March prize: Which sweet dream would you have with this pillow?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on March 1st, 2017

MARCH 1 - Pillow prizeWhen someone tell you to have “sweet dreams” before you drift off to sleep, they don’t mean to literally have sweet dreams. Unless you’re an ice cream fan and you’re catching some Z’s using the pillow you see on the right.

The pillow, from the Turkey Hill Experience gift shop, is our March prize and we’ll give it away to one reader chosen at random from the comments on this post. To enter, leave a comment with a description of a sweet ice cream dream you’d like to have.

Of course, we know the dream would include lots of ice cream, but which flavor? And who would you be sharing it with? The fictional possibilities are endless and they’re all possible when you’re dozing on this ice cream cone pillow.


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159 Responses to “March prize: Which sweet dream would you have with this pillow?”

  1. Jodi says:

    My dreams would be of chocolate and black raspberry ice cream world with lots of sprinkles and all that fun stuff!

  2. Kimberly S says:

    I’d be dreaming of Choco Mint Chip with hot fudge and a thin mint cookie on top. If i had to share I’d share with my children.

  3. Lynn K Shaffer says:

    I would be dreaming of your new all natural Mango ice cream with some hot fudge, whipped cream and fresh mango on it. <3

  4. Jerry Shirley says:

    I think that chocolate and black raspberry ice cream would be a nice dream

  5. Marge says:

    My 5 year old Grandson would have sweet dreams with this pillow. He LOVES his Turkey Hill and comes over and asks “which flavor this week Gramma”!

  6. MC says:

    I would have the best sleep dreaming of eating every flavor of Turkey Hill ice cream and not gaining any weight.

  7. Karen Keels says:

    I would dream of having a snowball fight with my daughter and the snow would be made of all of Turkey Hill’s ice cream flavors .

  8. I would dream of holding my grandkids and taking them for. Ice cream.Would love to snuggle with this pillow at n

  9. Joan says:

    Love this pillow! I would dream of Turkey Hill Black Cherry ice cream with chocolate slivers and bits mixed in. YUM!

  10. Michelle M says:

    I would love to have some ice cream dreams with that cute pillow but I know once my 6 year old sees it she would take it and run. Not only does she love ice cream, she loves pillows, I bet she would have some nice sweet dreams with it!

  11. Mimi Colombo says:

    My dream to dive into a swimming pool full of Turkey Hill ice cream!

  12. Sue Carper says:

    Dreaming of a freezer that never runs out of TH ice cream,, every flavor available,,, especially Tin Roof Sundae! My grandkids would be thrilled!

  13. Denise says:

    Dutch Chocolate sundae with hot fudge and sprinkles on top of a brownie

  14. my dreams using this pillow would all definitely involve Turkey Hill ice cream. How could they not be when going to sleep on a sweet ice cream cone pillow.

  15. Liz S. says:

    My dream would include having a fascinating history lesson and conversation with Sir Winston Churchill, over bowls of Turkey Hill French Vanilla ice cream.

  16. sharon jones says:

    My choice would be yummy eggnog…I would dream it was available year round!

  17. Terry says:

    My dream would be a freezer filled with never-ending Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream.

  18. Lisa S says:

    I would say my dream would definitely include Turkey Hill Vanilla and chocolate, with the cool refreshing surprise of orange cream. Then add Nick Jonas. Now you can see why this would be an excellent dream.

  19. janice fitch says:

    Oh, how I could eat a delicious banana split. The true kind with the banana, 3 different flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream, 3 different toppings, whipped cream , and of course, the cherry on top. What a great dream that would be !!!!

  20. mark johnston says:

    might be afraid of dreaming with that pillow by my head i could possibly try eating it in my sleep

  21. Val says:

    I would be comfy, and dream of eating fudge ripple.

  22. Mary Ann says:

    My dream with a Turkey Hill pillow would be to share alot of varieties of TH ice cream in an ice cream social wth seniors. Most usually enjoy this treat tremendously!

  23. Robin Ames says:

    I’d dream that I was floating on a Turkey Hill ice cream cloud.

  24. Kristeen Knight says:

    That ice cream had no carbs… I would cover it with caramel and whipped cream!

  25. Margaret J Doloughan says:

    #SweetDreams are made of these…and I love Turkey Hill’s the best. But if I have to narrow it down..Peanut Butter Chocolate always gives me the #SweetDreams

  26. I would dream of a never ending cone of Turkey Hill Ice Cream any flavor I love them all!!!!!

  27. Alexandra says:

    I dream of swimming in a bowl of your Double Dunker ice cream. Yummm

  28. sandra davis says:

    My dream would be of eating all the Salted Caramel Turkey Hill Ice Cream that I could possibly eat. Then have my freezer stocked with nothing but this delicious treat. What a #sweetdream that would be.

