February prize: How do you throw the ultimate ice cream social?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on February 16th, 2017

FEBRUARY 18 - Blog prizeWouldn’t everyone agree that ice cream is better when it’s shared? It’s something we’ve always believed, and it’s the reason we’ve chosen this month’s blog prize — a set of colorful cups and spoons to help you throw an ice cream social of your very own.

The set (shown on the right and available on Amazon) includes 24 disposable 4-ounch cups, wooden spoons, and even comes with 24 little paper umbrellas that can be used to adorn your creations. Truthfully, we thought the paper umbrellas were an unusual addition, but we’re not going to complain!

And, because you can’t have an ice cream social without ice cream, we’ll include a few containers of ice cream along with the prize.

Which flavors you buy for your party is entirely up to you. Chocolate and Vanilla are always good choices that tend to pair well with just about any toppings, from rainbow sprinkles to chocolate fudge sauce. Of course, you can never go wrong with Neapolitan. That’s three flavors all in one package, and that’s always a good thing.

As for exactly how to throw the perfect ice cream social, stay tuned for a blog entry coming up soon with steps for creating the perfect party! In the meantime, leave a comment on below with your own thoughts about how the perfect party ingredients and we’ll choose one comment at random to win this ice cream social party starter!

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278 Responses to “February prize: How do you throw the ultimate ice cream social?”

  1. Sarah says:

    Peanut butter sauce and hot fudge!

  2. Cordelia says:

    Hot Fudge and plenty of it!!

  3. elaine says:

    Hot fudge sauce, mixed with hot caramel sauce, and marshmallow creme on the top.

  4. Claire says:

    Gummy bears and sprinkles!

  5. Andrea Price says:

    Warm Chocolate Fudge Pudding Cake with a scoop of ice cream and hot fudge sauce drizzled over the top. Or warm Apple Crisp with a scoop of ice cream and caramel sauce drizzled over the top.

  6. Melissa says:

    Hot Fudge, a generous helping of whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and rainbow sprinkles!

  7. Sue hulme says:

    Caramel and whip cream

  8. Joann Langan says:

    I am a true CMP person. Love chocolate, marshmallow and peanuts. Recently have gotten into salted caramel. mmmm

  9. donna hines says:

    Lots of candy … Swedish fish works best…with a few gummy worms. Hmmmm. Love our Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

  10. Kristen Kolka says:

    Hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles yummmmm

  11. Kara Kjellman says:

    hot fudge and some nuts!

  12. Alyssa H says:

    I think that cherries, nuts, coconut, chocolate bits and crumbled cookies are great toppings for a sundae. I would love to have a sundae party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday!

  13. Ronda Six Garnett says:

    Hot fudge sauce

  14. Michele Litsky says:

    Whipped cream, hot fudge and crushed cookies are a favorite in this house…kiddos love sprinkles, too!

  15. Betty says:

    Hot fudge and whip cream!!

  16. Linda Cronan says:

    I set up an ice cream sundae bar, so everyone can pick the toppings that they want.

  17. Michelle Simons says:

    I must have HOT FUDGE, CASHEWS and a tab bit of CARAMEL. It is almost like a Turtle. I am a HUGE fan of your ice cream!

  18. Beth Ehlinger says:


  19. Kimberly Snyder says:

    I like a Sundae Bar with strawberries or pineapple in syrup, chopped nuts in syrup, hot fudge & caramel sauce, crushed cookies, whipped cream, maraschino cherries & my favorite Instant coffee crystals/powder.

  20. DIANE BAKER says:

    Hot fudge topped with Pecan’s and whipped cream with a cherry on top!

  21. Shannon D. says:

    Chocolates covered coffee beans and banana chunks

  22. Carol Yemola says:

    I love hot fudge sauce! Chocolate is always a great topping.

  23. Carol S. says:

    Hot fudge is a must!

  24. sherry fowler says:

    bacon and chocolate!!! yum yum!

