12 Days of Turkey Hill (Day 7) – Have you ever made ice cream at home?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on December 18th, 2016


Long time Ice Cream Journal readers know that we’re big fans of giving away prizes that allow people to make their own ice cream at home. Making your own favorite flavors, we believe, is one of the best ways to appreciate the ice cream-making process and all of the hard work that goes into creating those flavors you see on grocery store shelves.

Our next 12 Days of Turkey Hill prize keeps that lesson in mind with the vintage ice cream churn you see above. After 60 or 70 years, the churn is no longer usable (although the pieces are all there and the churn still churns), but it will make a very nice decorative item and conversation piece in your home.

And besides, considering how many batches of Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl this thing has created over the years, this churn has probably earned its retirement. But in which home will it retire?

Leave a comment about your own experiences with making ice cream at home and we’ll choose one comment at random from either this blog entry OR our Facebook page as the winner!

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118 Responses to “12 Days of Turkey Hill (Day 7) – Have you ever made ice cream at home?”

  1. Donna McCauley says:

    I never made homemade ice cream.As a child my grandmother would make ice cream we would get so excited when she was going to make this treat.


  3. diane says:

    WOW! -something older than I am!! It is quite a conversation piece-would look nice on the deck in the summer as I sit and eat some TH ice cream. I remember churning on the back porch at my parents’ home-memories are great to have since no one can take them away from you!

  4. cindy anderson says:

    yes when i was a child we lived behind a cliff of rocks iceciles would form in the winter and i would go gather them for homemade ice cream

  5. Elaine says:

    oh my, yes, I can still see my young son churning his heart out to make it and later when he was older he bought an electric one, which was much easier to use

  6. We tried making home made ice cream one time on a very very hot day. It was the kind you had to crank. It didn’t come out very well. And we sold the ice cream maker when we moved. We keep talking about getting an Ice Cream Maker again. When we both worked together at a factory, they made home made ice cream there and it was oh so good!

  7. Gary Blake says:

    Although I never made homemade ice cream at home I helped make it at our small town high school. There were 32 kids in my class, 580 kids from kindergarden through grade twelve. We were making and selling ice cream as a fundraiser for the Future Farmers of America (FFA). They also collected grain or corn to raise money. RUE

  8. Stefanie says:

    I’ve never made homemade ice cream, but would love to try it!

  9. mark johnston says:

    used to love making ice cream at home so many different varieties that is until my ice cream maker broke probably from overuse

  10. I have but with an electric ice cream maker that requires no ice. Used 100% heavy cream. It was so good. I no longer have the machine so now I just buy it. Try to buy all natural but it’s so expensive.

  11. oh yes,more times that i can count but its been a long time that brought back sweet memories of my Dad turning that crank

  12. I have never made ice cream at home but it sounds like fun!

  13. caroline from manalapan says:

    Our youngest daughter did it as a school project. We ended calling it “Spoon Ice Cream”. She made it with cream chocolate bits, etc and it was delicious. As hubby was getting to the bottom of the tub he found a spoon there.

  14. RonF says:

    Although it’s a lot easier to buy Turkey Hill ice cream, I’d like to give it a try.

  15. Michelle M says:

    I make ice cream all the time in the summer for my kids as we all love ice cream in my house. They like to help and come up with things to add in, fruity pebbles was a fun one!

  16. We made home made ice cream once a really long time ago. Was not impressed. I would much rather just purchase or win Turkey Hill ice cream and enjoy that with no real clean up afterwards.

  17. Barbara Lima says:

    Oh yes, I remember making home made ice cream. The best!

  18. mary ann herrmann says:

    …have never made ice cream at home. was given a “modern” maker which I passed on to my son & his wife. this is a treasure, which I would “treasure” if I were to win. thanks, TH

  19. STEPHEN JONES says:

    i remember us making our own in the 70s…we always had vanilla, peach or strawberry…one year we picked our own strawberries and we had that kind in summer….

  20. MaryBeth Eisenhauer says:

    My Mom and I have made ice cream at home. A LONG time ago. I could remember I loved cranking the handle. I also remember we would make vanilla ice cream. It tasted soooooo YUMMY. Then we would pick fresh strawberries from our garden and add them to the ice cream. I miss those simple days. 😉

  21. Elizabeth G says:

    When I was about 8 years old I saw how to make ice cream on the Zoom show on PBS using a plastic bag, cream, kosher salt and a few other simple ingredients. I tried it in my kitchen and it came out just ok- nothing like Vanilla Turkey Hill ice cream!

