Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round Two): Chocolate, peanut butter, pecans and root beer

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on May 2nd, 2017

Round two of the Ultimate Flavor Tournament continues. Four more retired ice cream flavors face off for your votes and the winners move on to the next round, and one step closer to returning to the Turkey Hill line-up. This week’s match-ups include a face-off between chocolate (Muddy Sneakers) and peanut butter (Peanut Butter Marshmallow) and what could be the strongest showdown of round two.

Cast your vote in the polls in the right hand sidebar of the blog AND leave a comment with your favorites. At the end of the tournament, we’ll choose one comment at random from all the comments left during the tournament to win a ONE YEAR supply of ice cream!

And don’t forget, we’re also posting match-ups on our Facebook page, so follows us there and cast your votes for another chance to win the grand prize. May the best retired flavor win!


Muddy Sneakers vs. Peanut Butter Marshmallow

MUDDY SNEAKERS (1997-1998) – White chocolate flavored ice cream with chocolate, caramel, and peanut candies with swirls of caramel

PEANUT BUTTER MARSHMALLOW (1997-2007) – Creamy peanut butter ice cream swirled with chewy chunks of peanut butter cookie dough and whipped marshmallow

EXPERT ANALYSIS: Both of these flavors toppled some tough competition in Round One to get here. Muddy Sneakers snuck up on Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter Marshmallow pulled off a huge upset over Peaches ‘n Cream. So you guarantee that both flavors are going to come out swinging in this round. Who will win? Honestly, your guess is as good as ours!


Pecan Snapper vs. Root Beer Float

PECAN SNAPPER (1998-1999, 2001) – Butter pecan ice cream swirled with pecans, milk chocolate chips, and creamy caramel

ROOT BEER FLOAT (1997-1999) – A refreshing combination of our original vanilla ice cream and old fashioned root beer sherbet

EXPERT ANALYSIS: Butter Pecan is a one of the nation’s top-selling flavors. Add chocolate and caramel to it and you’ve got one tough competitor. Then again, the root beer float is an American classic when it comes to desserts, which might make this the best battle — scoop for scoop — in Round Two. We’ll give the edge to Pecan Snapper, but it’ll be a close one.

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88 Responses to “Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round Two): Chocolate, peanut butter, pecans and root beer”

  1. Liz S. says:

    Muddy Sneakers and Root Beer Float.

  2. Donna Turello says:

    My mom would make me root beer floats when I was a kid, so that one brings back such wonderful memories!

  3. Janet Dietrick says:

    peanut butter marshmallow

  4. It’s hard to choose because they all sound good, but I did vote.

  5. Judi says:

    Pecan Snapper sounds good.

  6. Elsie Nicolette says:

    Muddy sneakers and pecan snapper get my flavor votes, though I wouldn’t choose them because of the names

  7. diane says:

    Choices are what we do in life! I voted for 2 good ones-hope they win!

  8. donna pancoast says:

    love them all. so hard to choose!

  9. Norma says:


  10. Sue says:

    Just learning about all these flavors of TH ice cream, I never got to try & knowing I probably never will either, how sad 🙁

  11. Sue says:

    If I found Root Beer Float ice cream,, I’d have to make a root beer float with it! Muddy Sneakers, I’d buy that just because of the name! lol

  12. Tom Piecuch says:

    Muddy Sneakers!!! back on the line up

  13. mark johnston says:

    muddy sneakers and root beer float

  14. Not a root beer fan, so it’s Pecan Snapper all the way. It would be better with dark chocolate, however, because, well, everything is.

  15. Andrea says:

    HURRAY!!! This is the first time in about a year I could get your website to open. Voted for Muddy Sneakers & Pecan Snapper but a difficult choice since all TH is the BEST.

  16. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    Muddy Sneakers and Root Beer Float. They were only around for a few years. Why not bring them back for others to enjoy?

  17. janet says:


  18. Donna says:

    peanut butter marshmallow

  19. Ned says:

    It’s been years since I’ve had a Root Beer float.

  20. Debra Rusovick says:

    Muddy Sneakers and Root Beer Float!

  21. The only one I would eat in this round is the Root Beer Float ice cream. Not a fan of nuts in my ice cream or peanut butter at all.

  22. As always you make the choices hard to decide

  23. Sheila says:

    Peanut Butter Marshmallow is my idea of heaven!

  24. Paula says:

    All are great. But, if I had to choose, Muddy Sneakers and Pecan Snapper.

  25. You make it very difficult to chose a flavor, but anything with caramel and marshmellows has to be great

  26. caroline of Manalapan says:

    None sends me so I will skip the vote to allow those who desire one as a come-back can pick

  27. Sarah says:

    Root Beer Float – a real classic!

  28. Lee T says:

    Anything with caramel!

  29. Marge says:

    Count me in for the Root Beer Float.

  30. Donna Keller says:

    Love them all, if I could eat them.

  31. Denise brown says:

    Muddy sneakers and root beer float

  32. Michelle M says:

    I had to vote for pecan snapper and PBM.

  33. Peg says:

    Root Beer Float sounds GOOD!

  34. Donna McCauley says:

    Root Beer Float is the ultimate

  35. Don Gaus says:

    Muddy sneakers sounds soooo good

  36. Jim in SOMD says:

    So here we are down to the second round of yet another ice cream tournament. This time of year is always fun.

