Ultimate Flavor Tournament 2014 (Round Three): The Edible 8

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on March 17th, 2014

This is a big week for the Ultimate Flavor Tournament, because this is the week that we crown the champions in each of the four major conferences — Vanilla, Chocolate, All Natural, and Limited Edition. It also means, after this week, we’ll be down to just FOUR flavors!

To offer some expert analysis of this week’s four match-ups, we’ve invited our own “Einstein of Ice Cream,” Mr. Ernie Pinkney to weigh in with his thoughts below. Leave a comment of your own with your thoughts. Do you agree with Ernie? Do you disagree? Also don’t forget to vote on the match-ups in the polls on the right.

As a reminder, we’ll choose one comment from ALL the comments left on the blog during the tournament to win a ONE YEAR supply of Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Good luck!

VANILLA CONFERENCE – Tin Roof Sundae vs. Peanut Butter Ripple

ERNIE’S ANALYSIS: Both of these flavors are powerhouses and both have made serious runs at the UFT title in the past. I think this match-up will be a hard-fought one, but Peanut Butter Ripple beat heavily-favored Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough last week AND it’s the only peanut butter flavor left in the tournament. Peanut Butter fans are extremely passionate, which is why I predict a win for the Ripple this week.

CHOCOLATE CONFERENCE – Rocky Road vs. Chocolate Marshmallow

ERNIE’S ANALYSIS: This showdown is funny because both of these flavors are very similar. Both are chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow swirl, but Rocky Road throws butter roasted almonds into the mix. Will the almonds be enough to give Rocky Road the edge? Considering the fact that it handily beat number one contender Dutch Chocolate last week, I think this week looks good for Rocky Road.

ALL NATURAL CONFERENCE – All Natural Salted Caramel vs. All Natural Chocolate

ERNIE’S ANALYSIS: If you asked me at the beginning of the tournament, which of the eight All Natural competitors would be facing each other in this round, I would have picked these two flavors. Salted Caramel beat Vanilla Bean last week. That was a tough match-up, and it might have left Salted Caramel a little worn out. For that reason, I’m going to give a slight edge to All Natural Chocolate.

LIMITED EDITION CONFERENCE – Limited Edition Whoopie Pie vs. Limited Edition Deep Dark Chocolate

ERNIE’S ANALYSIS: Ahh, the Limited Edition flavors. They’re only around for a month or two, but they enter this tournament with all of the fight and determination of a full-time flavor. You really gotta respect that, and I do. Even though I love Whoopie Pie because it pays homage to a Lancaster County favorite, Deep Dark Chocolate is a force to be reckoned with, and I think all that chocolatey goodness is going to propel it one more week in this tournament.


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136 Responses to “Ultimate Flavor Tournament 2014 (Round Three): The Edible 8”

  1. donna pancoast says:

    They are all winners to me!!

  2. enid portnoy says:

    Three down and one to go-and then we can eat them all and only we will know!

  3. Janice Dean says:

    I agree with Ernie! Thanks

  4. Elaine Garfield says:

    natural chocoalte for me, thanks

  5. David Handler says:

    Peanut butter in ice cream -not a favorite when you can get the combination of Tin Roof Sundae!! Rocky Road adds healthy Almonds for a win! CAramel adds something special to the vanilla and you definitely win with healthy dark,dark chocolate. Let’s make it happen!

  6. Lou B says:

    Glad to see that Tin Roof Sundae is still in the running.

  7. Sharon says:

    I am always surprised by which kind wins!

  8. Neil S says:

    All Natural is the best of the best

  9. Sharon says:

    It looks like chocolate lovers will win this year!

  10. Donna Straugh says:

    oh my goodness, it’s getting harder and harder to choose. All the flavors are so great. Thank you Turkey Hill for making such delicious ice cream flavors.

  11. Diane G says:

    I just voted the opposite of Ernie’s picks.

  12. Patrice Umbenhen says:


  13. scott says:

    Peanut Butter Ripple can’t be eliminated from the tournament. That would truly be March Madness.

  14. Alexa says:

    My favorite didn’t make the cut

  15. Betty says:

    would like to try them all

  16. Lois says:

    One of each, please! They’re all winners!

  17. Josh says:

    Whoopie! Whoopie pie is gonnnnnna winnnnnnn

  18. Karen J. CHin-Mancini says:

    I would like a exclusive Frozen Yougurt version to vote for!

  19. Robin Ames says:

    Chocolate Marshmallow and Whoopie Pie make my mouth water!

