Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round One): 32 retired flavors, one will come back

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on March 21st, 2017

Today’s the day, folks. 32 retired Turkey Hill ice cream flavors from the past 25 years will face off in our annual Ultimate Flavor Tournament and the winner — based on your votes — will return to the Turkey Hill lineup. That’s right, YOU get to bring back a former flavor. Will it be one of your favorites? We’ll find out over the next eight weeks.

How the tournament works is simple. Each week will feature a series of head-to-head match-ups between two flavors. The winning flavor will advance to the next round, where it will face off against another flavor. We’ll narrow 32 flavors down to 16, 16 down to eight, then four flavors, then two flavors and then we’ll have a winner.

This week will feature the eight flavors you see below. Cast your vote in the polls in the right hand sidebar of the blog AND leave a comment with your favorites. At the end of the tournament, we’ll choose one comment at random from all the comments left during the tournament to win a ONE YEAR supply of ice cream!

And don’t forget, we’re also posting match-ups on our Facebook page, so follows us there and cast your votes for another chance to win the grand prize. May the best retired flavor win!


MATCH-UP #1: Coffee vs. B.A.D.

Alpine Espresso (2002-2003) – French Vanilla ice cream with caramel coffee swirl and espresso chips

Baked Apple Dumpling (2007-2011) – Cinnamon ice cream with a caramel apple swirl and apple dumpling pieces


MATCH-UP #2: A sweet treasure vs. a caramel overload

Berried Treasure (2002-2005) – Mild cream cheese flavored ice cream with blueberry and black raspberry swirls and fabulous cheesecake pieces

Caramel Brownie Overload (2000) – Caramel ice cream with brownies and waves of rich caramel fudge


MATCH-UP #3: The battle of the Triple C’s

Caramel Cashew Crunch (1991-1996) – Scoops of cashew pieces and caramel fudge stirred in our original vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Cherry Cordial (1991-1995) – Our famous Dutch Chocolate ice cream with chocolate fudge and zesty maraschino cherries


MATCH-UP #4: A malt classic vs. a chocolate lover’s dream

Chocolate Malt Chip (1991-2004, 2014) – Chocolate malt ice cream swirled with choco malt chips

Death by Chocolate (1992-1998) – Dark chocolate ice cream loaded with dark, sweet chocolate chips and a rich brownie batter fudge

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202 Responses to “Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round One): 32 retired flavors, one will come back”

  1. Liz S. says:

    Voted! My favorite though is Chocolate Cherry Cordial.

  2. J Harold Mohler says:

    Your ice cream is ALWAYS super delicious

  3. donna pancoast says:

    Caramel Cashew Crunch needs to return for good!

  4. Elaine says:

    on the the next round!

  5. diane says:

    Memories are good but tasting and savoring are better! I voted on all 4 of my favorite flavors.

  6. RonF says:

    Alpine espresso is great!

  7. Bonnie says:

    Chocolate Cherry Cordial! Who doesn’t love a chocolate covered cherry…

  8. Joan says:

    Caramel Cashew Crunch definitely.

  9. mark johnston says:

    baked apple dumpling for sure

  10. Sherri Rosen says:

    Baked Apple Dumpling, Caramel Brownie Overload, Caramel Cashew Crunch and Death by Chocolate, but if you decide to keep all of the flavors, I won’t argue ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. caroline from manalapan says:

    none really intrigued me but for hubby I voted for the chocolate ones. I am hoping my favorite, Orange Grove is among the candidates.

  12. Annmarie W. says:

    My favorite of these is Caramel Brownie Overload!

  13. Mike Swope says:

    That chocolate malt flavor looks worthy of a try

  14. Robin Ames says:

    My votes have been cast!

  15. Kathryn Bucher says:

    I would LOVE to see Ginger Snap come back to stay!!! Hope to see it in the match-ups

  16. Donna Keller says:

    I would to have the no sugar added of Butter pecan Ice cream come back. It’s been too many years that you haven’t had this one.

  17. Lois Doyle says:

    Cashew Caramel Crunch YUM!!!

  18. Carol says:

    Baked Apple Dumpling sounds amazing!