  25. Ellie Wright says:

    I love hot fudge and chopped peanuts.

  26. Marcia Williams says:

    Hot Fudge & Marshmallow!! Delicious!!

  27. Kristin Jones says:

    I love chocolate and peanut butter with sprinkles

  28. I always go with vanilla turkey hill ice cream w/ wet walnuts, caramel sauce and whipped topping.

  29. Diana Bierer says:

    Yumm… Hot Fudge sauce, warmed marshmallow cream, sprinkles of crushed oreos and a cherry on the top!

  30. Derrick Johnson says:

    As much as I like the peanuts,M&Ms,caramel sauce,etc.,there is nothing better than the cherry on top! It’s the perfect finishing touch to a sundae!

  31. Veronica Smith says:

    Wait! Does that container say Black Cherry Fudge? Oh wow! I have to find that one. Turkey Hill always comes out with the best flavors! And my favorite topping is chocolate fudge with cherries in it!

  32. Mike wagner says:

    Wet walnut sundae is my favorite!

  33. Kimberly S says:

    A must is Hot Fudge sauce and Caramel sauce, add some chopped nuts or sprinkles and whipped cream of course. Yum

  34. chris conanan says:

    sliced almonds, sprinkles

  35. Amy Baldwin says:

    You would need hot fudge sauce, nuts caramel, M&M’s and Honey Nut Cheerios! If you have never tried cereal on ice cream you are missing a treat! You eat cereal with milk so why not ice cream.

  36. Lisa Hall says:

    cherries maserated in bourbon, bacon, fudge and walnuts

  37. tom sides says:

    chocolate syrup,sprinles,sliced almonds

  38. jack mcgarry says:

    add hot fudge, whipped cream, cashew pieces and a cherry–sure to please everyone

  39. Jennifer keller says:

    With a big family we always have different ingredients. Nutella is the #1, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles, chopped nuts, cherries, whip cream, gummy bears/worms, oreos, mini M&Ms, assorted candy bars pieces.. these make a great Ice Cream buffet for all 30 people..

  40. whipped cream, cherries,bananas, carmel

  41. Cynthia Raught says:

    Oh dear! I have too many favorites! At home, we top our vanilla ice cream with my homemade cinnamon applesauce, warmed up a bit first. It is so good! I will say that is one of my favorites!

  42. Kacey says:

    Hot fudge is a must for me!

  43. I love hot fudge, peanuts, and whipped cream/chocolate chips on my Turkey Hill vanilla Ice cream! Yummy! <3

  44. Katie Heagy says:

    Yum ice cream do I have to say more 🙂 being a dairy farmer my freezer is always stocked with our favorite! I love adding hot fudge to mine, hubby likes sprinkles and the kids like whatever you give them.

  45. Sarah Shokite says:

    I invite all my friends over and have as many different types of ice cream I can find! And whipped cream, sprinkles, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, cherries, strawberry sauce, m&ms, reeses pieces! Any and all candy!

  46. Roberta says:

    Butterscotch and wet walnuts

  47. Warm caramel sauce with chopped pecan mixed in

  48. Belle says:

    Hot fudge, caramel, and rainbow sprinkles.

  49. Christy Wheaton says:

    Hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles are my favorite toppings

  50. CAROL GAMILL says:


  51. karen bellomy says:

    favorite sundae topping is hot caramel

  52. Stephanie M. says:

    Hot fudge, oreo crumbles, chocolate chips!

  53. Kaci says:

    Hot Fudge And sprinkles!

  54. Phil Hysell says:

    Hot fudge and whipped cream!

  55. Hot fudge and whipped cream are my favorite toppings

  56. Marilyn Stiles says:

    My favorite ice cream topping is jimmies! ……some call them sprinkles, but they’ve always been jimmies to me!

  57. mark johnston says:

    hot fudge

  58. Pamela Hess says:

    Chocolate syrup and Ovaltine Malt sprinkled over it!! <3

  59. kathy c says:

    Hot fudge and butterscotch, with plenty of fresh whipped cream!

