National Ice Cream Month Prize #1 – How are you celebrating this month?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on July 4th, 2017

JULY 1 - Ice Cream Month CalendarIf your July calendar looks a little bit like the one above, that’s okay because it’s National Ice Cream Month! 31 Days of ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream and we’ll be delivering exactly that right here on the Ice Cream Journal. Ice cream facts, ice cream photos, ice cream videos and, yes, ice cream prizes.

We’ve got not one, not two, but THREE ice cream related prizes to give away this month and that fun starts today.

Our first National Ice Cream Month prize is the insulated ice cream bowl you see below ($16 on Amazon). Unlike some double-walled bowls, this bowl uses a layer of “proprietary cooling gel” to keep your ice cream cold for hours. Just pop the bowl in the freezer (it’s probably best to store it there in between uses), dish up your ice cream, and you’re all set!

The bowl includes an insulated silicone band at the base to make it easier to hold and it’s dishwasher safe. Leave a comment with how you plan to celebrate National Ice Cream Month and we’ll choose one comment at random to win this bowl along with some FREE ice cream. Good luck!


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99 Responses to “National Ice Cream Month Prize #1 – How are you celebrating this month?”

  1. Brenda Brooks says:

    I been a fan of Turkey hill ice cream for over twenty years. I get my favorite Turkey hill chocolate and vanilla ice cream all the time. I do like the one that get every February. It’s has all candy, nuts and chocolate pieces. But it’s the one that is call special chocolate Turkey hill ice cream.

  2. mark johnston says:

    i plan on celebrating national ice cream month by eating a whole lot of turkey hill

  3. Susan Johnson says:

    Since we enjoy ice cream year round, ice cream month seems like just another. It sure sounds like an excuse to enjoy more of it though. Definitely having some on my apple pie today.

  4. Paula says:

    I am hoing to eat as much ice cream, adding hot fudge, as I can, and worry about dieting next month.

  5. Dale Waters says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream so much I have a little taste everyday. So many flavors and so little time! I can’t wait until Butter Brickle appears in the stores so I can load up my freezer! Winning this contest would help me do so!!!

  6. diane says:

    An ice cream a day, keeps the doctor away!-that is a great way to go especially when one has a freezer full of TH ice cream.

  7. BF says:

    I plan on celebrating Ice Cream Month by eating my way through the month with an adequate share of ice cream, and encouraging others to do the same —- What a cool and refreshing idea (ah-h-h-h !!).

  8. Sue says:

    There is ALWAYS TH ice cream in my freezers! One in the freezer upstairs & more in the downstairs freezers, as back up! EVERY day is Natl. Ice Cream Day,,, today we’ll celebrate with ice cream cones while watching FIREWORKS!

  9. jerry says:

    why limit to national ice cream month? ice cream millenium is more like it

  10. Donna Keller says:

    I love TH ice cream. especially the no sugar added (although there aren’t that many). I would for you to bring back the No sugar added to Butter Pecan ice cream. I also love that bowl.

  11. Allison says:

    By eating lots of ice cream!

  12. Marilyn says:

    It escaped my attention that July is Ice Cream Month, considering I’m a July baby and ice cream is my favorite food. And Turkey Hill is a great brand.

  13. Gail Morgan says:

    My month consists of eating Turkey Hill ice cream everyday.

  14. Marie says:

    We will celebrate National Ice Cream Month the same way we do every other month of the year—Turkey Hill every day, every day of the month, every day of the year!!!!!!!! Bring it on!!! Love that bowl.

  15. Thelma M Jones says:

    This sounds like an idea item to use and keep ice cream cold and not melting. Not saying I will eat ice cream everyday of month, but I would like the bowl. Black Raspberry is my favorite.

  16. lee carr says:

    so many choices and only 31 days
    one flavor a day is not enough
    must do 2 or 3 a day

  17. Robin Ames says:

    I like how you guys give aficionados the chance to win cool prizes. Count me in!

  18. Terry says:

    National Ice Cream “Month” will be extended to “Year” at my house !!

  19. Caro says:

    I love Turkey Hill ice cream – my favorite! I plan to celebrate with the 3 flavors I have in my freezer right now – chocolate cookies extreme, double dunker (my two favorites), and red velvet!