  20. pat bentzel says:

    I like all the flavors but will gladly try limited editions any flavors

  21. Ed Roberts says:

    Need to sell a taster box. Small individual bites of all the flavors so we can be more accurate in our voting. The ones I’ve tasted are top of the line.

  22. Tom Martin says:

    So HAPPY to see Deep Dark Chocolate again!!!

  23. Amber S. says:

    Tough match up!

    I’ve been a lifelong fan of Cookies n’ Cream, but I think I’ve found a new favorite! We recently tried the Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates flavor and it is fantastic! It honestly didn’t sound appealing at first, but my son convinced me to buy a container of it. I’m so glad I did!

  24. Mary says:

    I agree with Scott–eliminating Peanut Butter Ripple would be March Madness!

  25. Denise Wilson says:

    Maybe salted caramel?

  26. Nancy Donato says:

    all flavors are winners in my book!

  27. terry baughan says:

    No doubt chocolate marshmallow

  28. Paul Fiumara says:

    Natural salted caramel is the one to beat! What flavor…

  29. Kristin says:

    Now I want ice cream!

  30. Jan says:

    We Love the All Natural Chocolate it is mom’s favorite but she also likes the Dark chocolate Limited she wishes this would fall into the All Natural category because she feels Dark Chocolate is healthier. We feel that you don’t need anything other then natural Ingredients to make and sell a Great Ice Cream.

    Love you Turkey Hill God Bless

  31. Bill Danson III says:

    I agree with all Their is not a bad Turkey hill

  32. Jim in SOMD says:

    I agree with Ernie on all of these, except for the Vanilla Conference, where i picked Tin Roof over Peanut Butter Ripple. It appears that at this early stage, Tin Roof is out in front with a decent lead, so I guess whole peanuts trump peanut butter.

  33. kristin says:

    I am very surprised at the flavors that are left. Not many of my favorites. Oh well!

  34. Anita says:

    Oh, definitely, Tin Roof, Rocky Road, Caramel and Choco for abbreviated picks. The nice feature of ice cream is that it is always good…unlike, e.g. a homeamde cake or pie which might not be up to snuff now and then. We count on ice cream being perfect and…it always is

  35. IO says:

    Just finished shoveling snow for 2 hours and need some All Natural Salted Caramel ice cream to get some energy!

  36. Cleo Browne says:

    I agree with Mr. Ernia these are some fabulous flavors to choose from. However, I choose Tin Roof Sundae, Rocky Road and Deep Chocolate.
    I also love the other flavors and I will eat all of them ! I would really love to win a year of free turkey Ice Cream !

  37. Carol McDermit says:

    Casted my vote again and now can’t wait to get to the store and buy more ice-cream. Honestly I used to look through the whole freezer section of ice-cream but now I go straight to Turkey Hill. Awesome flavors and LOVE them all. Seriously if I could choose only 1 food to eat forever it would be ice-cream for sure.

  38. Wm Snyder says:

    banana split

  39. Vera says:

    Rocky Road is still the best

  40. Ted says:

    And the winner is TURKEY HILL

  41. Max B says:

    All the flavors in the final eight sound delicious.

  42. leecarr says:

    some of these votes are so close that it is really a tie, we all know and like the ones we like but we cannot get more people to vote just like us

  43. MC says:

    THINK SPRING!!! Snow here today.

  44. Pam says:

    Too much chocolate here. Growing up, my mother would only buy one carton of ice cream at a time. As I didn’t (and still don’t) like chocolate ice cream, I talked my sister out of liking it. Don’t think that she knew she really did like it until she was in her late teens. I do like chocolate, but it needs to be in candy bar form.

  45. IceCreamFiend says:

    Come on, Peanut Butter Ripple!

  46. sue says:

    love the whoopie pie!

  47. Norma says:

    If I can’t vote for all of them at least I can eat all of them. Eat early and eat often!!

  48. Michelle says:

    Different moods wants different flavors!!! Turkey Hill got it covered for whatever mood or day anyone is having!!!

  49. Judy F. says:

    It’s getting harder to vote now. I like them all!

  50. millie says:

    boy its so hard to pick as I don’t get to try some of them as they don’t get to seaford de hope the best wins

  51. Debby says:

    Ok, got a better idea than choosing just one – how about we make a bowl of the Salted Caramel, deep dark chocolate, chocolate marshmallow and peanut butter ripple. Hand out spoons to all who vote and we just pig out and the best of the best! Well, at least in my opinion and that’s what you have been asking for! YUMMMMMMM!!

