:

    I voted yesterday and it was sooooo hard. Not easy to choose when you like them ALL!!!! Would just LOVE to win those ice cream dishes!!!They are really cool and will keep my TH ice cream cool,

  178. scott says:

    Turkey Hill always does it up right. Fun dishes.

  179. cleason stoner says:

    Those dishes would come in handy as I
    eat Turkey Hill Ice Cream every evening for dessert.

  180. Brenda says:

    It is hard to choose with Turkey Hill. There are so many good flavors. Love this ice cream

  181. voted for my favorites listed but there are others I love too!

  182. Doris Combs says:

    WOW! My grandkids would love those dishes. Turkey Hill is
    the best.

  183. Cindy says:

    tried many brands but Turkey Hill is the BEST! Hope I win.

  184. Kathy says:

    Salted caramel is my favorite with Yankee pinstripe coming in next!

  185. Dave says:

    Nothing better than Turkey Hill.. keep it coming.

  186. PT Lewin says:

    Beautiful spring colored ice cream dishes! When they are not filled with Turkey Hill (which won’t be very often), I can fill them with flowers! What a wonderful prize!

  187. Sue N says:

    Love these dishes, did the voting, but more than that– I just bought the last four containers of Baklava flavor from our local ShopRite! I have 3 in my freezer in the basement and one upstairs to scoop from… Turkey Hill is the BEST!

  188. joyce says:

    Nothing like a WAFFLE CONE for your favorite Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!

  189. Kelly says:

    My brother just made fun of me yesterday for how many cartons of ice cream (all Turkey Hill) I have in my freezer right now, in the middle of winter. Hey, a girl has to be prepared, right?

  190. Patti says:

    4 is great but I need 5.

  191. Vicky Fasnacht says:

    Voted. There were some hard choices – so many great flavors!

  192. Christine Fellin says:

    Yumm!!! looking forward to eating my Turkey Hill ice cream in those cute cones!

  193. Jim in SOMD says:

    Just like in the Basketball March Madness, my upset special picks are going down in flames. I think my pick for the overall winner is not even winning this first round. Good thing this is a round by round vote because my bracket is already busted!

  194. Donna Keller says:

    Loved all of them.

  195. Annamarie says:

    Voted,love them all! Each night as I enjoy smooth turkey hill (salted caramel is my favorite)Ice cream with my favorite TV shows,on these cold New York nights. I can’t help but dream of the warm summer days to come when I’m outside floating in my pool with a nice bowl of turkey hill. These bowls would come in handy

  196. Helen says:

    Eating turkey Hill ice cream in one of those cones would make a special nite’s dinner complete. Thanks for all the wonderful flavors.

  197. Cheryl says:

    Oh I would love to own these super cute dishes!

  198. Lesa says:

    OMG.. Love these!!!!

  199. Caitlin says:

    Well, these would be convenient for when I purchase every single container of the Sweet Potato Pecan Pie limited edition ice cream the second it comes out! More socially acceptable than eating it straight out of the carton, I suppose πŸ˜‰

  200. Love your ice cream dishes and have never before seen anything like them. Would love to have a set of them. My absolute favorite flavor which I believe is retired, hopefully not, is the chocolate peanutbutter. Have enjoyed many others but always look for this one first. Just me and it does not last very long – 2 days tops!!

  201. Michele R. says:

    Too much fun!!! They brought a smile just looking at them during this bitter cold winter day. Imagine the smiles if you actually ate out of them. Thank you for the pick-me-up! πŸ™‚

  202. nina hilson says:

    i love these ice cream dishes!!! they remind me of ones my girls had made for them when they were toddlers….they had so much fun using them…i think their children, my grandchildren, would enjoy using them as my own girls did!!! thank you for the new version!

  203. steffie rau says:

    Love every new flavor I try. I have my favorites tho of course!

  204. Tim McCreary says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream. I have a TH store less than 1 mile from my home, so I always have ice cream in my freezer. My favorite is the limited edition Blitzburg Crunch. It reminds me of the Scooter Crunches I ate everyday in school when I was a kid.

  205. Dick says:

    chocolate would look good in these

  206. Rich says:

    I agree with you MaryBeth – go peanut butter ripple

  207. Alina Morey says:

    I love your Strawberry ice cream on waffles.

  208. barbara says:

    These are really nice ! I just found an old plastic cone cup , with a spoon straw that my daughter had about 25 years ago. I gave it back to her and she uses it now when she eats her favorite Turkey Hill ice cream.

  209. mary ann herrmann says:

    …how cute are these?? would love to devour my TURKEY HILL
    in them please & thank YOU!!

  210. Sandi Hrutkay says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is the creamiest of the creamiest.

  211. Sherri Rosen says:

    I usually don’t use a bowl to eat ice cream, but these bowls are so beautiful and creative, I’ll feel like I’m eating it in an old fashioned ice cream shop. I hope you make the Key Lime flavor a regular part of your line – it tasted like key lime pie – so good!!

  212. sandra serhan says:

    My favorite Pennsylvania company who makes so much progress in statewide distribution of the finest quality products is Turkey Hill. Pa Proud ! If you ask me to name just one flavor of ice cream, I have the name of it……ALL OF THEM….there is not one better than the other…..We love the iced teas,every one.
    Rum raisan is amazing…the flavor took me all the way back to the 1950’s when we drove to the dairy ice cream store… your ice creams are like a time machine.
    Thank you Turkey Hill .

  213. Tina M says:

    What a wonderful fun way to enjoy a great dish of tasty ice cream πŸ™‚ love the colors!

  214. J Kaiman says:

    I think they are cute. I would eating my turkey hill ice cream from them.

  215. terry baughan says:

    can,t decide all great

  216. cindy flynn says:

    They look like so much fun and the bonus is they hold ALOT of ICE CREAM my kind of dish

  217. Ron says:

    Someone is going to enjoy their Turkey Hill from these. Got my fingers crossed!

  218. Diane says:

    First off, it is amazing how many people respond, when there is a prize involved. The dishes remind me of a burst of spring. How beautiful.

  219. Cath T says:

    Salted Caramel tastes great

  220. Marta says:

    Hey with 4 dishes, my husband and I can each have two dishes of wonderful Turkey Hill Ice Cream. We may be convinced to share with our grandkids though. Ha!

  221. David Handler says:

    Still waiting on you to develop a Chocolate marshmallow Mint Ice Cream..for the folks like me who love choclate marshmallow and mint.

  222. Tom Stritt says:

    I never saw anything like them, They would suit an ice cream family like ours very well.

  223. chris conanan says:

    these are the coolest

  224. Nichole McKinnon says:

    so cute!

  225. Lisa Davis says:

    Very Cute!

  226. tom sides says:

    would love to try your ice cream in these neat dishes

  227. Sarah casebier says:

    Love icecream! So cute!

  228. Alicia Johnson says:

    These look so cute. Would love to win these

  229. Kim Kocon says:

    I love these dishes! Turkey Hill is bar none by favorite ice cream!

  230. Liberty says:

    The dieters friend! I can eat in a waffle cone still! πŸ™‚

  231. myndy mastracchio says:

    My daughter loves ice cream cones. For her birthday she wanted an ice cream cone cake. Do you have any idea how hard that was to make? LOL She would love these for our ice cream nights!! Super cute would love to bring these home!

  232. Melissa Christman says:

    These are so cute! My kids would love them..oh and me too! πŸ˜‰

  233. Martha cruz says:

    I would walk up a hill just to get Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

  234. Becka says:

    These would be great for the summer and pool parties!

  235. Linda Poplees says:

    This is an adorable way to enjoy the many delicious flavors of Turkey Hill. Our freezer has your ice cream all year round!

  236. Terri Holzman says:

    Love Turkey Hill ice cream – don’t have as much of an opportunity to eat it as often as I’d like but it’s so refreshing by itself & on a piece of cake or pie.

  237. Cindy Crocker says:

    Love it – I have one of the ice cream ceramic cones, no spoon, and this win would give me something to share with guests

  238. diane hriczko says:

    Turkey Hill is the best.

  239. Trisha Palmer says:

    I really like the ice cream dishes and love Turkey Hill ice cream!

  240. Carl says:

    They are sweet!

  241. Nancy Blair says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice cream and would love to win these adorable dishes. Thanks for the chance.

  242. tbrjjt says:

    Oh those are so awesome, nice collection. I love ice cream, thanks to my DAD.

  243. Alisa Kaplan says:

    I wish there were 7 dishes because my son’s day isn’t complete until he had his Dutch Chocolate ice cream!

  244. Edward Farley says:

    Wow just when you thought nothing could make eating Turkey Hill Ice Cream any better you come out with these cool dishes & spoons! πŸ˜€

  245. Matt Smith says:

    What perfect dishes for serving ice cream!

