Our last National Ice Cream Month prize: How will you keep the ice cream celebration alive all year long?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on July 31st, 2017

bowlsIs it true? Is it really almost over? We’re talking about National Ice Cream Month, which wraps up today with the end of July and the arrival of August. And while the month-long national celebration of ice cream may come to an end, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate ice cream in August, September, October, Novem—well, you get the point.

To end the month in style — and we do mean, bright and colorful style — we’re giving away a set of the Cake Boss 4-piece porcelain ice cream bowls you see on the right ($19.95 on Amazon). These 13-ounce bowls will add a splash of color to your kitchen and your nightly dessert and include cake-inspired quotes in the bottom of each bowl.

Leave a comment with how you plan to keep the ice cream celebration alive all year long and we’ll choose one comment at random to win these bowls — and some free ice cream for that celebration. Good luck!

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82 Responses to “Our last National Ice Cream Month prize: How will you keep the ice cream celebration alive all year long?”

  1. Starknitter says:

    Heep the freezer full of Turkey Hill Ice cream

    • Carly says:

      Eat ice cream. Alot. Everyday. I mean JUST ice cream. Always. For the rest of my life. (Yeah a biiiiittt drastic but hey! Ice cream is good stuff!)

  2. Keep my freezer full of chocolate peanut butter can’t get enough.

  3. Brenda Brooks says:

    I have Turkey hill ice cream twice a month now. I have Turkey hill vanilla ice cream in my coffee every morning. When my grandson come over we go shopping for more Turkey hill ice cream. Then we go outside and play. I put Turkey hill vanilla ice cream in their cocoa too. So I am having my Turkey hill ice cream all thru the year. Turkey hill ice cream is a good for you.

  4. Barbara Lima says:

    I will keep on eating ice cream!

  5. Kathy says:

    I plan to keep the ice cream celebration alive all year by keeping my refrigerator freezer stocked with ice cream for my 8 grandchildren whom I see every Sunday for dinner and Ice cream for desert. This is my famly tradition, and it helps keep us together.

  6. mark johnston says:

    stock up on butter brickle and padlock the freezer to keep the kids out

  7. Peg says:

    Do like another family member. When you are down to your last 5 gallons, go buy 10 more.

  8. We keep Turkey Hill ice cream alive all year by having a bowl of ice cream every evening for a treat . My family love ice cream and is a must at our home .

  9. Love Turkey Hill! Like those Ice Cream Bowls.

  10. Marion says:

    ALL year round I have a date with my ice cream at 10:00 every night. These bowls would make it even more fun and exciting!!

  11. Diana Beatty says:

    I would make sure I have plenty of ice cream in the freezer as we have little ones that love it. Ice cream to me is like a little taste of heaven you can never have too much so variety is the spice of life I say. Keeping ice cream on hand means you can eat it all the time or just indulge when you want that something that makes you smile.

  12. Joan says:

    We have TH ice cream all year long, as many others do. Everyone likes a different flavor, so we always have a lot of TH in freezer.
    I hate it when I run out of my TH Butter Pecan and don’t know it until I look for it. So many cartons in freezer, sometimes I don’t see I’m out until it’s too late. Right now I have 3 cartons of Butter Pecan.

  13. Carol says:

    I do keep the ice cream celebration going all year – always have, always will – with at least 2 half gallons in the freezer at all times. To be able to serve it up in these adorable bowls would be so much fun!

  14. Lydia says:

    have a backup freezer full of Turkey Hill ice cream. Yum.

  15. Joan says:

    Wanted to say, also, that I love those bowls. Look really interesting. Since I dropped my ice cream bowls taking them out of the cabinet, I need to get new ones. (Shattered all over the kitchen.)

  16. Susan Lutman says:

    I will continue eating ice cream every day. And I don’t even have grandchildren to use as an excuse!

  17. Barbara Fader says:

    To keep up the ice cream celebration alive all year long, we’ll do what we always do, offer Turkey Hill ice cream to everyone for dessert.

  18. KimB says:

    I keep the ice cream fun alive by stocking up on my favorite limited edition flavors as each comes out during the year. My favs are Deep Dark Chocolate and Box of Chocolates, and my daughter’s are Pumpkin Pie and Red Velvet Cake. Hubby is a plain vanilla kind of guy, but he still really likes his ice cream.

  19. Madeline says:

    Always have a carton of ice cream in the freezer!