  52. It’s hard to decide because their all good!

  53. Jean Sagarese says:

    Love, Love the Salted Caramel

  54. Carol says:

    So many good flavors it’s hard to choose!

  55. arno says:

    Love them all!!

  56. Harriet G says:

    I voted … most of the flavors that I chose are not winning at this time.

  57. Grace Dresslee says:

    Salted Caramel is the best!

  58. Terressa Ferguson Zook says:

    I like every flavor, except mint.

  59. Sarah says:

    So sad that my favorites, Coconut Cream and Key Lime Pies, are not in the running anymore.

  60. Sue C says:

    May the Best Flavors Win! lol Seriously,,, they’re all good!

  61. Chris S says:

    How are we to choose? Personally for me anything with peanut butter in it is a winner….

  62. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    These last finalists seem to be all excellent flavors. I will celebrate by buying the Ultimate Flavor winner.

  63. Erin Brooks says:

    Go salted Caramel!

  64. Noel says:

    This contest makes me want to go out and buy more!

  65. Caroline of Manalapan says:

    Unusual for me. I agreed with 3 of the current vote takes and the 4th as of now is a toss up so I might be with the lead later on. I usually vote for the losers.

  66. Michael Eddy says:

    hey !! Peanut butter lovers!! Where you hiding? Come out and vote. And really? Chocolate over Whoopie Pie? C’mon – it’s limited – let’s make some Whoopie!!

  67. Teresa Motz says:

    Can’t wait to see the final results. The heat is on ( hope it doesn’t melt the Turkey Hill!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  68. Sue Schell says:

    Yum is all I can say! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. I love all Turkey Hill products. I just tried your Banana Split Ice-cream and it is great. look forward to more flavors

  70. Marta Morgan says:

    Now this is getting harder! I like all these flavors but dark,dark chocolate has always been a favorite of mine. Decisions…decisions….

  71. LindaR says:

    Too many chocolate flavors for me to even consider. The 2014
    Tournament has really not “done” anything for me this year, I’m really disappointed.

  72. debbie says:

    Limited editon bracket is the toughest for me… I love both of those flavors….Which one? Which One? will it be….

  73. Pat says:

    I would love to visit the plant and sample all the flavors!

  74. REGGIE MCGEE says:

    Peanuts or chocolate —a hard choice.

  75. Yvonne Learn says:

    The competition narrows, but some of my faves are still in there…..

  76. Nancy N. says:

    Hi Ernie!!! You are a very wise man!!! Looking forward to seeing if your picks win!!! Very exciting!!! Sometimes I feel I just have to vote for the underdod if that’s the one I really like best!!! I’m an icecreamaholic and we’re down to the wire!!! TH is delish!!!

  77. jean says:

    Love Coconut Cream Pie. Sorry to see it’s not on the list.

  78. Elise says:

    These flavors are all good- I really enjoy the variety that is offered by Turkey Hill!!!!

  79. sandra says:

    I am ready for the fruit flavors, lemon, peach, pineapple.

  80. Nancy says:

    Love all the chocolate. Can’t wait to see who the ultimate winner is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Elsie Nicolette says:

    Tin Roof and All Natural Salted Caramel are my favs!

  82. Barb says:

    Can’t wait to see how is the big winner, although All Turkey Hill Flavors are winners!!!!

  83. Gloria says:

    Deep down I’ve been hoping for Tin Roof Sundae all along. Now that Pretzel is out, I see Tin Roof going all the way. Go for it, Tin Roof Sundae.

  84. Kathy B says:

    Tin Roof is on it’s way to the top

  85. Susan Johnson says:

    I haven’t had any flavor I didn’t like. Especially those with chocolate in them.

  86. Sharon says:

    I ate all the edible eight!! & then some…..

  87. Heather Bruinsma says:

    I sure hope one day I’m able to try Deep Dark Chocolate.

  88. TawndaM says:

    …it’s getting easier… ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I REALLY want ice cream!

  89. ron savidge says:

    I still believe that my favorite Peanut Butter Ripple will come out as the King Of The Hill

  90. Linda H says:

    This gets harder instead of easier!

  91. Ellen says:

    anything with peanut butter is yummy

  92. Cathy S. says:

    I am a vanilla or french vanilla fan, my husband loves anyone that has chocolate in as long as it is Turkey Hill, so that gives us a large range to pick from. With 12 grandchildren any flavor will do, as they love their ice cream.

  93. Phyllis says:

    Agree with Ernie but all winners in my bowl.

  94. Donna says:

    Interesting that peanut butter is lagging behind!

