Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round Three): Brownies, chocolate chocolate chocolate, and minty cookies

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on May 16th, 2017

Round three of the Ultimate Flavor Tournament has arrived! Our initial field of 32 flavors has been narrowed down to eight, and the first four flavors in that group are facing off for your votes starting today. Will one of these four retired flavors eventually win the tournament and return to the line-up? We’ll have to wait and see!

Cast your vote in the polls in the right hand sidebar of the blog AND leave a comment with your favorites. At the end of the tournament, we’ll choose one comment at random from all the comments left during the tournament to win a ONE YEAR supply of ice cream!

And don’t forget, we’re also posting match-ups on our Facebook page, so follows us there and cast your votes for another chance to win the grand prize!


Caramel Brownie Overload vs. Death By Chocolate

CARAMEL BROWNIE OVERLOAD (2000) – Caramel ice cream with brownies and waves of rich caramel fudge

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE (1992-1998) – Dark chocolate ice cream loaded with dark, sweet chocolate chips and a rich brownie batter fudge

EXPERT ANALYSIS: This match-up really comes down to one question: Do you like a little caramel with your chocolate or do you like a little chocolate with your chocolate? If you’re a chocoholic — and we know there are plenty of them out there — Death by Chocolate is your choice. But if you prefer a little more balance with your flavor, you might cast your vote for Caramel Brownie Overload. Well, which is it?


German Chocolate Cake vs. Mint Cookies ‘n Cream

GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE (2004-2005, 2007, 2009-2010) – Caramel, almonds, coconut, and chocolate cake pieces in chocolate ice cream

MINT COOKIES ‘N CREAM (1991-1995) – Cool mint ice cream with heaping scoops of chocolate cookie pieces

EXPERT ANALYSIS: German Chocolate Cake knows a thing or two about making a comeback. It joined the Turkey Hill Limited Edition line-up not once, not twice, but THREE different times. Mint Cookies ‘n Cream, on the other hand, spent five years in the rotation in the early 90s and is itching to make a return visit to shelves. Our prediction for this showdown? German Chocolate Cake…but not by much.

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87 Responses to “Ultimate Flavor Tournament (Round Three): Brownies, chocolate chocolate chocolate, and minty cookies”

  1. Pat says:

    They all sound great, but the Caramel Brownie Overload sounds wonderful!

  2. Betty says:

    Love anything with chocolate

  3. Caramel Brownie Overload & German Chocolate Cake!

  4. mark johnston says:

    german chocolate cake

  5. Nina Hilson says:

    tried them all and still cant resist any!!!

  6. JANET says:

    CARAMEL BROWNIE OVERLOAD and Death By Chocolate

    i can’t pick ,i want to eat them all

    i love chocolate .

  7. Joe Greco says:

    Chocolate please!!!



  9. Elaine says:

    death by chocolate, please

  10. Donna Roucoulet says:

    Death by Chocolate wins for me because I’m not sure there should be caramel ice cream – caramel IN ice cream, definitely. Also, Mint cookies and Cream sounds fabulous – not a big fan of coconut, so it has to stay out of my ice cream.

  11. elr says:

    I would take a scoop of each!!

  12. Sherri Rosen says:

    As long as the flavor starts with the word chocolate, has the word chocolate in the middle or at the end, I’m a very happy person.

  13. CHRISTINE says:

    I VOTED…..

  14. Lisa Kerstein says:

    We love Death by Chocolate and Mint Cookies ‘n Cream

  15. Denise says:

    death by chocolate and mint cookies and cream

  16. Michael Eddy says:

    Cookies and cream is always a winner for me. Add a hint of mint – and it kicks into overdrive.

  17. Sandra Carpenter says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload & Mint Cookies and Cream – Yummy!

  18. Marge says:

    Deep Dark Chocolate sounds yummy!

  19. Amy says:

    Nice flavors – I like Caramel Brownie Overload and Mint Cookies and Cream!

  20. LouAnn says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload & Mint Cookies & Cream.

  21. Chocolate anything – as long as it’s dark chocolate. The milk stuff isn’t worth the calories!

  22. Janice Dean says:

    Wow, if I had to pick I would go with the Brownie!

  23. Judi says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload sounds great!

  24. Gail Scott says:

    German Chocolate cake is my favorite cake. I can’t wait to taste the German chocolate Cake ice cream. Caramel Brownie Overload sounds interesting.

  25. Michelle M says:

    Death by chocolate!

  26. Peggy says:

    Caramel Overload sounds really yummy. German Chocolate Cake sounds great. Hoping for the win.

  27. Mike Swope says:

    Mstch-up 1 was tough. #2 was easy–mint chocolate.

  28. Christine Matthews says:

    What ever happened to Super Sundae? That was my favorite!

  29. Andrea says:

    Caramel Brownie sounds the b

  30. debbie f says:

    This is a “no brainer”…German Chocolate and Carmel BRownie Overload

  31. Elsie Nicolette says:

    I like my chocolate in smaller doses–caramel brownie overload and mint cookies ‘n’ cream!