  29. Catherine Diep says:

    neopolitan!! 🙂

  30. Stephen Jones says:

    dreaming of eating all the ice cream i want to and never gaining any weight!

  31. Karen says:

    My ice cream dream is to eat turkey hill all natural Belgian chocolate ice cream all day every day without the calories!!

  32. Michelle Ness says:

    To eat ice cream everyday and not gain weight while sleeping on this pillow!

  33. Ruth McIver says:

    I would dream about a new job making lots more money and lots of vacation days!

  34. Marlaina Lalonde says:

    My ice cream dream would be to finally find the flavor Mississippi Mid from my childhood. I have been craving a2nd searching Tallahassee and have yet to find it. So winning the pillow would give me something to snuggle while I wait for my dream to come true.

  35. gianna says:

    I’d probably be dreaming that I was lounging on a big fluffy white cloud looking down and admiring a perfect summer day at the people in the park who are all enjoying an impeccable ice cream cone of a Turkey Hill ice cream all the while I’d be indulging in a triple cone of Turkey Hill natural chocolate ice cream…and no drips!

  36. Theresa Moeggenberg says:

    My ice cream dream would be to have Turkey Hill ice cream every day for breakfast! Coming to visit in June! My family can’t wait to do the Turkey Hill Experience!

  37. Marilyn Stiles says:

    We recently served dinner to the homeless. My freezer was so full with ingredients that we could only fit two ice cream containers in there. We had to make a quick trip in the evening to the store to pick up Turkey Hill peanut butter ripple and caramel! Yummy!

  38. Peg says:

    With Easter around the corner, my sweet dream would involve Coconut eggs and coconut ice cream.

  39. Susan says:

    How about an ice cream cone as big as the pillow!

  40. E Gaus says:

    fudge ripple and the pillow is all I need

  41. Betty says:

    Lots of ice cream

  42. Karen Cohn says:

    Sweet dreams of a day off! Dreams of a gift card to a sweet shop! Dreams of actually having time to sit and eat anything I want! Wow!!!!

  43. Ruth McIver says:

    I would have the Sweet Dream about landing a better job, more money and lots more vacation days….plenty of time to enjoy my Turkey Hill ice cream treats.

  44. Sarah says:

    I love, love, love those pillows and would be very happy if you brought back your chocolate pretzel flavor. I’m also looking forward to the new raspberry chocolate flavor.

  45. Sarah says:

    Why isn’t the Ice Cream Journal appearing in my email? It has been several weeks since it has been sent to me. I had to come to this from your FB page.

  46. Melissa says:

    It would be about a beautiful, warm spring day spent outside while enjoying a freshly baked waffle cone piled high with Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.

  47. JW says:

    my ice cream dream would be a tub filled with ice cream next to a tv to watch while I eat it all

  48. My dreams would be chocolate and marshmellow.

  49. I dream you make Butter Brickle year round.

  50. Suz says:

    Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is the best! I would be dreaming of that with a side scoup of Mint Chocolate Chip with Bananas and peanut Butter Fudge! Yum!!

  51. To win the lotto and buy lots and lots of Turkey Hill Ice Cream

  52. Marion says:

    I agree with MC–eating Turkey Hill ice cream–as much as I ever want–without gaining weight! LOL

  53. diane says:

    My dream would involve a luxurious sunny and warm day with me floating in a pool of Th ice cream(no particular flavor) while eating a bowl of pistachio almond ice cream- just floating and enjoying!!

  54. M.K says:

    My dreams would be of coffee ice cream with chocolate and mocha chips, delicious!

  55. Jeannie says:

    I would be sweet dreaming of puppies and Turkey Hill ice cream topped with candy cane dust 🙂

  56. Michele Ash says:

    The Sweetest dream I’d have with this wonderful pillow would be having all the time I want in a Turkey Hill and eating all the ice cream and flavors that I love so much! I’d be digging into the most wonderful flavors ever!!!!!

  57. Debbie says:

    My sweet ice cream dream would bring me to a candyland game filled with Turkey Hill ice cream and toppings!

  58. Kristin says:

    My dream would be to taste test all the new and wonderful flavors!

  59. Lauren says:

    I would love to win ice cream 🙂

  60. Patti says:

    I would dream of eating ice cream every night and not gaining any weight!

  61. Lynnora Sims says:

    Unlimited chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, topped with hot fudge sauce and mountains of whipped cream. Oh, and since this is a dream, there ARE NO CALORIES!!!

