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Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Last month we wrote about a 91-year-old woman whose doctor remarked that he’d never in all his years of practicing medicine seen someone of her age with so much energy and liveliness. We also revealed that the super woman in question ate Turkey Hill ice cream every day.

We reached out to the ice cream lover the other day with a phone call and she was more than happy to talk to us. Her name is May, she sounds not a day over 60, and she lives in a retirement community in New Jersey. Early in our conversation, she wanted to set the record straight about her age: she’s not 91 years old, she’s 95 years old and healthier than ever!

When asked about her favorite ice cream flavor, May replied that good old fashioned Turkey Hill Vanilla & Chocolate (the combo flavor) is her go-to frozen treat. She also revealed that she eats three containers of Turkey Hill ice cream each week and that she’d never visited Lancaster County, which prompted an invitation from us to visit our neck of the woods and stop by the Dairy for a VIP tour. This week, May took us up on the offer and visited the Dairy with her son and granddaughter for a tour (that’s her below with Ernie).

Before we ended our conversation with May, we asked her to reveal her secret to a long, healthy life, to which she replied simply, “Think positive and eat ice cream.” Hard to argue with that!


Monday, October 11th, 2010

In past years here on the Ice Cream Journal we’ve hosted a recipe contest featuring Turkey Hill’s holiday-themed ice cream flavors. This year, we’re doing things a bit differently. We call it “The Super Sundae Recipe Contest” and it’s pretty simple.

Send us your best or favorite ice cream sundae recipe using any Turkey Hill ice cream flavor(s) as an ingredient. It can be a sundae you make at home or a recipe you made up just for this contest. It can be simple (only three or four ingredients) or a slightly more complex concoction. Whatever it is, make sure it’s delicious and make sure you send it to us before November 14 (that’s the deadline).

In addition to the recipe, you’ll need to give it a name (“The Super Dooper Hot Fudge Sundae” or “Janet’s Awesome Butterscotch Blast” for example) AND send us a photo of your creation. The picture part is important, because this contest is 50 percent about the recipe and name and 50 percent about the deliciousness of the photo. We’ll post a blog entry on Wednesday with all sorts of tips to help with the picture-taking process.

Once you’ve got your recipe, title and photo, email it along with your name and address to

We’ll choose four of our favorite entries and post them here on the Ice Cream Journal in November. After that, the voting will begin and the sundae with the most votes will win… drum roll please… a super sundae prize package containing 10 free containers of Turkey Hill ice cream, a set of six Bormioli Rocco waffle cone-inspired glass sundae dishes, a Tovolo Standz Ice Cream Scoop, and a jar of Ghirardelli chocolate fudge sauce. Each finalist will also receive a one-month supply of Turkey Hill ice cream.

Good luck!


Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This month’s prize comes from Etsy (seriously, if you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, you need to) and it features some sage advice – “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

Like we mentioned before, Etsy features all sorts of handmade jewelry and crafts, including the pendant serving as this month’s prize. According to the person who made the necklace (check out her store here), “the necklace measures 17 inches, and the pendant itself is just over 2 inches long. The chain is solid sterling silver, as is the toggle. The pendant is made from sterling silver sheet and brass sheet that I have and cut, filed, hammered, textured, and stamped.”

We’ll give this one-of-a-kind piece away to one comment chosen at random from all the comments left here on the Ice Cream Journal this month. Until then, don’t be afraid to order dessert first when you go out to eat!


Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

October is here, which can mean only one thing for baseball fans – playoff baseball and the World Series. It’s an exciting time, which is why we’d like to congratulate the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees, both teams for which Turkey Hill makes special ice cream flavors, for making it to the playoffs this year.

If you’re a fan of either team, and we’re guessing many of you are, be sure to stock up on the official flavors so you can root, root, root for the home team in style. For Phillies fans, that means Phillies Graham Slam or Phillie Phanatic Double Play. For Yanks fans, you’ll want to stock up on Yankees Bronx Bombers Sundae or Yankees Pinstripe Brownie Blast.

Once again, congrats to both teams for making it this far, and may the best team – and best flavor – win!!


Friday, October 1st, 2010

Anyone who reads the Ice Cream Journal knows how well-traveled Turkey Hill’s Giant Cow is. Our 13-foot-tall bodacious bovine has been traveling the nation since 1967, helping spread the word about Turkey Hill Ice Cream at state fairs, store openings, parades and other celebrations.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Turkey Hill Giant Cow Makeover Contest. Until now, the cow has been black and white or, more recently, red and white to celebrate Duetto, but we invite YOU to design our newest cow!

From now until January 31, 2011, we’re accepting submissions in our Giant Cow Makeover Contest. To enter, just download a “blank cow” and color it with your best design. Your design can be whatever inspires you, and you may enter as many designs as you’d like. In February, we’ll choose five of our favorites and post them online in a public vote to determine the winner!