  246. maureen Howard says:

    I love the ice cream dishes!! THey are really fun! I’d love them even more filled with my Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  247. Brenda says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE these so much!!!

  248. lee dempsey says:

    I am always looking for colorful ice cream dishes, these look yummy!

  249. Mary E says:

    Oh these are the cutest dishes I have ever seen!

  250. Kelly says:

    I love these cups, so cute!

  251. Peggy says:

    Love Turkey Hill ice cream & these bowls spoons. Hope I win….

  252. bill digiglio says:

    My grandson would love these.. πŸ™‚

  253. Peggy says:

    <Love Turkey Hill ice cream & love these bowls & spoons. Hope I win….

  254. Christina Constantine says:

    perfect for an ice cream party!!!

  255. Beth Johnson Titus says:

    Voted!! Love your Ice cream πŸ™‚

  256. Ann Marie Stelma Graff says:

    I voted. Some really tough choices. Love the ice cream dishes. They would be great for my family. We enjoy, as my son calls it, a frozen delight every night. Last night it was chocolate marshmellow and black cherry.

  257. Sharon Lewis says:

    My kids would love these!!!!

  258. Laura Snow says:

    These dishes are so cute! They would make a great gift, along with some sundae toppings and Turkey Hill, of course!

  259. Donna says:

    These are awesome! Would love to win!

  260. Alisabeth says:

    I love those! So cute!

  261. shannon says:

    Voted!! these are so awesome, my girls would love them….and so would I!!! can’t wait to visit this summer!

  262. marcia says:

    THeese are awesome .. My son sure would be surrpised if we won. being that he has broken arm. This would make hisday.. did i mention it happened at school

  263. Karen S says:

    they would be so awesome to have our Turkey hill ice cream in!!Thanks for the chance!

  264. Sharmaine says:

    How cute are these? Would love to have a set!

  265. AN says:

    Those ice cream dishes are so cute!

  266. Tom M says:

    The spoons are similar to the ones my kids have but the cones are simply fantastic! Puts to shame the plastic ones that we have.

  267. cindy says:

    I love Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream the best but all of the turkey hill ice creams are all great.. love the ice cream cusps.. cute and very useful on a everyday basis….

  268. Andy says:

    My kids would love these!!

  269. Peggy Feeney says:


  270. margee barry says:

    we really love your ice cream it is so hard to pick one flavor over another they are all so good we always have a carton in our freezer I know when I give it to my family im serving the best quality ice cream that there is

  271. Katelyn says:

    Those are cute! Would definitely eat ice cream out of that!!!!! TURKEY HILL!!!!

  272. Wonderful, how fun, my boys and I love ice cream and this would really add some fun to our creations

  273. Heather Fitzpatrick says:

    When I was growing up, my Mom had bought us “special ice cream bowls” that were similar to these, only in a waffle bowl shape. She would break them out whenever we had a rough day – didn’t get picked for the team, got into a fight with a friend, got dumped by the ‘only guy I’ll ever love’. It’s amazing what a simple little thing or gesture can make to someone who is having a rough day. She packed them up for me when I moved into my own apartment, but they were broken by the movers. I would have loved to have been able to use them now with my son, so I can pass on the tradition.

  274. Ginette says:

    Voted!!! My kids will LOVE these, so fun.

  275. Leah Murdoch says:

    So cute, One for each of my 4 kids! Love them.

  276. Jennifer Woosley says:

    When I was little my Mom used to have some bowls similar to these. They remind me of when I was little. Good times!

  277. Dorene Pasekoff says:

    Dishes are so cute — perfect for eating ice cream on a hot day.

  278. Mindy says:

    Well, I have 4 grandchildren living with me right now, and these would work out perfectly for them!!! Then, I would always have my bowl to use when we have our ‘special treat’ after dinner. My grandchildren are as addicted to ice cream as their grandma is! πŸ™‚

  279. tina m says:

    The ice cream dishes are really cute, the only thing that is missing is to have them full of Turkey Hill ice cream. I love trying the different flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream and if I had these dishes I could eat 4 different “bowls” at one time…haha.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  280. Roe Clark says:

    OMG! these are so awesome…we’d love a set for our next ice cream social πŸ™‚ Thank you for the chance πŸ™‚

  281. anita says:

    Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates is my favorite-the combination of great ice cream and real chocolates !

  282. Rhonda Mason says:

    Love the dishes! The grandkids would be surprised! Thanks

  283. sherrie says:

    Omg.. these are so cute.. Would LOVE to win these… My kids would love these….

  284. Jim B says:

    Wow, those are cute! My wife would love them…especially for making a hot fudge sundae (she likes to use the Turkey Hill coffee flavor ice cream for her sundaes. Me, I’ll use most any flavor!)

  285. alcira says:

    Love them all πŸ˜‰

  286. Theresa Cowen says:

    Love them all

  287. Honey Kirkland says:

    I love all Turkey Hill products especially your ice cream!

  288. Susann M says:

    Love the dishes – they remind me of some my sister had!

  289. Elizabeth says:

    My family and I would LOVE these!!

  290. Susan D says:

    What fun! Just perfect for my family to enjoy our Turkey Hill ice cream in! I would show these off in my glass front cabinet!

  291. susitravl says:

    How will I even be able to eat my ice cream when I’m giggling over how cute these dishes are?!?!??

  292. Lori Reed says:

    Love the cute waffle cone bowls. I’d use them for the ice cream sundae party I host in the summers.

  293. Cris S says:

    Aww super cute!! These would be perfect to win my birthday is coming up!!

  294. Brea D'Angelo says:

    Would love to win. Love your ice cream!!! All flavors πŸ™‚

  295. DOUG ARTHUR says:

    these are so cool but the best is the free ice cream cause turkey hill ice cream rocks

  296. kim leslie says:

    they are all so pretty…love the colors..would love to eat my ice cream in these.

  297. Ashley Brown says:

    Awesome dishes. Voted for the ice cream bracket!

  298. Mani says:

    I love each flavor .My kids love all the flavors .. specially the pumpkin one

  299. Mary Rutter says:

    Love them All

  300. Taste of Turkey Hill ice cream is my comfort food when I miss living in Lancaster Pa..My Heart will always be In Lancaster.Pa

  301. Cathy Bradford says:

    I absolutely love those ice cream dishes! We eat Turkey Hill year-round!

  302. Akhter Usman says:

    Turkey Hills beats in taste compared to all the other brands available.

    Why Mango is not included in the contest??

  303. Crystal Strickler says:

    These dishes are too cute! We would have no problem using them over and over to fill with our favorite TH flavors!! Think of all the possibilities….

  304. erica says:

    Voted yesterday. I love the cones! Gonna have to look for them in stores!!!!

  305. Dawn says:

    Cutest dishes, your ice cream is a bestie

  306. Peter says:

    Limited Edition Deep Dark Chocolate!

  307. Melissa says:

    i love ice cream, these are so cute! πŸ™‚

  308. my grandkids would love those cute, colorful dishes. Yes, I voted. Never enough egg nog. Please bring it back for Easter, like it used to do.

  309. Lisa Mazza says:

    We are a Turkey Hill ice cream kind of family!

  310. Bev says:

    My kids would just love these! So fun

  311. Carolyn E. says:

    As if I need a reason to eat more ice cream! Hello family fun night!

  312. kim leslie says:

    love all the beautiful colors..makes me think of summer and eating my ice cream in one of these bowls.

  313. Karen Umholtz says:

    I love turkey hill!

  314. Nancy W says:

    I voted and all the flavors sound sooo yummmy!!! really like the set of icecream cone bowls and spoons they are so cute.My grandkids would love eating with these. Than You for the chance.

  315. Shawn Stover says:

    These look awesome! My kids would sure love them…and me too!

  316. jennifer ingraham says:

    Voted πŸ™‚

  317. Holly says:

    These are awesome

  318. Jim says:

    Would fill these bad boys up with tin roof sundae all for me

  319. Jean McNamee says:

    I also voted!! Ice cream bowls are great to show off to friends and family that come to visit! Hope to win!!!

  320. Jessica says:

    UM–I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have these wonderful ice cream dishes and spoons, and what better to fill them with than Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!!

  321. kim leslie says:

    would love to be eating my ice cream in one of these beautiful colored bowls

  322. Susan Frazee says:

    My Grandsons would love these!

  323. Sara Hall says:

    Would love to have them all. Love your ice cream πŸ™‚

  324. Barbara sumpter says:

    Love your Turkey hill ice cream makes me want to trot into the kitchen and get some. Love the ice cream set would love to win it.

  325. Nick says:


  326. Mike Werner says:

    I would love to put some Double Dunker in those dishes!

  327. Kim says:

    4 ice cream dishes & spoons to go with my 4 grandchildren! That would be great! They visit once a week & Turkey Hill ice cream is always the dessert they pick, even over my homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  328. I have been an ice cream freak for years, Turkey Hill is one of my favorite brands, I wish my grocery store’s carried more of their flavor’s. I want to try them all. the ice cream dishes are very different from anything else I have seen, great for kids and adults.

