Second Scoop: Which ice cream goes best with chocolate cake?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on March 14th, 2014

The following “Ask Ernie” wisdom was posted a few years ago here on the Ice Cream Journal, but it’s good insight, so we’ve decided to repost it. If you have any questions of your own for Ernie, feel free to ask by using the “Ask Ernie” link in the right hand sidebar!

CINDY K. OF BUTLER, PA WRITES: My husband and I disagree on a lot of things, including which flavor of ice cream goes best with chocolate cake. I say chocolate cake is best with vanilla ice cream. He says chocolate cake is good with chocolate ice cream. What do you think?

Good question, Cindy. First, I’d like to say that I’m happy you’ve got ANY ice cream to go with the cake. I’ve been to too many birthday parties where the host thought it was acceptable to serve cake without ice cream. Let me tell you something: It’s not!

To answer your question, I really think it’s a matter of personal preference, but if you want my opinion, I agree with you – vanilla ice cream goes best with chocolate cake (and vice versa). I guess I just like the way the chocolate in the cake balances and contrasts with the flavor of the vanilla in the ice cream. Just like my wife and me, both treats seem to bring out the best in each other.

That said, I also understand the chocolate-with-chocolate argument. If you’re a fan of chocolate, it makes perfect sense. My solution for you? Buy a container of Neapolitan ice cream with your next cake. That way, you’ll both get what you want, plus you’ll have some strawberry ice cream left over for later!

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100 Responses to “Second Scoop: Which ice cream goes best with chocolate cake?”

  1. Joan says:

    I love Turkey Hill butter almond ice cream with chocolate cake. Od course, Butter Pecan is still my favorite with or without anything.

  2. Betty says:


  3. Ray Hand says:

    A good strong COFFEE Ice Cream goes good with any cake! Why limit the question to Chocolate or Vanilla?

  4. Elaine Garfield says:

    any flavor you like is the best match

  5. Pam says:

    Ernie, I whole heartily agree with you in that it is not acceptable to serve cake without ice cream. In fact, ice cream is the best part of cake. And, yes, it should be vanilla; not just plain vanilla, but vanilla bean.

  6. Carol McDermit says:

    Try chocolate cake with peanut butter ice-cream!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

  7. Norma says:

    Are you a diplomat? If so, it’s fudge ripple, offering everyone the best of both.

  8. MC says:

    Any flavor is the best! Anytime you can have 2 desserts is good.

  9. GARRY NEWELL says:


  10. starknitter says:

    Coffee Ice Cream!!!

  11. Lorenzo says:

    Turkey Hill ALL Natural Coffee IceCream Had some Last night!

  12. Ken says:

    I’m sure all kinds go well, but as for me, I’m all in for vanilla bean, now that is heavenly.

  13. Donna says:

    Coffee, chocolate, vanilla,butterpecan..any thing goes as long as its Turkey Hill ice cream. Yum yum.

  14. raymond b says:

    Vanilla of course

  15. Dorotny says:

    I would choose chocolate ripple.

  16. Sally says:

    I think vanilla bean goes best.

  17. Cleo Browne says:

    There are many Ice cream flavors, that you can eat with chocolate cake.I would enjoy orange sherbet with vanilla turkey hill ice cream with chocolate cake !

  18. Lois says:

    My choice would be Peppermint Ice Cream with chocolate

  19. KathleenV says:

    We always do a Neapolitan style ice cream with cake this way everyone gets a flavor they like and they all go well with any type of cake your serving. Yummy!

  20. A lot can go with chocolate cake… ice cream, vanilla or peanut butter are my choices!!! YUM!

  21. Michael Eddy says:

    Chocolate cake is good without whatever ice cream is your favorite. I like mine with coffee ice cream.

  22. enid portnoy says:

    The scoop flavor you like best!

  23. Linda morrison says:

    chocolate cake with all natural salted caramel or black Cherry or butter pecan. So yummy.

  24. Marie says:

    If I had to make a choice, I would say vanilla. However, if you have only chocolate,that would go too. On the other hand, if you have neither, you can choose one of the twenty diferent flavors you have in the freezer. They are ALL good. Just don’t run out of Turkey Hill and you will be fine!!!!!!!

  25. Amber S. says:

    Everyone’s tastes are different, but I like vanilla with chocolate ice cream.