  62. maryann says:

    I would have to fight my grandson for it,especially if it was chocolate.

  63. Blueberries and sweet cream w/ vanilla beans.

  64. Meg deuchar says:

    I would dream of my black raspberry and that it didn’t all melt when freezer died last week and mix it with hopefully new blueberry ice cream in a nice waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles! & a phillies game of course. Oh to dream.

  65. Rachael says:

    I would be dreaming of sharing my favorite flavor Peanut Butter Ripple ice cream with my two daughters!

  66. Nora says:

    I would dream all night about eating Turkey Hill ice cream and not put on one single pound!

  67. Jennifer Chadwick says:

    My daughter would love this

  68. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    I would be dreaming of devouring a whole line of ice cream cones. My fear would be waking up licking the pillow.

  69. caroline from manalapan says:

    My dream would be Orange Grove came back.

  70. Lindsay Fogel says:

    My dream would be to have a bowlful of delicious strawberry ice cream from Turkey Hill. I would hare it with my husband after we go to the Turkey Hill experience, which I’ve never been to!

  71. Margaret Castagna says:

    My Dream would be Chocolate on the Cone. The fact that its a pillow, I could sleep with Chocolate all the time, lol

  72. Alisabeth says:

    An entire carton of mint chocolate chip. No sharing. <3

  73. Nancy Quiroz says:

    #SweetDreams my Ice cream Dream would be for my niece to open up her own Ice Cream shop with yummy Turkey Hill Dairy Ice Cream !!! She wants to be an ice cream scooper to give all the kids Ice cream so they can enjoy !!

  74. chris conanan says:

    a home delivery of a years supply of ice cream

  75. tom sides says:

    skiiing in ice cream

  76. Sandra Carpenter says:

    A endless buffet of ice cream and toppings!

  77. Karen says:

    My family loves all food themed pillows but for me this one is the best

  78. Barb Miller says:

    I’d be dreaming about a bowl full All Natural Vanilla — topped with hard chocolate shell, caramel, and toffee bits! I’d share it with hubby since he likes it, too!

  79. Cynthia Kauffman says:

    I would dream I’m relaxing under a palm tree in Hawaii, and of course, eating a double dip cone of Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. YUM!

  80. Arlene Bolte says:

    I would dream of being able to eat all the ice cream I wanted, without getting ‘brain freeze’!!

  81. Love sharong a different flavor every week with my daughter !! Winning the ice cream pillow would be the cherry on top!!!

  82. sandy says:

    as a singlemom would us when kids have nightmares and bad dreams so they can snuggle and know all s sweet and ok…they are safe

  83. Tabitha A says:

    My dream would be a freezer of endless turkey hill vanilla bean icecream it’s my absolute favorite!!

  84. Carol says:

    I couldn’t help but have sweet dreams on that pillow – visions of bowls full of black cherry, black raspberry, and Double Dunker flavors!

  85. Jamie Baker says:

    My ice cream dream come true would to have multiple deep freezers in my basement and each one full with all the different flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream so I can have a different flavor everyday after work. There’s too many great flavors to have a favorite!

  86. Catherine Lenarski says:

    A bowl of Choco Mint Chip with Hot Fudge Sauce on it, whipped cream, and a cherry while watching a great movie.

  87. Donna McCauley says:

    My dream would sharing a big bowl of chocolate Ice cream and be sharing with my great grandson,Carter.I have not seen him since my grandaughter moved to NC last spring.I miss him and her so much.

  88. Rosie says:

    I’d dream of being out of college debt and for blueberry oolong tea to be sold again.

  89. millie says:

    my dream would be eating a big bowl of coffee turkey hill ice cream and chocolate sauce

  90. Sweet dreams for me would be vanilla chocolate chip with whipped cream and a cherry or two on top. Yum!

  91. sue hulme says:

    mine would be all year round ability to have egg nog and pumpkin pie ice cream!

  92. Nina Hilson says:

    i would be dreaming of every flavor i would be eating with my 6 grandkids at the beach!!! love turkey hill!! keep the flavors coming!!

  93. Frank R says:

    I am dreaming that I can fly and I am eating ice cream while I am flying! #SweetDreams

  94. Linda Savitz says:

    I love the pillow. I would dream of a hot fudge with lots of whipped cream and a cherry on top!! But I wouldn’t share it with anyone else!! Sorry I don’t share my “Turkey Hill” ice cream!!