  329. Janine says:

    Your ice cream is THE BEST. I especially like the Naturals. Just 5 ingredients! The dishes are cool, too! Thanks for the opportunity.

  330. Tricia Snyder-Boring says:

    Voted! My all time favorite Turkey Hill ice cream is Coffee!! I could have it everyday! And, these cups are so cute, would love to have them!

  331. Louise Brouillette says:

    Those are just darling! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  332. Sheri says:

    Our family loves Turkey Hill! What a fun way to eat enjoy it!

  333. Nicole T says:

    Sooo cute! <3 turkey hill!

  334. Amanda1015 says:

    Would love these!!! Voted!

  335. jenn bissett says:

    love these! would love to win! my kids(and myself) wouldhave so much fun eating our turkey hill out of this!

  336. My family love’s your Ice Cream because it is a Family Tradition in our family every night after dinner we have a bowl of Ice Cream & we are now the third Generation. So thank you Turkey Hill Dairy for making the best Ice Cream out there. hoping to try some more new Favor’s soon.

  337. Lena says:

    I love all the flavors I have tried. Working my way through them……

  338. Mabel Loney says:

    Love turkey Hill Ice Cream.These dishes are so cute ,what a nice idea for a party.Would love to have them to fill up with ice cream.

  339. crazy for dishes to put caramel crazy cup ice cream in

  340. Dolores says:

    awesome dishes to fill w/turkey hill!

  341. Jessica H. says:

    LOVE the Key Lime Pie!!! Voted and would love to win the dishes!!!

  342. Mark says:

    cool prize

  343. Lori Goldman says:

    How adorable! Love the fact that the spoons match the cones πŸ™‚

  344. Sabrina Sermons says:

    My Dad and I LOVE your Phillies Graham Slam Ice Cream. We both enjoy the graham crust taste with the little chips inside. He sends me for a 1.2 gallon every week.

  345. lupe says:

    awesome, I want them!

  346. Bridget Lowe says:

    I love TH ice cream

  347. Debbie Clancy says:

    I just love Ice Cream. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper, too bad my dr doesn’t approve. LOL

  348. Barb Wallace says:

    Love turkey hill every day !!!!

  349. dolly says:

    So adorable! I would love these!

  350. Lenka says:

    These are so cool!:)

    Where can I buy them?
    I prob don’t win but I want these no matter what (for my cookie dough icecream πŸ˜€ ) haha

  351. April says:

    Oh how I love me some Turkey Hill Ice Cream! And even more in those cute dishes!

  352. Cheryl Roark says:

    Voted! My family loves all the Turkey Hill flavors,my personal favorite is the all natural coffee,I’d love to win these fun,colorful ice cream dishes for my family.Thank You πŸ™‚

  353. Marguerite Mastromatto says:

    My favorite dessert and my favorite color – purple!

  354. the ice cream dishes are adorable great for a kids get together

  355. israel y says:

    we love turkey hill! hope i win!

  356. Suzanne Lusi says:

    My favorite ice cream by far is the All Natural Mint Choco Chip. It takes a lot of self control to not eat it all in one sitting πŸ™‚ Now if we can have choco mint choco chip, I think all self control would be lost. Ice cream is such a comfort food….takes you away from everything for a little while. Nothing like great flavor and quality πŸ™‚ PS, Turkey Hill Diet iced tea is my favorite and have a difficult time getting it in Myrtle Beach…seems there are a few of us who go crazy for it and it’s hard to keep in!!!!!

  357. Elise says:

    I would enjoy these , and they would liven up any gathering, and so would the ice cream! They are very clever, and my ice cream loving family and friends would have loads of fun loading these up with Turkey Hill ice cream!!

  358. rodney keller says:

    love them all !

  359. Chris Grim says:

    OH….these would look great in my kitchen cupboards!

  360. Tracy says:

    In LOVE with the ice cream dishes!!

  361. Barbara says:

    Love those ice cream dishes and love your ice cream, best of all.

  362. janet Ward says:

    I LOVE the fried dough and mint chocolate chip … fried dough should be year round … cause us new Englanders eat their ice cream with 3 feet of snow outside … least we do in my house!!!

  363. Sabrina Sermons says:

    My Dad and I would love eating our favorite Phillies Graham Slam ice cream in these cute cups.

  364. Sharon says:

    Would really like to win the cone dishes.

  365. Pam Flynn says:

    My 96 yr. old dad would love to eat ice cream out of these with his 3 yr. old great granddaughter, granddaughter, and me, his daughter. It would be a” Four Generational Turkey Hill Blowout! “

  366. Barbra Lawson says:

    Love the dishes. Big fan of your all natural ice cream!

  367. Sarah says:

    These are so cute!!! I love ice cream and frozen yogurt soooo much and would have an ice cream party with them!!!

  368. sue says:

    these are SOO cute…i would love to win them a real conversation starter if i could serve delicious turkey hill ice cream to my guests in them…the spoons definitely give it extra panache…

  369. Pattie Calmon says:

    I think Turkey Hill ice cream is awesome its all I buy I love fudge ripple, pumpkin pie, mint choc. chip, key lime sounds interesting and just plain old vanilla or vanilla choc, and strawberry are simply wonderful Just love your ice cream The best and I like the Natural and those dishes are so colorful and nice , Would be nice to win too Have a Great Day Pattie

  370. steve says:

    Fun looking way to eat ice cream. Some good flavors in the tournament. Still wish you would bring back German Chocolate Cake

  371. Chet Knotts says:

    Great design!

  372. Denise Zbierski says:

    These would make eating Turkey Hill ice cream even better than it already is!

  373. Consuelo carpenter says:

    My twins would love these

  374. Robin Miller says:

    Love our Turkey Hill ice cream. We live in SE VA and it can be hard to find. However, we know our sources and stock up all the time. It is by far the best ice cream available … if we can’t have our Turkey Hill, anything else won’t do.

  375. Cindy Lavinder says:

    Love your Turkey Hill ice cream! A year’s supply…oh yes…my family would love that! We would have to try all the flavors! And those ice cream dishes would be the perfect way to serve it up!

  376. Jill says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh, my ice cream would taste SO much better in THESE dishes! πŸ™‚

  377. Brenda H says:

    Adorable! I would eat way too much ice cream using these cute containers!

  378. Rick Catherman says:

    love turkey hill

  379. Jennett says:

    oooo these would go perfectly in my caramel colored new kitchen πŸ™‚

  380. Jodie says:

    what adorable ice cream dishes, they will look even better filled with my favorite turkey hill ice cream πŸ™‚

  381. Kyle says:

    Turkey Hill has the best products around hands down!

  382. scott troy says:

    I found turkey hill on a weekend trip to Philly. Now I am addicted.

  383. Melynda says:

    I need those dishes to go with my ice cream addiction. I could have a specific color dish for each of my favorites.

  384. Nancy McGrath says:

    Nancy,Patty,Carol and Lori(myself and my three best friends and sisters) will be eating Turkey Hill sundaes from these great dishes if I win!

  385. Janice Dean says:

    These are so cute!! We love Turkey Hill Ice Cream! Thanks and good luck!

  386. cassandra says:

    These are amazing! My kids would have even more fun eating ice cream. Who knew that more fun could be possible!

  387. Jen says:

    These dishes are so cute!

  388. Sue says:

    Waffle cone ice cream dishes will make a yummy presentation anytime. Kids will just love to decorate the top with treats. Just to darn cute. The best part of the presentation is the Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Doesn’t matter what flavor, they are all delicious!

  389. Lori says:

    Love your ice cream!! Also loved the Turkey Hill Experience! Would love these cups & spoons to have my favorite cookie dough ice cream in πŸ™‚

  390. karen fahmie says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the best ice cream out there. Turkey Hill is all natural and it is the only rich and creamy ice cream that I have ever had and my family just loves to create different sundaes on the weekend when we are all together. Thank You Turkey Hill.

  391. Judie K. says:

    Voted! Would love to win these adorable dishes!

  392. sam brown says:

    Nothing Beats Turkey Hill Ice Cream….No 1 in my book.

  393. Kerry B. says:

    Voted in all the polls. Hope I win!

  394. Kacey says:

    So cute. Can’t wait for warmer weather so I can eat my ice cream outside πŸ™‚

  395. Jean says:

    Turkey Hill All Natural is the Best! It’s the only kind I buy.

  396. Johnnye says:

    These are so cute. Love them.

  397. Bob Hathaway says:

    Your marketing department just keeps blowing me away with the fun! I really want to meet this person someday, and get his/her ideas for our own little dive shop at Odyssey Scuba…. Keep up the fun ideas, Turkey Hill gang!!