  19. mary ann herrmann says:

    …woohoo – chocolate cherry cordial!! y’all come back now,
    ya hear. lovin’ this contest TH, thanks

  20. Michelle M says:

    Voted! Chocolate Cherry Cordial – YUMMY!

  21. Karen says:

    I missed out on some of these flavors when they were in production and boy and I sad. A few sound absolutely delicious.

  22. Donna McCauley says:

    I voted for my faves I hope one of these will win and me too

  23. Karen says:

    It’s 11 AM but after reading these descriptions I’m dying for some ice cream.

  24. Lisa Kerstein says:

    Voted. Would love to try the Chocolate Malt Chip. Never heard of that but I love the malt flavor

  25. Karen says:

    I can already tell .. I’m going to want you to bring back more than just one flavor.

  26. Anne says:

    I voted, my favorite out of all of them is Dutch Chocolate ice cream with chocolate fudge and zesty maraschino cherries

  27. Anne says:

    Thank you for the Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates this year. It was marvelous.

  28. Michele Ash says:

    My all time favorite of Turkey Hill is “BUTTER BRICKLE”!!!! I absolutely love, love, love it!!! This flavor should be brought back indefinitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. stuart hammerle says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload rules !!!!!

  30. JANET says:

    Baked Apple Dumpling ,Chocolate Cherry Cordial ,Death by Chocolate

    just bring them all back ! fun for everyone

  31. Mary Anne Powell says:

    These are really difficult choices since all are great.

  32. Mary Bowers says:

    Death by Chocolate is my favorite!

  33. sue frantz says:

    My favorite time of year–your tournament!!

  34. tomb4life says:

    i’d like to try the baked apple dumpling sounds good and never even had a chance to try it, don’t know when it was out but sounds good

  35. Ann King says:

    Would like to see chocolate cherry cordial return to the freezer, that was one of my favorites.

  36. Marleen May says:

    Where is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie?

  37. Gotta love the coffee ice cream !

  38. Baked Apple Dumpling has my vote.I never had it, but it sure sounds yummy!

  39. Terry says:

    Chocolate, chocolate, anything with chocolate.

  40. Shelley says:

    Ice cream madness – the best March event yet

  41. Lewis Lebetkin says:

    Chocolate! Caramel! Nuts! Forget the rest.

  42. CHRISTINE says:


  43. lee carr says:

    here is what I noticed today after I voted – all the totals were not the same, so some are not voting for all the choices

  44. Carol S. says:

    Baked Apple Dumpling is definitely a year-round treat!

  45. Tamara says:

    Yes definitely return for good – I was super upset when they retired it.

  46. Baked Apple Dumpling & Caramel Cashew Crunch!

  47. Ned says:

    They’re all WINNERS !

  48. Rhonda says:

    Mmmm … Keeping my fingers crossed for Alpine Espresso!

  49. Pam says:

    I didn’t even know that some of these flavors existed! The Alpine Espresso is my first choice and the Caramel Cashew Crunch is my second choice.

  50. Karen Meslet says:

    How can you narrow it down to one?! I certainly can’t! Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry Cordial, Apple dumpling…boggles the mind!!!!

  51. Mary Gropp says:

    Alpine Espresso, Caramel Brownie Overload, Caramel Cashew Crunch and, of course Death by Chocolate!

  52. Susan J says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying any of these flavors – I’m relatively new to Turkey Hill. They all sound soooo good!

  53. Meghan says:

    Oh my goodness…this tournament got even better now that the winner will get brought back. I m urging all to vote for Death by Chocolate, as this is my absolute favorite. I would stock up on at least 10 cartons if it came back for a limited time. This is my campaign ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Meg says:

    This tournament is much sweeter than the basketball March Maddness. Although, I think the basketball games would be much more exciting if I could eat ice cream WHILE watching the game! I do think that all TV is much more enjoyable and delectable with a little dessert.

  55. Megan says:

    I would eat Baked Apple Dumpling for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it was brought back. So delicious! It was to be healthy right? It has fruit in it, plus dairy and protein from the milk and a good amount of healthy fat for cell health and function. YUM!