  22. Marie says:

    I never did. That would be so cool to do that. In fact, we host ALL the holiday meals. That would be a great thing to be able to do with everyone there. Would have enough people to do the cranking!!!! Yummm Yummm Yummm.

  23. Donna says:

    I remember my grandparents using a hand crank ice cream maker. It would be great to have this one.

  24. Shawna Williams says:

    Yes. In fact, we just made it this summer at my grandparents house.

  25. millie says:

    i had a aunt that had a country farm in md and as a child we would go for a vist and they made home made ice cream I never made it but would to try

  26. Amy Boggs says:

    Not only have I never made homemade ice cream, I’ve never even tasted it! Would LOVE this!! Good luck, everyone and happy holidays!

  27. I would love to have one and I know my ole man would love to have this. We love ice cream we sure could use this. Thanks for giving everyone a chance Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  28. Sabrina says:

    These 12 days of Christmas giveaways are bring back so many memories. Making plain vanilla ice cream with rick salt makes our arms feel like they were falling off. But the rewards were definitely worth it!

  29. Love today’s prize, bet my mom would also love it and bring back from the past.

  30. Michele Gorman says:

    I have fond memories of making banana ice cream with walnuts with my dad as a child. So delicious

  31. Elsie Nicolette says:

    Yes, I have made homemade ice cream, and it is a lot of hard, labor-intensive work! Doing interesting flavors is even more challenging so I have a great appreciation for Turkey Hill ice cream!

  32. Brenda Books says:

    Yes I would make homemade ice cream all the time. It’s broken now. Can’t afford to buy another one. I would mix Turkey hill ice cream with my homemade ice cream.I

  33. Caitlin J says:

    This would be so neat! My parents make amazing cookies & cream homemade ice cream but I would love one of these for myself so perhaps I’d be able to recreate your Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt flavor you discontinued that I’ve missed dearly </3 Bring it back!!!!

  34. Chris Bell says:

    My grandparents had one of those when I was a kid. we loved it when it came out 🙂

  35. Catherine Lenarski says:

    Never have made homemade ice cream, but would still love to have this churn.

  36. Debbie says:

    I’ve never made home-made ice cream because I have Turkey Hill!!! But, I would like to try to make some. This ice cream maker reminds me of American Pickers!

  37. Karen White says:

    I absolutely love this oldie but Goody! My husband is the hugest Turkey Hill Ice cream fan and he be so excited to own a piece of ice cream history!

  38. Ann King says:

    When my kids were little, we had bucket like the one above. It was not rusty like that one and it made wonderful ice cream. The kids would take turns turning the handle and I would add the ice and salt. Unfortunately, it only made quart of ice cream and that did not last very long after all that turning and mopping up the melted ice that was all over the floor.

  39. JW says:

    never made home made ice cream, but I’d like to try

  40. Sharon Leaming says:

    Seems like something that will fit in with our other broken antiques!

  41. Christina Frankino says:

    My Uncle from NC used to make his own ice cream for me in this EXACT kind of ice cream maker! I would love to have it as a reminder of my Uncle Buhl – he was a wonderful man and let me turn the crank besides making the best home made ice cream!

  42. mirriambingaman says:

    it would bring menory back when mom and dad brother sister was alive we make icecream id go out and pick fruit and one theymake peanut ice cream it was soooo good oh what wonder ful times it be great to win it around christmas because now its just another day

  43. Darrel says:

    Yes, I have tried making it at home, and it is good. I would like to experiment more with making my own ice cream. The problem and reason I don’t make my own ice cream more is there is so much good Turkey Hill ice cream to try and eat, I use up all the calories I allow myself on that. Then there are not many calories left for my own homemade ice cream.

  44. Judi says:

    we often made ice cream, just like that. MY son and his kids still do. Don’t really need your antique as we have one that is almost as good (bad.)

  45. mary frey says:

    yes, I just made some home-made chocolate ice cream yesterday; It was made with snow;

  46. Stacey griffith says:

    Yes i have! Sometimes homemade really is the best . you can nake,to,your taste. I use to make,it with my mom when i was young also. Great memories

  47. Rosemary Lukenbill says:

    and get a workout while making it

  48. Marion says:

    I never made it myself, but I understand it is quite a bit of work!

