Christmas in Lancaster County: An Amish handcrafted tractor from Shady Maple Smorgasbord!

Posted by Turkey Hill Team on December 4th, 2017


We mentioned in our last post about our “Christmas in Lancaster County” gift giveaway happening throughout December over on the Turkey Hill Nation. Our first gift has been posted to the Nation’s Scoop page, so stop by and leave a comment on the post to be entered to win.

The first gift is the Amish handcrafted tractor and hay wagon you see above from the Shady Maple Smorgasbord gift shop.If you’ve ever visited Lancaster County, you know that our homestyle all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants are legendary, and Shady Maple is one of the best around. They’ve also got a legendary gift shop, which is where we found this adorable wooden tractor.

Leave a comment on the Scoop post with your favorite homestyle buffet menu item and we’ll choose one at random to win this tractor!


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47 Responses to “Christmas in Lancaster County: An Amish handcrafted tractor from Shady Maple Smorgasbord!”

  1. jennifer says:


  2. chris says:

    defenetly love the Dinner Feature: Prime Rib Night – Hand Carved Prime Rib

  3. diane says:

    What a great gift for a child – and hand made at that!!! I don’t have a favorite homestyle menu choice-I am game for anything that tastes good!

  4. Jay says:

    Want a real tractor to lots of Turkey Hill ice cream home.

  5. sue frantz says:

    That is so cute, and the most basic of toys is always best for childrens’ imaginations…I love everything at Shady Maple–but the make your own sundae bar and shoo fly pie are tops on my list!

  6. Elaine Garfield says:

    I like chicken dishes best, honestly though, desserts are a top fave with me

  7. maria koval says:

    prime rib

  8. sonny drummond says:

    Give this Country Boy Fried Chicken…I have a 2 year old Great Grandson that would LOVE his Papa to death over a new truck as he is the “Apple of my Eye”
    Merry Christmas Turkey Hill

  9. JANET says:

    chicken pot pie,fried chicken, i love chicken .the dessert bar is wonderrful !
    i would love the tractor , much joy i would get watching my grandchildren using their imagination

  10. Turkey Tom says:

    Hot turkey, Mashed ‘taters and gravy – I’m getting in the car right now….

  11. Nayeem says:

    perfect desserts…

  12. Robin Ames says:

    Anything with sweet potatoes in it would be my pick.

  13. lee carr says:

    how good, I know a grandson who wood enjoy this

  14. Debra Rusovick says:

    Fried chicken!!! My grandson would absolutely love this!

  15. Jim in SOMD says:

    Christmas in Lancaster County! I verified my email, so I am set for the transition on January 1st. I am wondering, with the transition, will the stars still be included with our comments? I was close to 5 stars, when all of sudden, I was back to 1. Now I am up to 3 again, and will that all be for naught? Good luck to everyone, and during this month of December, happy holidays! Good omen, my ReCAPTCHA is NOEL!

  16. Marge says:

    Any pasta dish will do for me.

  17. Lydia says:

    never been there but if they serve Turkey Hill they got to be great I would say an old fashioned pot roast

  18. Wanda Conrad says:

    My daughter and I have gone to Lancaster County and we’ve eaten at the Shady Maple and have enjoyed it so much

  19. Carol Sweigart says:

    Breakfast is BEST! Great way to start the day!

  20. Sue says:

    This would be awesome to win for my granddaughter!

  21. Ann King says:

    there are so many items on the menu I love but my favorite is mac and cheese. The chicken dishes are a close second.

  22. Amy says:

    Mashed potatoes and smoked turkey are my favorites

  23. Any homestyle meal gets me going!

  24. Judi says:

    I would have to say desserts, too!

  25. Bonnie Witte says:

    Love all the veggie dishes!

  26. Marion says:

    I’ve never been to Shady Maple, but my neighbor would love the tractor!

  27. CarolK says:

    We absolutely LOVE Shady Maple!! Our DIL introduced us and we keep coming back. And my grandson would LOVE the truck!!

  28. Sarah says:

    Love everything at Shady Maple but especially their Harvard beets. This tractor would be perfect for my 2 1/2 yr old great-grandson, Hayden.

  29. Denise says:


  30. Joan says:

    Love the hand made tractor.

  31. Donna L. Keller says:

    Chicken, seafood, pasta, ham. Oh there are so many.

  32. janice fitch says:

    Would love to win this wagon

  33. Greg S says:

    Great old-fashioned wagon & tractor!
    Just like all the homestyle food at the Maple Shade Smorgasbord and,of course lets not forget, the Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!!

  34. Cherin says:

    There is nothing more awesome thank wooden toys!
    This reminds me of my childhood. Great construction and
    durability. Long lasting fun!! My little nephew would love this!

    SMORGASBORD LUNCH is to die for… the breads and cheeses, omg!

  35. Darrel says:

    Wow, That is so neat. Leave it up to my favorite ice cream company to show such an interesting little tractor.

  36. Clarence Hoop says:

    Great Train

  37. Bryan Carr says:

    Please consider making the Pumpkin Pie a year round flavor. If unable, please direct me to a retailer willing to order
    240 cartons for me so I have enough to last until this time next year 🙂

  38. Mary Anne Powell says:

    I’ve never been but guess I will have to visit. Would love the tractor since it would go with a hand carved truck that we have.

  39. Erika Barr says:


  40. Karen says:

    My nephew would really enjoy this.

  41. umer says:

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