12 Days of Turkey Hill (Day 3) – What’s your favorite Christmas tree ornament?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on December 14th, 2016

december-14-12-day-ornamentsAnother day, another 12 Days of Turkey Hill prize! Today’s prize is very special blast from the past — the 1950s to be exact. It’s the set of TWO ice cream come Christmas tree ornaments you see on the right.

With this prize, it’s fun to think of how many Christmases these ornaments enjoyed as they were hung on the tree by excited boys or girls AND how many more trees they’ll hang on in their new home.

Of course, when you think of Christmas food, ice cream cones might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but that doesn’t stop these ornaments from being as festive as possible!

To enter to win this gift, leave a comment with an answer to the question below. We’ll choose one comment at random from either this post or our Facebook page as the winner. Good luck!

What’s your favorite ornament on your Christmas tree or on a tree from your past?


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167 Responses to “12 Days of Turkey Hill (Day 3) – What’s your favorite Christmas tree ornament?”

  1. Zach says:

    My favorite ornament that has been on the tree as long as I can remember is a a chipmunk and his house that’s made out of a nut, which of course is decorated for Christmas with a string of lights that glow if an actually Christmas light from the tree is placed inside of it.

  2. Jennifer Barr says:


    • That would be my old icicle, it is made from hand blown glass,and twisted. The colors are silver, white and red. They belonged to my grandmother, and were handed down to my father. No matter what kind of tree we used, they always were on our trees. Even the year when metallic silver was in, they were hung,but hardly even noticed because of their color. Merry Christmas!

  3. John says:

    the ornaments made by our kids!

  4. Donna Keller says:

    I have a Christmas ball that I had as a young girl, it’s probably around 70 years old. I also have a collection of Glen Rock Carolers Christmas balls that are probably around 25 yrs. old.

  5. Val says:

    Tiny reindeer that are from my husband’s childhood.

  6. Lynn Lacy says:

    I like popcorn stringed all over

  7. diane says:

    The angel on the top of the tree shining down bringing happiness to all is a favorite of mine. These “cones” would add to the collection of beautiful ornaments that are passed down to the generations to come.

  8. Debbie Bigelow says:

    actually all the ornaments are my favorite they are the yearly ornaments of my kids so everyone is special and means something in there life so far.

  9. Liz S. says:

    My favorite ornament on my Christmas tree is a pink glittery cupcake with my name on it – I’m known for my baking in my family, so it’s a fun little tribute that I so appreciate.

  10. When my children were very young we made a star out of cardboard and covered it with foil. Even though we could afford an Angel or a lighted star as they got older, we still used our home made star on top of the tree.

  11. E Gaus says:

    angel is it

  12. Michelle M says:

    My children’s handprints we made were they were babies.

  13. the ones my kids made in kindergarden,,a chain made out of construction paper,,i still them and put them on the tree,,my son is now 42 and his sister is 31

  14. Barbara says:

    I have an porcelain angel ornament that my grandmother made for my 1st Christmas, I was 9 days old on my first Christmas

  15. Edward Kifer says:

    My favorite is a semi-petrified Christmas cookie which my youngest son made in home economics class when he was in high school. It was a complete failure, very dense and hard. But the decorations were beautiful and we have kept it to this day and place it on the tree as a memory of days past.

  16. Ella says:

    My little elf from when I was little

  17. Madeline says:

    I can’t pick one over the other. I have several that I really love. But, mostly the ones my children made in school.

  18. Mary Anne Powell says:

    It’s hard to pick just one….the ornaments my kids made, the ones passed down from my grandmother (some of which are very fragile), ones passed down from my mother. These would be a wonderful addition to some of the very old and special ornaments we have.

  19. Deb F says:

    The star on tip of the tree. Reminds me to always reach for the stars…….

  20. We have ornaments that both are parents gave us down through the years . They bring back alot of good memories !! I love to think of days gone past .

  21. sue frantz says:

    All of the ornaments that out daughters have made through their school years–they are now 30 and 27!

  22. Elaine says:

    my favorites are the ones my son made when he was a very small boy, such warm fuzzies

  23. Our favorite ornament is one we put on the tree the year our daughter was born with her name on it. 34 years now, wow time fly’s.

