Which of our four All Natural Ice Cream flavors are you most excited about?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on March 10th, 2017


Everyone knows that our All Natural Ice Cream isn’t complicated. The list of ingredients has no big words and nothing you probably don’t already have in your kitchen. Now, with release of FOUR new flavors, our All Natural family has grown to 20 options, which means the only long list is the number of flavors in our line-up!

The four newcomers include Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Mango, Blueberry, and Mocha Swirl (described some folks around the Dairy as “the Double Dunker of the All Natural line-up”). Like the other flavors in the category, the new choices are made with only milk, cream, sugar, and natural flavors, and they include no artificial colors and no stabilizers.

Our All Natural family has grown quite a bit since it 2013, when it included only seven flavors, but that growth is a good thing!

Here’s what our own president, John Cox, had to say about the expansion: “The all natural ice cream category is growing because ice cream fans are looking for great tasting, all natural options with simple ingredients, and that is exactly what our All Natural Ice Cream offers. The result is an ice cream that tastes a lot like the desserts Turkey Hill made when we first started making ice cream in the 1930s.”

You should be able to find all four new All Natural flavors anywhere where our All Natural products are sold. The only question is, which flavor will you try first?


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110 Responses to “Which of our four All Natural Ice Cream flavors are you most excited about?”

  1. I’d like to try them all! They sound delicious.

  2. Nancy Solomon says:

    Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Mango sound like they would send me into orbit. Can’t wait to try them.

  3. Joan says:

    I would say the Turkey Hill Raspberry Chocolate Chip sounds intriguing.

  4. MC says:

    Raspberry Chocolate chip

  5. There is no which! Their is only which one can I find in the frozen section first.

  6. Marianne Plenge says:

    They all would fit into my freezer so I could sample them all. BUT, if I HAD to choose one, it would be the TH Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

  7. Sandra smith says:

    Each one sounds that it is waiting for me to try!

  8. Stan Dehoff says:

    I think it would be the Blueberry. It just sounds like it would be a good start.

  9. CHRISTINE says:


  10. Susan J says:

    Tie between Mocha Swirl and Raspberry Chocolate Chip

  11. Denise says:

    raspberry chocolate chip

  12. Tom says:

    Raspberry chocolate chip, with blueberry a close second.

  13. Peg says:

    Raspberry Choc. Chip and the Blueberry.

  14. Elaine says:

    I think blueberry is the one for me, love them berries!!

  15. Marge says:

    The Mocha Swirl would get my vote most of the time but the Mango would be enticing on a summer day. Both of these sound delicious. Are there any new Light flavors on the horizon?

  16. Mike says:

    They all sound interesting but I will try the blueberry first

  17. Linda Savitz says:

    I think I would try Raspberry Choc Chip first! That sounds good. Anything with choc and raspberry is great!! Do you have any samples??

  18. JANET says:

    Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Blueberry . i love raspberries and blueberries

  19. Donna Keller says:

    Blueberry sound good to me. Unless it has a lot of sugar then I would have to pass on all of these new ones.

  20. Nina Hilson says:

    They all sound fantastic!!!!! I will be trying them all!! Thank you again for all the flavors you give us!!!

  21. gianna says:

    Mocha swirl first then I’d give blueberry a try.

  22. Marilyn says:

    I realize you must have recaptcha but wish the words were more clear and legible

  23. Marilyn says:

    Oops, I think I forgot to mention my favorites:

    all but mocha

  24. Marion says:

    Mocha Swirl, for sure!!!!!!

  25. Terry B says:

    all good but Mocha swirl wins, keep em coming!!

  26. Jim in SOMD says:

    I recently purchased all-Natural TH ice cream and it was fantastic. Good-on-ya TH!

  27. Libby Perrigan says:

    Excited about Mocha Swirl !

  28. Pam says:

    Although they all sound good, the raspberry Chocolate Chip sounds the best. Ice cream is best with chocolate chips in it.