  95. Marie says:

    Very Very difficult to vote. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them ALL!!!!!!!

  96. Barbara Schletter says:

    How come you don’t have any ice cream with pralines

  97. Ida Beek says:

    I love Deep Dark Chocolate….mmmhhhhh

  98. Diane says:

    And the winner is Salted Caramel, a mellow,sweet, salty, explosion off flavors in a natural white setting. Now if we could take away calories, I’d explode with the amount I’d consume.

  99. Tom says:

    Ice cream was invented to give Salted Caramel another avenue to excell!

  100. Harold Megargel says:

    I’ll take a waffle cone with a scoop of Tin Roof and Peanut Butter Ripple please.

  101. Harold Megargel says:

    Forget the cone, forget the scoop, forget the bowl, just give me a spoon and anyone of these cartons of Turkey Hill!

  102. Kim Durham says:

    All of these flavors are awesome..but I think Salted Caramel will win it all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Karen says:

    In honor of my husband I really hope Whoopie Pie wins. It would make my day!

  104. Debbie says:

    My favorites are no longer available. I loved the apple dumpling and vanilla honey granola and I wish they were back.

  105. Juliette says:

    All good but of course my hubby and I never agree on flavor only on Turkey Hill !

  106. Marion says:

    They are all delicious, but I think Whoopie Pie will take that round!

  107. Mary Anne says:

    I think that this is the year for Tin Roof Sundae to win!!

  108. Regina says:

    Thanks for the input, Ernie. No bad choices here but it looks like the chocolate lovers rule. As an aside, I enjoyed my Choco Mint Chip during yesterday’s wearin’ of the green.

  109. Cindy Jo says:

    I think Ernie is right . I would be willing to take a test taste of any favor in Turkey Hill ice cream .

  110. CHRISTINE says:


  111. erica says:

    I am disappointed that not enough people like my favorite All-Natural coffee, but that’s okay because I want it all to myself anyway. Though, I’d really be in heaven if you added chocolate chips to the coffee. I do also love the All-Natural salted caramel and am working on a package of that at home right now.

  112. Linda T says:

    Still LOVE the Stuffed Strawberry Cheesecake—what’s one to do when EVERYTHING is a WINNER?

  113. Turkey Hill has the best personality of any ice cream manufacturer, and that includes the two plump gentlemen from up north.

  114. Mike says:

    Aww, I cannot stand nuts in ice cream. My all time favorite, Choc Marshmallow is getting beat. Come on nut haters, vote for Chocolate Marshmallow!!!

  115. Ron says:

    I’d like to see Peanut Butter Ripple and All Natural Salted Caramel in the running next week!

  116. Vicki Spokes says:

    Rocky Road!

  117. Bud Twigg says:

    I seriously believe, if you are an ice cream lover like myself, all eight of the choices would be winners…..as well as any new ones the experts at Turkey Hill devise….Just love them all!!!

  118. Carol Fran says:

    All the Turkey Hill flavors are awesome, but anything chocolate flavored is the best! Deep Dark Chocolate is a winner!

  119. lisa says:

    Tin Roof Sundae vs. Peanut Butter Ripple? Peanut Butter Ripple

  120. lisa says:

    Limited Edition Whoopie Pie vs. Limited Edition Deep Dark Chocolate? Limited Edition Deep Dark Chocolate!

  121. Ann King says:

    I agree with Ernie on all counts. At this point, my peanut butter ripple is taking a beating but I m relying on all the fans of peanut butter to rise up and vote! There are no other peanut butter flavors left, this is the big one! If peanut butter ripple makes it here, he can go all the way. Get out there and vote!

  122. Pat Brehme says:

    Love Caramel & peanut butter~ Hey; why not make that a new blend….

  123. Dave M. says:

    I’ve always felt vanilla has always had a better flavor than chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s smooth and you don’t really taste it anywhere else besides ice cream! You can have chocolate anywhere. With that said, I hope caramel takes it!

  124. Susan D says:

    Go Peanut Butter Ripple!

  125. Tina Ingham says:

    come on peanut butter ripple let’s get some votes

  126. Marty says:

    One of the chocolates will win. My guess is the deep dark chocolate.

  127. Andrea says:


  128. Tamara B. says:

    Peanut Butter Ripple!

  129. maria says:

    Raison Rum is my favorite.

  130. maria says:

    Rum Raisin Is my favorite.

  131. Edward says:

    dark chocolate and even darker chocolate is the best.

  132. Rita Smith says:

    Limited edition/Chocolate/toasted almond vanilla..BEST ICE CREAM ever!

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