  24. Carol says:

    I love these old blown glass ornaments. With my switch from wall-to-wall carpeting to hardwood, I’ve lost a few over the past years unfortunately. My favorite is still intact though – a sparkly seashell! I would love to add these to my tree.

  25. Debra Rusovick says:

    My favorite ornaments are the ones that we bought in San Diego over the course of several years that are personalized with our names on it and the date. My husband and I used to spend lots of quality time with our children in San Diego and the ornaments we purchased there each year bring back some wonderful memories.

  26. Sabrina says:

    Growing up we had a Santa jogger that was so cute. We got it for my dad when he ran his first marathon and every year it was my favorite to hang on the tree. I sure miss seeing it.

  27. Sarah says:

    How to choose! Santa brought me a new ornament every year to signify something special that happened that year. My mom continues that tradition today. We have started this with our children. Add in my children’s creation ornaments and we have quite the smorgasbord of things happening on our trees! In fact as we unpacked the ornaments this year and talked about the memories they evoke, I told my kids that my 37 year old collection of ornaments would be the one nonliving thing I’d save in a fire. They are all so special to me!

  28. Donna McCauley says:

    I love the angel on top and we have these sparkling bulbs my mom bought a long time ago.

  29. Tina says:

    I’ve spent over 40 years collecting an ornament wherever my travels take me so we have hundreds. My favorite are the ones my mom and grandmothers had from mercury glass and one in particular is a simple silver deer -very detailed metal

  30. pat says:

    ones my children and grandchildren made themself

  31. Lisa S says:

    my favorite “old” Christmas tree ornaments are the ones my mom and I made. She would paint them and I would “help”. A newer one, well several, are all my bulldog ornaments.

  32. marge says:


  33. Barb says:

    I have more than one favorite but most are Santa!

  34. My favorite ornament is my mom and dad’s first Christmas ornament. It’s a metal circle with beautiful detail on it and 1982 (the year they married and spent their first Chrisman together!) It’s special and near and dear to my heart since my father is no longer with us.

  35. Gin Doloughan says:

    Alas, we no longer have. But my sister and I pinned sequins on satin silk covered balls and made our own. Mmm maybe I should do again with my nieces.

  36. mary ann herrmann says:

    …my favorite ornament(s)are my collection of The Peanuts Gang”!! SNOOPY being tops, of course, as I have a fondness of beagles and share my home with rescue beagle, UNA, who is eight-years old. thanks for letting me share, TH.

  37. Cheryl Hebblewaite says:

    My favorite ornaments are the ones my grandchildren have made.

  38. Cheryl says:

    The ornaments my kids made in school, especially the sleds made out of popsicle sticks.

  39. MC says:

    When I was little I bought my parents a clear glass ball with blue snowflakes inside. I dressed up in a red snow jacket with a cotton ball beard and gave it to them.

  40. Judi says:

    My favorite Christmas ornament is the one my son made in Kindergarten many, many years ago.

  41. Angela Hendricks says:

    My favorite ornament is what my son made me at school. It’s a Christmas tree with his picture in the middle.

  42. Maryann Striff says:

    My favorite is my mom an dads bubbling lights. They bought them in the 50’s and I still have them on my tree. I have many happy memories!

  43. Barbara Baxter says:

    glass artist palatte

  44. Karen White says:

    My favorite ornament on my tree are my childrens first Christmas ornaments. My boys are now 20, 23 and 25 Looking at those ornaments each year makes my heart so happy.

  45. Vera says:

    We have a star that was on the parents tree and is now on ours.We have been married 62 years and almost 63.

  46. NJ says:

    The angel ornaments I have on the tree for my Dad and my boyfriend’s Mom!

  47. Jesica Huefner says:

    My favorite ornament is a rocking horse made for me by someone when I was born. 🙂

  48. Melissa says:

    my favorite is a pretty angel! 🙂

  49. Christina Peters says:

    My all time favorite Christmas tree ornament is Baby’s First Christmas 1974 that was given to me the year I was born. I’m very surprised it has made it in 1 piece through 42 years of moving.