  398. Bryan says:


  399. Bonnie Usner says:

    Voted! Super cute cones & spoons. Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  400. Nancy says:

    Those dishes look like they could hold lots of ice cream….just my kind of dish πŸ™‚

  401. Donald MacNeil says:

    My Grand-Daughter would love these ice cream dishes.

  402. Jeanifer says:

    I love turkey hill omg coconut cream pie is to die for. I got it in January of 2013 one carton. Go back to store no more really I ask why not limited edition u was told . So I go on your web site to see when I could get it again ,not till next January I was like really ok then. January 1 2014 I went to my local store food lion to get it none oh No No I said but the manager said ur should come in soon I ask if I could order some so I could have it for the whole year do I could have it when I wanted it sure he said. He also said I would have to wait till key lime pie was gone . Ok I said , in the mean time I’m looking up store that carry turkey hill none had any I would stop at any food lion I found none I drove 1 and a half from my house cause one store had told me they had it . But I was told wrong . I had even taken a spoon with me so I could eat some as soon as I bought it. So disappointed I was so once again I go on web site to see when it was coming out coming soon was all it said . Lol soon I wanted it now I felt like a drud addicted trying to get her next fix . My husband told me I was being crazy but u didn’t care a woman wants what she wants and I wanted turkey hill coconut cream pie ice cream . So I sent a email to y’all and was told as soon as key lime pie sales out it would come out . I was like ok then so every other day I go on your web site to see if it came out yet . But so far nope but I m not giving up even if I have to but the key lime pie and give it away I’m going to get me some coconut cream pie . And when it does come out I will buy enough to were I won’t be out anymore. I’ll keep enough to last me to the next year . Your craziest fan ,Jeanifer Marion

  403. Laurie Kidwell says:

    I want to make ice cream sundaes in those bowls now!

  404. Sheila Pavelko says:

    What an awesome set for this first time grandma’s kitchen!
    Buttered Almond Chocolate….. I can’t find it anywhere!

  405. Tanya P. says:

    These dishes are sooooo cute….and Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the BEST!!!!!

  406. Christina Roche says:

    These dishes are awesome! Thanks for the great recipies- we love all flavors!!!

  407. CASEY says:

    I would love to win these for my hubby!

  408. Laraine Izzo says:

    I love these ice cream servers but not as much as I love what I will put in them – TURKEY HILL ICE CREAM!

  409. Erin Carty says:

    These are so cool!! Would LOVE to win!

  410. Barbara says:

    My daughter just started to be able to eat ice cream this past month and she loves Turkey Hill! Her favorite flavor right now is your All Natural Vanilla Bean (with some fresh strawberries on top)! Hoping we win because I know she would love eating her ice cream from these. How fun!

  411. Paula Cummings says:

    How can you pick a winner or favorite,,they are all SO GOOD!!!

  412. Jennifer says:


  413. Michelle Collins says:

    Love the dishes and spoons. My girls would love them. Just need to fill them with some Turkey Hill ice cream:)

  414. Debbie says:

    Don’t know which is cooler – Turkey Hill ice cream or these glasses! Both make me smile!

  415. Marianne danubo says:

    I love turkey hill ice cream!!

  416. We love turkey hill ice cream!!

  417. Megan says:

    These look so cute!

  418. Suzanne Smerdon says:

    Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Always have it in my freezer. I think it is one of the food groups you must have every day. And I would love to win the dishes to have it in. It would be so much fun to eat it from.

  419. Tara says:

    Those are so cute…in our house we love icecream and at least once a week have an icecream night and my kids and I wold love to be eating our Turkey Hill ice cream from those to cute containers.

  420. sue m says:

    My kids will only eat Turkey Hill mint chocolate chip!! It has to be the white kind!

  421. Ashley says:

    I would love to set up an ice cream bar for my family using the spoon and bowl set. They are adorable!

  422. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Love the dishes.

  423. David Lester says:

    I am with you Jennifer Marion. Still looking for Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream. Check Foodlion several times a week since first of Feburary and haven’t seen it yet. Flavor of the month for Feburary and March and here it is March 5 and no sight of it. Someone please go on a Key Lime Pie frenzy and buy it out. lol

  424. Bev Harrison says:

    These are so cute!

  425. Ann McElhinney says:

    Oh my gravy! These are totes adorbs! I have to have them!

  426. Bobby Ding says:

    My twin girls would love these.

  427. Stefanie says:

    Those would pair up great with turkey hill peanut butter swirl ice cream.

  428. Bonnie Traher says:

    Any day,any time,any season there is a reason to eat ice cream.

  429. Paul Fiumara says:

    Cheering for the all natural salted caramel! Wow what a stand-up set of dishes to fill with Turkey Hill.

  430. Susan J says:

    The dishes are adorable! Too bad it’s a set of only 4 — there are 5 people in my family. We’d definitely use them though.

  431. JANET FLOBACK says:

    Those cone dishes are so cool, my family would love them with any flavor of Turkey Hill ice cream in them…yum!!!

  432. Antoinette Boas says:

    I voted for all my favorite flavors, and the dishes are cute!!

  433. Marg Z says:

    I voted and now I want a big bowl of ice cream, but what flavor to eat is now a problem because I want them all! LOL

  434. vicki B says:

    love turkey hill!

  435. joanne says:

    My 10 year old son and his friends would love to eat your delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream out of these. Love Them

  436. How cute are they?!?!? I was going to say it would help with portion control while gobbling down your delicious ice cream, but then I read where amazon reviewers said they were bigger than they looked. Oh well, adjustments can be made! hahaha πŸ˜€ Thank you for offering these prizes.

  437. Alyssa says:

    Voted for my favorites! The ice cream dishes are cute, but the addition of Turkey Hill ice cream in the prize is just the cherry on the sundae!

  438. Lorraine Poling says:

    Turkey Hill has been our family favorite for years. My husband bought a separate freezer just so we would always have your ice cream on hand. I don’t think we will ever move out of the area because we would miss Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  439. lori clark says:

    voted! thanks for the chance

  440. Dacia Dale says:

    Looks eatable

  441. Gloria says:

    I would love to serve ice cream in these to the grand children!!! How unique!

  442. Lisa S. says:

    These are fantastic! Worthy of an ice cream parlor and, of course, Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  443. Cathi Powell says:

    The ice cream dishes are a great way to enjoy the delicious Turkey Hill ice creams.

  444. Jeff says:

    Thanks for always giving us the scoop on things. I am always bowled over with the news and notes.

  445. lanell says:

    Would LOVE <3 these adorable ice cream dishes!!!

  446. Mary Smith says:

    Nice dishes!

  447. Monica Corliss says:

    These are the cutest things I’ve ever seen, well besides kittens and puppies of course! Hope I win these!

  448. Karen DiFonzo says:

    Perfect gift for an Anniversary this month.

  449. my favorite ice cream no other kind does it for this family and these dishes are cute love um

  450. love the new fresh color of spring time to have a treat like this to enter into my home, to share the refreshing taste of turkey hill ice cream every flavor is soo good. never get board of tasting new ideas..

  451. Lark says:

    I had a dream about ice cream cones last night. I think it’s a sign that I’m going to win!

  452. Diana F says:

    Tastefully done to add to the taste of a great ice cream

  453. Pat B says:

    Love the dishes. Love the ice cream even more. Never had Turkey Hill before I moved to Pennsylvania in 1987. Now it’s my favorite.

  454. bob says:

    Only problem with these, how do you lick the bottoms????

    Love them all……

  455. sue hulme says:

    These are way too cute! thanks for the contest opportunity

  456. JoAnn D says:

    Oh Brother, what a prize! Lovin the dishes and then to have the ice cream too! We are Lucky to be in PA with Turkey Hill!

  457. John Carr says:

    make the ice cream peanut butter ripple

  458. Nancy Miller says:

    I want these sooooo badly! No! I NEED THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love love love Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  459. CHRISTINE says:


  460. Karen Moore says:

    Love Turkey Hill–it’s the ONLY brand I buy!!

  461. deb says:

    Nothing says ice cream like Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  462. Leah says:

    Oh those are so cute! I’d love to win this! I’ve moved to North Carolina and have not had Turkey Hill since leaving Pittsburgh and I sure miss it!

  463. Ann King says:

    those ice cream dishes are great, just the thing to serve Turkey Hill in when the grndkids are visiting.

  464. DarrellWaites says:

    Love the idea

  465. Ron DiRisio says:

    My daughter, living in Irvine, California, is very jealous because they are unable to purchase Turkey Hill ice cream. So I forward my Turkey Hill e-mails to her so she can drool and dream (rubbing it in is permitted?).

  466. Marta Morgan says:

    I am dieting and only allowed small portions of ice cream at a at a time. How fun would these be to take my mind off the fact that I can’t eat a big dish of Turkey Hill!

  467. val says:

    so awesome, just like your ice cream!