  29. All the flavors sound scrumptious. First though, I would get the mocha swirl.

  30. Raymond Hand says:

    I love Mangos so I hope that this new natural will be as good, no as GREAT,as the rest of your flavors. I will let you know as soon as my local stores or supermarkets have the flavor in stock. They (stores) are a little slow in picking up on your new items some times.
    Keep up the good (no GREAT) work.

  31. Kelly says:

    MANGO!!! Is AWESOME!!!! Net Tory blueberry and mocha(not GF so may not be able to)

  32. Debi says:

    Depends on the mood of the week, but I hope blueberry is in a store here soon. Coming in second place, a tie! Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Mocha Swirl neck and neck.

  33. The coffee that you took off of the market!

  34. Mary Jo Kohler says:

    Mocha Swirl and mango

  35. Blueberry & Mango sound yummy…but I have been requesting BANANA FOREVER!!

  36. Blueberry & Mango sound yummy…but I have been requesting BANANA FOREVER!! Could you please send me some coupons for your All Natural line…got the regular ice cream coupons…I already used all three this week also….any are very appreciated!

  37. maryann says:

    Blueberry for me

  38. Lois says:

    Too hard to decide. The first would be the Raspberry Chocolate Chip, then the Mango, then the Mocha Swirl; the Blueberry would be the last new one to try. I try not to show favoritism to any of the flavors.

  39. Elsie Nicolette says:

    I can’t wait to try Blueberry but haven’t been able to find it.

  40. Jeffrey Hersh says:

    Mocha Swirl, but you need to make low fat versions!

  41. Lisa Kerstein says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Blueberry flavors

  42. Betty says:

    Mocha Swirl

  43. Barb says:

    They all sound delicious but I think blueberry would be my first choice!

  44. diane says:

    Blueberry and mango appeal to my ice cream taste buds -hope that I am able to find them.

  45. Linda Lewis says:

    I find the Blueberry ice cream very exciting. I have never tasted a blueberry ice cream before and it sounds wonderful!

  46. Elta says:

    Mocha Swirl sounds so delicious ~ can’t wait to try it!

  47. Sue Carper says:

    I want to try all except the Mocha,,,, I don’t like mocha flavored anything. But the others sound delicious!

  48. Lynnora Sims says:

    Blueberry choc. chip without the blueberries!!!!

  49. Darrel says:

    I am thrilled about the Blueberry. I like that it is Blueberry alone. When Turkey Hill quit making the All Natural Cherry Vanilla, I was very disappointed. However, the Blackberry Swirl that came out last year really helped make up for that loss. The Blueberry will be very similar and helpful too in place of Cherry Vanilla.

    Although I have not seen Blueberry in the stores yet, I did buy the Raspberry Chocolate Chip yesterday. While I personally would prefer it without the Chocolate Chips (just keeping the All Natural even more pure), it is still outstanding, and I am extremely pleased.

  50. Chantel says:

    Blueberry! Blueberry! Blueberry!

  51. Sondra says:

    They all sound good, but I’ve got to try the raspberry chocolate chip first!

  52. Liz S. says:

    The flavor I will try first is Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

  53. Denise Force says:

    What ever flavor comes to my store first. Hope it is mango or raspberry chocolate .

  54. Michael Eddy says:

    A tie between Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Mocha Swirl. Sorry – but when you give me so many great choices, it makes it tougher.