  60. Shannon S says:

    I love hot fudge, whipped cream and topped with a cherry.

  61. Robyn Eaton says:

    I cannot choose just one topping to have so I will pick what I would have on my ultimate sundae. That would include hot fudge, caramel, pineapple, and strawberries all that topped off with whiiped cream, nuts and cherries. It would be great to have a sundae bar including all that stuff for people to indulge in.

  62. kathy webb says:

    Since it’s February and Heart health month, i would go with deep dark chocolate of any form, with any red fruit- think strawberries, raspberries, cherries, dried cranberries, etc. Plus nuts for heart health too!

  63. Julia Bitler says:

    Ice cream is literally my favorite food. I could have it everyday! My favorite icecream is anything with peanut butter or mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough, and my favorite toppings are whipped cream, whipped cream, and more whipped cream. I also like sprinkles, chocolate or caramel sauce, and peanut butter. I have used it in a long time, but I also really enjoy the chocolate sauce that hardens into a chocolate shell!

  64. Rainbow sprinkles and nutella drizzle. Yum!

  65. Bonnie C says:

    My favorite toppings are caramel and toasted walnuts and of course, whipped cream!

  66. Jenny Todd says:

    Hot fudge and peanut butter

  67. Sarah says:

    The Reese’s chocolate magic shell.

  68. Deanna Utt says:

    Whipped cream! Love it.

  69. Matt Kalist says:

    Hot fudge and chocolate covered peanuts. Love to make full blown banana splits. Always had them as a kid.

  70. Amy Boggs says:

    Caramel sauce, wet walnuts, and extra creamy whipped cream are my all-time favorites!!! Wishing everyone good luck!!

  71. Kristy Mertz says:

    Toasted coconut, hot fudge,whipped cream & a cherry on top

  72. Amy Bryant says:

    Homemade hot fudge!

  73. Beverly Alton says:

    Hot fudge, caramel, nuts, whipped cream, and more cherries than you can count.

  74. Annette says:

    Hot fudge and strawberry preserves.

  75. Traditionalist here.. hot fudge.. but no nuts.. extra cherries are good though 🙂

  76. Andrea Troutman says:

    I love hot fudge. The good thick kind, not a thin chocolate sauce.

  77. Rebecca Woodcock says:

    Lots of hot fudge, whipped cream and crumbled cookies!

  78. Bob Morella says:

    Caramel Sauce with nuts!!! Plenty of it – my favorite!

  79. Matthew Smith says:

    Hot fudge and whipped cream!

  80. Cynthia Stacey says:

    Chocolate Sauce!

  81. I guess I’m old school, lots of hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream from an spray can, and a cherry on top. Yummmm.


  82. Brenda White says:

    Hot fudge, banana and cherries

  83. Ashley Casey says:

    Hot fudge and sprinkles!

  84. Neil A. Nieminsky says:

    I have two –
    Hot Fudge with Walnuts.

  85. Sabrina says:

    Caramel is my fave! And my kids love it too. But chocolate sauce is a close second.

  86. Peggy says:

    Hot fudge and lots of cherries!

  87. Stephanie Fossum says:

    I love hot fudge and mini M&Ms.

  88. Daniel Scott says:

    Hot fudge and chocolate chip cookie dough are my favorite toppings.

  89. AM says:

    Hot fudge and whipped cream

  90. Denise Trimby says:

    Maraschino cherries, whipped cream, and caramel sauce

  91. Sonia Beshiri says:

    Hot fudge, brownie chucks or oreo bits and whipped cream!

  92. Ginny says:

    Pecans…and a lot of them!

  93. MAT KATZ says:

    I have to have lots of HOT Fudge!! Hot Caramel and chocolate covered peanuts. LOVE IT!!

  94. John L says:

    Hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry!

  95. Barb Johnson says:

    You must have hot fudge, peanut butter sauce and nuts.