  50. Marie St. John says:

    When my sons were young we would go to Washington DC each spring for the Cherry Blossom Festival and always visit the zoo. Everyone loved the great pandas the most. In 2003 we were also blessed to visit ZooAtlanta and the San Diego Zoo, both of which had successful births of baby pandas that year. We bought a blown-glass panda ornament that is always a special reminder of our panda adventures.

  51. joan Kaplan says:

    My favorite ornament is Santa Claus!

  52. Lynn Dobriko says:

    So cool.

  53. Leona Schultz says:

    I have more than one because the ones the grandkids make for me are all my favorites. Our tree consists of all of them over many years.

  54. Karen says:

    These would be my first and favorite ornaments.

  55. Cassandra Negley says:

    In first grade we had this amazing tree in the corner of the classroom and every week we made an ornament for it. The best one, which I still have prominently placed on my tree, is an ice cream cone that I took such special care with. It’s a small, clear plastic “glass” with a perfectly pink cotton ball set in for the ice cream and a small snip of straw to fake sip from.

  56. My favorite ornament growing up was an antique Santa. Christmas morning (Santa always put the tree up Christmas Eve in the wee hours of the night) I would run to the tree and search for that ornament. After my father’s passing in 1988 my Mom told her 5 children to let her know what things we would like to remember him. I told her , that I eventually wanted that Santa ornament, but it belonged on our family tree until she was not there to celebrate the holiday with us. She informed me that weeks later when she asked my brother the same question, he told her he would like that Santa. My parents had a BIG house with LOTS of things but my brother and I had sentimental attachments to that Santa! She did wrap Santa carefully every year for me as she did not think my brother’s wife would value the old worn out ornament. Worn out, he was as he disintegrated before either of us took him home for our own tree.

  57. keely hostetter says:

    My favorite are the handmade ones from my kids. I love seeing how they change over the years.

  58. Sharon Eshleman says:

    Definitely the homemade ones from my kids!

  59. joan says:

    mr. and mrs clause

  60. Bev says:

    My favorite ornament is a handprint angel my daughter made a school.

  61. I love the ice cream ornaments but to every Christmas ornaments is lovely

  62. Elizabeth Benge says:

    My favorite ornaments are the annual ornaments I buy for my family each year. Every year has a theme and they are all dated. When decorating the tree it is fun to see what we enjoyed each year leading me to the theme.

  63. Kelly Wenhold says:

    Peacock…reminds me of my grandmother’s peacock she always had on her tree

  64. Kathy-Jo Plourde says:

    Snowman are the best makes it look like winter..

  65. A hand made stained glass ornament that was made by a family friend that has passed on.

  66. gianna says:

    The old fashioned ones that were 3D for lack of a better explanation. In other words it wasn’t just a round sphere, there was an indentation with a design in it.

  67. STEPHEN JONES says:

    we have some white ceramic doves that someone made years ago that is no longer with us.

  68. CHRISTINE says:


  69. Lisa Krajewski says:

    A Yorkie Pup in memory of
    my first pet “Shayna”

  70. Sara M says:

    My favorite ornament is a gingerbread family that my oldest daughter had customized for us 7 years ago at a mall kiosk. It’s a mom & dad, with 3 little gingerbread kids standing in front of them). It has each persons name painted on their winter hat. We put it front & center on our tree every year. 5 years later, we noticed that Dad is wearing a dress & Mom is wearing a bow tie & pants. It was HILARIOUS! Now we love it even more.

  71. lee carr says:

    every year I get a new favorite – a photo ornament of my grandchildren

  72. millie says:

    i have a few one my grandson painted a little bird house he was about 3 he s 25 now and a painted egg shell . my mom dead now and I am very careful of it the cones are so cute love to have them merry christmas

  73. Sheila says:

    my favorite ornament on our tree is the ones my my son and daughter has made over the years!<3

  74. Justin tan says:

    The little ornament that I made together with my son when he was little. It has his little finger prints all over.