  49. Ruth says:

    My dad always made us ice cream and it was the best ever. Would live to have another one. I really would.

  50. Becky Link says:

    It was a special day when Dad/Grandpa would get out the ice cream freezer and Mom/Grandma would whip the eggs, whip the cream with sugar then fold them together. Place the mixture in a bowl in the freezer till it set. We had to have a number of bags of ice. Don’t forget the rock salt to place on the ice. What a grand activity and all got to turn the crank until it got too hard. Wow, I can taste it now!

  51. keely hostetter says:

    We never had an ice cream maker but we have made snow ice cream 🙂

  52. Ruth says:

    Have used an ice cream churn like this one. Sweet memories indeed.

  53. Joan says:

    Used to make homemade ice cream all summer long when the kids were young. My family loved the different flavors we would try. Peach seemed to be the family favorite, though.
    Had to buy a new ice cream maker a few years ago because the old one just gave out (from old age).

  54. Ruth says:

    I have used a churn similar to this one. Sweet memories indeed.

  55. Guy says:

    I remember making ice cream at home when I was very young.

  56. Lois says:

    Yes, we still make ice cream at home. We have an electric as well as a crank type ice cream maker.

  57. Mary Jo Kohler says:


  58. Sheila B says:

    hey I have made homemade ice cream many times. we made it in school and also with my grandparents, we all would take turns turning the handle. what special memories it made for me!<3

  59. CHRISTINE says:


  60. Mary Ann says:

    U just gotta love nostalgia n Turkey Hill to make u happy and churn a tasty surprise!

  61. Esther Adorable says:

    I loved to make homemade ice cream with my dad. We had a crank type and he would let me and my sister crank until we couldn’t crank anymore, then he would take over. It was always so rich and creamy! But watch out for brain freeze!!!!

  62. denise says:

    yes. all the kids would get a chance to churn at our family reunions

  63. vada wales says:

    When I was a child we had ice cream nearly every time it snowed.There was a farm about a mile away and we walked down there for milk to make it with.

  64. gianna says:


  65. Kathy B says:

    Great idea and old fashion.

  66. Gerald Gooze says:

    Turkey Hill has some of the greatest prizes, along with great dairy products. I collect old implements (such as a meat grinder) & this would look awesome in my collection. Thank you.

  67. Irene Melfi says:

    Yes we made ice cream when I was a child and have continued the tradition but now I’m a bit lazy and make it with an electric ice cream maker! Both, however, are a very special treat.

  68. Debbie Bigelow says:

    I made some in 1984 it was delicious. But nothing compare to my favorite Columbian Coffee from Turkey Hill.

  69. Betty says:

    sure have long time ago with my mother

  70. Janet Hines says:

    I have never made or tasted homemade ice cream when I can buy Turkey Hill Ice Cream from the store!!!

  71. janice fitch says:

    I have never made home made ice cream. When I was a child, my parents would make it— I just ate it. LOL. Working at a school, our kids have made it in a can, rolling it up and down the aisles.

  72. Wow!!!! If this priceless collectible is closer to 70 years old than it’s older than me (I’m 62 lol)

    I would love to give this antique ice ream churner a place in my home.

  73. pat says:


  74. Jennifer Barr says:

    I tried to in the past but it didn’t turn out well.

  75. Corri Combs says:

    My grandpa would get most of the grandkids together &
    Make home made ice cream, with a bucket just like the one you’re giving
    Best memories.

  76. Taylor z says:

    I’m a dairy farmer so of course I’ve made homemade icecream! Although it’s not as good as turkey hill naturals!

  77. Mary Anne Powell says:

    Use to love to make fresh ice cream with strawberries from the garden.

  78. LM Hall says:

    I remember being in the backyard, taking turns with my brother just cranking away.. I love the taste of homemade ice cream

  79. Sandra Carpenter says:

    We use to make ice cream in a churn like this – my dad used an electric drill and inserted where the crank was to churn the ice cream.

  80. maryann says:

    I have never made ice cream but would love to.

  81. Chris says:

    I’ve never made ice cream before, but this prize would be my motivation!

  82. Lisa S says:

    When we were kids, every year on our birthday, we got the family together and made homemade ice cream. I remember instead of the ice (around the outside) we would use snow. And back then there always seemed to be plenty of snow. Oh what memories this brings back.

