October prize: Which of these hoodies do you like best?

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on October 3rd, 2017


October has arrived, which means two things: It’s officially fall and it’s officially hoodie season! To help you get your fall wardrobe in order, we’re paying a visit to the “sweatshirt” page of our online store and giving away one of those hoodies to one lucky fan.

To enter, just leave a comment with which of the FOUR hoodies you see above (you can also check them out in our store) you like best. We’ll choose one fan at random to win the cozy garment of your choice!

While you think about your selection, here are a few fun facts about fall to help get you in the mood:

pic5YOU SAY TOMATO… – While Americans typically use the word “fall,” the British use the word “autumn.” (Americans typically only use the word when they’re writing blog entries about the season and don’t want to use the word “fall” over and over again.)

FALL BABIES – People born between September and November are more likely to live to 100 than those who were born in other times of the year. Fall babies (and those born in the winter) are also more likely to be athletic than those born in the spring and summer.

HARVEST TIME – Up until the year 1500 (roughly, at least), autumn was known as “harvest” and the full moon closest to the autumn equinox was known as a harvest moon. The bright night of the harvest moon came in handy during those pre-electricity days, as farmers used the moonlight to harvest crops.

THE COLORS OF FALL – The yellow and orange colors of fall leaves are in leaves year round but don’t appear because of chlorophyll in leaves makes them green. It isn’t until fall, when the sun weakens and chlorophyll diminishes that the fall colors begin to appear. (Bonus fact: Red and purple leaves are caused by tree sap sugars trapped inside the leaves.)

BUSY SQUIRRELS – It’s true that squirrels spend much of their time in the fall collecting acorns and other food, but it’s not to prepare for a winter of hibernation. While they do spend much of the winter in nests while snacking on their fall harvest, squirrels often come out in winter in search of food they buried in the fall.

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168 Responses to “October prize: Which of these hoodies do you like best?”

  1. Hazel says:

    blue-grey quarter zip!

  2. Carly says:

    I definitely love the gray one! Gray compliments every color, it’s simple, yet fun, and looks super cozy! I absolutely adore hoodies and if I get the gray one, I will wear it all the time!

  3. I love autumn! Pumpkin is a delight. As to the hoodies, I would choose #1. I love the color, aqua like a tropical ocean, but also it zips all the way down so it can be worn more than one way. I wear hoodies all the time. I always buy the full zippered ones.

  4. Jenny says:

    Blue hoodie

  5. Susan Morris says:

    love Turkey Hill products ,and would like the tye-dyed shirt

  6. Eileen says:

    Love the full zip, aqua hoodie! This way, when I eat too much Turkey Hill ice cream (like always!), I can leave it unzipped for comfort!!

  7. Barbara says:

    I love all of the them, but the mint green one reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, 1 of my favorite flavors .

  8. Pam says:

    The gray hoodie with the quarter zipper is definitely my favorite.

  9. Terry says:

    I like the gray Quarter-Zip hoodie the best. Wow, it is nice ! What a great prize. That’s some interesting information on “fall babies”. Yep, I’m a fall baby, looking forward to my 100th birthday. 🙂

  10. Tyne Caouette says:

    I love the quarter zip, the color is my favorite.

  11. Sue McDonald says:

    I like the half zip hoodie. Neutral color, easier to put on with the zip, and very stylish. Will work with a lot of outfits. Looks so comfortable.

  12. Char Ipacs says:

    I love the grey hoodie It will go with whatever I wear

  13. Kathleen Ragona says:

    I love the tie dyed ! It’s a beautiful color to brighten up fall!

  14. CHRISTINE says:


  15. Susan J says:

    I’m torn between the mint and the blue-gray. The mint is so pretty and it is full-zippered while the blue-gray is more practical in a neutral way but it’s only half-zippered. Hmmm…Guess I’ll go with the mint! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Amy says:

    Great information to read. Love all the hoodies but probably the blue best.

  17. karen says:

    I love the Tye dyed hoodie! Great colors and so cheery.

  18. Navy blue pullover looks great!

  19. I like the mint green hoodie. It’s so fresh looking.I would love it in my wardrobe.

  20. Bobbi Rodemaker says:

    I like the aqua one.