  20. Paul Shapiro says:

    Sunday is my perpetual Ice Cream Day. It is a tradition, now…
    which isn’t to say that I don’t eat Turkey Hill other days as well

  21. Debbie Bigelow says:

    If I win I will enjoy eating my turkey hill ice-cream to the last spoon full with these nice bowls. Not that I don’t enjoy it already

  22. janice fitch says:

    We always have Turkey Hill ice cream in our freezer. My father worked in your freezers until his retirement. We always had Turkey hill ice cream. Since his passing , the tradition continues.

  23. Will eat icecream many different ways sundaes ,pie alamode ,milk shakes and just plane ice cream or with a topping oh yes banana splits

  24. Andrea says:

    Turkey Hill ice cream ANYTIME and would love to serve it in these bowls. My grandchildren would think they are special!

  25. Louis Chiacchere says:

    You can keep ice cream alive all year round by doing what yo have been doing for years. That is introducing new flavors every month and keeping thoughts of ice cream in everyone’s mind. I do not know why we only have one month of celebration.

  26. caroline of Manalapan says:

    Hubby says a day without ice cream ain’t a good day so he doesn’t care whether its ice cream month or not

  27. susan says:

    Every visit to my local grocery store I will pick up a Turkey Hill ice cream!!!

  28. pat says:

    buy a different flavor at least once a month that I have never tried

  29. Ellen says:

    To keep the ice cream celebration alive all year long we will continue to buy Turkey Hill ice cream and eat it on our porch all year long, even in the winter when it’s cold out there and snow is on the ground!

  30. Lou B says:

    Try new flavors.

  31. How will I keep the ice cream celebration alive all year long? Why that’s a great question to which I have a very simple and to the point answer which is………………by ALWAYS ALWAYS having Turkey Hill Ice Cream in my freezer 365 days.

    p.s. those bowls are just too cute

  32. Mary Anne Powell says:

    You always need TH ice cream in the freezer!!!! It’s the greatest and these bowls are pretty cute also.

  33. Lisa Kerstein says:

    Will have Turkey Hill ice cream in the freezer all year long and would love to have these bowls to enjoy the ice cream even more, though really, bowl or now bowl ice is delicious!

  34. Karen says:

    Well, when T. Hill is on sale and all those fine flavors are just sitting there on the shelves you just have to buy one or two cartons. Let’s face it, you feel good after you gobble a cone or a dish of Red Velvet Cake, or Tin Roof Sundae, or Vanilla Fudge, or …They don’t call it “comfort food” for no reason.

  35. Sally says:

    We’ll have TH ice cream as often as we can throughout the year.

  36. Sue says:

    We never have less than 2 containers of TH ice cream in our freezer, usually at least 4. I stock up any time its on sale. Soooo EVERY month is National Ice Cream Month here!

  37. Amy says:

    I will keep my freezer stocked with Turkey Hill ice cream!

  38. gianna says:

    How will I keep the celebration going? The better question might be, will the celebrations ever end? Not unless you stop making T.H. Ice Cream! 😉

  39. Linda says:

    Love to have the beautiful bowls. But all I need is a spoon and turkey hill ice cream. And may be some sprinkles

  40. diane says:

    Keep the celebration alive year long by eating bowlfuls of TH ice cream-any flavor will do as long as it is Turkey Hill

  41. Liz S. says:

    I enjoy seasonal and year-round Turkey Hill ice cream flavors.

  42. Janet Dietrick says:

    by not neglecting the frozen yogurt

  43. I bought a brand new freezer with alot more room to buy extra ice cream . I plan to keep the year long flavors to keep coming .

  44. We keep Turkey Hill Ice cream celebration alive by eating it every evening after dinner. It is always our favorite.

  45. Barb says:

    Keeping more Turkey Hill Ice Cream in my freezer!!

  46. Genny Wenger says:

    Supper is always eaten fast because we have Turkey Hill ice cream for desert. Husband likes Rasberry, Bing Cherry, Chocolate Marshmellow. I love the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and the hard to find Rum Raisin and of course the regular vanilla as I could do so much with it. Tonight we had fresh cut up peaches with vanilla ice cream. Delicious. We are both in our 70’s and the bowls12 would add some color to our drab bowls.

  47. Cathy says:

    we celebrate ice cream everyday. Just bought 3 cartons of Turkey hill last week as it is a nightly treat here and also the grandkids look for it when they are here.