  20. To celebrate Ice Cream month which is my fav. I just had surgery and I can eat all the ice cream I want. So far I Have eaten Turkeyhill Vanilla, Chocolate salted caramel next up mint chip. I need this bowl, lol to keep my ice cream from melting. I have been buying Turkey hill for years ans is my comfort food. I would love to have this it would make my recovwery even better.

  21. Every month is Ice Cream Month on my calendar! But a bowl? Who uses a bowl? Straight out of the carton is my method. Of course, I live alone….

  22. Debra Rusovick says:

    Since I recently lost my husband, I plan to spend as much time with my grandchildren as possible.

  23. Theresa M. says:

    I love ice cream and Turkey Hill is one of the brands I will be eating the month of July.

  24. gianna says:

    Ice cream month?! For me it’s been ice cream YEARS! Lol… would love the insulated bowl….shhhhh don’t tell anyone but I eat from the carton most of the time. It’s a secret now, don’t tell! Shhhhhh…. 😉

  25. Terry B says:

    Eating more Turkey Hill icecream.

  26. JANET says:

    i just purchased 2 cartons of turkey hill for today . it’s always national ice cream day at our home . i wish i had those bowls. WE EAT FROM A CUP .

  27. sue hulme says:

    nothing is more special than turkey hill ice cream on any summer evening!

  28. Peggy says:

    Eat lots of ice cream on these hot days and nights.

  29. Donna McCauley says:

    We always have a cookout and bonfire with the family on July 25th and 31st to celebrate my brothers birthday we finish the day with ice cream from Turkey Hill the kids love it and look forward to the day with the family.

  30. Ann King says:

    I like your calendar, it would look just like mine if I had one. As long as there is some peanut butter ripple on there at least once a week, I will be happy. We also like most of your flavors and the second one is usually something with chocolate in it.

  31. Lisa Kerstein says:

    Celebrating the holiday with a family cookout and Turkey Hill ice cream. That ice cream bowl as a prize is terrific. Love to keep my ice cream cold.

  32. Rosemary says:

    I will be eating a big bowl of your delicious vanilla bean ice cream topped with blueberries and strawberries. It will be a great way to celebrate my favorite holiday with red, white and blue.

  33. stuart hammerle says:

    Awesome !! Wowsers. Love it !!

  34. Ken says:

    I plan on eating a variety of Turkey Hill ice cream for the month

  35. Ellen says:

    Looking for some new ice cream dessert recipes!

  36. debbie f says:

    I celebrate Ice cream Month all year long..I eat Ice cream any chance I get

  37. Barb says:

    What a great bowl to keep my ice cream from melting in the heat!

  38. I’ve been a fan of Turkey Hill ice cream for many years. July being my birthday month, we’ve stocked up on extra containers in a variety of flavors to celebrate the holidays as well as my birthday.

  39. I’m Planning on making my own home made ice cream sandwiches with real homemade waffles and drizzling chocolate syrup over them and sprinkling powder sugar on top. Just like they used to make them at Kor Brothers on the Wildwood, NJ. Boardwalk. MMM good!!

  40. Heather Bruinsma says:

    The last time I went to the grocery store I didn’t see Double Dunker. I hope Turkey Hill isn’t going to get rid of my favorite flavor.

  41. Nancy Plank says:

    My birthday is July 1st and I plan on having Turkey Hill ice cream…..I think I’ll just continue having TH ice cream all month!!

  42. There’s no way Turkey Hill can be celebrated in just one month!!! It’s gotta be an ongoing celebration!!! That’s the way we celebrate in our house!!

  43. Stella Baker says:

    My birthday was July 2 i had vanilla ice cream with my cake.
    I love your ice cream it is great and the taste is wonderful.
    we have Turkey Hill every night

  44. Carol says:

    I recently had surgery and am house-bound, so I have to watch what I’m eating. But there will always be special times for TH, and that bowl would make the special times last longer!