  32. Carol says:

    Definitely Caramel Brownie Overload and Mint Cookies n Creme

  33. Pam says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload! Oh my!!!

  34. Terry says:

    Death by chocolate…oh, where you from 1992-1998 ? I sure do hope you make a comeback.

  35. While all 4 sound delicious, I, being a chocoholic picked Death by Chocolate (what I way to go) and German Chocolate Cake since I am a chocoholic German.

  36. Joe Hale says:

    The one and only food I HATE is coconut got some bad coconut when I was 6
    But the more chocolate the better

  37. German Chocolate Cake sounds heavenly!

  38. Janet Dietrick says:

    german chocolate

  39. Joan says:

    Death by Chocolate. I remember this flavor. Good !

  40. Ned says:

    You can’t go wrong with chocolate…or Turkey Hill !!!

  41. Barb says:

    Anything with chocolate is a winner!!

  42. Debra Rusovick says:

    Death by Chocolate! Love chocolate.

  43. Lois Doyle says:

    A bowl of each, please!

  44. Laurie Brahl says:

    ooh mint cookies and cream!

  45. Sally says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload and German Chocolate Cake

  46. diane says:

    The countdown is on-cast your vote early!!! Mine is already done and I am waiting for the outcome.

  47. KimB says:

    I have to give my vote in match-up one to my all time favorite retired flavor, Death By Chocolate. Match up two is a bit tougher, but I have to go with German Chocolate Cake.

  48. Hi, The choices with Caramel are my favorites so far

  49. IceCreamFiend says:

    They’re all great!!

  50. gianna says:

    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

  51. Liz S. says:

    Death By Chocolate and Mint Cookies ‘N Cream get my vote.

  52. caroline of Manalapan says:

    I am letting hubby vote since none I prefer. He is a chocolate nut so for him its Death by Chocolate & German Chocolate Cake

  53. mary lou says:

    I like all of them but favorite is Caramel Brownie

  54. Tish says:

    Yes to Caramel Brownie Overload and Death by Chocolate. No to German Chocolate Cake and Mint Cookies N Cream.

  55. Pat says:

    Death by Chocolate, Very Dark Chocolate, ANYTHING with chocolate. I’ve even eaten dark chocolate covered garlic cloves at a garlic festival. Not recommended.

  56. Donna McCauley says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload is my favorite.

  57. Yvonne Learn says:

    An all-time favorite – mint cookies ‘n cream!

  58. Harriet Goldstein says:

    Since I do not like mint ice cream, I voted for German Chocolate Cake. I also cast my vote for Death by Chocolate.

  59. Heather Bruinsma says:

    The Death by Chocolate sounds so good and I will also pick the Mint Cookies ‘N Cream.

  60. Stephanie Louis says:

    I love anything with dark chocolate. So, I think the Death by Chocolate ice cream should win the tournament. The Mint Cookies ‘n Cream would be my second choice.

  61. Lee T says:

    German chocolate!

  62. Caro says:

    German chocolate cake!

  63. donna pancoast says:

    You can never go wrong with chocolate!

  64. mary ann herrmann says:

    ….going with the Caramel Brownie Overload and Mint Cookies ‘n Cream!! however, must add, anything TH makes works for me. yes!! y’all are the absolute best; consider myself fortunate to have your products in my area. thank YOU.

  65. Jim in SOMD says:

    I am in favor of Caramel Brownie Overload!

  66. Mary Anne Powell says:

    Would love to try the Caramel Brownie Overload!!!!

  67. Robin Ames says:

    Getting down to the wire!!!!

  68. Karen says:

    Too bad none of these strike my fancy as much as some of the past choices but I wouldn’t turn down a “mug” of any of them either.

  69. leecarr says:

    chocolate and caramel – 2 of my favorite flavors

  70. Donna Turello says:

    Death by Chocolate, please

  71. Ann King says:

    German Chocolate Cake is my favorite.

  72. Sarah says:


  73. Ron says:

    I would love to see the CARAMEL BROWNIE OVERLOAD brought back!! This was out before Turkey Hill was available in my area.

  74. Teresa Motz says:

    Caramel Brownie Overload would totally rock my world! 🙂

  75. Vera Howqard says:

    we would like German Chocolate Cake and Death by choolate as we like chocolate

  76. pat says:

    really hard to pick, would like all to try

  77. Pam says:

    Mint Cookies N Cream !!

  78. Darrel says:

    It is so interesting seeing many of these flavors from so long ago. I did not know many of these even existed

  79. Michele Bauer says:

    Definitely Mint Cookie Cream. Best of both worlds

  80. still missing my chocolate peanut butter gelato.

  81. Jay says:

    Death by Mint. Isn’t that a Monty Python skit?

  82. lynn says:


  83. Hazel says:

    just make them all

  84. sandi mojzuk says:

    Death by chocolate is a good way to go… heavenly!!!

  85. Atika says:

    I am all American but, GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE PLEASEEE.

  86. norman says:

    I say death by chocolate and german chocolate cake

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