  468. Mary Graham says:

    Our family would enjoy using the Ice Cream dishes. We enjoy Turkey Hill ice cream even during this long cold winter. πŸ™‚

  469. Lori Lodice says:

    My fave ice cream of all time is Turkey hill peanut butter chocoalte would love to put in these cups

  470. Michael Eddy says:

    Not only the coolest ice cream dishes (and spoons!!) I’ve ever seen, but they seem to work for the amount of Turkey Hill I like to indulge in when I indulge (nightly – 12 months a year). They look like at least a 3 scooper – maybe 4. Bring it on!!

  471. Tim Manuel says:

    I could wear these out!!!

  472. Gaynell Rome says:

    Thanks for providing us with the inside scoop on all the wonderful flavors of ice cream that Turkey Hill can dish out. My grandchildren would love to show off these unique dishes to their friends in hope that they too would buy Turkey Hill products. Keep up the great work!

  473. Julie T says:

    All Natural Salted Caramel is the BEST ice cream in the WORLD!!

  474. Wendy Connelly says:

    Super cute!!!

  475. susan sanger says:

    Love them.

  476. Claudia says:

    Turkey hill ice cream served in a waffle cone, placed inside your waffle dishes…yum!

  477. Anne says:

    Love the look of the ice cream dishes and spoons.

  478. Aria H. says:

    The ice cream dishes are so cute!

  479. Richard F. Buckley says:

    I love almost all Turkey Hill flavors, but you left off my second favorite from your poll – Black Cherry – second only to Butter Pecan! How could you do such a thing?

  480. Jessica McVey says:

    Beautiful dishes. My family would love to have them. We LOVE Turkey Hill icecream!

  481. The best ice cream in the world should be served in the best ice cream dishes!

  482. Sand Benoit says:

    This dishes are too cute for words <3 My hubby would flip if I won this one <3

  483. Teresa Motz says:

    Can’t wait to see which flavors won round 1!

  484. John Brosnihan says:

    Looks great

  485. Kim Kinggard says:

    love them!!! love your ice cream

  486. Jo-Anne Z. says:

    NOBODY does ice cream like TURKEY HILL. NOBODY. PS: adorable ice cream dishes.

  487. Gaynelle says:

    I love Turkey Hill Ice cream !

  488. Gaynelle says:

    Ilove Turkey Hill Ice cream !

  489. susan p says:

    Wow how cute!! Do we have to share or can I just fill them all with pnb choc and eat them by myself? Turkey Hill rules!!!!!! Love my ice cream especially from a wonderful co of my home state..

  490. Lisa W. says:

    One word:: LOVE! πŸ™‚

  491. list says:

    Did someone say free ice cream?!!

  492. Melody Bain says:

    those are adorable and would be even better filled with my fav Turkey HIll ice creams!

  493. Bo says:

    My family LOVES ice cream! We go through numerous tubs a week. Love this prize! They will be used for our nightly ice cream fix. Hoping to win!!!

  494. Yvonne North says:

    those are really cool and fun looking

  495. christine says:

    those are adorable

  496. Maureen Rice says:

    Hands down — your very best flavor is the all natural salted caramel!! Actually, it is the best in the world!! I love knowing I am not putting man-made additives in my body — just pure heavenly fat and calories!! LOL!!

  497. Patricia says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream! Love this prize.

  498. LoriAnn says:

    Vote and love turkey hill ice crea

  499. LoriAnn says:

    Vote and these bowls would be great with some turkey hill ice cream

  500. Hilary says:

    They look so awesome and filled will Turkey Hill Ice Cream…heaven in a cup:)

  501. Julie Roybal says:

    Since we live in Colorado and are unable to tour your facility, winning this prize would be the next best thing! Both my sons (as well as I) would love to eat your ice cream out of these!

  502. Kristine says:

    Love them

  503. grams says:

    Those are adorable. My 3 year old grandson would love eating Turkey Hill ice cream out of that cone, as would anyone eating ice cream at my house. Love them.

  504. Michele Gallucci says:

    I really don’t care if I win or not but I just love your Ice Cream!! I really love all of your products and when I need a coupon all I have to do is just email your company. Hands down Turkey Hill is the BEST!!!!!

  505. Jennifer S. says:

    My girls would LOVE these!!! Thx for the chance!

  506. Anne Peters says:

    I love these cones; they’re pretty enough to leave out; and filling them with my favorite Turkey Hill flavor is the finishing touch!!

  507. Barb Estes says:

    I went to the store for Turkey hill Ice Cream
    Stood in front of the freezer as if in a dream
    They had Vanilla and Chocolate and Rocky Road would be great with some whipped cream
    So out of the store and as I drove home
    I thought what’s it going to be a dish or cone
    Oh!!! what does it matter would be great just on a Platter!!!

  508. christina clement says:

    I would love to win thus, especially the ice cream and my grandkids would get a kick out of that set

  509. Teri Stich says:

    What a great giveaway! Love the bowls and the scoops. Voted for all my favorites and have to say my personal all time favorite is Tin Roof Sundae!! Yum

  510. Jim Fahringer says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is the best. It will taste great in those dishes!

  511. Shermika says:

    Those ice cream dishes look adorable. Hope to win them to fill it up with some delicious Turkey Hill ice cream.

  512. karen jean mango says:

    Love ice cream and great dishes for me

  513. Whenever I am eating my Turkey Hill Butter Pecan ice cream, I fill like I am can climb a hill and do anything. Love being on the Hill.

  514. Christina Norton says:

    My kids would love these!

  515. Vera says:

    I love plain old vanilla Ice Cream.That would really show off these new dishes.

  516. Karen says:

    I really like them and so will my grandkids.

  517. Chrissy says:

    I love turkey hill! And voted! Today is my
    Birthday so please pick me!! πŸ™‚

  518. Laura Gibbs says:

    So cute πŸ™‚ love them!

  519. Jeanne says:

    Even with all of the frigid weather this winter we have still enjoyed Turkey Hill ice cream. Served with a cup of hot coffee it made the weather seem better. The only thing better would been to have had these cone bowls and spoons.

  520. vicki says:

    My family loves all the different flavors of Turkey Hill ice creams…the dishes are unique and very inviting…can not wait to experiment with the many flavors you offer…we stock up on the ice creams when they offer periodical sales… good…thank you for this opportunity…will look forward to all the goodies you present..there is nothing more refreshing than Turkey Hill ice cream…

  521. leecarr says:

    I can eat ice cream right out of the carton and look like a pig or I can eat my ice cream in these elegant cones and look like royalty

  522. Cleo Browne says:

    The Ice Cream dishes are fabulous must have items. They a very unique and ones of a kind. I want them.
    Just fabulous!!

  523. Brian Hendricks says:

    Those dishes look good enough to eat. Which could be a problem with my family, they might eat right thru the ice cream and into those dishes. Well, at least I’d get one use out of them.

  524. Shelley Kozak says:

    Turkey Hill is my favorite ice cream! You don’t need special dishes to enjoy it, any dish will do! It’s not in there long enough to get comfortable or look pretty!! My favorite, Natural Salted Caramel, would look nice in those dishes though!

  525. Cleo Browne says:

    I real real love Turkey Hill Ice Cream. It is high quality and taste mouthwatering. I would be overwhelmed to win a years supply of my favorite Ice Cream. This would be an ice cream lovers dream come true.
    One of my favorite flavors is orange sherbet with vanilla ice cream.
    Make my Dream come True !

  526. Edward Murphy says:

    I would love to win

  527. Misty says:

    More ice cream for me please!!!

  528. Alexia says:

    I hope I can win this set,They are really beautiful! My family and I truly love Turkey Hill Ice Cream and this set would go great with it. Turkey Hill is so Yummy in my Tummy! :):)

  529. Angela says:

    These are great what a cool way to eat ice cream! – I voted!

  530. this set makes me think of warm summer days on the porch eating ice cream to col off! It can’t come soon enough! It’s so cold & snowy here, but never to cold for delicious turky hill ice cream

  531. may says:

    yes I wanna win these for my family !!! turkey hill ice cream here I come…I buy at least 5 turkey hill ice cream a week !!

  532. may says:

    I’d love to win these dishes..we love turkey hill ice cream !!!!we’d be the envied of the neighborhood !!

  533. Llanda Lavender says:

    These are so great! I crochet ice cream bowls with Turkey Hill Ice Cream, in them. Now will have to crochet these.

  534. Amy says:

    These bowls and spoons are so cute! I think I had a spoon that was similar when I was little. Would love to use these in the summer time!

  535. Susan Hayden says:

    My family would love to eat their Turkey Hill ice cream in these cones :-)!

  536. Jane says:

    I love love love ice cream

  537. Susan S says:

    With all the cold and snow in this part of the country, there is still nothing better than Turkey Hill Ice Cream!! The air is colder than the ice cream!!

  538. melyssa says:

    Love turkey hill! Would love to surprise my stepmom with these!!