  83. One of the best times of my life was when my dad and I made some homemade ice cream one summer day. I’ll never forget how good it was to share that ice cream together.

  84. Susan Copeland says:

    I remember many visits to my Mama & Papa’s house in the summer. They had an old crank ice cream freezer like the one in the picture!! We were always excited to have home made ice cream. Even more excited to get a turn at cranking the ice cream freezer. Many great memories around the ice cream freezer and then eating the homemade Vanilla ice cream!

  85. Amy says:

    I have never used one like this, but have watched others making ice cream in the hand crank ice cream maker. Lots of fun.

  86. Ned says:

    Never made any, but have sure eaten enough.

  87. Carol says:

    I helped make home made ice cream only one time at my sister-in-law’s parents home. It was a hot day, and luckily there were a lot of us there to take turns churning. I had no idea it took so long! But it was worth it- so delicious!

  88. Janet says:

    no but i’d like to

  89. Kimberly Pemrich says:

    When I was a little girl I would stay with my grandparents on the farm and we would use one of these to make homemade Ice cream. Grandpa would slice up fresh strawberry’s and would use fresh cream <3 It was the best ice cream! So many wonderful memories! I often tell my kids about it. How great it would be to share this experience with them! I would love to win! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 Good luck everyone! Merry Christmas!

  90. dianna pace says:

    I used one as a teen!

  91. Peg says:

    I let others crank it out. I just liked to eat it.

  92. Liz S. says:

    I haven’t made ice cream at home yet, but I actually plan to do so this Christmas!

  93. Faith says:

    I’ve never made ice cream at home, but I’m willing to give it a try.

  94. marcie says:

    rather buy turkey hill

  95. Margaret says:

    I’ve always wanted to try it.

  96. Mary says:

    I once made ice cream in Girl Scouts – Kick the Can!

  97. Sabrina says:

    I remember my sister having one of these when I was younger. We’d crank for what seemed like forever. The ice cream was the best ever.

  98. sue frantz says:

    I have never made ice cream at home, but my daughter has!! It is something I would love to do at some point!

  99. No I’ve never made ice cream at home but would love to try!

  100. Jaye Smith says:

    My mom had the best recipe for peach ice cream…when she got the peaches, we gladly helped churn the ice cream. Great memories.

  101. Donna Keller says:

    As a child my parents made it, that was a long time ago. About 75 years. I remember loving it, but I like TH ice cream now.

  102. Barb says:

    I remember one winter my Dad tried to make ice cream. It was snowing and very cold out but for some reason the ice cream never got hard – it was more like a thick milkshake but it still tasted good.

  103. Althea says:

    Yes, taste awesome, except I don’t have space in my freezer to keep ice cream maker

  104. Cheryl says:

    That is a treasure

  105. Karen says:

    I’ve never tried to make ice cream at home. I’ve contemplated it but never actually attempted it.

  106. Home made Ice Cream is Delicious but alot of hard work !! Turkey Hill gives you all the flavors . Yes , I’ve made hand cranked home made ice cream .

  107. Melissa says:

    nope, sounds fun!

  108. Debra Butt says:

    yummy ice cream

  109. Jim in SOMD says:

    I am not sure that this would be used as a functioning ice cream maker, or just a piece that would let people start a conversation about its unique look.

  110. lee carr says:

    NEVER, but I have seen them in antique store

  111. Vera says:

    Years ago we had one that looked like this. Ours broke down.

  112. Janell Hughes says:

    I remember putting a towel on top and sitting on ours while someone else turned the handle. Then we would swap out. We would only get ice cream maybe twice during the summer when the local peaches got ripe. After mom/grandmother canned and froze them, we would get some of the too ripe ones to make ice cream. I may have just admitted I am old.

  113. mary frey says:

    would to win these bowls ,I have the turkey hill ice cream

  114. Nora says:

    I have never made ice cream at home but have made it with our Life Skills students. We used the rock salt, snow method. The kids were amazed they could actually eat the ice cream afterwards.

  115. Marilyn Stiles says:

    I made vanilla ice cream with our 3 year old preschool class. We used a coffee can and everyone got to roll the can. It turned out really well, too. Don’t you just love vintage items?

  116. Frank R says:

    I have never made ice cream at home but it sounds fun!

  117. Janice Svercek says:

    I have made ice cream at home but it wasn’t as good as Turkey Hill!

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