  55. I was so surprised to see BLUBERRY all natural TH ice cream in my Shop Rite store’s freezer two weeks ago. Very happily surprised.
    You see, I totally only chose TH All Natural Ice Cream. And, whenever there is a sale on TH ice cream, the All Natural is always EXCLUDED from all the sales.. so it is RARE that my flavors go on sale….Hence, I have to pay full price while your regural TH ice creams go on sale from time to time. I usually choose good ol’ Vanilla Bean, so I can top it off with whatever I chose at home: pb, choc chips, fruit, pureed fruit, coffee syrup, flaked coconut, etc etc.
    So, you can imagine my bliss when I saw a nice fruit flavor added to your All Natural TH assortment. Nothing too much so I can still add my toppings at home.
    Thank you it was DELICIOUS. But, my husband ate more than I did. I have to hide it further back in the fridge next time.
    Keep new All Naturals coming. I will surely try the other new flavors if I can find them at my Shop Rite.
    PS I would love some new coupons for ALL NATURAL TH since as I said, they are EXCLUDED from most all sales.
    Flavorfully yours,

  56. Linda W says:

    Mocha Swirl! Not sure about the cookie pieces, but super anxious to try it. Haven’t seen the choice in years. Thank you.

  57. Debra Rusovick says:

    They all look delicious but the Mocha Swirl would be my first choice!

  58. Jean Theiss says:

    Mocha Swirl will be my choice. And 2nd will be Mango.
    I still long for TH All Natural Coffee flavor, as it was definitely the best tasting coffee ice cream anywhere! I now buy Premium Colombian Coffee which does not really match the taste buds of the All Natural. So, I will look for the new flavors.
    But TH has been the only ice cream we buy. And then we had to buy other brands upon moving South to NC. But Fortunately, I do believe, through my request many years ago, Lowe’s Supermarket stocked TH ice cream about 4 weeks later. They were buying TH lemonade and iced tea, but were unaware TH made Ice Cream! Thanks Turkey Hill for your ice cream expertise, and making it to the supermarkets in the South.

  59. Harriet Goldstein says:

    I would try Blueberry first and then Raspberry Chocolate Chip. My favorite used to be Cherry Vanilla, but I cannot find that flavor in the stores anymore.

  60. valerie says:

    Very difficult decision. I cannot pick a favorite. I like all four choices. Hope to see them in a grocery store near me soon.

  61. mary ann herrmann says:

    ..omg – can hardly wait – mocha swirl, for sure!! as always,
    thank YOU (all) at TURKEY HILL.

  62. The raspberry chocolate chip!! That has to be a unique flavor. I do not think I have ever heard of that combination before. I am mad at myself for not thinking of it.

  63. Terry says:

    Raspberry Chocolate Chip x 1,000.

  64. Robin Ames says:

    Raspberry Choc Chip and Mocha Swirl, please!

  65. Nora says:

    Why can’t I pick all 4! If I have to pick just one it would have to be Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

  66. Sarah says:

    The raspberry chocolate chip is at the top of my list.

  67. Judy says:

    I’m sure I’ll be buying them all….but especially the BLUEBERRY! Thank you so much for making the BLUEBERRY.

  68. Janet Smith says:

    I will go for raspberry chocolate chip!

  69. Mary Anne Powell says:

    These all sound great and will have to test out each new flavor…what fun that will be!!! Thank you TH.

  70. Ann King says:

    definitely the raspberry chocolate chip, that is a great combination and I know it will be wonderful.

  71. MaxR says:

    Blueberry is the best out of these. I never really see this flavor in the national brands and it is one of my favorite flavors.
    Raspberry is great but I’m not into chocolate in chip form in my ice cream. Mocha is always good but it is very common. Mango is usually good but it is just the current fad.

  72. Carol says:

    Definitely the Raspberry Chocolate Chip! The Mocha Swirl will be second on my lust.

  73. Toni Levinson says:

    Thank you! I can’t wait to try the new Mocha Swirl!!!!!! It sounds even better since it’s all natural!!!

  74. Heather Bruinsma says:

    The Raspberry Chocolate Chip sounds great, but if the Mocha Swirl is like Double Dunker, than I will go with Mocha Swirl.

  75. Nancy Lesher says:

    It would be the BLUEBERRY.