  95. janet says:

    the grandbabies (9 grandbabies we have) and i with our weekly ice cream party night

  96. Sherri Rosen says:

    That scientists did a study and eating ice cream makes your sugar levels go down!

  97. Jim in SOMD says:

    I see that the pillow seems to be strawberry, or cherry, as it has a pink “ice cream” appearance. Does I come in other flavors? Obviously, I mean are there pillows in brown, white, yellow, or even multicolored pillows.

  98. Denise says:

    My Sweet Dreams sleeping with this cute soft delicious looking pillow would be floating on a cloud with turkey hill ice cream all around me to enjoy!!!

  99. Amy says:

    Love the pillow! I would be dreaming of mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  100. Donna Keller says:

    I would dream of all the Turkey Hill Ice creams that I can’t have because of all the sugar. Bummer!!!

  101. PATTI MCKINNON says:


  102. stacey griffith says:

    Of a freezer with never ending cookie dough ice cream!!

  103. diana caldwell says:

    Chocolate chip dreams

  104. Debra Rusovick says:

    My sweet dream would be that my husband could come home from the hospital and we could share coffee ice cream with fudge and almonds.

  105. Pamela Meushaw says:

    Mocha with fudge brownie

  106. Diane Perez says:

    My dreams are of a cheesecake flavored ice cream with decadent fudge chunks in it. Can this really happen ? Of course if I win I need to buy another one for my other daughter because we need two of everything in this household !!!

  107. Tammy says:

    Cookies and Cream….my go to flavor!!!!

  108. Kristie says:

    Having turkey hill ice cream for dinner tonight on waffles. Treat for the kids.

  109. Heather Way says:

    I would give this pillow to my Daughter to replace the lollipop she sleeps with every night because “it’s too cute to eat.” This would most certainly result in Sweet Dreams for her!

  110. Jason says:

    Dark chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and raspberry. I made something close to that when I visited. I called it chocolate butterberry.

  111. Michael Eddy says:

    My dream about ice cream – as all my dreams about ice cream would be – would involve copious scoops of coffee ice cream. Plain coffee. Coffee with any type of chocolate chunks in it. Coffee ice cream afloat in a cup of iced coffee. You get the drift. The pillow is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time as pillows go. I know people for whom it would replace stuffed animals on their bed. But I’m not mentioning any names. That being said – I’m wondering whether a dream about coffee ice cream would be caffeinated enough to negate the sleep-inducing effects of the pillow itself. A nice problem to have. Hope I win so I can find out. Will certainly let you know.

  112. Laurie says:

    Sweet dreams of childhood fun and picnics with chocolate ice cream and fun games, running and playing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

  113. Jen says:

    My dream would have to include rocky road, my favorite, maybe with my twin sister and daughter on a road trip, on our way to Turkey Hill. When we get there we can eat all the ice cream we want and never get full!

  114. Barbara Mayes says:

    oh my goodness! I would have to say a sugar cone, with butter pecan, chocolate chip and rocky road ice cream and my dream would include flying with it in a hot air balloon shaped like and ice cream cone! 🙂 my granddaughter would adore this pillow!

  115. CHRISTINE says:


  116. Lisa Krajewski says:

    …A never-ending supply of Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!

  117. Saki AB says:

    Just imagine having a sweet dream about ice cream with this pillow would be so fantastic!!! Anyway, I love limited edition of Turkey Hill Ice cream, Deep Dark Chocolate was amazing, so I would dream about sharing this Deep Dark chocolate ice cream with my husband, snuggle together at couch in front of fire place……

  118. Amy Lieberman says:

    My dream would consist of my best friend and I eating chocolate ice cream on a warm Hawaii day.

  119. Stacy says:

    I would dream about sharing Dark Chocolate Caramel Espresso ice cream with my coffee loving sister! And maybe then the chocolate peanut butter cup with my husband and daughter. 😉

  120. Debbie says:

    Vanilla, it’s always vanilla.

  121. Mary Jo Kohler says:

    I am still hungry and dreaming for the chocolate peanut butter gelato you used to make. The newer flavors are ok but I really liked the chocolate peanut butter!

  122. Mary Jo Kohler says:

    I am dreaming about the chocolate peanut butter gelato that you used to make.

  123. Audrey Stewart says:

    I would like the Chocolate Mint Chip.

  124. Darrel says:

    I would dream of Turkey Hill bringing back All Natural Cherry Vanilla and Whoopie Pie.

  125. Stefanie says:

    I would dream about Turkey Hill Cookies N Cream ice cream and would love this prize!