  45. caroline of Manalapan says:

    We missed eating our TH on the 1st 3rd but will catch up today. I have mine from the tub but hubby now uses a dish (we have different flavors) so it limits the amount he eats

  46. CHRISTINE says:

    Oh boy an ice cream month. What better way enjoy summer. Just got a new refrigerator and now I can fill the freezer with a lot of Turkey Hill ice cream. Just in time for ice cream month.

  47. Lori says:

    Best month of the year. The dish looks wonderful.

  48. Darrel says:

    I plan to take a lot of long hikes and bike rides in July. When I get home, my plan is to open several cartons of Turkey Hill Ice Cream to help me cool off and refuel my body.

  49. Curtis Troy says:

    No Butter Brickle, no National Ice Month.
    Got Butter Brickle, now can celebrate National Ice Cream Month!
    Plan to eat a carton every other day until you pull it out of the stores again. I had to go to 6 stores before I found it and bought the only 2 cartons they had. Hopefully the other stores will start carrying it since they know I am looking for it. The bowl you show should hold a small part of my serving each day.

  50. Amy says:

    Such a great month to celebrate. I’m looking forward to plenty of Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

  51. Ken Kerstein says:

    I plan to have as many different flavors as I can on each and every warm day to alleviate the heat and enjoy the taste

  52. Summers were made for ice cream and Turkey Hillis the best !

  53. Ann Martin says:

    We visit Turkey Hill daily and usually have ice cream. So even though July is ice cream month, we call every month “ice cream month”!

  54. Liz S. says:

    I plan to celebrate National Ice Cream Month by enjoying new-to-me flavors as well as already established favorites – best way to enjoy my favorite balanced indulgence.

  55. My freezer and of course my tummy, goes through serious withdrawal if there is no TH ice cream in it. National Ice Cream Month means I MUST have several containers of TH to choose from. This ice cream dish would go well with any TH flavor. I would love to win it.

  56. Elsie Nicolette says:

    In this hot, humid month, I look forward to some cool refreshment through iced tea and ice cream. Turkey Hill is the best!

  57. Sarah says:

    Obviously I will celebrate with as much TH ice cream as possible. This bowl would be perfect for hot summer nights on the deck. I could savor my ice cream instead of wolfing it down before it turned to soup.

  58. Mary Anne Powell says:

    No better way to celebrate ice cream month then by eating Turkey Hill ice cream. Would be so much fun to have a different flavor each day!

  59. Nora says:

    Just finished a nice big bowl of Turkey Hill cookies and cream ice cream. Yummy in my tummy!!

  60. Erica Lasley says:

    I love all of the Turkey Hill Natural flavors, they taste just like homemade!

  61. sandi mojzuk says:

    At our house EVERY MONTH IS ICE CREAM MONTH.. maybe not national, but in our house it is… I love to try different toppings and of course Turkey Hill ice cream ON TOP of cakes and pies and cookies too..

  62. W Smith says:

    I plan to try new flavors this year. Those that I’ve never tried before. I may find a new favorite.

  63. enid portnoy says:

    Its ice cream week so take a peek
    It’s safe and secure , so eat some more!
    With a choice of flavors to warn the ice
    Share ice cream with others
    They’ll think you’re so nice.

  64. Eat chocolate ice cream in my new bowl.

  65. Walter Pita says:

    I plan on celebrating national ice cream month like I do every month, by eating a lot of Turkey Hill ice cream!

  66. debbie bigelow says:

    unfortunately I work retail and I have to work. I would love to win the bowl and eat my turkey hill ice-cream after a long day at work

  67. Karen says:

    “Ice cream in the morning, ice cream in the evening, ice cream at supper time!’ (cribbed from old song that I can’t remember the real words to) Gee, I enjoy eating ice cream in the car in January.

  68. Lois Doyle says:

    We celebrate Ice Cream month twelve months each year! Hooray for Turkey Hill!!!

  69. Joan says:

    The way I always celebrate TH ice cream. Eat as much ice cream as I can. It’s my favorite snack and sometimes favorite meal when I can get away with it.

  70. Marion says:

    Of course I will celebrate July by eating ice cream every day. That is what I do every month! We were at the local pool today where the Lion’s Club served free Turkey Hill ice cream. Always a treat! I would love to have this bowl for my ice cream even though I eat it quicker than it could ever get warm;)

  71. Debbie says:

    July (and every other month of the year!) is Turkey Hill ice cream month in our house!