  26. Linda T says:


  27. Anita says:

    Well…..I love to have a pistachio-alomnd or a good coffee ice cream with chocolate cake…something that brings out the nice chocolate flavor of the cake by contrast. I have been hunting, in vain, for coconut cream pie, hoping that the more varied selection we have been seeing lately of Turkey Hill would include it; but, alas and alack, not so. Someday.

  28. Phyllis Strickland says:

    I can’t think of a flavor that does NOT go with chocolate!! Everything tastes better with chocolate! I’ll take a scoop of each!

  29. Lou B says:

    Try chocolate cake with Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow ice-cream

  30. genie says:

    I would go with fudge ripple. A little of each flavor would go with either flavor ckae. YUM

  31. Catherine says:


  32. Carolyn says:

    Salted caramel with anything…..

  33. Jeffrey says:

    I agree with Ray above, coffee!

  34. Nancy N. says:

    My three favorites with chocolate cake are:
    1. Vanilla
    2. Strawberry
    3. Coffee

  35. Ellen says:

    How about both, chocolate and vanilla?

  36. Peggy Entwistle says:

    Vanilla by far goes BESR with chocolate ice cream.

  37. Jan Michael says:

    Any of your wonderful flavors!!!! Love all the Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Would eat the ice cream 1st!!!!!

  38. Thelma M Jones says:

    T H vanilla or fudge ripple

  39. grams says:

    as long as its Turkey Hill, it doesn’t really matter, but I’ll say vanilla.

  40. J Kaiman says:

    I would have to say one scoop of Chocolate and one scoop of Vanilla of Turkey Hill ice cream.

  41. Barb says:

    I agree with Ernie! Vanilla ice cream

  42. Donna Straugh says:

    any Turkey Hill flavor goes well with chocolate cake. Personally, as a chocolate addict, I would pick chocolate

  43. Noel says:

    I think vanilla bean would be best but Columbian coffee is great too!

  44. gianna says:

    There are so many great combinations with chocolate, so I would think its a matter of personal taste!
    I’m sure we’ve all heard (and perhaps have eaten) chocolate covered strawberries, so why not strawberry ice cream with chocolate cake. Many other fruits dipped in chocolate that could easily translate with the ice cream flavored counterpart…banana split ice cream another example. Also, nuts covered in chocolate, so butter almond ice cream or chunky peanut butter ice cream. Hot cocoa with whipped cream I would equate that with vanilla ice cream with the chocolate cake. And I see nothing wrong with chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake either! Be adventurous and try different combinations….you may be pleasantly surprised! How about a nice slice of chocolate cake with a scoop of coconut almond fudge!

  45. Dody says:

    fudge ripple goes with everything! better yet, make an ice cream cake and have the best birthday ever! that’s what I’m doing right now,a layer of cake, then fudge ripple, another layer of cake and strawberry!

  46. TawndaM says:

    pretty much, ANY! …but my personal favorite is fudge ripple

  47. Yvonne Learn says:

    Vanilla takes the cake!

  48. Arlene Bolte says:

    I would have to go with chocolate, since I am a confirmed chocoholic!

  49. Donna says:

    Definitely Vanilla!!

  50. Sharon says:

    All this talk has made me want to try out various combinations!

  51. maryann says:

    awhatever is your favorite

  52. Caroline of Manalapan says:

    There are too many TH flavors I like to just pick one

  53. Harp & Guinness' Mom says:

    Pistachio Almond- Rum Raisin- Orange Cream Swirl. Sound strange? Scoop and see…

  54. Harriet G. says:

    My choice is vanilla ice cream and vanilla cake. I like chocolate, but the vanilla flavor is my favorite in ice cream and cake.

  55. Cindy Jo says:

    I like French Vanilla , because of the best taste whit chocolate . I like the creamy taste whit chocolate .

  56. Phyllis says:

    Gotta have Vanilla. Racial Harmony.

  57. millie says:

    I like coffee ice cream on chocolate cake

  58. Wm Snyder says:

    vanilla bean

  59. Ida Beek says:

    I love Vanilla Bean Ice Cream to top chocolate cake and also healthy topping of warm chocalte syrup.

  60. Patricia Lysinger says:

    I like Vanilla Ice cream with Chocolate cake.