  76. Diane says:

    I can’t wait to try the raspberry chocolate chip and the mango! Sounds delicious!MM

  77. Sheila Barto says:

    thye all sound great would try each

  78. Raspberry chocolate chip sounds good but, what i realy miss is the cherry vanilla. What happened to it?

  79. Karen says:

    The blueberry for me

  80. Sherri Rosen says:

    Raspberries and chocolate – perfect combination! I wish you would have more flavors with less sugar for those of us who love ice cream but have to watch our sugar level.

  81. lee carr says:

    mocha is my choice to try but I think all these sound so wonderful

  82. Amy says:

    They all sound very good, but Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Blueberry sound the most exciting to me – especially blueberry because that is quite different.

  83. Colleen says:

    Raspberry Chocolate Chip sounds the best to me but I’m going to have to try them all to make sure I’m right. 🙂

  84. GregM says:

    All but mocha, not a coffee fan.

  85. I want you to bring back All Natural Coffee – just coffee – nothing else. I don’t want any other flavor!

  86. Sandy says:

    The blueberry would be my choice!!

  87. Tom says:

    My favorite All Natural Ice Cream flavor is(was) Cherry Vanilla which you discontinued. The only flavor that I currently like is the Butter Almond and Chocolate which is excellent.

  88. I wish you would have all of them in the Easton,pa. area

  89. Janet Williams says:

    Chocolate malt would be my first & then raspberry chocolate chip is my second.

  90. Lorraine Hawkins says:

    Old fashion Lemon is my favorite, reminds me of the ice cream my dad use to churn for us, whenever I found some in the stores I got happy as a kid in a candy store. Please put more in my area. Charlotte , NC 28214 (Food Lion Stores on Mt. Holly-Huntersville Rd.)

  91. D Black says:

    Anxious to try the three fruit flavored ones!!

  92. Nancy Naar says:

    Mocha Swirl will be my 1st choice. If it’s anything like Double Dunker, it certainly will be a winner! 2nd will be Mango, dreaming of a paradise island after this crazy winter!Both sound DELISH!

  93. Norma says:

    Mocha Magic and Magical

  94. Laura MacLaurin says:

    I want to try the Mango first, love mango’s

  95. Marci Hooper says:

    I think I’d have to toss a coin when I got to the freezer section. Heads, Blueberry, tails, Raspberry chocolate chip.

  96. Bill Jahn says:

    Mocha Swirl by a mile!!

  97. Tera says:

    Definitely the raspberry chocolate chip gets my first vote but blueberry is a close second!!

  98. Debbie says:

    Raspberry Chocolate Chip! Nothing else needs to be said!

  99. Tera says:

    Raspberry chocolate chip sounds delicious and blueberry is a close second!!!

  100. Tera says:

    Raspberry chocolate chip


  102. Stefanie says:

    Mocha Swirl sounds amazing!

  103. brenda haubert says:


  104. Susan says:

    Mocha Swirl or Raspberry.

  105. Nancy says:

    I was hoping you would add Coffee to the Natural selections, so I am most looking forward to the Mocha Swirl. (But plain Coffee still sounds better.) Raspberry is appealing, but the chocolate chips are a detraction for me. Blueberry sounds interesting; it might be a winner. Mango might be good, too, but I can’t imagine I would want this often. Mango seems more of a sorbet flavor. I would really like old-fashioned Cherry Vanilla, Pistachio, Peach, or Ginger. Fewer add-ins. Keep up the good work!

    • I agree with Nancy completely. Plain coffee as a standard flavor. Raspberry is good, but I don’t like big chocolate chips. Also agree on Peach. I thought you once had Cherry Vanilla and I like that too.

  106. Gemine Elmore says:

    I wanted to gush about one of your employees. Your store in Bushkill is my favorite hands down but now… I’m telling all my friends and family and anyone who would listen to go to your store. I don’t know her name but she renewed my faith in people in a two minute conversation. This young lady donated her hair to people who suffer from Cancer. And the joy it brought her lit up my day and the others around her. You have a great staff their. Thank you for making my day!

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