  48. Denise says:

    we’ll just keep eating ice cream

  49. Ice cream is the only dessert that I cannot do without so I plan to keep it in my freezer all year and take it to all of my special activities.

  50. elr says:

    Ice Cream doesn’t last long in our house anytime of the year.
    I keep 6 cartons in the freezer at all time.

  51. sandi mojzuk says:

    By eating Turkey Hill ice cream every night while watching TV. Sometime twice on Sundays…

  52. Elsie Nicolette says:

    Ice cream is a regular part of our diet, an essential food group eaten regularly. We have never felt the need to wait til July to indulge in ice cream. So we will continue as before!

  53. Lynnora Sims says:

    it’s ALWAYS summer in my house! Freezer is always stocked with Turkey Hill!!!!

  54. Diane says:

    Just make sure that there is always Turkey Hill ice cream in my freezer at all times! It will be there for my guests & friends & relatives but especially for me!

  55. I have Turkey Hill every day, Ice Cream is my only snack, I have 4 cartons at all times ,all year round. I have it every night, it’s the best way to relax at the end of the day. Right now I eat mind in a big blue metal cup, Also I have tried others But I only like Turkey Hill.

  56. Donna McCauley says:

    I will buy Turkey Hill ice cream the rest of the year and eat it every night and share with my whole family

  57. Sarah says:

    Start a petition to have 2018 be the Year of Ice Cream.


  59. We prefer ice cream to any other dessert and always keep Turkey Hill in our freezer–summer or winter.

  60. Linda Savitz says:

    I love “Turkey Hill” ice cream. I have it winter and summer!! I just bought Dutch Chocolate last night. YUMMY!! I also got the orange cream for my hubby!! He loves it too!!

  61. sue frantz says:

    I eat ice cream every day, so I’ll keep that tradition going all year long!! Trying your new flavors is always fun too…

  62. Denise brown says:

    Ice-cream month day, week, year and the list goes on is never over in this house we love ice cream and these beautiful bowls would be a perfect fit!

  63. Donna Keller says:

    Love those bowls, TH ice cream would look good in them. Wish I could find more TH ice cream with light or no sugar added. Then I would eat more ice cream.

  64. mary ann herrmann says:

    …i’ll be keeping the celebration alive by eating Turkey Hill ice cream daily as I do now. would love to win these awesome bowls, even though I “dig” right into the carton, I’m ashamed to say. as ever, thanks, TH!!

  65. Elaine Garfield says:

    who needs a special month to eat this frozen delight

  66. Ann King says:

    We have ice cream for dessert several times per week, ether alone or with cake, pie, or something else. That is not just to celebrate ice cream month but all year long. As long as you keep making the stuff, we will keep eating it!

  67. Jo Ann says:

    I have Turkey Hill in the freezer all year long. My body does not care what the temperature is outside. Love the Turkey Hill flavors.

  68. Cate Weeder says:

    I will eat ice cream every day! I would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner, but… well… not conducive to a diet, y’know? so I will eat it daily!!

  69. Charlotte Ramlow says:

    Month for ice cream, no everyday is ice cream day?

  70. Lee Carr says:

    how sad to see July end but how wonderful to see this beautiful prize being offered to us

  71. CHRISTINE says:


  72. Vera Howard says:

    These dishes will brighten up our shelve in the cabinet. Every one will love to eat TH ice cream.

  73. Jim in SOMD says:

    the bowls look nice and will be a perfect addition to any home

  74. Heather Bruinsma says:

    Eating lots and lots of ice cream in these bowls!

  75. Love the ice cream bowls.

  76. Ron says:

    In my world ice cream month lasts 365 days!

  77. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    Beautiful bowls to use when eating ice cream now and for the rest of the year. Keep the celebration going!!

  78. Linda says:

    Since my daughter got pregnant, I been getting her cravings and had a craving for Vanilla Fudge Oreo but can not seen to find it.

  79. Marie says:

    By continuing to purchase Turkey Hill, keep the freezer stocked and eating it as my official dessert. My husband LOVES his Turkey Hill. Have plenty of room for our Turkey Hill. Have a freezer chest and a refrigeraor with freezer in the basement and a fridge with freezer upstairs in my kitchen. Should I get more freezers???

  80. jay says:


  81. Betty says:

    eating Turkey Hill no matter what

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