  75. Michele Ash says:

    My favorite Christmas Ornament is a lamb which my daughter made for me when she was little. He’s adorable and is on my tree every year (my daughter is now 26 years old with a family of her own) These 2 Ice Cream Ornaments are absolutely beautiful. I love these type of ornaments. I’m the type which loves the older looking ornaments on my tree and it takes me hours to decorate it! These Ice Cream ornaments would hang proudly from my tree year after year! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  76. DEBI HAYES says:

    These ice cream cone ornaments are beautiful and adorable. My favorite ornament on my tree is the ornaments with the year they were born and baby pictures of my sons. Always made sure that these ornaments were in the front of the tree and up near the top of the tree brightly lite up. Will always cherish these years that I had my boys.

  77. Don W says:

    It is a santa with a bag on his back. It’s made from cloth and is from when my mother was a child. It’s a least 75 years old.

  78. Julie Novak says:

    When our daughter was about 3 I purchased a Hallmark oenament called Santa’s answering machine which, when you pushed the button, had a wonderful Santa voice exclaiming, Ho ho ho, this is Santa. I’m not at my workshop right now but…. well, our Nicole played that sooo many times in a couple years that it quit working and she was very disappointed. Ironically (maybe meant to be) the following summer I was at a vendor fair near Chicago and there was a lady there with hundreds of Hallmark Christmas ornaments. Took some major digging but was able to find our Santa answering machine!! We will never forget the look on her face the following Christmas when the “new” answering machine magically appeared. We told her Santa wanted to make sure to receive her calls! ; )

  79. Nancy N says:

    My favorite ornaments are two small camels made from Olive Wood from the Holy Lands. They were a gift from a friend.

  80. Sharon Leaming says:

    So many precious ornaments. Memories of the children when they were younger, memories of places visited, and of people who gave the ornaments.

  81. Tom Piecuch says:

    The star at the top.

  82. Casey Birmingham says:

    The ornaments that our Son has made. Glittery pine cones & snowflakes cut out of paper!

  83. Caitlin J says:

    I don’t really have a favorite Christmas tree ornament… yet! Perhaps these are what I’ve been missing!!!! 😉

  84. Linda ulmer says:

    Plastic duck from my dads childhood. He’s been gone 19 years and duck is slowly breaking but still my favorite

  85. Andrew says:

    Wish they were real ice cream!

  86. Patricia says:

    My favorite tree ornaments are the handmade ornaments my Children made in grade school. What memories.

  87. Marion says:

    My favorite ornaments from the past were the ones our two daughters made. Now it would be two small wooden cardinals.

  88. Harriet Goldstein says:

    I used to have a plastic gum drop tree and I liked the little balls that I put on it.

  89. Jim in SOMD says:

    These look great and would be a nice addition to anyone’s Christmas Tree!

  90. denise says:

    I have an angel ornament I bought about 24 years ago–it’s my favorite.

  91. Cindy Shultz says:

    My favorite “ornament” that hangs every year on our tree is the tiny pair of baby booties that our firstborn wore. They are tiny reminders of the 6’4″ wonderful young man he’s grown to be! 🙂

  92. My favorite ornament is a Native American angel that we found at a pow wow where my kids were dancing.

  93. Jennifer Scott says:

    A crystal ornament from my god mother

  94. Donna says:

    My favorite is the Christmas Pickle. The ice cream cones would go good with it. Ice cream and pickles, yum.

  95. Donna says:

    My favorite is the Christmas Pickle. What could be better then Pickles and Ice Cream?

  96. I collect Angels, including Christmas Angels for my tree. My favorite decoration is an LED Angel that my daughter (my live Angel) bought me for the top of the tree. She’s beautiful (the tree-top Angel as well as my daughter) and I cherish them both.

    The ice cream cone ornaments would look terrific on my tree too.

  97. DIANE BAKER says:

    My favorite ornaments are the Handmade ones my son (now 49yr old) made as a child!

  98. Peg McCloskey says:

    I have one of the wise men. My daughter made it in girls scouts over 40 years ago.

  99. Karen says:

    My favorite ornament is our “Sugar Peach” passed down from the time when my grandfather created window displays for the Watt & Shand store on Penn Square in Lancaster. It looks a bit lackluster in the old box. A few sugar sprinkles can be seen. But, once on the Christmas tree, the peach is magically bright and beautiful again!