  126. I’ll take a big bowl of Banana Split with fresh banana slices any day!!! It’s our favorite flavor in our house!!

  127. Joel says:

    While any Turkey Hill Ice Cream Dream would be good, the reality – eating Turkey Hill upon awakening – is SO much better!

  128. Janet says:

    My dream would be to have many varieties of ice cream in the freezer to scoop into cones for our 8 grandchildren. The variety they prefer are mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, peanut butter swirl, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate, and vanilla.

  129. Sheila Barto says:

    I would be dreaming about having a scoop of ice cream everyday of differnt flavors of turkey hill icescream yummy!!!

  130. Mary Anne Powell says:

    I’d be dreaming TH coffee ice cream with hot fudge sauce!!!!

  131. Barb says:

    What a great pillow. I would be dreaming of MANY flavors of Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!

  132. Christa Lopez says:

    I would dream about Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream!

  133. Fred Holmes says:

    My ice cream dream would include a heavenly old-fashioned malt shop and there would be endless opportunities to try new flavors (as well as all the original favorites). The air would smell sweet. It would be an awesome dream…just wished there would be more ice cream parlors available again.

  134. Harriet Goldstein says:

    In my sweet dream I would be enjoying a Turkey Hill Box of Chocolates with my husband and children. My ice cream would be vanilla with the chocolates mixed in.

  135. Sarah says:

    I might be dreaming of a hot fudge sundae made with TH French Vanilla.

  136. Brian Casson says:

    A 3 pound banana split with all the fixings mmmmmmmm…..

  137. Janice Cash says:

    I’m a simple girl and my dream would be of Strawberry Ice Cream from Turkey Hill, with my Grandchildren enjoying the experience with me.

  138. Yujita Manuel says:

    This is an awesome pillow to have dreams with. Ice cream fan…

  139. lee carr says:

    my sweet dream would be to have an ice cream float made with creamy Turkey Hill

  140. Marge says:

    Wow, so many comments. This is a great idea but I would really like Deep Dark Chocolate ice cream in the cone. My granddaughter would love to have one of these, you guessed it with chocolate ice cream.

  141. Sally says:

    All natural vanilla ice cream with homemade hot fudge.

  142. Kemi Le says:

    I’d be dreaming of Mint Chocolate Chip!

  143. Heather Bruinsma says:

    I would be eating Double Dunker in my dream and sharing it with my husband, but I’m not sure if it would be a favorite of his like it is mine.

  144. Jennifer Barr says:

    dreaming of Butter almond ice cream 🙂

  145. Wanda says:

    Ice cream dreams

  146. Diana caldwell says:

    chocolate chip ice cream with my honey

  147. Marie says:

    I would dream of eating Turkey Hill butter pecan ice cream with my husband. We would need more than one container to start with. He LOVES his Turkey Hill ice cream, ALL FLAVORS, but especially Butter Pecan.

  148. Ann King says:

    My dream would be falling into a vat of peanut butter ripple ice cream and having to eat my way out!

  149. Jay says:

    No carbs, no calories, & an endless supply

  150. Chris says:

    This Northerner would dream of having Southern Lemon Pie ice cream to come back for all of us up here to enjoy. It was one on the best. Xoxo

  151. jak says:

    The pillow is so cute! It reminds me of a strawberry ice cream cone, which I would love to share with my dad just one more time.

  152. chocolate cherry or chocolate and red raspberries. yumm

  153. Nancy Naar says:

    I remember going to an ice cream shop when I was in college that had a sundae called “I Bet You Can’t”. I would dream of a big silver bowl with a scoop of all the Turkey Hill flavors in it! I would call it “I Bet I Can!”

  154. Ginger Loucks says:

    I’m dreaming of finding a Turkey Hill ice cream shop in my area so I could purchase TH’s STRAWBERRY in order to have a Strawberry, French Vanilla, Chocolate Marshmallow banana split.
    I would also have a place to taste/purchase all the old, present and future flavors!

  155. I would dream of an old favorite that had chocolate covered peanuts in coconut ice cream.

  156. My dream is the turkey pillow and I celebrating the holidays with the egg nog ice cream on our pies and in the cocktails we make also!
    Then comes the pumpkin pie ice cream with the pie, family tradition! It’s also
    Perfect stop a pumpkin martini .
    I think the pumpkin wants to come and live with me! Happy ice cream!

  157. Sue Tremblay says:

    I would give this to my husband whose birthday is coming up! He loves his bowl of Turkey Hill Ice Cream , loves every flavor<every evening and this would send him off to very sweet dreams for sure!

  158. Lisa says:

    Oooohhh…Deep, dark, chocolatey goodness. A scoop-a-day keeps the nightmares away!! 🙂

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