  56. Meg says:

    Is there any chance we can vote back the โ€œlightโ€ version of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? The one that comes in the blue carton? This was my absolute favorite, but is no longer sold at any grocery store around me. Has anyone seen this stocked by them?

  57. Joan says:

    Looking forward to having my favorite Chocolate Cherry Cordial back for at least a short time. What a great idea for this years tournament.

  58. Paul S. says:

    Why just one? Bring them all back!! ๐Ÿ™‚ The best definitely sounds like Caramel Brownie Overload, though. Gimme gimme!

  59. Jenn says:

    Since I am a chocolate lover and my personal favorite “Box of Chocolates” is not listed ๐Ÿ™ I vote for Death by Chocolate.

  60. All the flavors sound great, but I chose those that sounded the best to me.

  61. Ina says:

    I miss chocolate malted and this combo sounds delicious. By itself or in a shake this has my vote.

  62. Teresa Motz says:

    Best. Idea. Ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Marion says:

    I don’t understand why we can’t ALWAYS have Chocolate Malt Chip!!!!

  64. Rick says:

    OMG!!! All of these sound incredible (except Espresso as I’m not a fan of coffee). I didn’t even know Turkey Hill existed, until my ShopRite started stocking them around the turn of the millennium. At that time I was on a major health kick, so I’d only buy light ice cream, and wow did I buy a hell of a lot of those light blue Turkey Hill cartons! But as great as their light ice cream was, and still is, I am saddened to see all the great flavors I missed out on. If I could have one wish, it would be that Turkey Hill bring back ALL of these old flavors. Even if it was only a week for each flavor, it would be a blessing. Turkey Hill rocks!!!

  65. Brandon F. says:

    What an awesome idea! Gotta say my favorite in these first four match-ups is Chocolate Cherry Cordial. Break up a few pretzels to achieve a perfect sweet and salty match-up, and you’ve got the perfect ice cream! May the best retired flavor be the champion!

  66. Peg says:

    Voted. Time will tell if it is a winner.

  67. Karen says:

    I’m also hoping some of your picks are the light versions or yogurts. I recall Whoopie Pie and Chocolate Cherry Cordial feel into these categories.

  68. Pat says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream, in my opinion, better than many of the other higher priced ice creams, with excellent flavor choices. Thank you.

  69. Jim in SOMD says:

    Match up #1: Baked Apple Dumpling; #2: Caramel Brownie Overload; #3: Chocolate Cherry Cordial; and #4: Death by Chocolate!

  70. Erin s says:

    My top choice is Berried Treasure. Sounds unique and yummy!

  71. MARK says:

    Cool and smooth, the best gift for my mout

  72. Deborah von Mehren says:

    As if your ice cream isn’t good enough you add this fun ice cream voting event. I love all your flavors so it’s hard to choose. I’m fairly new to the Turkey Hill experience so I haven’t tried most of the flavors listed so I had to choose what I thought I’d like best. Which is hard because they’re all the best.

    Turkey Hill rules the ice cream world, mine anyway.

    Thank you

  73. Susan says:

    As ice cream goes, Turkey Hill is swell
    And you can never go wrong with CARAMEL
    A close second is anything with chocolate
    Guaranteed to never be able to eat just a bit
    But old ones or new ones when put to the test
    If itโ€™s Turkey Hill โ€“ it will always be the best!

  74. Sue Carper says:

    I agree with some of the others,,,, I’d love to see ALL the old flavors come back again, periodically! I’d also like to see more Sugar Free or Light versions of TH ice cream for those of us who are diabetic. Of course the 2 stores nearest me, never carry light or SF anyway.

  75. Ken Kerstein says:

    Matchup #1 – Alpine Espresso
    Matchup #2 – Carmel Brownie Overload
    Matchup #3 – Choc. Cherry Cordial
    Matchup #4 – Death BY Choc.

  76. Wendy says:

    Voted. Turkey Hill has many flavors our family like. Always looking for any new flavor to try in the grocery store.

  77. Ken Kerstein says:

    Alpine Espresso, Carmel Brownie OVerload, Choc. Cherry Cordial, and Death By Choc.