  37. Jeff Johnston says:

    A suggestion for a future flavor. Can you possibly do cinnamon bun? I have tried it by other ice cream makers, but would love it if Turkey Hill could make that flavor, because I know it would be great!

  38. Amy says:

    Another great round – I liked Peanut Butter Marshmallow and Root Beer Float.

  39. Lydia says:

    pecan snapper sounds good

  40. elr says:

    I love Root Beer Floats more than I like nuts!

  41. Terry says:

    The name “Pecan Snapper” made me smile.

  42. Mike Swope says:

    I don’t like nuts so these were easy.

  43. Root Beer Float has my vote. Such a refreshing combination.

  44. Jay says:

    Well, put my foot in my mouth w/ a muddy sneaker while I’m nostalgic w/ a root beer float

  45. Gail Scott says:

    Simple ingredients make for a good taste-Root Beer Float without a doubt.

  46. Robin Ames says:

    This competition is getting tough.

  47. We all love a Root Beer Float with a Muddy Sneaker !!

  48. Joan says:

    Almost anything PECAN !

  49. Ann King says:

    how could you not vote for something names Muddy Sneakers? That’s a great name.

  50. lee carr says:

    every vote counts

  51. Sherri Rosen says:

    Ice cream that tastes like a root beer float? Keep that flavor forever – as long as it doesn’t replace any flavor with the word chocolate in it.

  52. Denise says:

    muddy sneaker and pecan snapper

  53. CHRISTINE says:


  54. Marion says:

    I never had Muddy Sneakers but would LOVE to try it!

  55. Peanut Butter Marshmellow and Root Beer float are our choices.

  56. sue frantz says:

    root beer float sounds like the perfecta flavor for a hot summer day which i am sure we will have lots of soon!! Sorry–no peanut butter or nuts in my ice cream so i could not vote in the first pairing….

  57. I love root beer floats. The ice cream sounds great. I’m also a big fluffernutter fan. An ice cream fluffernutter no bread needed.

  58. Pam says:

    Root Beer Float!!! Love it!

  59. Heather Bruinsma says:

    Peanut Butter Marshmallow sounds GREAT!!! I always love a good Root Beer Float!

  60. LouAnn says:

    Peanut Butter Marshmallow & Root Beer Float. Both are my favorites!

  61. Pat says:

    Peanut Butter Marshmallow and Pecan Snapper…

  62. Kathryn Bucher says:

    hands down no contest = Root Beer Float and Peanut Butter Marshmallow!!

  63. Janet Smith says:

    Decisions, decisions. It was hard to choose between the first two. Root beer float was much easier.

  64. debbie f says:

    root beer float and Peanut butter Marshmallow

  65. pat says:

    would like to try root beer float

  66. Carol says:

    Don’t like marshmallows, and can’t eat pecans.
    Guess who I voted for!

  67. Barb says:

    peanut butter marshmallow is my pick

  68. The choices do not get any easier; however, I picked the 2 with basic ingredients: Peanut Butter Marshmallow and Root Beer Float. Whichever twp win will be great tasting because they are made by Turkey Hill.

  69. Jacque says:

    I have been yearning for an actual Root Beer float for the longest time, so I have to go with Root Beer Float.

  70. Tish says:

    Nuts and soda with ice cream? I’ll pass.

  71. Laurie Brahl says:

    Root beer float all the way!

  72. Harriet Goldstein says:

    My votes went to Muddy Sneakers and Root Beer Float. I hoped to see one of my favorites, All Natural Cherry Vanilla, in the running.

  73. Cynthia says:

    I love them all, but have to vote for Muddy Sneakers and Pecan Snapper because I’m a “nutty” person and addicted to chocolate. Besides, nuts are a good source of protein and chocolate is a vegetable.

  74. Teresa Motz says:

    Love caramel – Go Muddy Sneakers!

  75. Merri Leber Perrone says:

    I love root beer floats and remember this flavor from back then it was one of my favorites. Although I never tried muddy sneakers it really really sounds good and wish I had tried it. Turkey Hill ice cream especially my favorite is my football Sunday. I’m a huge Eagles fan every year when it comes out I buy as much as I can fit in my freezer so I have it for more than just football season. Go Turkey Hill Go.

  76. Sally says:

    Peanut Butter Marshmallow and Root Beer Float

  77. Susan Morris says:

    Muddy Sneakers and Pecan Snapper are my choices. YUM!

  78. Mary Anne Powell says:

    Would love to have them all!!!

  79. Vera Howqard says:

    Muddy Sneakers and Root Bear Float

  80. KimB says:

    Muddy Sneakers and Pecan Snapper for me. Shame that the first match-up featured two of my more favored retired flavors, as I would have also liked to have supported Peanut Butter Marshmallow, but the chocolate content in Muddy Sneakers ultimately won me over.

  81. Karen says:

    My votes this time are in honor of my children since these flavors aren’t necessarily on the top of my list. Although they all sound wonderful.

  82. Jeffrey Hersh says:

    I guess it’s just me, but all four of these sound awful.

  83. Pam says:

    Maybe you could consider bringing back two retired flavors!?

  84. Darrin Jones says:

    Pecan snapper!

  85. Betty says:

    I think they all will taste great

  86. norman says:

    peanut butter marshmallow and root beer float for me

  87. R says:

    White choclate isn’t. Give me bittersweet or give me Death-by-Chocolate! 😉

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