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Monday, June 9th, 2008

June is National Dairy Month. It’s sort of like a warm up for National Ice Cream Month (July), but it includes other milk-based goodies like cheese and yogurt. Did you know that milk is the official beverage of Pennsylvania? It’s true. Dairy is also the largest part of Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry (over $1.5 billion annually).

To help celebrate National Dairy Month, several key figures from the state dairy industry gathered on the steps of capitol in Harrisburg last week. Among the items on the agenda was the creation of a giant ice cream sundae made with 90 gallons of Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream. The super-sized dessert was topped with 10 gallons of chocolate fudge, 10 gallons of strawberries, 30 pounds of chopped pecans and a ball of cherries. 

Below is a picture of the treat (photo taken by the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association). On the left is Pennsylvania Dairy Princess, Lyndsey Royek and on the right is Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Dennis C. Wolff.