  78. debbie f says:

    Cashew caramal Crunch…YUM YUM YUM

    I think you should bring back the Final Four Flavors…

  79. Gail Pfitzner says:

    Match-Up 3 was a tough one, would like to see both return

  80. christina says:

    Caramel Cashew Crunch is the food for the soul!

  81. Jelica Indelicato says:

    I would love to see an old favorite return permanently…Frozen Yogurt
    PomBlueberry Chocolate Truffle. I think it is essential to the lineup because it provides an alternative to consumers who are watching their calories.

  82. Picked my favorites, looking forward to seeing if they made it to the next round

  83. Amy says:

    These flavors sound really good. I can’t wait to see what else comes along. So far, I like Chocolate Cherry Cordial and Baked Apple Dumpling.

  84. Mark P says:

    My votes today: Alpine Espresso, Caramel Brownie Overload, Caramel Cashew Crunch, Chocolate Malt Chip. #SkipAllTheFruit

  85. RL says:

    Death by Chocolate sounds absolutely amazing!

  86. edna says:

    up side down pineapple

  87. Pat says:

    Berried Treasure and Baked Apple Dumpling sound great.

  88. sandi mojzuk says:

    ALL Turkey Hill Ice Cream flavors are so scrumptious, it is hard to choose a favorite.. Maybe a different favorite flavor for each day of the week would be great. Like Monday – Alpine Espresso, Tuesday – Death by chocolate etc etc etc.. No matter – whatever you all like to make works for me..

  89. Eva Mack says:

    Caramel Cashew Crunch is my pick

  90. Amy Beres says:

    I would love to have Alpine Espresso come back!

  91. Bernadette Deitrick says:

    chocolate malt flavor would be my first choice of the 8 listed above…… but all are good

  92. Andrea says:

    Death by Chocolate sounds like something I need to have every day! I hope you bring that back so I can try it!!

  93. Sam says:

    Death By Chocolate was has always been my favorite! I remember when it was discontinued. I tried many other flavors but none of them compare the DBC! Please bring it back!

  94. John K. says:

    Please!!!!!! Bring back a Ginger Snap as one of the retiree competitors.

    • dave says:

      I love ginger snap too! It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten of any kind! I bought all of it I could find when it was in stock not realizing that it was a short run.

  95. Barb says:

    Death by Chocolate is my pick!!!

  96. I loved the Peach ice cream. I wish it would come back. It was the best of all the different brands.

  97. Deena Rood says:

    Love anything with nuts and my husband, who cannot eat gluten, absolutely loves the fact that you state gluten-free on your gluten-free ice creams.It saves us looking it up or phoning you.

  98. cashew caramel crunch!!! yummy,yummy,yum
    I want some!!!!

  99. Cathy says:

    Caramel Cashew Crunch would be a favorite and as a coffee lover another would be Alpine Expresso. Also, as an ice cream family any flavor would be welcomed.

  100. Charlotte Faeth says:

    It’s hard to vote when they’re all so good, but… I did. I haven’t seen your flavor Box of Chocolates in my area (Central KY) in forever and I’d vote for it against anything. That and your natural vanilla bean are my favorites!

  101. Tish says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload gets my vote.

  102. Ellen says:

    Death By Chocolate gets my vote!

  103. Dawn says:

    Please, Please, Please bring back Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel, it is the best flavor ever!!

  104. Eleanor says:

    I think all the Turkey Hill retired flavors should be brought back. I love Turkey Hill ice cream. There are too many flavors I love to have to pick a favorite.

  105. Suzanne says:

    Berried Treasure sounds delicious!!!

  106. Jon says:

    Always loved Choco Malt Chip in regular or light editions. Hope it comes back.

  107. Karen says:

    Chocolate Malt Chip is my favorite Turkey Hill flavor ever:)

  108. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    Some of these flavors are so old I am not sure if I remember them all. I did vote for some based on their flavorful names. It is too bad that they all can’t come back.

  109. Heather Bruinsma says:

    Oh geez…..there are some really good retired flavors especially Death by Chocolate!