  21. The blue one with the red print! Looks bold and has a great background color.

  22. The Light Green one looks Sharp but I would wear the Navy one.

  23. Kim Sprague says:

    I please need that Tye dye one. It represents all my favorite flavor of Turkey hill ice cream I am tiny and need a Woman’s small /medium. lol I was able to get my favorite fall flavor today Pumpkin Pie I got 6 containers I stock up on it when It becomes available as it it the best ever!!!!!! Please pick me!!!!!! I love Turkey Hill.

  24. Cynthia Stacey says:

    I like the blue the best with the emblem in the middle in red – Turkey Hill!

  25. Sue says:

    I prefer full front zip hoodies, but I LOVE tie dyed! So either of those 2 would be my favorite. Hmm,,, new flavor of TH ice cream,, Tie Dyed,,, all different colors/flavors together!

  26. millie says:

    I dark blue it stands out and everyone can see turkey hill just love it size med thanks turkey hill

  27. Sandra Kujawski says:

    I love the tie dyed one best for the colors. But, for fit I would prefer a a 1/4 zip style.

  28. lee carr says:

    I like the a full zipper, no an overhead, but I prefer the dark blue color to the light blue

  29. Sherri Rosen says:

    The greenish one. This way people can see me wearing it at night and see how cool I look in it.

  30. JANET says:

    i love the gray hoodie with the quarter zipper it’s my favorite . it looks so cozy.
    i enjoy the information on fall babies, i’m a fall baby(november)

  31. Nina Hilson says:

    i love the tye dye because it brings back so many memories of the 70″s!!!! so glad the pumpkin ice cream is back!!! my favorite time of the year!!! love turkey hill!!!

  32. john carrabino says:

    I’ll give you a hint.it’s mint

  33. Gail Watson says:

    Love the color gray and that would be my choose. I love hoodies they are so comfortable. Winning this would be great! Love Turkey Hill Ice Cream! Love everything pumpkin!

  34. Bob says:

    I’m a low key guy so I go for the gray one.

  35. Cheryl White says:

    UMMM hard decision I think the Aqua one first and then the grey. I would LOVE one of these.

  36. Elaine Garfield says:

    aqua is my idea of lovely

  37. Michelle says:

    Quarter Zip Gray!

  38. Donna Keller says:

    Aqua or blue one. love them both.

  39. stuart hammerle says:

    Tie Dye Sweatshirt.

  40. Cheryl says:

    I like the aqua one with the purple writing the best

  41. Carrie Conley says:

    The navy blue

  42. mark johnston says:

    the gray hoodie would be my pick

  43. buttmuffin says:

    i love the grey one!!

  44. Diana McDonald says:

    3/4 zip hoodie

  45. Geraldine Sim says:

    Blue with red print! Looks bold.

  46. Jim in SOMD says:

    I grew up in the 60’s, having been born in the early 50’s, so I guess that might be the reasoning behind my decision to go with the Tye dyed version of the hoodies. Far out man!

  47. Sheila Barto says:

    any hoodie would be great they are all nice but my favorite would be the aqua, cause it zipps all the way down.

  48. caroline of Manalapan says:

    I’m not into sweatshirts but hubby is. I asked him and he prefers the navy blue one. Maybe if I won that he MIGHT give up one of his raggy ones.

  49. Harriet G. says:

    The hoodie that I like best is the Aqua one. Aqua is one of my favorite colors and I like the idea of a full zipper.

  50. sue frantz says:

    I like the turquoise one best–with the full zipper it’s very versatile for autumn days–when it gets warm you can unzip and zip back up if it gets a bit chilly!!

  51. Sharon says:

    I like the aqua one with the full zipper.domingos

  52. Denise says:

    Navy blue with red Turkey Hill

  53. Barb says:

    Blue Hoodie.

  54. Definitely the aqua one. All are great, though.

  55. Lisa Kerstein says:

    I love the Teal one on the top left. It’s bright and I love the color

  56. I I were to be picked, I would love to have the adult tie-dye hoodie. I would wear the hoodie proudly and there would be no doubt that I love Turkey Hill.

