A look back at 2016: What was the highlight of your year?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on December 30th, 2016

With 2017 upon us, we thought we’d take a few minutes to look back at the year that was 2016. To call it a busy year would be an understatement. But it a good kind of busy, filled with fun events and new products. Here’s a recap of the fun we had over the past 12 months:


To be exact, we celebrated our 85th anniversary! That’s right, Turkey Hill turned 85 this year, but we don’t feel (or look) a day over 50, right? To celebrate eight-and-a-half decades, we gave away vintage prizes here on the blog and had some fun throughout the year on our Facebook page. Next up is our 90th anniversary and then the “big one” — 100 years in 2031!

december-28-highlightWE PRESERVED A FARM

Over the past two decades years, Turkey Hill has donated more than $500,000 to the Lancaster Farmland Trust. In 2016, we were proud to take that fundraising relationship to a new level with our “Preserve a Farm” program. Your donations will help us preserve a specific farm right here in Lancaster County. Stay tuned for an update about this program in January!


One of Turkey Hill’s most notable new products in 2016 is a line of thirst-quenching drinks called Haymakers. Ask a wise farmer about thirst-quenching beverages, and you’re likely to hear a story passed down through the generations about a thirst-quenching recipe known as switchel. That legendary drink is the inspiration behind our new Haymakers ciders, punches, and teas.

The drinks are made with authentic ingredients like ginger, molasses, honey and apple cider vinegar. We even created a TV commercial about the new drinks, which you can check out below. (And, yes, the Haymakers lineup will be expanding with some new flavors in 2017, so stay tuned for announcements about that!)

So what does 2017 have in store for Turkey Hill? In short, plenty, and we’ll be sure to share all of the highlights with you right here on the Ice Cream Journal. Stay tuned, and Happy New Year!

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33 Responses to “A look back at 2016: What was the highlight of your year?”

  1. denise says:

    congratulations! happy New Year!

  2. Donna McCauley says:

    Eating Turkey Hill ice cream Enjoyed it!

  3. Sheila says:

    It was a good year, full of TH ice cream!

  4. diane says:

    TH certainly enjoyed a great 2016-85 years WOW!!!! Your company certain deserves “Congratulations” on this achievement-your staff has made a wonderful celebration of it this year. May your company celebrate many more years to come!!!

  5. Karen says:

    The highlight my year was visiting my brother, his wife,and their sweet dog-daughters in beautiful northwestern PA. Guess what – T. Hill is a well-liked “import” up there.

  6. Lois says:

    The highlight of 2016 for me was our 50th anniversary. Our whole family was together! Since both of our sons are in the Army, this was the first time in almost ten years that we have all been together!

  7. Robin Ames says:

    Well, I saw Phish last night at Madison Square Garden! Haha. Also came in first in my age group in a 5K on Long Island a couple months back. So that makes two highlights… I’m sure there are more, but I am thankful for the little things, too, including yummy TH desserts every now and then!

  8. For me, the hi-light of the year 2016 was two-fold: my Western novel THE KILLING LAND was published in hardcover in January and my mystery novel THE INHERITANCE was published this month in trade paperback. I’m celebrating with a bowl of Turkey Hill.

  9. Sheila says:

    loved eating turkey hill ice cream and their tea and also cant forget their awesome coffee!!

  10. lee carr says:

    my highlight was enjoying every bite of turkey hill the I received

  11. Carol says:

    My younger daughter got married at the end of October! I can’t top that!

  12. Janet says:

    congrats. lots of th ice cream and frozen yogurt.

  13. Marion says:

    Everyone have a blessed and healthy new year.

  14. Sarah says:

    Best thing for me was a visit from my daughter. It’s usually me going to Texas to visit her but she came home to Pennsylvania for the first time in 5 years.

  15. Brenda Books says:

    Happy New year Turkey hill. I lost weight and eating healthy foods. I can still have my Turkey hill ice cream too.

  16. pat bentzel says:

    happy new yer and keep up the great ice cream

  17. Mary Anne Powell says:

    Happy New Year Turkey Hill. One of the fun things my family likes to do when when get together is a “make your own sundae” with TH ice cream!!!

  18. Betty says:

    Happy New Year everyone

  19. Charles Barnum says:

    Turkey Hill – Happy New Year !!

  20. Terry says:

    Well, in 2016, I didn’t write a novel, I didn’t lose weight, I didn’t have a grand reunion with family, and I didn’t run a 5K, but I was definitely blessed and look forward to the blessings of 2017.

    Happy New year, Turkey Hill folks!

    BTW, I’m still liking the tractor. 🙂

  21. Congratulations on all of the success in 2016. Looking forward to what Turkey Hill has planned for 2017. Happy Near Year everyone.

    2016 for me and my family was sad as we lost some family members.

    The highlight for me in 2016 was my only daughter’s engagement to a terrific guy I already consider my son. I love them both so much.

  22. caroline from manalapan says:

    Congratulation on 85 years of producing excellent dairy products. Ours was 50 years of marriage in October.

  23. Marie says:

    Congratulations to Turkey Hill and to all of you.

    Enjoyed the times with family and eating and drinking Turkey Hill.

  24. Lisa S says:

    I always look forward to the 12 days of Christmas.

  25. Harriet Goldstein says:

    Happy New Year to everyone at Turkey Hill and to all the Ice Cream Journal readers.

  26. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    While Turkey Hill was 85 I turned a young 68. I celebrated 31 years of marriage. I can’t wait for any new products from Turkey Hill in 2017. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the many great flavors that they offer.

  27. mary ann herrmann says:

    …my grown daughter, ALI, took me to a Springsteen concert in
    New Jersey in August with seats in the VIP section. woohoo!!
    Happy New Year (all) at Turkey Hill. will be ringing in 2017
    with TH ice cream floats. yes!!

  28. Donna Keller says:

    Congratulations to TH. Love your ice cream.

    Having a healthy 2016.

    Happy New Year to everyone at TH.

  29. Joan says:

    My truly most memorable moment of 2016 came on the night of November 8th.

    Happy New Year to everyone on this blog and at Turkey Hill.

  30. Ann King says:

    Happy New Year tp all. We had a good year culminating in the birth of our 7th grandchild, a boy, born 3 weeks ago.

  31. Georgia says:

    My most memorable time of 2016 was having our son home for a visit and the adventures we participated in. FAMILY !!! Wish everyone at Turkey Hill a very Blessed 2017.

  32. Jim in SOMD says:

    Great Year for TH! Here is hoping that 2017 is even better!

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