  539. Norma says:

    How much Turkey Hill can you fit into these color cones? Now that’s math anyone would love.

  540. Karen says:

    you’ve had some cut ones before but these take the cake or the ice cream in our world I love them

  541. Karen says:

    I voted as well and too many good flavors. This tournament always makes me hungry

  542. Marion says:

    I am a senior citizen with many years of ice cream wisdom and experience. Anything related to ice cream is good and wholesome. These ice cream dishes are lovely, and the spoons are spectacular. I would love to be chosen as the winner, but I am always a winner with Turkey Hill ice cream!

  543. Jim says:

    We had special ice cream mugs when we were growing up. I wasn’t the oldest, so I wasn’t the one to get them when the family home was sold. I’d love to have these to pass down to my two kids. Two each is fine!

  544. Keith says:

    These are very cool. Get it… cool

  545. Cynthia Freedman says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream in a waffle cone (or waffle cone dish). The best!

  546. Russ says:

    Now that is a real prize!!!

  547. Sarah says:

    Love those dishes and hope the spoons will reach all the way to the bottom as I don’t even want to miss a lick of Turkey Hill.

  548. adrienne armold says:

    I love the whoopee pie icecream why isn’t in vanilla

  549. Pat says:

    Me want.
    Does that count as a comment?
    Also if you stop making Bomber Sundae ice cream…I’ll die a little bit.

  550. rhonda b says:

    my coconut cream pie ice cream would look rally nice in these ice cream cup bowls!1

  551. Sarah says:

    LOVE THEM! and they’ll be even better full of Rocky Road.

  552. Leslie says:

    Ooooh I would love these! Turkey Hill is the best, I don’t buy anything else.

  553. Jennifer Garnick says:

    Those are adorable. If I don’t win I might just buy a set πŸ˜€

  554. Nicholas Spiro says:

    Once I tried turkey hill ice cream I was hooked and ever since then I only buy Turkey hill because it really is the best tasting ice cream…bare none! Putting turkey hill ice cream in your “prize” bowls would be like putting frosting on the cake! Simply dee-lightful!

  555. Patty says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream!

  556. Nicholas Spiro says:

    I read all of then numerous fancy words submitted by people trying to win a prize! Simply put…Turkey hill ice is a cut above all of the other brands that I have tried. Your ice cream really tastes good and I get to select and try a different flavor each time I go to the market! It’s hard to say which flavor I like best because every time I try a new flavor I say… “wow…this is my favorite” flavor! The bottom line is that I enjoy a really good tasting dish of a quality ice cream and Turkey Hill fills the bill!…PERIOD1

  557. Sharon says:

    Butter pecan is my favorite. But strawberry is not far behind

  558. Ken says:

    Really hope to win the ice cream dishes, my grandson would love these

  559. Sharon says:

    I love turkey hill ice cream butter pecan is my favorite but strawberry is right behind

  560. Dee Rushforth says:

    These are as cute as can be and would be awesome to put my Turkey Hill Ice Cream in – which is the only Ice Cream that I will purchase always a great price for a quality product. I even got my parents started on it.

  561. Sharon says:

    I love butter pecan and strawberry is not far behind

  562. Sharon says:

    Butter pecan in my favorite but strawberry is not far behind

  563. Mary says:

    These are absolutely adorable. I would feel like I was eating an ice cream cone.

  564. cindy says:

    cat on a hot tin roof !

  565. brenda manges says:

    I voted, now I’m hungry for Turkey Hill…yummy! Dishes are so cute!

  566. Virginia jones says:

    Would love the cute serving set of ice cream dishes. The first flavor I would serve in them would
    Be the Yankees Pinstripe Brownie Blast. Fingers crossed.

  567. Sharon says:

    Would love these dishes. We have 2 gals over for bridge every week and these would be great. Oh, forgot to say that we serve Turkey Hill to those same gals.

  568. Lisa Philpot says:

    Turkey hill…come rain,snow,ice,or shine…I love IT gotta have IT…

  569. Lisa Breece says:

    These are very nice would love to win πŸ™‚

  570. Betty says:

    need these

  571. Rebecca says:

    I love all the different flavors, it’s so hard to pick a favorite!

  572. GNET says:


  573. I love Turkey Hill I cream I has a bowl every night vanilla bean is my favorite. I just love the cone dishes the colors are so pretty.

  574. kathy a says:

    we have a ritual at our house when eating ice cream. we use certain dishes with certain spoons, but THESE beat ours all to pieces. it would be an honor to try them out with our favorite flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream. this week we have the new All Natural “Butter Almond”. VERY tasty. if you like butter pecan(one of our favorites), you’ll love this one. But your Vanilla Bean is at the top of our list. wonderful by itself, or yummy with warm peach or blackberry cobbler, or a la mode with hot apple crisp or pie, or layered between brownie supremes and hot fudge….gotta go…. made myself start craving… time for icecream;)

  575. Bridget Burren says:

    buy turkey hill at my local Kroger all of the time. Love Turkey Hill

  576. SueK says:

    I wonder how the flavors were selected out of all the yummy flavors. Also, I thought it was odd that strawberry was one of the choices under a chocolate category.

  577. michael armstrong says:

    Love those’s Dishes I could mix all my turkey hill flavor’s in each Dish that I like,Adding certain flavors and mixing them up and siting back enjoying my ice cream .that would be so cool.

  578. Dot Picckett says:

    chocalate, peanut butter, pretzels layed in these tall ice cream dishes..yum with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and of course a cherry on cool would that look?

  579. Dot Picckett says:

    chocalate ice cream, peanut butter, pretzels layed in these cool dishes…with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry on top!! how cool would that look in these dishes?

  580. Dot Picckett says:

    chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, petzels, layed in these dishes with whipped cream, chocolate syrup & of course a cherry on top….how cool would that look?

  581. Paulette Bundick says:

    Loved the IC cups, and my grandkids will, too!

  582. John says:

    Potential year’s supply of ice cream? Does that include All Natural? Count me in!

  583. i need these bfor my grand children these areso cute

  584. Allison Sisson says:

    Love my turkey hill ice cream. Something about kicking back with a nice bowl of ice cream makes everything better. Feels like home.

  585. denise isaacs says:

    Those are just the cutest and tasting great with Turkey Hill Icecream

  586. Katie says:

    Voted, all great flavors

  587. RITA W. says:

    I am just enthralled by those icecream cones. I can’t wait to fill them with 3 different kinds of ice cream.

  588. Joan Pagano says:

    I have raised a family of Turkey Hill ice cream addicts !!!
    How cute it would be to serve their ice cream in these adorable ice cream dishes !!

  589. Denise Rogers says:

    Turkey Hill 24/7 in our house, with those beautiful ice cream dishes we would have to buy a dedicated freezer!!!

  590. Joan Pagano says:

    I have raised a family of Turkey Hill ice cream addicts !!!
    How cute it would be to serve their ice cream in these adorable ice cream dishes !!

    Denise Rogers says:

  591. Crystal Sell says:

    Those are adorable and would get some good use at my house. πŸ™‚

  592. love those cone holders.

  593. Tracey says:

    Very pretty set

  594. Ethel Ernst says:

    Your ice cream is the very best. This is the only ice cream we eat at our home. I am 86 and husband is 87. We hope to have a few more years to enjoy. The dishes are awesome.

  595. love these!make you feel like your having ice cream in a wafflecone without the calories!!!Yay.

  596. Fiammetta Velasco says:

    These colorful ceramic dishes are so beautiful that I will have to buy ALL the flavors of Turkey Hill Ice Cream. I would be able to do a lot of things with these dishes.

  597. lanie says:

    So cute! Keep up the good work Turkey Hill!

  598. These would be so fun to enjoy with family and friends. Love them.

  599. Lorin says:

    Those ice cream dishes are AMAZING! One can have a daily waffle cone without all the calories found in the waffle! Yummy…and low-cal, too!!

  600. Barbara J Swartz says:

    These are really cute! πŸ™‚

  601. Allyson Paterek says:

    The only thing that would make these 4 dishes better would be to have all 4 of them filled to the brim with Turkey Hill ice cream!

  602. Cathy R says:

    These ice cream dishes are the best! How great would it be to eat my scrumptious Turkey Hill ice cream out of them! Yum! Pure love! πŸ˜‰

  603. Maggie says:

    Awesome dishes! I’m worried about Pumpkin Pie.

  604. Melanie says:

    Cutest dishes ever! And plenty of room for delicious Turkey Hill peach ice cream and the fresh blackberries I love to put on top!

  605. Ellen Anderson says:

    Very cute, hope it warms up soon so I can enjoy ice-cream again!

  606. Debbie Bigelow says:

    These spoons and ice cream dishes will give me a rainbow of fun eating my turkey hill ice cream because I will be mixing up the different colors of cones and spoons when I serve them to my guest and family.