  100. Karla Witmer says:

    I can’t pick one favorite – it’s a tie between Pittsburgh Steelers, Penn State, Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments.

  101. Ann King says:

    I would love to add these two to my collection. I am so fortunate to have some ornaments that are over 100 years old that belonged to my husband’s grandparents. I love every one of them. We handle them so carefully and only put them at the very top of the tree. I love all my ornaments, from the ones the kids made in school to these very precious ones. Every year we take them out, put them on the tree and talk about the history of each one. I am making sure my grandkids understand how much they are a part of our family history.

  102. Neil A. Nieminsky says:

    Actually two – made by my children in Kindergarten.

  103. Scherie Bachert says:

    Those are awesome. I love any kind of antiques.

  104. Ned says:


  105. Karen Leigh Hlywa says:

    My favorite ornaments are the ones my kids have made each year. When I had my first tree I was given an angel ornament. Each year my mom adds another angel to my trees. I buy my boys an ornament each year that has a special meaning. When they have their first tree their ornaments will be given to them.

  106. judy says:

    Favorite was my father in law & his now dulled and crumbling sprayed snow on the “20 yo” tree. I learned how many memories the tree had when I offered to buy a new one. I felt like Laura Ingalls listening to Pa talk of his childhood!

  107. Sally says:

    My favorite ornaments are the ones my children made.

  108. Nora says:

    I actually have 2 favorites. They are ceramic angels with my daughter’s names and dates of birth engraved on them. One angel is 38 yrs old and the other one is 36 yrs old. One of the angels had part of a wing break off and I always joke with my daughter that must have happened when she was going through those rough pre-teen years!.

  109. Jo Shaneybrook says:

    A popsicle stick reindeer ornament that my son made in preschool 25 yrs ago

  110. jay tice says:

    My favorites are the ones my mother gave to me/

  111. Patricia shaffery says:

    My kids homemade ornaments are the best

  112. Betty says:

    ones my mother bought over from Germany,

  113. Maria Millier says:

    My old time favorite glass ornaments from my mom and dad’s tree back in the 70s, blue, green and gold with gold details on them. No longer around, except I believe a family member has them.

  114. teresa scarborough says:

    A wooden angel ornament a friend made for me in honor of my baby boy that died 8 days after he was born

  115. Ruth Crain says:

    My favorite ornament is an old fashion, wooden, hand painted Santa!

  116. Shauna Davis says:

    My favorite tree ornament is my dear Grandmas little elf in a red suit,it was passed down to my dear mother,then passed down to me,something I will treasure forever.

  117. Wanda says:

    All of them

  118. Elsie Nicolette says:

    The different little nativities and the angel that we put on the top of the tree which remind me the reason for celebrating Christmas.

  119. Sarah Rodriguez says:

    My babies 1st Christmas ornaments!!

  120. Fred Holmes says:

    Santa ornament…but I could certainly love an ice cream one:)

  121. Phyllis J Alexander says:

    My favorite ornaments were my handmade reindeers. But these ice cream cones are definitely my second favorite!!!

  122. Janet says:

    a special round very old ornament past down in family over the years

  123. Sue Tremblay up says:

    As a child of the 50’s I love the cones!.Y fave ornaments on my tree are the angel topper my mom made and her hand crafted balls.

  124. catherine schueler says:

    A spinner ornament that was on my grandmothers tree. They sat over the xmas light and from the heat would spin.They were from the 50’s or 60’s

  125. Charles Ramsey says:

    My favorite would have to be the onion shaped ornament that we had on my tree from childhood. It was multicolored and twisted and looked like it was magical.

  126. James A. Brown says:

    My favorite ornament that was hung on our tree from my childhood, an old brass bell with designs etched on it. It had the loudest sound for such a little bell & I would ring it all the time!

  127. Guy says:

    Ornaments with the pictures of my two beloved cats.

  128. Darrel says:

    I like the ornaments from many years ago. They had so much character.

  129. Patti Sherman says:

    My favorite ornament is an old fashion outhouse. It reminds me of my grandparents farm were they had a 3 seater. LOL!