  57. mary ann herrmann says:

    …tie-dyed works for me. absolutely lovin’ it, TH. and as always, thanks for the opportunity to be “a winner”. y’all are the very best.

  58. I love the tye die! Awesome!

  59. i like the mint zip up

  60. enid portnoy says:

    Fall with its cool fresh air and its energetic push for vigorous activity, is the perfect time for ice cream parties and ice cream after school treats, followed by relaxing licks under a sweatshirt with more of that ” get-up-and-reach” for another scoop of Turkey Hill!

  61. Judy Pietro says:

    I love Turkey Hill and I LOVE the blue one–it’s as red, white, and blue All American as Turkey Hill Ice Cream is!

  62. Joe Greco says:

    I like the gray sweatshirt.

  63. Marion says:

    They are all nice, but I would go with the aqua one because it has a full zipper. All the Fall information was interesting and fun to read. Thanks!

  64. Nora says:

    OMG I love them all, but, if I had to choose it would be the dark blue as that’s my favorite color!

  65. Love the mint green and the gray hoodie .

  66. Debbie says:

    I love the Turkey Hill mint full-zip! Couple that with a few scoops of Turkey Hill choco mint chip ice cream and I’ll be set!

  67. Nancy Solomon says:

    Love the hoodie with the different fall colors. Is there anything better than variety either in hoodie colors or Turkey Hill ice cream flavors. I’ll take them all.

  68. gianna says:

    October MY Birthday month! I lke the grey 1/4 zippered (since I have so many full zippered hoodies this would be a nice change).
    Thanks for the chance to win one of your great hoodies!

  69. Gail Scott says:

    I like the grey quarter zip hoodie. I prefer small lettering on my clothing and this one fits the bill.

  70. Vicki Spokes says:

    My favorite is the turquoise one!

  71. Peggy says:

    Light Blue zipper Hoodie.

  72. Joanne Vanderheite says:

    I Love the teal one. Hope I win

  73. Liz S. says:

    I love the Navy THD Pullover.

  74. Latasha Perry says:

    I Most Definitely Love The Tye-Dye Sweatshirt. The colors are bright and colorful, and this sweatshirt can be paired with SOoooooo many styles and color’s of pant’s, shorts, sweatpants etc. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  75. The aqua Hoodie is my choice. By the way, Turkey Hill has the best flavors of any ice cream in the supermarket!

  76. maryann suto says:

    I would love to win the aqua hoodie. That is one of my favorite colors. Thank you for the chance.

  77. Phyllis J Alexander says:

    I love the mint zip up, it’s beautiful!!!

  78. Sue hulme says:

    Love the tie dye one

  79. Sally says:

    I would choose the blue grey quarter zip hoodie.

  80. Betty says:

    anyone they all look cool

  81. Jeffrey says:

    As an ancient hippie, tie dye!

  82. I love the color of Hoodie #1 plus you can wear it all year in the Fall unzipped days zipped at night, under your coat in Winter zipped, in the Spring zipped and or unzipped, and finally in the Summer at the shore in the cool evenings on the boardwalk unzipped.

  83. pattie Annoni says:

    I Love the Mint one, its uplifting, a happy color, it’s puts a smile on my face its very up beat!

  84. Michele Riggs says:

    The Teal and Pink full zip just love that color !

  85. Valerie C. says:

    Quarter-Zip (blue/gray)

  86. Michael Eddy says:

    I like the blue one with the big TURKEY HILL in red letters and the Lancaster, PA. underneath. Colorful and eye catching.

  87. Helen says:

    I like the gray one..looks snugly!

  88. Cate Weeder says:

    The grey one!! That is a wonderful color that would compliment everything!

  89. Marge says:

    The aqua shirt would be wonderful for me as I have been told by friends that it is the perfect color for my very blue eyes.
    I have a blouse in that shade so the hoodie would be nice.
    I will keep my fingers crossed.

  90. Teri says:

    The navy blue sweatshirt

  91. Joan says:

    I believe I would choose the mint green full zip. I also like the navy blue one. Thanks for asking.

  92. Joan says:

    On another subject, I just tried Pumpkin Pie ice cream again. It is delicious. I want to fill up a bowl right now. But, as everyone knows, we have to pace ourselves, so I’ll wait a little longer and then I’ll fill up a bowl.