  96. Tina says:

    We love gummy bears hot fudge and whipped cream on top of Turkey Hill cookies and cream ice cream.

  97. Jill Gresens says:

    Hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts!

  98. sandra davis says:

    I love chocolate and caramel and sprinkles

  99. Erik Texter says:

    Apples with caramel

  100. Definitely hot fudge and LOTS of it!!!!!

  101. brittnay ashworth says:

    cherry and oreos

  102. carol chamberland says:

    hot fudge!

  103. Jennifer Lowe says:

    Chocolate sauce and peanuts

  104. Hot fudge and lots and lots of sprinkles.

  105. Beth Titus says:

    I love hot fudge on my ice cream!

  106. Selene M. says:

    Favorite toppings are chocolate syrup, chopped nuts and whipped cream.

  107. Nancy Solomon says:

    Give me a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, lots of thinly sliced strawberries, maybe add a few blueberries, then lots and lots of real whipped cream. If wanted, could cover with sprinkles. Then I could finish a whole quart of Turkey Hill in one sitting.

  108. Alexandria Tinnon says:

    I grab a spoon and have a guilt free night by myself with some Turkey Hill!

  109. Lois Woods says:

    Chopped up salted nuts, chocolate covered almonds and coconut. Must have at least 5 flavors of Turkey Hill Ice cream. The bowls must be extra big too!

  110. Maria C. says:

    I love whip cream & Turkey Hill ice cream.

  111. Barbara Pacific says:

    When we have an ice cream social we go all out we have Turkey Hill Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry ice cream and then we lay out maple syrup, caramel. hot fudge sauce, lots of mini candy pieces, fluff, whipped cream, and cherries, everyone in the neighborhood loves it

  112. Brandy Trover says:

    I love butterscotch syrup on my sundaes.

  113. Carolyn Daley says:

    I love hot fudge, caramel sauce, and whipped cream.

  114. Joan Kabala says:

    Hot fudge on vanilla ice cream is best!

  115. Angela Garland says:

    I love peanut butter sauce and chocolate chips

  116. Hayley Jones says:

    Any ice cream sundae is perfect, if made with Turkey Hill Dairy Ice Cream…but I love chocolate with marshmallow fluff best!

  117. Janet Marcik says:

    Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry to top it off!

  118. Mary Morales says:

    Hot Fudge with whip cream, sprinkles, nuts, and m&m’s. And for those who like cherries then add one on top.

  119. Lesley F says:

    I like a lot of hot fudge and a cherry on top!

  120. lee dempsey says:

    Dark Chocolate sauce,nuts and pretzels.

  121. Lesa says:

    Hot fudge, butterscotch, pecans and whipped cream!

  122. Tammy says:

    Hot fudge, bananas, and whipped topping

  123. Racine kringle says:

    Chocolate sauce, or a drizzle of molasses!

  124. Nancy Green says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream is so good you don’t need a topping on it. However my favorite are hot fudge and peanut butter.

  125. Debbie says:

    Rainbow sprinkles with a cherry on top!

  126. Brittany says:

    We love hot fudge and peanut butter!!

  127. Kristy Beroth says:

    I love whipped cream! Especially on Turkey Hill!

  128. sharon Flury says:

    My favorite topping would have to be hot fudge and chopped salted peanuts!

  129. Danine Sileikis says:

    Peanut butter sauce is an all-time favorite in my family. Add on some chopped peanuts, whipped cream, and a cherry! Then, dig in!

  130. Bill Loy says:

    Caramel and crushed peanuts

  131. Jodie Conley says:

    Hot fudge, salted caramel sauce, and extra cherries!

  132. Rick Laferriere says:

    Hot fudge sauce and whipped cream!

  133. Ellen B says:

    love some caramel topping and maybe some whipped cream too

  134. Kelly says:

    Hot fudge is my go to topping!

  135. Jessica Coker says:

    Hot Fudge

  136. Tracy Pfromm says:

    Hot fudge on mint chocolate chip.