  110. Sandra Carpenter says:

    Baked Apple Dumpling (B.A.D.), Caramel Brownie Overload, Caramel Cashew Crunch and Death by Chocolate are my choices. Looking forward to the next yummy match-up.

  111. Sarah says:

    I look forward to this contest every year. I’m glad that you decided to use retired flavors.

  112. Jennifer says:

    PLEASE let Nut ‘n’ Sweetie be in the next round! My favorite of all!

  113. David A says:

    Philadelphia Style Vanilla !!!

    Ate Breyers Vanilla “bean” exclusively since mid 70’s. Ran across your brand 4-5 years ago. Instantly got “hooked” on the Philly Style. Then you decide to change the recipe and give it a new name. NOT GOOD!!
    I ended up, only having a 2-3 year run with Philly, and still not over the grief of its departure.

    You HAD the very best “bean” vanilla, ever.

  114. Michelle says:

    Most of these are from before I purchased any Turkey Hill, but I would like to try BAD, Caramel Cashew Crunch, Caramel Brownie Overload, and Death by Chocolate.

  115. Of all these retired flavors, this is the flavor we believe ought to be brought back via Turkey Hill : Caramel Cashew Crunch (1991-1996) โ€“ Scoops of cashew pieces and caramel fudge stirred in our original vanilla ice cream !

  116. Dawnie says:

    CHOCOLATE!! Because…..it’s THE LAW!!

  117. Joan says:

    It is your peach ice cream that I am waiting to vote for.

  118. Gerald jeffers says:

    No sugar added Moose tracks

  119. kt says:

    I loved the Lemon Biscotti frozen yogurt. It was very different and such a light, refreshing flavor for the hot summer months.

  120. Joan says:

    Tough comparisons here. It was difficult to make choices. All your Turkey Hill flavors sound good.

  121. Gene says:

    I have cast my ballot. Some flavors I had never tried but sounded good. Some flavors before my Turkey Hill Days. I love the Coconut Cream Pie, Butter Pecan, and Dutch Chocolate!

  122. Olivia says:

    Soooo hard to choose!

  123. Jeff Johnston says:

    I just voted for Death By Chocolate. Great flavor!

  124. Jeff Johnston says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream, especially the premium flavors.

  125. Any of the flavors with caramel sound great!

  126. Jeff Johnston says:

    I see Ben and Jerry’s has just introduced a new trio of flavors based on the taste of milk left in the bottom of your cereal bowl. Are you planning to do anything similar to this. It would be great.

  127. Jeff Johnston says:

    Please make a cinnamon bun ice cream. My grandchildren love this flavor, but we’ve only been able to find it by Ben and Jerry. If you do make it, we’ve not been able to find it.
    It has chunks of cinnamon bun through the ice cream and is delicious. Please let me know if you have any plans to make this flavor. I think it would be a big seller.

  128. Judy says:

    Hi – this is so much fun and thanks for letting us vote!!

  129. Kate says:

    Either Caramel Cashew Crunch or Death by Chocolate

  130. Theresa says:

    Of these, my favorite is caramel brownie overload, but I’d really like to see Lady Liberty make a comeback!

  131. Lisa says:

    We never buy any other brand but Turkey Hill and luckily now that we moved from PA to Connecticut we can still get it! Love Turkey Hill the best!

  132. Janet Smith says:

    I would love to have Death by Chocolate return.

  133. Patricia Scott says:

    I chose Alpine Express, Caramel Brownie Overload, Caramel Cashew Crunch and Death by Chocolate. I was surprised to see that so many flavors had been discontinued. Any revival would be acceptable, given the flavors.

  134. Mary DeLapp-Snyder says:

    The creativity of the Turkey Hill Team never ceases to amaze me. But any ice cream which combines coffee, chocolate and the best ice cream ever base has to come out on top, Alpine Espresso.

  135. Nora Tomlinson says:

    Oooh…oooh….Death by Chocolate…I miss that so much!