  61. Mary says:

    We had Chocolate Beet Cake last weekend and we ate it with Vanilla ice cream. It was delicious! My second choice would be anything with peanut butter in it.

  62. Amy P says:

    vanilla or mint chocolate chip!

  63. I love vanilla bean with chocolate cake

  64. Sara Borr says:

    My favorite flavor with chocolate cake is coffee, but then I also love coffee ice cream with hot fudge and Carmel sauce. Can’t be beat.

  65. Lynn Hordines says:

    Coffee Ice cream

  66. Ron says:

    There is only one correct answer…Turkey Hill! (any flavor)

  67. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    I agree with the choice of vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t overpower the chocolate flavor of the cake. Of course everything depends on the portions of the cake and the ice cream. That will decide on which one has more taste.

  68. LindaR says:

    Opposites always seem to attract. (and taste better too).

  69. pete says:

    having worked behind a drug store soda fountain in high school I was a big beliver in combing chocolate and orange sherbert on ice cream cones and my customers loved it. Later on in life i did the same with chocolate cake and the two flavors are simply the best. turkey hills chocolate and orange cream swirl are the only way to fly… try it and see for yourself…

  70. carole says:

    Any Turkey Hill will do for me! However, vanilla bean, butter almond, choc….you have the idea!

  71. leecarr says:

    vanilla, it is so complementary

  72. Sarah says:

    Vanilla or strawberry would be my picks.

  73. Marta Morgan says:

    If it’s cake it needs ice cream….any cake…any ice cream….simple as that!

  74. Ann King says:

    what’s wrong with peanut butter ripple with the chocolate cake? That’s the perfect combination especially with german chocolate cake with all that coconut and nuts in the icing. That’s my favorite.

  75. CHRISTINE says:


  76. Bonnie says:

    Peanut butter ripple is the best with chocolate ice cream

  77. Marion says:

    Vanilla or Coffee!

  78. kitty says:

    What Ice Cream goes best w/chocolate cake??? I don’t understand the question.
    All of them goes best w/ chocolate cake !!!

  79. George Kern says:

    Which flavor of ice cream goes best with chocolate cake? Strawberry, of course, and lots of it. No question about it.

  80. nancy says:

    I agree coffee TH on chocolate cake with a hot cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso!!!Mint chip would be refreshing also after dinner!!!I’m an icecreamaholic-TH is delish!!!

  81. David Handler says:

    Liking Chocolate marshmallow and caramel.

  82. Heather Bruinsma says:

    A scoop of each! 🙂

  83. Karen says:

    despite my love of most flavors I agree with Ernie I agreed the first time I read this and I agree now

  84. Vicki Spokes says:


  85. Althea says:

    Rum Raisin

  86. Edie says:

    Any flavor goes with chocolate cake, but maybe coffee with chips of chocolate would be my favorite.

  87. Carol says:

    No question about that one-VANILLA!

  88. Lydia says:

    that is a silly question the ice cream that goes best with chocolate cake comes from a container marked Turkey Hill, but chocolate will do

  89. WIlson says:

    With Chocolate cake I would serve 1 scoop vanila and one scoop of Chocolate along with whipped creme and some Dark Chocolate sauce poured over all of it!

  90. Jim in SOMD says:

    Ernie has the wisdom of Solomon. Bring up the idea of neopalitan to resolve the ice cream/cake issue. Easily solved. I hope they decided to at least sample the way the other likes the ice cream / cake combination. Then they can decide to agree or keep having it their way. This is not a we are not talking with each other type of disagreement. So I hope they arestill happily married.

  91. JOAN m says:


  92. Skinny Minty, Lady Libery or just regular mint ice cream is my special with cake even coffee ice cream with chocolate cake. Really most any flavor would work. We gotta try, right?

  93. Bobi says:

    Vanilla but I LOVE the new limited edition All Natural Butter Almond and Chocolate. My Mom’s birthday is Sunday and that’s what we’re having with her chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Yum!

  94. Bud Twigg says:

    About one gallon of Vanilla to start!!!!!

  95. Mary Smith says:

    butter pecan!

  96. starknitter says:


  97. starknitter says:


  98. sue says:

    definitely vanilla (or french vanilla!) with chocolate cake!!

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