To get started, visit the Giant Cow Makeover Contest webpage and follow the directions. We should probably mention the prizes too, since we’re sure you’ll agree that they’re pretty great. In addition to having your design painted on the Giant Cow, which will tour the nation in 2011, the winning artist will get a one-year supply of Turkey Hill Ice Cream, a private Turkey Hill Ice Cream party with a visit from the Giant Cow, and a trip for two to Lancaster County to attend the grand opening of the Turkey Hill Experience in spring 2011.

Just for being a finalist, you’ll get a one-month supply of Turkey Hill ice cream and tickets to the Turkey Hill Experience. Plus, just to make things interesting, we’ll choose 50 entries at random to receive some free Turkey Hill ice cream!

We’re assuming everyone stopped reading this entry after we mentioned the trip for two to Lancaster County and are hard at work designing their Giant Cow, so we’ll end this blog entry now and wait for your entry to arrive. Good luck!


Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The fan mail we get for various ice cream flavors usually covers a wide spectrum of frosty treats, from fans passionately requesting the return of a former Limited Edition flavor to supporters of current flavors to ice cream lovers reminiscing about a treat from their past. But lately, our in-box has been dominated by requests and adoration for one Turkey Hill flavor in particular — our Limited Edition Double Dunker.

For those who haven’t had it, Double Dunker is described thusly: “Mocha ice cream swirled with chewy cookie dough and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl.” It’s sort of like cookies and cream meets chocolate chip cookie dough with a mocha kick. Fans of the treat describe it as “the most delicious thing ever made by mankind” or “heaven in a bowl” or “the only ice cream I’ll ever need for the rest of my life so please, please, please don’t stop making it!”

That’s high praise, which is why we decided to keep it on shelves through October. But then more fan mail poured in and we thought that with that many fans, Double Dunker deserves a longer run, so we’re going to keep making it through the end of the year!

If you haven’t had Double Dunker yet, you might want to give it a try, at least to see what all the commotion is about. Who knows, maybe Double Dunker will become a permanent member of the Turkey Hill Ice Cream line-up. Either way, one thing’s for sure — it looks like we have an early favorite in next spring’s Ultimate Flavor Tournament!


Friday, September 10th, 2010

We’ve written in the past about studies that have shown that eating ice cream can make you happier, but now it seems that eating ice cream might also be the key to longer life. A doctor in New Jersey called us the other day to let us know about one of his patients, a healthy 91-year-old woman. The doctor remarked that he’d never in all his years of practicing medicine seen a 91-year-old with so much energy and liveliness. When he asked his patient what her secret was for looking so young and healthy, she replied, “I eat Turkey Hill ice cream every day!”

Although we’re sure the spry 91-year-old did plenty of other things right to maintain the health she’s in, a scoop of Turkey Hill ice cream every day sounds like good medicine to us! We’ll try to get in touch with the woman for an interview here on the Ice Cream Journal. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

This is the first in a multi-part series of entries about the ongoing construction of the Turkey Hill Experience – a 26,000 square foot attraction that will open in the spring of 2011. The Turkey Hill Experience, based in Columbia, right here in Lancaster County, will pay homage to Turkey Hill’s history while highlighting its ice cream and iced tea-making processes. The Experience will include interactive exhibits (including a chance to make your own ice cream flavor), a café, a gift shop and lots of other fun things for the entire family!

We mentioned in our first entry about the Turkey Hill Experience that it’s being built in an historic silk mill that will be renovated after being empty for more than 25 years. The use of an existing historic building as the location for the Experience is good for Turkey Hill because we’re strong advocates of preserving the history and culture of Lancaster County and if not for the Turkey Hill Experience, this historic location might have gone unused for many more decades or, worse yet, been torn down altogether.

The mill was originally built in 1899 and was known as the Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill. The Ashley & Bailey company, which also built a silk mill in nearby Marietta in 1897 and owned several other mills around the country, used the mill to support the growing demand for silk products in the 19th and 20th century. The mill used raw silk imported from China and Japan and weaved it into thread and cloth to create all sorts of silk-based goods. At its peak, the mill employed several hundred members of the local community.

Over the years, the mill would change hands several times (silk giant Schwarzenbach-Huber purchased the plant in 1913), before being abandoned not long after the Tidy Products company stopped using it as a sewing factory in the late 1970s. The decades that followed took its toll on the silk mill but, rest assured, our construction team is prepared to restore it to its original integrity — and then some!

A RECENT PHOTO OF THE ASHLEY & BAILEY SILK MILL(Source: Lancaster Building Conservancy)




Thursday, August 12th, 2010

In Tuesday’s post about competitive eater Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti and his world record of 1.75 gallons of ice cream eaten in eight minutes, loyal Ice Cream Journal reader Karen requested (with a comment) a photo of what 1.75 gallons of ice cream looks like. It’s a good question, Karen, which is why we put together the graphic below.