  136. Lisa says:

    Coming from a true choco-holic, I love death by chocolate…BUT your NEW Deep Dark Chocolate is by far my forever FAVORITE!! (It’s the stuff sweet dreams are made of) Please don’t ever retire this one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Jeanette Jacobs says:

    I would love to try Caramel Cashew Crunch

  138. Sally says:

    I’m hoping Orange Grove will come back.

  139. Sandra Burns says:

    Love all your flavors, especially the fruit ones. Peach, Lemon, etc. Loved the orange too.

  140. Brian blasko says:

    Please add death by chocolate to the turkey hill experience and bring it back from retirement.

  141. Faye says:

    So hard to pick just one….

  142. Virginia Senyk says:

    Death By Chocolate is my all time favorite among chocolate ice creams. One can never have enough chocolate in that ice cream!

  143. Mark says:

    Great idea! Lot’s of fun. This is the Best March Madness promotion I’ve seen!

  144. Berried Treasure (2002-2005) – Mild cream cheese flavored ice cream with blueberry and black raspberry swirls and fabulous cheesecake pieces


  145. Marie Dandrea says:

    I LOVE Turkey Hill, My Favorite is Chocolate Marshmallow!

  146. Veronica says:

    All natural coffee Please!

  147. Melissa says:

    I remember some of these flavors and it seems like just yesterday!

  148. Richard Snyder says:

    Too many Chocolate options up for vote. Some of your best flavors are the unusual ones without Chocolate. For that reason I have to go with the outsider (Berried Treasure)

  149. Joy says:

    Please bring back Chocolate Moose Tracks … Light Version … My husband and I miss our Fri night treat!!!!

  150. j says:

    what a great idea for the tournament this year! can’t wait to see which flavor comes back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Mark Gabel says:

    death by chocolate — nuff’ said

  152. veronica says:

    Love that Turkey Hill is available in New England. Grew up with it around Lancaster, PA and after moving to New England, would go back to get it.

  153. Elsie Nicolette says:

    Tough to only choose one flavor to come back. There are several I have never tried from these matchups that I would love to taste!

  154. Death by Chocolate sounds wonderful. What away to go!!!!!

  155. Paul says:

    For contest matchup
    #1= alpine coffee
    #2= caramel overload
    #3= chocolate cherry cordial
    #4= Death by chocolate

  156. Diana O Case says:

    My all-time favorite was the Greek yogurt baklava vannila Greek frozen yougut with baklava piece and honey cinnamon swirl when read the Contents I wasn’t sure I would like it but once I tasted the smoothness of the Greek yogurt with the baklava I was in love for years I was fan of Breyers ice cream but once I tried Greek yogurt Turkey Hill was then my favorite on one occasion having about 18 quarts of the Greek yogurt in my freezer I brought so much I had to start in my neighbor’s freezer please bring it back thank you

  157. did you make a Mocha Almond Fudge?

  158. Loretta Fishel says:

    Turkey Hill Ice Cream is the very best tasting ice cream ever. I don’t buy any other kind. Bring back berried treasure and alpine chocolate please.

  159. Vicki says:

    All Turkey Hill ice cream is delicious, but anything with caramel is my favorite.

  160. julia says:

    Yum! so many flavors to love!

  161. CAROL HORN says:

    This is the easiest reply I have ever had to give. CHOCOLATE CHERRY CORDIAL by far is the best flavor in icecream I have ever had the pleasure to taste. I would go out of my way, to as many stores as I possibly had to just to get this flavor. I would never buy just one 1/2 gallon, I would usually buy 2 or 3. Eating CHOCOLATE CHERRY CORDIAL tasted just like you were eating a box of those delicious Chocolate Cherry Cordial candies. This has got to be brought back because it has been way too long since I have had the chance to savor this flavor and I wish I could have a lifetime supply. Your icecream is so rich and creamy and I don’t think any other brand can compare. Ohhhh Yummy, I am dreaming of it right now. I hope it is the winner because you really hit on the best in my opinion and it would be great to taste CHOCOLATE CHERRY CORDIAL once again.

  162. Frank Palinkas says:

    Brain Freeze looking for Berried Treasure.

  163. Nick says:


  164. Megan says:

    Death by chocolate all the way!!!