  607. Debbie Clancy says:

    Just love these dessert cups. I’m an ice creamaholic! So addictive.

  608. Jerry Mc says:

    Enjoy my turkey hill ice cream daily all year round. Dishes are very nice.

  609. Janice Cash says:

    These are the cutest!! Love them!! Ty for the chance!!

  610. Jean Marando says:

    I would love to have the cone dishes, that is where I want to put all my Turkey Hill favorites. I do use a cone and these are so cool!!

  611. Bhavika Desai says:

    These cups and spoons are completely adorbs!

  612. Ilana says:

    Gotta love those dishes! Perfect for serving up some delicious ice cream in the summer…or the winter! Still trying to find the Limited Time Coconut Cream Pie. I will find it !!

  613. Cheryl Butchko says:

    I would love to win this set of ice cream dishes. My youngest sister has 4 kids, my niece & 3 nephews, who would have fun with them.

  614. Rolland Beisel says:

    Best Cones ever, they’ll never get soggy!

  615. My granddaughter(10) loves to have neighborhood ice cream parties when she comes to visit. Turkey Hill ice cream in these would be like the best ice cream day possible.

  616. jim r says:

    alright now!!!the kids would really like those cups!!!

  617. Faye Beebe says:

    I would just love to win those dishes, Turkey Hill, you rock.

  618. Marty says:

    Why isn’t the Coconut Cream Pie a regular flavor? It’s incredible!

  619. Gabby says:

    GREAT way to savor my 1/2 cup of vanilla bean with any and as much fruit as a topping, and STILL use only 4 of my daily Weight Watcher points! Boy these ice cream cups should be a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to truly enjoy their dessert experience!

  620. Dave says:

    Tin Roof rocks

  621. Brynn Cody says:

    I’m so glad they’ve started selling Turkey Hill by me! When I moved from NJ to VA I couldn’t find it for the longest time!

  622. Avis says:

    These dishes remind me of southern confort. So warm and inviting. We’re going to love using them at our weekly meals. Love them. Turkeyhill and Summer goes great together. These dishes remind you to stock up on Turkeyhill icecream.

  623. Patricia Lenhart says:

    What a fun way to eat ice cream. Fill ’em up and let’s eat.

  624. Barbara says:

    My grandchildren would love these almost as much as they love Turkeyt Hill Vanilla Ice Cream!

  625. shirley daubenspeck says:

    Hi, My husband was always a fan of breyers ice cream until he had some turkey hill all natural ice cream now all he will eat is this ice cream if we can not get all natural vanilla he will settle for vanilla bean regular. he also loves your egg nog which we seem to only get at Christmas time in our store. I must tell you he eats a couple of containers and maybe more a week He is 79 and has been eating ice cream like this for years,so the md does not say too much about it.

  626. Bridget Ludlow says:

    Oh ice cream, how do I love thee..let me count the flavors!

  627. Marsha DePaoli says:

    So proud Turkey Hill ice cream is from right here in Pa. Dishes are darling…

  628. gwen says:

    my grandchildren will love them when we have our ice cream parties

  629. Margie Rodgers says:

    Oh My Word!!! The spoons are the cutest!!!

  630. Marty Rodgers says:

    My granddaughter could not live with out the purple one

  631. teresa harvey says:

    Nice set to eat ice cream from while sitting on my screened porch this summer!

  632. roxie says:

    What a great prise.

  633. Teresa Motz says:

    Okay, 4 ice cream dishes for our 4 kids. What about us 2 hungry-for-ice cream parents?!?

  634. pete says:

    What else is there to say, Turkey hill has already figured it out. Just great!!!!!!

  635. Larry says:

    Those dishes would look great with some great Turkey Hill Ice Cream in them.

  636. karen says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is a nightly ritual at my house!!!

  637. lisa says:

    bring it on! ice cream time is anytime!

  638. Barbara VH says:

    My son has a speech delay but can say “ice cream”! He loves it and so do I.

  639. Stephanie says:

    OMG those dishes are too cute! Love them. And I love Turkey Hill – my favorite ice cream/iced tea brand for sure! πŸ™‚

  640. Glenn Uhler says:

    These dishes will be the perfect complement to Turkey Hill Sherbert flavors when Spring is here!

  641. Steve Boyer says:

    Couldn’t afford to give my family a one year supply.

  642. Christine says:

    Love Turkey Hill Ice cream!!!

  643. Debbie says:

    I love ice cream, even when the weatherman says, “it is bitterly cold outside.”

  644. Gail says:

    Definitely need these! Will make the grandchildren smile. More reasons to stock up on Turkey Hill ice cream! πŸ™‚

  645. Judy says:

    Too cute! What a great hostess gift for someone or me!

  646. Stacey says:

    so cute! Love these! one for each of my kids πŸ™‚

  647. Stacey says:

    Love these! One for each of my kids πŸ™‚

  648. MaryAnne says:

    I have great memories of being at the dairy with my dad in the 60’s getting the wonderful ice cream straight from the machine! My dad arranged to have my first grade class come for a tour of dairy in 1962. I also used to help dad deliver the milk when the bottles were still glass and we put them in the milk box outside the doors. To this day Turkey Hill ice cream and ice tea are my favorites and luckily I can get them here in Dover, DE.

  649. Nancy N. says:

    This must be a record breaker for comments!!! Most likely because the IC bowls and spoons are fabulous!!! Just not as fabulous as the TH IC that goes in them!!!- Delish!!! I’m an icecreamaholic and will keep voting!!!- Nancy

  650. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Voted on all and had the same opinion as the majority on all except one πŸ˜‰ Those dishes are ADORABLE!!!

  651. Laraine Izzo says:

    Let me win ’em to fill ’em up with TH ice cream.

  652. Stephanie MacDonald says:

    thanks for the chance nom nom nom

  653. I never met a flavor of Turkey Hill I didn’t love, but I usually buy one of the Moose Tracks ( sorry, cows).

  654. Joann ferguson says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream rocks with lots of fun flavors.

  655. pj says:

    Would love to win these. Would go great w/ur ice cream. My all time favorite is Choco-Mint Chip.

  656. Holly Ferenchak says:

    I hope I win the ice cream dishes so I can fill them with Dutch Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (my favorites!).

  657. Maria Myers says:

    My family will only eat Turkey Hill Natural Coffee flavor!! These bowls would be so cute to give them for Easter.

  658. Dianne Allison says:

    Love the waffle cone set! My family hasn’t found a flavor we didn’t love. Wonderful ice cream at a rally great price!

  659. Maureen Swadis says:

    Love them all.

  660. Tracy Heyer says:

    Love them!!! There awesome!!

  661. Leland Cork says:

    What a great way to eat ice cream in style.

  662. Deb Freeman says:

    I love the design of the ice cream dishes and spoons. Who says you have to grow up?

  663. carol s says:

    Love Turkey Hill and those lovely bowls.

  664. William says:

    Some good looking flavors.

  665. Love these dishes they are so adorable. Turkey Hill Ice cream would look really good in these dishes.

  666. Mischa Joligard says:

    Choco-mint chip is my favorite.

  667. Faye Beebe says:

    Taking care of my Mom after a stroke, the one thing that she always eats for me is Turkey Hill Ice Cream. I bet she would love it in those dishes too. That would cheer her up.

  668. Patsy says:

    I can’t go a day without eating Turkey Hill ice cream. If I run out I have to go to the store right then. Love, love my Turkey Hill ice cream.

  669. Jim says:

    Love my Turkey Hill ice cream it’s the best.

  670. Barb Stenby says:

    No matter what time of year it is I EAT ICE CREAM! My Ice Cream of choice is the deliciously creamy Turkey Hill. I choose to eat Turkey Hill because of the variety of Flavors & homemade taste Turkey Hill delivers. Thank You Turkey Hill for keeping my tastebuds happy & making such a great product.

  671. Dee says:

    I have 4 grandkids who would LOVE these, and what better way to enjoy some Turkey Hill ice cream?

  672. Larry says:

    From Capital Hill to Turkey Hill, celebrate Frozen Food Day with some TASTY Ice Cream.

  673. Cricky says:

    Thank you 4making an All Natural Ice Cream I am allowed to eat that is delicious!! Just discovered you this past month & now I will definitely be a life long fan & will spread the word to all my friends and family!

  674. Laraine Izzo says:

    What a treat it would be to treat my family to a TH ice cream treat served in these treat servers.

  675. Kathy says:

    It was so much fun voting. Can’t wait to see winner. Would be so awesome to win the ice cream servers.

  676. Colby says:

    I will have to test each one with a different flavor πŸ™‚

  677. mary says:

    These would be great

  678. Sues Melia says:

    the only thing making me happy during this EXTRA long polar vortex called winter in Upstate, NY is – having so many flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream to choose from – Comfort food at it’s finest!!! Thank you from a frozen, house bound friend!