  137. Monika Bigelow says:

    Hot fudge and whipped cream!

  138. Linda F says:

    Hot fudge sauce, sprinkles, chopped nuts and maraschino cherries.

  139. John says:

    A great topping I love that everyone should try is maple syrup. It’s so good on ice cream!!

  140. Warm choc syrup,melted peanut butter and crushed Reeses’s…Yummy

  141. Tammy Payne says:

    Chocolate syrup, peanuts, and bananas. On chocolate marshmallow ice cream. Yum!

  142. Tracy says:

    Hot fudge and marshmallo topping!

  143. Amy Camorote says:

    Hot fudge and lots of walnuts.

  144. Kathleen Walsh says:

    Hot fudge with lots of chocolate sprinkles

  145. Leslie says:

    Hot fudge and wet walnuts. Oh, can’t forget the cherry.

  146. Toni says:

    Warm caramel & a cherry!!

  147. Sharon Baker says:

    For my party I would have hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, pineapple and strawberry toppings and wet nuts. So everyone could pick what they like. Oh yeah, and cherries too.

  148. Amy Beres says:

    Hot fudge!

  149. Andrea Youmans says:

    Wet walnut Sunday

  150. Wayne Pratt says:

    Smucker’s makes a very delicious sauce, Butterscotch/Caramel that is a wonderful addition to my Turkey Hill Colombian Coffee Ice Cream………….

  151. Kellie says:

    Hot fudge


    Black Cherry and anything chocolate for my favorite ice cream flavors…gotta have sprinkles, bananas, cherries, dried pineapples and mangoes….we pretty much like a variety of toppings…my grandsons love the dried fruit on rocky road…oh wow almost forgot the caramel!!

  153. Martha Gugelman says:

    Yes please

  154. Theresa Burns says:

    Hershey’s Syrup

  155. Elaine Best says:

    caramel sauce and whipped cream

  156. Debbie Johnson says:

    Hot Fudge Sundaes for everyone!

  157. Sherri Myers says:

    I have never had one so this would be awesome to use for my very first one, I would be sure to have vanilla ice cream and definitely strawberry and chocolate topping.

  158. Ice cream social! Brings about delicious memories. The more ingredients, the more possibilities. Must include hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, fresh strawberry filled sauce, fresh fruit, pecans-walnuts-pistachios & more, candy bar crumbles, oreo cookie crumbles, whipped cream & anything else one can think of. Oh boy, I must stop. Getting cravings for ice cream. Must make a run for ice cream. Gotta Go!!!!!

  159. Karen Moore says:

    My grand-daughter loves to share a hot fudge sundae with her papa! She calls them hot hot ice cream.

  160. Michele Neuhouser says:

    Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Fudge, Caramel Sauce,Strawberry Sauce. Sprinkles, Chopped Nuts, Sliced Bananas, Maraschino Cherries, Whipped Cream and lot of different Sprinkles. Everyone gets to make their own creations!

  161. Caramel sauce is a must! Plus candy, sprinkles and fresh fruit!

  162. Pat says:

    Lots of hot fudge and whipped cream

  163. CJ Queen says:

    Hot Fudge with Almond Slices

  164. john long says:

    I love caramel or strawberry sauce on mine as a topping or some crushed Butterfinger.

  165. Johnny McDonald says:

    What better topping than a little more Turkey Hill Dairy ice cream. It’s so good that their is no need for a topping.

  166. Richelle S says:

    I love oodles of hot fudge on my sundaes.

  167. Mary w says:

    I love hot fudge and caramel!

  168. Chrissy says:

    Lots of hot fudge, M&Ms and Reese’s pieces are what I always include at any ice cream party!!

  169. Barb Miller says:

    Caramel, hard-shell chocolate, and toffee bits! Yum!

  170. Ann Marie Stelma Graff says:

    Chocolate, marshmallow and peanuts.

  171. Susan says:

    Hot fudge and nuts !!

