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Thursday, April 1st, 2010

After just one day, our new “Turkey Day Triple Fudge” flavor has received a lot of feedback here on the Ice Cream Journal, mostly due to the fact that it contains real turkey and sweet potato. Yes, it’s ice cream with meat.

Many of you were very honest in voicing your opinion that you were not excited about this new addition to the Turkey Hill ice cream line-up. We appreciate your very sincere feedback. Other steadfast ice cream lovers said they’d give it a shot. We thank you for your brave vote of confidence.

Regardless of which side you’re on, we’re happy to announce that we were just kidding about the Turkey Day Triple Fudge flavor! Yes, it was our attempt at an April Fool’s joke. We hope no one is too disappointed that they won’t be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in their ice cream, but we get the feeling not too many people will be upset about it!

To make up for the prank, we’ll give away a container of Turkey Hill ice cream to five comments chosen at random from this post. We promise that none of the containers contain real turkey or any other type of poultry.


Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Over the past 30 years, Turkey Hill has created a variety of new ice cream and frozen dessert products, but the one we’re about to unveil here is without a doubt our most unusual flavor yet. After many months of research and testing, Turkey Hill Dairy is proud to announce a new fall Limited Edition super premium ice cream flavor called “Turkey Day Triple Fudge.”

Turkey Day Triple Fudge is designed to take the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner and unite them in a very rich, creamy, frosty dessert. It does that by combining super premium chocolate ice cream with morsels of real turkey covered in dark chocolate swirled with sweet potato, chocolate fudge and cranberry sauce. Yes, you read that right – it contains real turkey and a sweet potato swirl.

Before you scoff at the thought of poultry in your ice cream, you should know that many people here at Turkey Hill Dairy thought the same thing when the idea was first discussed in our quarterly new product development meeting last summer. As many of may know, unusual ice cream ingredients – including meat – have been popular in Asian ice cream flavors for many years. Recently, the trend has made successful appearances in certain European ice cream shops and Turkey Hill Dairy is happy to introduce the concept here in the United States.

Yes, it’s a bold move, but if our own ice cream guru, Ernie, likes it, you know it’s got to be good. Ernie has been quoted as saying the flavor can “turn a vegetarian into a meat lover, one scoop at a time!” (Speaking of Ernie, some of you may be wondering why Turkey Day Triple Fudge was given the internal codename “Nine,” as revealed in Ernie’s blog entry earlier this month. The reason was because in initial consumer focus group testing, the new flavor received a score of nine out of 10 in taste, which is a very high ranking!)

Turkey Day Triple Fudge will be available wherever Turkey Hill ice cream is sold beginning in late October and will likely remain on shelves through December. If sales are strong enough, we may consider making it a year-round permanent part of the Turkey Hill ice cream line-up!