12 Days of Turkey Hill (Day 9) – How colorful are your glasses?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on December 20th, 2016


Everything’s better when you add a little color to it, right? Colorful socks? Better! Colorful sunsets? Better! Colorful drinking glasses? Definitely better. That’s exactly what you’ll get with today’s 12 Days of Turkey Hill prize.

We’re giving away a set of the vintage glasses you see above, which are guaranteed to add a splash of much-needed color to your kitchen thanks to the glasses’ multi-hued stripes. Seriously, these things look like something you’d see in the Brady Bunch, and that’s a good thing.

What you fill the glasses with is up to you. Haymakers, iced tea, lemonade, milk, egg nog — heck, you can even fill them with ice cream. That’s your choice, but we will throw in some free drinks to help you make that decision.

Leave a comment with the current “colorful status” of your drink ware and we’ll choose one comment at random from this blog entry OR our Facebook page to take these flashy glasses home!

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99 Responses to “12 Days of Turkey Hill (Day 9) – How colorful are your glasses?”

  1. Margaret says:

    Mine are clear but yours are clearly more festive. They look like summer!

  2. Sherri Rosen says:

    My glasses are clear but I would use these glasses all year round. They would definitely brighten up a dreary winter day.

  3. millie says:

    plain clear glasses some micky mouse ones but your are bright love them

  4. diane says:

    My glasses are clear and miss matched also, some are jelly jar glasses that I used for the children. These “rainbow” glasses would certainly make a better table setting.

  5. Dan says:

    Drinkware? What’s that for, am I the only one who just drinks it right out of the jug?

  6. janet says:

    these glasses remind me of summer ! enjoying root beer floats in them

  7. mary ann herrmann says:

    …omg!! these lovely glasses resemble some that I had long ago.
    sadly they’re all broken now. but “yours” would go ever so well
    with the TH lemonade that I just picked up this morning. as always, thank YOU, Turkey Hill.

  8. John says:

    colorful is definitely better!

  9. lee carr says:

    we even sing in color in Philly, “red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue” thanks to Captain Noah

  10. sue frantz says:

    These glasses definitely remind me of summer—rainbows following the showers!

  11. Phyllis Jutt says:

    Very Festive! An Ice Cream Soda would be delicious!

  12. Donna McCauley says:

    I only have 2 glasses in the cupboard because of the kids .They are an amber in color these would add some color in the the kitchen

  13. Kathleen M Cox says:

    These are so beautiful. They remind me of childhood

  14. E Gaus says:

    may make the tea taste better

  15. Jodi says:

    Mine are currently clear but I would love some color in my life!

  16. Dianna Chambers says:

    They make the drinks look so cheerful!

  17. DAWN BRADLEY says:

    I love these glasses. My grandmother had some that she always got out for iced tea.

  18. Ken says:

    I haveclear glasses like most people, but as a child I remember having glasses similar to these

  19. Sandy P says:

    I would these colorful glasses with Jingle Juice. My current glasses are Clear wine glass and Smurf Glasses. LOL

  20. Caitlin J says:

    I would love these for my favorite pale yellow drink of the year – EGGNOG! Turkey Hill egg nog is the BEST! Currently have a bottle of it in my fridge 😉

  21. Joan says:

    Cupboard full of mismatched glasses. Right now using Christmas glasses. Colorful and bright.

  22. Debbie Bigelow says:

    Mine are pretty color full I use Shrek glasses that when McDonalds were selling them time for some new ones hope to win your prize glasses then I can put those Shrek ones to the back of the cabinet

  23. Marilou Sibert says:

    Very pretty–can be used year round!

  24. Melissa says:

    clear cups and coffee mugs!

  25. Liz S. says:

    The current colorful status of my glasses is nonexistent – all clear glass! These would be great to add to my glassware collection.

  26. Debra Rusovick says:

    Mine are a mish mosh of styles and colors!

  27. denise says:

    mine are clear, love these vintage Fiesta tagalongs

  28. Nancy Fiorenza says:

    mine are boring and plain I love color and I love your tea and ice cream

  29. Jim in SOMD says:

    These glasses are definitely old school. I am sure that the person who receives these will get plenty of use out of them. Looking at them, you get a picture of a warm summer’s evening sitting with friends and family sipping a refreshing glass of iced tea.

  30. Elaine says:

    yes, I love rainbow glasses

  31. brenda valo says:

    I have blue & clear glasses.. I am probably your biggest iced tea drinker, a gallon a day 🙂

  32. debbie says:

    love the glasses

  33. Sharon Leaming says:

    I’ve never seen glasses quite like these!

  34. Ken Kerstein says:

    “Family” glasses are all plain and clear. Could really use some color on the table!!

  35. Terrie Miller says:

    Colorful glass drink ware is nonexistent at present as well as clear glassware. Having to “start over” means plastic cups temporarily.

  36. now that the grandkids are mostly out of the spilling age,,my old plastic drinking tupperware glasses need replacing with some new bright colored fun glasses for my sweet tea

  37. Jay says:

    Never enough color

  38. Ann King says:

    my glasses are not colorful at all, they are just plain glass so I could use some color in my closet. The only color there are the red plastic ones I use for large gatherings.

  39. Carol says:

    Currently, mine are all clear. But I’m sure either my family, or a relative’s family, had these glasses. What fun it would be to have them again!

  40. Norma says:

    The magic of a rainbow. Thanks, Turkey Hill.

  41. Catherine Lenarski says:

    I don’t have glasses to drink out of. I have colorful plastic cups.