  93. Wanda says:

    Full zip aqua for me.

  94. Gayle says:

    Love the Tie Dye Hoodie. It reminds me of the time when I tie dyed t-shirts. Thank you Turkey Hill!

  95. Laurie Brahl says:

    Love the navy! It also boldly advertises Lancaster County where you are located.

  96. Karen Legee says:

    I love the blue one because the name of my favorite ice cream is prominently displayed. It’s terrific!

  97. pat says:

    the aqua hoodie is my choice

  98. Darrel says:

    I like the green one in the upper left corner. It reminds me of either Turkey Hill Pistachio Almond or Mint Chocolate Chip.

  99. Barb says:

    They all look warm and comfy but my favorite is the aqua hoodie

  100. Guy says:

    Has to be the tie- dyed one

  101. Love, love the minty one!

  102. Hi

    Love them all but the Minty one has my ice cream heart!

  103. Elsie Nicolette says:

    I really like the Mint Zip-up, both for its color and the full zipper!

  104. diane says:

    Mint zip up is my choice-reminds me of TH Mint Chocolate Ice Cream and it states Lancaster PA which is the birthplace of TH the best ice cream around!

  105. Patti says:

    Fullzip aqua!

  106. Lynnora Sims says:

    All are really nice, but i love the blue one! The color is gorgeous!!

  107. Definitely the aqua one is my favorite and with the Turkey Hill logo on it, everyone will know that I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream. It would also bring up the discussion of how much fun I had when my late husband and I visited the Turkey Hill Experience and created our own flavors in the tasting lab.

  108. Sandra Carpenter says:

    I like the multi – color sweatshirt.

  109. Carol says:

    The teal one really speaks to me – and would easily brighten up an overcast Fall day. I bet it feels really cozy too!

  110. Claudia says:

    They are all cool but I would have to pick the Aqua with a full length zipper as my first choice 🙂

  111. Sarah says:

    Guess I’m showing my age but the tie day hoodie would not be for me. They are all nice and look comfy but I would choose the aqua because that is one of my favorite colors.

  112. I like the quarter-zip hoodie in gray. I’ll be wearing it when I eat my Turkey Hill ice cream.

  113. Angela says:

    The Aqua Hoodie, Love the Color stands out the most.

  114. I LOVE, lOVE, lOVE, THE GREY BLUE QUARTER ZIP Hoodie ! Just Like I Love, Love, Love your Ice Cream! Discovered it in Saint Peters Missouri Schnucks store. Chocolate Marshmallow is Terrific ! Your Marshmallow is actually gooey unlike other brands that are extremely hard!

  115. Karen D'Ambrosio says:

    Love, love the navy blue sweatshirt with the bold Turkey Hill logo. Would proudly wear it all season long!

  116. Mike Swope says:

    I like the grey one with the logo over the left breast. It looks more dignified than the others.

  117. Janet Dietrick says:

    Quarter Zip Hoodie

  118. I like the Aqua Teal one on the top left.

  119. Robin Ames says:

    They’re all cool. I don’t know which one to pick! If I win, YOU pick for me!

  120. Toni Shields says:

    The blue pull over hoodie. it looks nice

  121. Diane says:

    I like the grey hoodie! I think it’s classy!

  122. I’m a fan of the dark blue hoodie!

  123. Jennifer Barr says:


  124. carol hunsucker says:

    I absolutely love the Mint Zip Up Hoodie. I would love to win it.

  125. Tracy says:

    I love the Aqua one!

  126. I like the Tye-Dye sweat shirt

  127. mary lichty says:

    the mint would be my choice

  128. Helen Vose says:

    I prefer the multi-colored sweatshirt as it reminds me of the season and looks the ‘happiest’.

  129. Ann King says:

    I love them all but the aqua one is my favorite. I cannot think of fall without thinking if Thanksgiving and all that wonderful food and special time with friends and family. I would be in trouble with them if I served pumpkin pie without the pumpkin pie ice cream. It has become a family tradition with us.