  172. Angela Alpaugh says:

    marshmallow topping!

  173. Hot Fudge and Walnuts!!

  174. Valerie C. says:

    whipped cream and chocolate chunks!

  175. Alicia Boarts says:

    Hot fudge, peanut butter, nuts, whipped cream, crushed butterfingers and some crushed up waffle cones.

  176. Wendy Wallach says:

    Hot fudge and pineapple

  177. Paula Gillespie says:

    My favorite sundae toppings are caramel and nuts, ty for the chance especially since my birthday is coming up in a couple days 🙂

  178. Kathleen valle says:

    Carmel, Carmel, Carmel and peanuts

  179. Tricha says:

    caramel and hot fudge

  180. Phyllis Gaumond says:

    Chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

  181. Debra Miller says:

    Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Hot fudge, walnuts, and whipped cream are the perfect toppings. This sounds like so much fun. My aunt used to host ice cream socials and they are the best thing around to invite totally unrelated guests and watch the ice break and conversations take place as ice cream is eaten. FUN!

  182. Kimberly Kocel says:

    Roasted and salted pecans with lots of butterscotch sauce over vanilla ice cream. The ultimate butter pecan sundae.

  183. Christi E says:

    My favorite sundae topping is hot fudge and marshmallow cream!

  184. Kathleen Webb says:

    My whole family loves caramel. We try all kinds of flavors but always go back to the standards that have caramel streaks or we drizzle it on top.

  185. Richie Phillips says:

    hot fudge!!!

  186. Carey Cole says:

    Lots of friends and lots of toppings!

  187. Kimberly Wood says:

    You have the perfect ice cream social by stocking up on Turkey Hill ice cream, plenty of toppings, whipped cream, nuts,sprinkles and bottled water. Then, invite your friends or family over and let them create their own ice cream sundae masterpieces.

  188. Sandy says:

    Chocolate syrup and peanuts

  189. Nancy Wolfe says:

    My favorite topping is caramel sauce!

  190. Bill Taylor says:

    Hot Fudge, with whipped cream and chopped nuts- on Turkey Hill All Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, of course!

  191. Jennifer Essad says:

    hot fudge and hot caramel sauce, strawberries, marshmallow and whipped cream and a cherry

  192. Julie Ikeda says:

    I like crushed oreos.

  193. Marie says:

    Hot fudge and Caramel sauce

  194. Gretchen says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip with Hot Fudge and Whipped Cream. Yum Yum Yum!!!

  195. Chelle says:

    banana split with three fav scoops of ice cream with hot fudge and caramel & whip cream with a few cherries on top…Yay!

  196. Nancy says:

    My favorite topping is hot fudge….and lots of it!

  197. Mike Malone says:

    Hot Fudge!

  198. Kip R says:

    Vanilla ice cream and two alternatives. I usually go with a mint chip and a chocolate flavor. 2-3 syrup toppings. Hot Fudge, caramel and strawberry. Nuts, candy and whipped cream and always cherries.

  199. Lisa Smith says:

    Chocolate syrup and whip cream.

  200. Wendy says:

    Anything white. Coconut and marshmallow. Yummmmm

  201. Linda Baillie says:

    Me please

  202. sue tardi says:

    toppings make an ice cream party – I try to have at least 6 choices including caramel, sprinkles, chocolate fudge, nuts, whipped cream, and candy pieces

  203. Heather way says:

    My favorite sundae topping are chocolate chips!

  204. James Heflin says:

    I once had a melted white chocolate topping and it was fantastic. So… White chocolate!

  205. Ben Leaman says:

    All you need is Turkey Hill Ice Cream!

  206. KV says:

    I like hot fudge with a cherry on top.

  207. Nancy says:

    Sprinkles and whipped cream!

  208. Jennifer Spence says:

    mini chocolate chips

  209. Anita Duvall says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Chopped Roasted Peanuts makes for the perfect Sundae Party! Thanks

  210. melissa wilber says:

    Chocolate syrup and whip cream. Love love love Turkey Hill!