  42. Patti Sherman says:

    My glasses are a sorry mixture of clear andplan pink. I don’t think that I even have 2 that match! Yikes. These would be great for your pink lemonade!

  43. mary frey says:

    my glasses are clear

  44. I’d love to fill them with ice cream!

  45. Lisa Kerstein says:

    Our glassware is more mismatched than colorful, though there are colors as well. I can just see these Turkey Hill glasses filled with ice tea or ice cream sodas.

  46. Lynn Dobriko says:

    Love vintage.

  47. Lois says:

    Pretty glasses filled with iced tea – what could be better?

  48. Christa Lopez says:

    I wish our drink ware was colorful, but it’s not! We have a bunch of different kinds of glasses! We love Turkey Hill ice cream and iced tea!

  49. Ned says:

    They remind me of the lights on my Christmas tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  50. Mary Ann says:

    Ho, ho, a rainbow of delish drinks from Turkey hill, n put in maybe new glasses to win……. Merry Christmas all….

  51. CHRISTINE says:


  52. Mine are clear, but those remind me of going to grandma’s house she has some just like them.

  53. Phyllis J Alexander says:

    Love the awesome colorful glasses. Would love to add these to the table!

  54. Ann Rea says:

    Nice looking glasses, color would go with any kitchen.

  55. denise b says:

    Nice bright glasses just like a hot summer day with a tall glass of chilled turkey hill lemonade the perfect match!!! I would love these!

  56. Derrick Johnson says:

    Would love to have those glasses since the ‘colorful status’ of my glassware is clear but my cups are red&blue…and plastic. :-/

  57. Peg says:

    Colored glasses are better than my plain ones.

  58. Debbie says:

    I need to add some color to my glasses…and, some Turkey Hill, too!!!

  59. Tammy Beyer says:

    Happy Tuesday. Thank you for the 12 Days of Turkey Hill.

  60. Linda says:

    Blue glasses

  61. Amy says:

    Love these glasses – so pretty – mine are clear. These would be great to drink Turkey Hill Ice Tea out of.

  62. gianna says:

    Clear…but LOVE these…hope I get randomly picked!

  63. Donna says:

    My glasses are clear with thin green lines. Thanks.

  64. marian blunt says:

    My glases are clear, would love to have some color in my cupboard

  65. Lynn K Shaffer says:

    My glasses are clear and totally mismatched. These are really cool. I would be elated to have them. Thanks for the chance to win these.

  66. Wanda says:

    I use cups that can be frozen. Would love this colorful set.

  67. JANIS NOWER says:

    I LOVE those glasses!! They match my dinnerware exactly, which of course, will make my Turkey Hill Tea taste even better!!!

  68. Barb says:

    mine are plain but would love to get your colorful glasses!

  69. Mary Anne Powell says:

    I’ve never seen these before but would make a great addition to any table!!!

  70. pat says:

    yours look so pretty and would make a drink fun.

  71. Karen says:

    Alas, most of our glassware is clear. Although, some are beautiful cut glass. I think maybe you T. Hill employees are spending lunch breaks in the great antique shops in Columbia, PA. Could those shops be the sources for some of these freaky items?

  72. Glasses are a bright rainbow of colors,brighten anyone’s day

  73. Jennifer Barr says:

    my glasses are clear

  74. caroline from manalapan says:

    Yes they look the 50’s. Our main use would be with orange juice

  75. Darrel says:

    Seeing those glasses takes me back to my childhood.

  76. Nora says:

    Mine are cheapy old plastic cups I bought at the Good Will Store

  77. Chris says:

    Those are great glasse! I love vintage!

  78. Some of my glasses are clear, I have tumblers that are pastel BUT none of mine are as eye catching as these vintage glasses are. Growing up my Mom had a set of these.

  79. Janet says:

    mine are clear

  80. Ken says:

    Set of 6 iridescent pink/gold depression glass drinking glasses

  81. Betty says:

    these glasses are different

  82. Gerald Gooze says:

    These are certainly different looking glasses than those I use to drink my Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea Mango. I would enjoy using them, should I win.

  83. Cathy says:

    Would be pleased to win any of the 12 day gifts, as most bring back many memories.

  84. My glasses are blue. The glasses are very pretty.

  85. Harriet Goldstein says:

    We have been using Tupperware cups for our drinks.

  86. REGGIE MCGEE says:

    A great set of glasses.

  87. STEPHEN JONES says:

    mine are average/i have a variety of different styles!

  88. Stefanie says:

    I love these glasses! Mine are currently blue in my kitchen.

  89. Faith says:

    Pretty Cool

  90. janice fitch says:

    Wow, these are very pretty. Our glasses are just plain, clear, and boring. Would love these to brighten our days.

  91. Brings back childhood memories. Thanks for chance Turkey Hill.

  92. Karen says:

    These are right up my alley we love rainbow colors

  93. Marion says:

    Love them! They look like a tank top my husband has! Lol

  94. Karen Cohn says:

    Those glasses are beautiful! They would look wonderful on our table!

  95. Sarah says:

    These glasses remind me of my childhood

  96. Lisa S says:

    These are grand, they look like the 70’s. Well everything old is new again. These glasses are perfect for a good old fashion glass of lemonade on a 90 degree day. Yummy!!!

  97. Linda Savitz says:

    I love them!! They would look good with my “Turkey Hill” decaf ice tea in them!! YUMMY!!!Or maybe I could use them with “Turkey Hill” ice cream to make a ice cream soda!!

  98. I have all different colored glasses. They’re not a matching set, though.

  99. Janice Svercek says:

    All my glasses are clear, that’s why I need these.

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