  130. Heather Johnson says:

    I love vintage ornaments the best! I just think they are so pretty!

  131. Cheri Clark-Kaczka says:

    My favorite ornaments on my tree of course would have to be the ornaments each my 3 children made in their first year of school with their picture and hand prints on them. Life is precious and time sure flies. Looking at how little they once were and the amazing adults they have become today.

  132. Terrie Miller says:

    My favorite ornament is a gingerbread man and woman. Love gingerbread at this time of year and it reminds me of childhood.

  133. Chris says:

    My favorite ornament is an icicle that was was mothers when she was young!

  134. Melanie Huttner says:

    This year is the first year I ever had a tree and my favorite ornament is of a house that says our first Christmas in our new home 2016.

  135. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    My wife and I have an ornament on our tree that we change every year. There is a place where we can change the number of years that we have been married. I just changed the number to 31.

  136. The homemade ornaments my children and best friend made for me.

  137. Stefanie says:

    My favorite ornament is a Little Mermaid ornament I have from my best friend.

  138. Marie says:

    My favorite ornament is my Christmas angel.

  139. Catherine Lenarski says:

    Love these! They would look so cute on my tree. Hope I win. Ornaments made from my kids first shoes.

  140. Katie says:

    An angel my grandma gave me as a kid.

  141. Erin from Long Island says:

    My favorite ornament is an icicle that was my grandmother’s

  142. I collect the blown glass ornaments from Kate Foundation
    for Rett Syndrome Research. From when I was a kid, I have several brass ornaments which I love to watch the lights twinkle off of.


  143. Dawn Swingle says:

    I have an ornament of Santa riding in a hot air balloon that’s my favorite.

  144. Brenda Books says:

    I would say homemade one are so pretty. We made all our Christmas bulbs to put on our tree.

  145. janet says:

    i purchased ornaments when my(4) children were born , which are special. now i do the same for my grandchildren ,which i now have at this time 9 grandchildren.

  146. Sharon Roesch says:

    In 1963, there was a church bizarre at my elementary school. They were writing names in glitter paint on ornaments. At that time, each of us had our names done but the best was one that simply said “Mom”. That still hangs on my tree to this day.

  147. Jeanne Avey says:

    My entire fiber optic light tree is decorated in ice cream ornaments…it’s a cool jule.

  148. Christa Lopez says:

    I love our Christmas star ornament!

  149. Lori Reed says:

    My Mickey & Minnie Mouse ornaments from our honeymoon over 20 years ago & the photo ornaments of my kids.

  150. Candace Galan says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite since I like everyone for a different reason, but since I really like birds I would say my bird ornaments are my favorite.

  151. valerie kurick says:

    The bubble ornament from the 60’s.You plug in the string of lights and the ornament heats up and bubbles. so cool..back then.

  152. Marsha Tyson says:

    My Grandkids first Christmas ornament

  153. Marcy says:

    I have a ball of wires with a little ball in the middle. It belonged to my Grandfather from his tree and is over 100 years old.

  154. Carol Kretz says:

    I would give that to my granddaughter her birthday is December 26th

  155. My NewNew would live this bracelet. She fancies playing dress up and her must have item,…bracelets.

  156. Carolyn Clark says:

    My favorite ornament is a smiling little yellow bird named Little Fuzzy that I found in a grocery store in 1986. If I won your whimsical cones it would be a reminder of how sweet life and Christmas in particular can be.

  157. Amy says:

    My favorite ornaments are the baby pictures of my kids – so sweet.

  158. Peg says:

    My favorite would be the star on top which a dear friend made.

  159. Peg says:

    My favorite is the star on top which a dear friend made many years ago.

  160. Peg says:

    My favorite is the star that my dear friend made many years ago.

  161. Chris says:

    At my age I have many–My Christmas tree is a tree of memories..

  162. Mary Ann Leidigh says:

    An antique hand-painted Christmas ball that was one of my parents’ first ornaments in the early 1960s. It is very nostalgic.

  163. Paula wallace says:

    An ornament with my deceased mom’s name on it

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