  72. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    This bowl is great. I would be able to finish my Turkey Hill ice cream before it melts. It would stay frozen longer and I could savor the flavor.

  73. Harriet Goldstein says:

    For me every month is National Ice Cream Month. I enjoy ice cream every day. I like trying the new Turkey Hill flavors. Our freezer is always stocked with ice cream.

  74. starting out with Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

  75. Marci Hooper says:

    I shared a carton of TH Neapolitan ice cream with my husband, my daughter-in-law, and grandson. It’s GOOD to share…especially the great taste of TH ice cream!

  76. Marci Hooper says:

    P.S. My cat, Cleo, even got a taste of vanilla!

  77. Susan Kershaw says:

    I intend to celebrate National Ice Cream Month by hopefully using that lovely bowl to share ice cream with my two young grandchildren, who would be delighted not having their ice cream melt as quickly as usual!

  78. Sally says:

    I’m going to eat ice cream as many days as I can this month. Tonight I’ll top all natural vanilla ice cream with fresh cherries.

  79. sue frantz says:

    Wow!! What a cool bowl would really keep TH from melting in this hot weather!! How wonderful to have an extra reason besides the delicious taste of Turkey Hill to eat it every day of the month to celebrate National ice Cream Month, not that I really NEED an excuse hehe

  80. Karen says:

    July is my favorite month. It’s my birthday my mom’s birthday and mom sons birthday and we all love ice cream. My birthday cake was always a Carvel Ice Cream Cake. Sorry but non Turkey Hill back in those days. Now it’s Turkey Hill for sure.

  81. Karen says:

    My calendar always looks like that. You should see my nightly spread of ice cream. It my one daily indulgence and boy to I indulge.

  82. KimB says:

    I will celebrate ice cream month by grabbing many bowls of whatever chocolate-based ice cream catches my fancy. Peanut butter cup has been my default choice for a while, but rocky road is a close contender. Please, Turkey Hill, add a few more chocolate-based choices to your line-up, and make your many chocolate-loving fans even happier than they already are.

  83. Nicole says:

    I’m eating more Turkey Hill Ice Cream as the weather is heating up.

  84. Linda G says:

    I eat turkey hill ice cream every day, it is a staple in my diet.

  85. Lara Carlson says:

    So far I’ve checked ice cream off my to do list every day this month. Eating a bowl as I type this.

  86. Janet Dietrick says:

    interesting idea

  87. Denise says:

    fill the freezer with Turkey Hill

  88. Jim in SOMD says:

    I am a little behind, as I have only had ice cream maybe 3 or 4 times this week, and now here we are on the 6th. I definitely have not had a different flavor each time, but I have had 2 flavors so far this month. Good luck, if you are attempting to have the flavor of the day on their calendar. LOL!

  89. Jay says:

    Partying with friends

  90. Maria says:

    I plan to have an ice cream social for my family.

  91. Brenda Miller says:

    I just had Vanilla ice cream with my homemade Black Raspberry Cobbler it was so good.

  92. Donna Turello says:

    I plan to eat more ice cream.

  93. Karen says:

    I plan on celebrating my favorite treat every day of the week. Hey wait I do that all the time thanks to Turkey Hill

  94. Karen says:

    I’d take every flavor per photo per day. I’m not picky.

  95. Regina L says:

    I’ll be celebrating this month with twice as much ice cream as every other month. Gotta love hot July and National Ice Cream Month!!!! …and that ice cream bowl takes the prize for a hot, National Ice Cream Day….make mine a double!

  96. pat says:

    eating ice cream for snacks any flavors is great

  97. Nancy McGuigan says:

    I am doing my part in celebrating National Ice Cream Month by buying Turkey Hill Natural Vanilla Bean as often as I can. It is my favorite which I enjoy along with Utz Butter Pretzel Sticks.

  98. Marilyn says:

    Loved ice cream from the 1950’s onward. Have July birthday so it seems appropriate to have July also be National Ice Cream Month.

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