  130. Anne says:

    I like the first hoodie with the full zipper. I love the aqua color and the print color

  131. Donna says:

    The blue-grey quarter zip

  132. beth says:

    Adult Tie Dye Sweatshirt

  133. Carol Schmitz says:

    Navy THD Pullover

  134. Carolyn Barnett says:

    I love the Adult Tie Dye Sweatshirt

  135. Brenda Brooks says:

    I love the colorful one. Make me think of all the different kinds of Turkey hill ice cream. Andrinks. Turkey hill has the most and best colorful ice cream

  136. Joseph Hale says:

    A child of the 60s tie dye was my time still

  137. ann shriberg says:

    I love the mint one as I like the full zipper in the event I get too warm

  138. Karen says:

    For sure, the navy blue hooded sweatshirt with the big red TURKEY HILL emblazoned upon it is the coolest looking one. I would be proud to wear it.

  139. Linda says:

    The aqua hoodie is my favorite.

  140. renee says:

    i love the tie die hoodie

  141. I love the Aqua Hoodie, and would think of Turkey Hill every time I wear it.

  142. elizabeth miller says:

    My 12 year old says she loves the Mint Zip up hoodie and I have to say, I agree with her. It is too cute and the color is great.

  143. carl bogner says:

    bottom left could wear it any where

  144. Bob Kessler Jr says:

    I like the blue hoodie. It looks like an athletic team name on front.

  145. Lisa Krajewski says:

    I like the grey one!

  146. Irene says:

    The Aqua full-zip would make a great birthday present for my October birthday!!!

  147. Luci DeBord says:

    I like the Navy Blue. You can clearly see the Turkey Hill on the sweatshirt. I would proudly wear this sweatshirt.

  148. Marie says:

    I likethe navy THD pullover. It will go with ANYTHING I wear!!!!!!!

  149. Dawn Davis says:

    I LOVE sweatshirts! Especially hoodies. I really like the blue/gray 1/4 zip. I don’t have a 1/4 zip and would proudly wear my Turkey Hill sweatshirt if I am chosen

  150. Dorina Shaak says:

    I love the Turkey Hill Experience hoodie to wear on October 14 th. For ” THE TURKEY HILL EXPERIENCE” so colorful and fun. I’ll be traveling from Myrtle Beach to Allentown especially for this agenda. I will be bringing my three Grandchildren

  151. Mary Anne Powell says:

    Love the navy one with TH spelled out in big letters!!!

  152. Heather Bruinsma says:

    I love the colors of the Mint Zip Up. Thanks for the contest! Turkey Hill is AWESOME!!! I love me some Double Dunker!!!

  153. Jim says:

    The blue one with red lettering is the best.

  154. Reggie says:

    I like the grey on. It can be sported with a variety of clothes.

  155. Bill Payne says:

    Blue Gray hoodie with the understated logo.

    We love the Banana Split ice cream, nobody makes anything better.

  156. Bill Payne says:

    Blue gray hoodie with the understated logo.

    Turkey Hill’s banana split is the best there is. I’m a fan of yours because your ice cream keeps in a freezer without getting all gooey & icy.

  157. jay says:

    Grey (1/4 zip) all the way

  158. Lynda White says:

    Turkey Hill you are the best ice cream is 100% better than Breyers and the only Iced Tea I like
    Would love to win the ty died hoodie or Aqua jacket like a 3x
    Thank You keep up the good work

  159. Colleen says:

    I love the mint zip hoodie! Can’t wait for it to get a little cooler here so I can start wearing hoodies.

  160. Michelle Trask says:

    My favorite sweatshirt is the light blue/green one with the hot pink writing. It’s got a full zip, a hood, and is super cute with your logo on it!!

  161. soulcat says:

    Rainbow for sure

  162. Audrey says:

    aqua w/ the purple or pink lettering

  163. Deena Rood says:

    My husband would like the blue gray with the quarter zipper in XL. Thanks.

  164. Donna Rompallo says:

    I really like the tie dyed, but I think I would have to choose the mint green (my favorite color) because I like a full zipper. The mint green is such a beautiful spring like soft color. Just love it!

  165. The tie-dye one is the best, you’ll never get hit with a car wearing that one!!!!!

  166. Mary says:

    blue hoodie (pink letters!)

  167. Linda Leonard says:

    I like the mint zip up!

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