  211. Caitlin J says:

    Melted peanut butter, marshmallow topping, mochi, shredded coconut, caramel sauce, hot fudge sauce, sprinkles, cool whip, and of course your ice cream! I usually go for your no sugar added varieties or your frozen yogurt flavors since they’re delicious and not as high in calories but I would die and give up everything for you to bring back your Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt PLEASE!!!!

  212. Karen says:

    I don’t do toppings. Turkey Hill ice cream needs nothing. For me toppings ruin the experience.

  213. Andrew says:

    My favorite is definitely hot fudge!

  214. Linette says:

    It’s not a sundae without hot fudge!

  215. Tracy says:

    My favorite sundae toppings are: hot fudge, Carmel & pecans!

  216. Bill says:

    Chocolate sauce, plenty of nuts and pretzel pieces.

  217. Lisa says:

    Caramel and lots of whipped cream. Oh, and a banana and wet walnuts.

  218. Lisa says:

    Hot fudge Carmel crushed amerreto cookies strawberries whip cream cherry

  219. Teresa Pycior says:

    My favorite topping is more Turkey Hill ice cream!

  220. Merrilee Sheeler says:

    Hot Fudge with malt on top!!

  221. sam adamian says:

    peanut butter, whip cream, cherries, strawberries, caramel, hot fudge, and heath bar pieces for starters! haha

  222. Nicole gula says:

    Depends on the ice cream! If it’s chocolate based then I have always enjoyed peanut butter sauce and marshmallow! If it’s a vanilla based flavor, I enjoy strawberries and hot fudge!

  223. M says:

    Love the natural favors. Can you buy individual size cups at grocery stores?

  224. M says:

    We love the natural flavored. Can you buy them at any grocery stores?

  225. krystal wethington says:

    I love mine with nuts on top and chocolate chips then topped with either chocolate or caramel syrup.

  226. NJ says:

    Brownie pieces!

  227. Melissa Busch says:

    Hot fudge, obviously. But along with that, warmed peanut butter, whipped cream, and a cherry.

  228. Patty Kennett says:

    I start picking my fav ingredients for the ice cream social. A couple different types of chocolate ice cream, strawberries, chopped nuts, whipped cream & the chocolate topping that hardens on cold ice cream. I’d have to get some vanilla for my son, strawberry, cookies n cream, chocolate chip cookie dough & of course sprinkles, yum!

  229. Pat Kempher says:

    I love caramel and nuts.

  230. Jackie Koller says:

    Hot fudge, whipped cream, cherries and other toppings

  231. Kristin says:


  232. Pat says:

    Walnuts and *pure* Vermont maple syrup. Oh, gosh… must. eat. sundae.

  233. Kathleen Valle says:

    You go and buy at least 10 containers of Turkey Hill Ice Cream, nuts, syrups, whipped cream and Root Beer for floats. Then you Party

  234. Janet Butterweck says:

    I LOVE whipped cream. Also a cherry on top!

  235. Kathleen Valle says:

    First you go buy at least 10 containers of Turkey Hill IceCream, some nuts, syrups, whipped cream and rootbeer for floats. Then you call up your friends and PARTY

  236. stacey griffith says:

    I love hot fudge!!

  237. Steph says:

    Hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream!

  238. Nancy says:

    Hot fudge mixed with peanut butter

  239. Faith Krawczuk says:

    Hot fudge and/or Caramel. Yum!

  240. Ann Hickler says:

    Hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, sprinkles, gummy bears, and whipped cream

  241. Belinda Moore says:

    Hot fudge is my favorite but fruits and chopped nuts would also make additions to a set of party toppings. Thanks!

  242. Cassandra D. says:

    Hot Fudge with sprinkles.

  243. Cassandra D. says:

    Hot fudge with sprinkles

  244. jennifer drake says:

    hot fudge YUMMY! 😀

  245. Robin says:

    I love Mint chocolate chip.