    • Linda says:

      I can’t believe it’s been gone that long. If Death By Chocolate doesn’t make it back, it will be the Death of ME!! Oh, pretty please bring this decadent, delicious, chocoholic flavor back.

  165. Caramel Cashew Crunch for sure!!!

  166. Mikey says:

    Great tournament to bring back a classic!

  167. STEPHEN CROSTON says:




  168. KimB says:

    Yes! I would love to see a return of Death by Chocolate!!

  169. Jodi says:

    usually I go for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate but BAD sounds like a real crowd pleaser.

  170. roberta says:

    Baked apple dumpling would be great for breakfast on a waffle.not on the list,wish deep dark chocolate could stay as a permanent flavor.love turkey hill.used to live near lancaster pa. Great food there.

  171. Yasuko says:

    Death By Chocolate…I love chocolates!!

  172. patty shinn says:

    voting for round 1 would be:

    but bring back Swiss Vanilla Almond

  173. Lisa W. says:

    MATCH-UP #1: Baked Apple Dumpling
    MATCH-UP #2: Caramel Brownie Overload
    MATCH-UP #3: Caramel Cashew Crunch
    MATCH-UP #4: Chocolate Malt Chip

  174. ABC says:

    Its ALL good.

  175. Lori Christy says:

    I vote for the Baked Apple Dumpling! I don’t remember trying this flavor, so I would love to give it a whirl!!

  176. Kathy Kiefer says:

    Berried Treasure is great! Hope it comes back

  177. Shawn Hussey says:

    I think you have many tremendous candidates of ice cream flavors which could be reintroduced by Turkey Hill. Chocolate Cherry Cordial is a wonderful combination. It would be great to see this on store shelves. It is good to let the customers decide on which flavor will be brought back.

  178. The cartons were so cute! I’d have to pick a flavor by which box I wanted to take home.

  179. sandi mojzuk says:

    Chocolate Malt… I remember when EVERYONE knew what a malt was. now it[s shakes. gotta add some malt. the flavor is so wonderful, my mouth is watering just thinking about it…

  180. Bob Gifford says:

    I don’t care about any of the preliminary finalists, as long as Party Cake is the overall winner and is brought back. When I first heard it was going to be discontinued, I purchased a new freezer just to warehouse this magnificent flavor. Sadly, I opened the last container tonight. It had a sell by date of April last year, and had lots of re-frozen ice chunks due to power outages, but it was still Party Cake. Can’t wait to see it back on the shelves. Yeah, go Party Cake!

  181. Linda Carlson says:

    Will Lady Liberty ever come back? It was my all-time favorite flavor!!

  182. susan b says:

    How to choose?!? They are all winners!!! (well except for that cherry one)

  183. Peggy says:

    Voted for all my favorities.

  184. Susan says:

    They must bring back the berry cheesecake. Berried Treasure!

  185. Lisa S says:


  186. ellen d says:

    So many yummy, retired flavors to choose from! I would love to retry them all…

  187. Jenna says:

    I wish there was a way that we could taste these as part of the competition. Although the description gives a good amount of detail, nothing beats actually sampling the product. I was too young to even remember some of these but there are definitely ones that I would try now, as an adult!

  188. Diane says:

    COFFEE Natural ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. pat says:

    would love to see them all return

  190. I love Coffee Natural Ice Cream !

  191. Karen says:

    I voted. Fried Ice Cream!!!! YUMMY!

  192. Bridget Way says:

    Dutch Neopolitan please ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Marge says:

    How about combining the Coffee with the Death by Chocolate into a Duo or Combo Swirl? Delicious! Please keep Deep Dark Chocolate around all year.

  194. Deanna says:

    DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!!! I thought Deep Dark Chocolate was a new version of this masterpiece, but now I see that it’s not. Even if you don’t prefer chocolate over vanilla, death by Chocolate will be your new favorite thing in the world… hands down no matter what. It is EPIC. Please vote for the correct choice.

  195. oh with out a doubt DEATH BY CHOCOLATE…please bring it back

  196. Emily says:

    Please bring back Chocolate Cherry Cordial!!!!

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