  679. Sues Melia says:

    Hey Turkey Hill can you just pick me please? I never win anything and I’m tired of winter – I need something cute and colorful in my life and I can’t get a parrot or a peacock – so those dishes would be the bombdidlee – not to mention I need ice cream to soothe my tired soul after working 12 hrs a day – thanks -forever a fan – sues

  680. Sandra S says:

    The dishes are cute but what is their capacity? They have to be big enough to satisfy the most serious Turkey Hill lover. I know I would fill mine with All Natural Coffee. It is great (never can have enough coffee in it for a former Rhode Islander.)

  681. Nancy Young says:

    Love these cute ice cream dishes!!! Would be great for a hot summer sundae!

  682. Amber says:

    Eating turkey hill out of these cones will give me the joy of a life time.

  683. turkey hill ice cream would taste even better in these dishes. for those who do not win a set how about selling these?

  684. Bethany Torrenti says:

    Oh my goodness! These dishes are so cute! I would love to fill them with the limited edition flavor, featuring Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, yup your box of chocolates ice cream! I am moving back to Pennsylvania in 2 weeks from El Paso Texas because my husband is finally getting out of the Army! and we have definitely missed Turkey Hill ice cream!!! My mom has recently bought 6 boxes of this flavor to ensure she will have some to share with us when we first get home πŸ™‚ This would be a great house warming gift!

  685. Faye Beebe says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you pick me. I promise to give them a good home.

  686. Maxine says:

    Turkey Hill rocks!

  687. Michael says:

    My entire family loves ice cream, this ice cream cone bowl set would be a great addition for us to use on family movie night

  688. Larry says:

    To fulfill my dreams and wishes
    Hope to win these cute dishes
    Filled with Turkey Hill ice cream,so delicious.

  689. Randy says:

    There’s absolutely “No Waffling” about whether I like these dishes or not….they’re definitely sweet….and that’s the scoop!!! πŸ™‚

  690. christina o says:

    These are so cute!

  691. CAROL says:

    Enjoy almost all your flavors of ice cream. The cone shaped ice cream dishes and spoons are great!!!!

  692. Linda says:

    Cute, but not necessary – I eat my Turkey Hill directly from the carton.

  693. frankie g says:

    You scream, “Have some Turkey Hill?”
    I scream, “Yes I think i will.”
    We all scream till we’ve had our fill
    Of Turkey Hill

  694. LOIS says:

    My Touchdown Sundae would taste geat in these cute dishes!

  695. Faye Beebe says:

    I think they are adorable, now I want Ice Cream

  696. They look good enough to eat.

  697. Larry says:

    Luv those dishes

  698. Dianne Otto says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is the best!!

  699. Gail Leese says:

    Would love to have the ice cream cone dishes. I also put Turkey Hill ice cream on top of oatmeal, instead of milk. Greatly improves the taste!

  700. Louise Lamb says:

    There’s nothing like Turkey Hill ice cream! Rich, creamy, and all about home!

  701. Theresa Zuber says:

    Turkey Hill Phillies Graham Slam is the best and would be even more fun to eat from those cone bowls. Please pick me. Thanks.

  702. Theresa Zuber says:

    Please, please pick me. I adore Turkey Hill ice cream!!!

  703. Faye Beebe says:

    What perfect dishes to put my favorite Turkey Hill Ice Cream into.

  704. Brenda Brooks says:

    Please I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream. I am a senior citzen and I put turkey hill ice cream in my coffee, milk, I put it vanilla Tureky hill ice cream in my cold soup in the summer time. I been a fans for many years now. let so over 15 years. and I never won anytime. If I win I will share it with my grandson, who eat turkey hill ice cream and their family too. I can put all of my tureky hill ice cram in the ice cresm dish

  705. Tina Horning says:

    These would be nice to use when we are sitting outside in the summer listening to live music from the coffee house next door.

  706. Laraine Izzo says:

    Great servers for great TH ice cream!

  707. We have been buying Turkey Hill for years! I can’t keep it in the house very long as my kids go crazy for it. Keep inventing new flavors, but do’t dare get rid of the originals! My personal fav is Rocky Road..along with the! Thanks!

  708. Love Turkey Hill! Hands down the best ice cream and we have tried them all!

  709. Some voting was difficult..hard to decide.

  710. I will pay top dollar, but coupons are a BIG help! Lol

  711. Cathy Truman says:

    Voted but it was hard I like all the flavors.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  712. Pat says:

    I like all of the Turkey Hill flavors I have tried, but my favorite is still Black Raspberry!

  713. Geraldine Sim says:

    Need the dishes! Adorable. Want the ice cream to fill em up:-))

  714. bill spencer says:

    wonder how high I can pile turkey hill ice cream in each dish without it falling out. love to have these to eat out of but can make do with my old set of ice cream dishes.

  715. Faye Beebe says:

    DISH me up some Turkey Hill!

  716. ROBIN says:


  717. Crystal says:

    what a beautiful set to hold delicious icecream!

  718. Paul Sowinski says:

    Chocolate marshmellow is the best.

  719. Laraine Izzo says:

    What a treat to eat my favorte treat from these treat ice cream servers.

  720. Judy Lichtman says:

    Absolutely love Turkey Hill and our family has been to Turkey Hill Experience!

  721. Faye says:

    They are so cool, I would love to have them.

  722. Laura says:

    I love the Natural Turkey Hill ice cream. Keep making them please!

  723. Sharon DiAmore says:

    Love Turkey Hill ice cream! These cool dishes would make eating it even more fun!

  724. daisy l says:

    i would love to win this.

  725. wai o. l. says:

    i want this!

  726. wai h.l. says:

    i want to win this

  727. pj says:

    This would b absolutely great 2 win especially w/spring n summer coming. <3 ur product !!!

  728. Kathie Craig says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream.

  729. Faye says:

    Just like Turkey Hill Ice Cream, these dishes are a MUST HAVE!

  730. KellyD says:

    All Natural Butter Almond ice cream is the best thing on planet Earth! I have eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I loooove this Turkey Hill ice cream (and a few of the other All Natural flavors are close seconds) πŸ™‚ Thanks for the deliciousness!!! xox

  731. I want to see how many different flavors scoops of Turkey Hill Iced Cream I can fit in these dishes!

  732. Larry says:

    I get my thrill at Turkey Hill

  733. Faye says:

    Very “COOL” prize.

  734. Debbie Hausher says:

    Would love to make sundae’s inthese

  735. Faye says:

    Love, Love, Love these dishes.

  736. Bernadette says:

    So pretty. A great complement to a great ice cream!

  737. Faye says:

    I really love those dishes.

  738. Meagan says:

    Those are the cutest dishes!

  739. Faye says:

    I’m in love with these dishes. Filled with Turkey Hill, I’d go nuts.

  740. Laraine Izzo says:

    I try every day to get the chance to win these yummy servers to eat yummy TH ice cream.

  741. Faye says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and my tub of Turkey Hill Ice Cream ready for those dishes.

  742. Laraine Izzo says:

    Another day, another way to hope I win these great servers for great TH ice cream.

  743. Faye says:

    Those dishes are as sweet as the Turkey Hill Ice Cream that will go in them.

  744. Faye says:

    These bowls are AWESOME!

  745. Faye says:

    I’d love to have these bowls, I just Love them.

  746. Hilary says:

    hope the contest is still active. I would love to win these. πŸ™‚ <3

  747. Faye says:

    I have my Turkey Hill, now I need the dishes.

  748. Faye says:

    MMMMM I can see it now four different ice cream flavored delights to choose from.

  749. Faye says:

    Scooping out my Turkey Hill Ice Cream, now I just need the dishes to put it in.

  750. Larry says:

    Perfect for the winning final four Turkey Hill flavors

  751. Faye says:

    I really really really Love those dishes, almost as much as I LOVE Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  752. Gee those are the greatest looking ice cream bowls I have ever seen. Like everyone else, I think they are fantastic and would love to have them. I can not wait to see what my Turkey Hill ice cream will look like in them too! Just thinking about all the different flavors I can put in them makes my mouth water with anticipation of eating all the ice cream I can. So please remember me when you go to choose the winner.

  753. Faye says:

    I’m so ready for these dishes

  754. mary jane says:

    please pick me i need an uplift

  755. mary jane says:

    again is there a problem

  756. Faye says:

    These are so “COOL”!

  757. Faye says:

    I’m in love with these.

  758. Cindy says:

    this is a must in our house, the only brand my husband will eat. I tried to sneak a different brand on him, but noooo it did not work, he knew it was different

  759. Faye says:

    Hope I’m picked, you have some great prizes.

  760. Faye says:

    They make the perfect spring gift, along with a container of Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

  761. Faye says:

    They are adorable!

  762. mary jane says:

    i dont know what aprils prize is but if you get this please enter me

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