  246. Laura Hagey says:

    Mint chocolate chip definitely with peanuts whipped cream and more than one cherry!!

  247. Kathy McCullough says:

    Hot fudge with chopped peanuts!

  248. Kim V says:

    Marhsmallow and cherries

  249. judy baker says:

    lots of hot fudge and sprinkles

  250. Ann Hickler says:

    Chocolate fudge peanut butter sauce sprinkles gummy bears and whipped cream. All these ingredients and having family over make for the perfect ice cream social

  251. Janet Keener says:

    Nuts, nuts, and more nuts! And hot fudge sauce. Yum. now I’m hungry!!

  252. Julie says:

    Caramel sauce, lots of homemade whipped cream, nuts and cherries!!

  253. Kathleen Valle says:

    Got to go buy at least 10 containers of Turkey Hill Ice Cream, some nuts, syrups, whipped cream and Root beer for floats. Then I call my friends to come over and we PARTY!!!!!

  254. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Hot fudge and snowcaps

  255. Catherine Lenarski says:

    Chocolate and Vanilla Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Hot
    Fudge and Caramel Sauce, Whipped Cream, and Cherries.

  256. Amy Leach says:

    Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate sprinkes!

  257. Marion says:

    Hot Fudge, brownies, caramel sauce, whipped cream and tons of ice cream!

  258. renee says:

    I love the ice cream with or without toppings, it is just plain good. Whip cream and hot fudge just becaus other wise plain with my mouth and a spoon, I am already salivating.

  259. Janine Vance says:

    I love rainbow sprinkles 🙂

  260. Diana caldwell says:

    walnuts and strawberries

  261. Colleen says:

    The best party includes an ice cream bar with lots of fun toppings like fruit, sprinkles, marshmallows and more!

  262. Chrissy says:

    I set up an ice cream buffet at a children’s party not long ago: we had gummy bears, Oreo cookie pieces, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and M&Ms. Your chocolate chocolate chip, vanilla, or chocolate peanut butter ice cream would be perfect!

  263. sandi mojzuk says:

    Our senior citizens meeting would be a great place for me to provide everyone with a good old fashioned ice cream social.. all flavors of Turkey Hill Ice Cream and all kinds of really great toppings, including nuts, candy pieces and cookie crumbs. Along with hot fudge, caramel and whipped topping so high it’s spilling out and has to licked up quickly. Us old folks believe in 7 day a week, 12 months a year is good ice cream eating times.

  264. Mary Ellen Cristo says:

    Share the fun with all my ice cream club friends and have every Turkey Hill flavor there is!! They
    are all fabulous!

  265. i love your brands. My husband entertain frequently and often have ice cream for desert. it is always a hit. If you send coupons I would love to receive coupons for your wonderful products. Thank You jennifer Donaldson

  266. Wiley Hall says:

    Turkey Hill makes my favorite ice cream. The ultimate is your Deep Dark Chocolate, pure heaven without a real need for any additions but some softened marshmallow cream would be a nice addition to have with it for a party. For a party I would definitely include some vanilla with homemade hot fudge sauce and toasted cashews. My little kids would need some colored sprinkles because bright colors make kids H A P P Y.

  267. Lisa says:

    Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, peanut butter sauce, Reese’s pieces, ground up Reese’s peanut butter cups, whip cream and marshmallow sauce. Plus whip cream and cherries on top

  268. Jim in SOMD says:

    I don’t remember getting this email notice. I am viewing this because I just got the latest TH Blog email and checked back to see previous blogs. If I were throwing an ice cream party, not just a party with ice cream as part of the fare, I would get neapolitan first, as you have three great choices for everyone to choose. Of course, if there were people who I knew liked a specific flavor, then I would also have that available. Plenty of sauces, like butterscotch, hot fudge, cherry and caramel, whipped cream and sprinkles.

  269. Marissa says:

    Definitely decorate with some icecream balloons and make your own ice cream if you can! Delicious!

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